How the Democrats Rigged Iowa’s “Results”

Today’s Campaign Update
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

So, here’s what actually happened in Iowa on Tuesday:

Just like clockwork, ABC and others reported Tuesday afternoon that people from the DNC showed up and “took over” the count early in the day.

The DNC then decided which results would be published, and when. The riggers had several clear objectives here: 1) disguise the true voter turnout for the caucuses, which was disastrously low, showing a Party headed for sea-change losses in November; 2) find a “winner” based on partial results other than The Commie; and 3) prop up Quid Pro Joe as best they could.

To achieve those three goals, the DNC carefully selected at least one precinct result from every Iowa County, as the Democrat State Chairman was careful to state during his press conference at 4:00 p.m. Central Time. This canard gives the appearance of some thoroughness and “fairness” in the count, while at the same time limiting it in a way that delivered the preferred “results.”

You almost have to admire the evil genius at work here, don’t you?

The carefully-selected 62% of the votes ultimately revealed meet the needs of showing someone – anyone – other than The Commie as the “winner.” That person turned out to be Preacher Pete, who had received more raw votes than anyone other than The Commie.

[If you are feeling doubtful here about what I’m telling you, ask yourself this question: Why just 62%? Where did that percentage come from? The State Chairman who got shoved out there to talk to the press repeatedly stated that they had all the vote totals, safe and secure. And how could they not by that time, given the low voter turnout? But, conveniently, not one single reporter present had the curiosity to question why 100% of the results were not announced yesterday. Why? Because they are all on board with the preferred narrative.] 

Quid Pro Joe’s vote totals were only about half of The Commie’s, so he was non-viable to be the DNC’s hand-picked stand-in “winner.” However, the DNC precinct-pickers were able to rig things so that the Unfrozen Caveman Senator came in at just above 15%, at least for now, providing the illusion that he will ultimately qualify to win some delegates from the state. Thus, while the media narrative related to Creepy Uncle Joe was negative overall, corrupt talking heads were able to end their analyses with some variation of “but he did well enough to win some delegates.”

Faucahontas didn’t even manage to win Pocahontas County, so she was non-viable as well.

Preacher Pete got to declare “victory” and steal the momentum that The Commie would have otherwise had coming out of Iowa. Even better, the failed Mayor of South Bend was able to make that declaration while campaigning New Hampshire, thus stealing even more of the Big Mo from The Commie.

By the time the full results are ultimately released later this week or next week – who knows at this point? –  the news cycle will have passed and moved on to State of the Union and today’s Senate acquittal of President Trump. Even if the results show a Commie win, the corrupt media will studiously ignore them on the claim that they amount to “old news.”

The same dynamic comes into play where the low voter turnout is concerned. Had the real numbers been reported Monday night as they should have been, the corrupt talking heads would have had no choice but to focus in on them, at least for awhile. But, coming now in the wake of this week’s other major events, CNN probably won’t bother to even mention them in a chyron at the bottom of their fake news screen.

Thus, The Commie, even though he was the candidate who clearly won the most raw votes Monday night, is cheated out of any appearance of being the Party’s front-runner. For the evil cretins who run the DNC, this rigging operation in Iowa staves off a media disaster for at least another week.

Sure will be fun to see how they cheat The Commie out of a win in New Hampshire, won’t it?

But what about Buttigieg? We should not for a moment believe that the Party leaders and major donors want to promote Preacher Pete, either. He was just the candidate they were able to prop up in this particular state. Buttigieg is wildly unpopular among the Party’s most important – and most taken-for-granted – constituency, Black voters. Preacher Pete somehow managed to find half a dozen African American women to use as props sitting right behind him during his “victory” speech, but he had to work very hard to find them:

Black voters hate this guy, and it has nothing to do with his being gay. South Bend is a horribly-segregated city, and Preacher Pete did nothing during his 8 long years as Mayor to do anything about it.

It is a plain and simple fact that no Democrat can win the presidency without carrying, at a minimum, 90% of the Black vote. Preacher Pete would be lucky to receive half of that.

So, he is definitely not the guy the DNC wants to end up rigging this process in favor of.

With the rapid collapse of Quid Pro Joe now in full gear, the Party riggers are obviously going to shift their efforts in favor of Mini-Mