“This Nation is our Canvas, This Country is our Masterpiece”

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

San Fran Nan is in full-fledged dementia now. – Honestly, how else do we explain this octogenarian sitting behind the President of the United States of America, making weird faces and otherwise behaving like a teenage mean girl in the high school cafeteria throughout the speech? And then, to top her wretched performance off, throwing a tantrum and tearing up the copy of the speech the President had handed her at the end?

But then again, Pelosi is just an exemplar of her entire caucus, especially all those ridiculous Democrat women in their idiotic white suits. How does any group of women sit on their hands when the President talks about record low unemployment for…women? How does any group of women, regardless of party affiliation or ideology, jeer at a single, African American mom who wants to be able to get her precious child out of a badly-performing school? How does any group of women literally hiss – yes, they hissed – at a man who just was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer as he is awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom?

For the second State of the Union in a row, Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema refused to conform to Pelosi’s stupid white suit edict, preferring not to be associated with this gaggle of hissing buffoons. Good for her.

Where was Sheila? – Here’s a great thing about the event that few will notice: Because at least 8 Democrats declined to attend the speech, several Republican members were able to move across the aisle and sit on the Democrat side. This move forced Texas Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee – who sits in the chamber all day every year so she can get a seat along the aisle – to move over one seat, and denied her her annual photo op shaking the President’s hand as he came into the room.


The speech itself was magnificent, possibly the most powerful State of the Union address ever delivered. – Only Trump the President would have the political courage to announce he will award the Medal of Freedom to Rush Limbaugh. Only Trump the Showman would have the sense of timing and place to actually have the First Lady secure the medal around Limbaugh’s neck during the State of the Union speech!

It was just one of so many amazing, incredibly powerful moments:

  • The introduction of Brigadeer General Charles McGee, a 100-year-old member of the famed Tuskeegee Airmen, along with his great-grandson;
  • The reuniting of a family with their father who has been serving our country in the Middle East;
  • The introduction of opposition leader Juan Guaido’ as the rightful President of Venezuela;
  • The awarding on the spot of an Opportunity Scholarship to a beautiful 4th-grader whose mom is anxious to get her the best education possible;

On and on and on the great moments went. But the speech was more than just theatrics.

As is typical of President Trump, the language in the speech did not focus on him, but on the nation. The words “me,” and “I” were virtually absent from the text, in favor of the words “us,” and “we.” This is of course in direct contrast to Barack Obama His Own Self, who regularly talked about himself in the first person upwards of 200 times in these speeches.

It was a soaring, overwhelmingly positive speech that pointed to all of the great things we have achieved as Americans, not that Trump has accomplished as President. The pettiness of Pelosi and her fellow Democrats notwithstanding, it was an hour-long celebration of America and Americans of all beliefs, creeds and stripes.

It was, in a word, brilliant.

The same cannot be said of the Democrat response, delivered by Michigan Governor [consults notes] Gretchen Whitmer. As is typical of these things, Whitmer was an enormous disappointment.

Her delivery was stilted, and she was obviously uncomfortable on the national stage. The setting for the speech – a high school gym that is such a favored free venue for Democrat politicians – seemed small and even goofy in the wake of the President’s soaring hour.

And the nonsense Gov. Whitmer spewed for 12 minutes was just completely unrelated to the reality of America today. The entire Democrat ideology relies on communicating the belief that everything America is in constant state of turmoil and crisis, and Whitmer played the good little soldier, goose-stepping in rhythm with the official Party narrative.

Yet, the only crises happening in America today are the fake crises the Democrats and their media toadies have either invented out of whole cloth or, like California’s massive homeless problem, created themselves with their own idiotic policy choices. They are sham crises that have no relationship to the current realities of American life.

Thus, Whitmer’s rhetoric made her seem petty and small, which come to think of it, just places her right in line with Pelosi and all those small, petty “women in white” who sat there jeering and hissing throughout the President’s magnificent speech.

Of course, engaging in that behavior is Pelosi’s and Whitmer’s absolute right. It’s one of the truly great aspects of our masterpiece of a country.

God Bless America.

That is all.


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Jimmy MacAfee

I hear Princess Piglosi got injured tearing up the speech:


Don’t factcheck this; this is real! (wink wink)

phineas gage

Ha, he just made the leap. What an embittered loser. Goodbye Mittens.

Jimmy MacAfee

“This Nation is our Canvas, This Country is our Masterpiece”

And Mittens the Spoiled Puppy is a flyspeck on the painting.

phineas gage

And now we all wait for the announcement of Pierre Delecto. I don’t think he’s got the balls to hang out there alone, but then again his hatred of Trump may override his cowardice.

phineas gage

SOTU has 82% independent approval.

Meanwhile the Dems are laying the groundwork for Impeachment II Electric Boogaloo.

What’s that definition of insanity?

phineas gage

And Doug Jones just threw away his Senate seat. He must have polling data that showed his reelection was pretty much hopeless anyways, so this vote to convict will serve to ingratiate himself with the Deep State and ensure his post-political sinecure.

M. S. Spencer

Thanks for clarifying what happened to Sheila Jackson Lee. Wondered where she was. Worried she wouldn’t keep with her schtick. Poor thing.

phineas gage

Really surprised and impressed with Sinema. I hope she will consider leaving the Dems for the GOP.


I’m not, she still voted to convict our president. I’ll be impressed – to a degree – by an actual conservative pro-American voting record and not a blue dress. She should watch out for and avoid DNA stains from certain powerful Dems if ever she decides to vote against Schumer.

Always Uncivil

White suits are for brides and not horrendous harridan harpy hags.

Mean Boy

She’s a mean girl! Bwahaha. I bet the lumpen Twitterati are portraying her as some brave resistance fighter in occupied France blowing up a Nazi rail depot with her fierce Sheena she-warrior princess skills.
It is fun to stand back and laugh as the crats are failing and flailing and I love Trump more with each day.

Jimmy MacAfee

Two years in a row the Democraps’ response to the Address was ignorant and silly; last year, it was the idiot from Georgia, Stacy “I won” Abrams. She obviously hadn’t listened to the speech before writing it – not smart enough to revise and redact, she was (and continues to be) an embarrassment to Georgia and the nation.

Jimmy MacAfee

My favorite line in the whole Address:

“In just three short years, we have shattered the mentality of American decline and we have rejected the downsizing of America’s destiny”

Jimmy MacAfee

Fossy Jaw Pelosi, whose eroded jaw seems to crumble a bit more each day, was fuming over one other thing: the fact that the President didn’t even acknowledge her efforts to remove him – as if she weren’t even there. Had he mentioned it, she would have put on a smirking smile. So while ignoring her, starting with not shaking her hand, not acknowledging her attempt to overthrow him…and Ted Cruz’ imitation of her clap a few days ago…well, she’s been reduced to a crusty, lonely old crab, sitting under the pier waiting for the tide to come in and the inevitable seagulls.

While the President seemed even more Presidential than ever, the enemies of the Republic seemed more like that flock of demented seagulls, all fighting for a scrap of fish or French fries; they’re what Fossy Jaw Pelosi fears more than President Trump, or any Republican. I’d compare them to the Sirens of Ulysses, but those sirens in the poem had beautiful voices, even though they were hideous harpies, and these sirens in attendance are ugly through-and-through, squawking and flapping their floppy white wings.

As much as these enemies of Freedom hopped and flapped and shrieked and hissed, the heroes on display were magnificent! Rush was moved almost to tears, the mom whose husband made a surprise entrance was an exclamation point to the President’s desire to bring our troops home, and the speech’s tone was not just rousing, but calming and satisfying. Can’t wait for election day!


I’m so glad the Good “Raised” Catholic Icon, Nancy Klink “doesn’t hate anyone. She just hates Trump’s speech, his policies, his hair, his tweets…

She really lost it (Had a monumental temper-tantrum) last night with the tearing up of the speech. Klink just gave Trump and the RNC the best reelection commercial ever especially if her later comments are included. SHE and her party “leadership” HAS TOTALLY MELTED DOWN. It was also interesting to see Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum – Jerry GoNads and Schiffless (Ren & Stimpy), sitting together like Himmler and Goering.

What is with the Dem women wearing virginal white two years in a row? What is the message they are trying to send? Solidarity? An Anti-American cult? Whatever it is, it ain’t working; all it does is make them a lightening rod for the cameras to pan to, and it shows them for the angry unhappy ugly shrews they are. If I were the DNC strategist, i would have them dress as inconspicuously as possible and blend into the crowd, or be like AOC and be absent.

On the Michigan (D- “rising star”) Governor’s rebuttal/response:

She did s decent job as far as it goes – admittedly, it is a tough assignment to follow any SOTU speech. She is photogenic similar to Sara Palin, but still came across as an empty vessel, whining about everything and cherry picking modest accomplishments of some of the Dem governors, while ignoring Northam’s baby killing and gun grabbing. She spent at least a minute on two occasions talking about a resident filling in potholes in HER state with dirt! So now potholes in STATE ROADS are somehow Trump’s fault. She spent most of her speech bitching about politician’s rhetoric vs accomplishments – ignoring how much good Trump has actually accomplished while being constantly attacked, blocked and impeded by the bogus impeachment and investigations pushed by HER PARTY. It was trite, boring, tough to watch, and vacant of thought.

Conclusion: Look for Trump to get a lasting 4-8 point bounce in the polls from the speech and acquittal.

Never has there been such a stark difference between the Pro-America progress of Trump’s GOP and the Anti-freedom obstructionist (Nancy & Chuck) Democratic Party

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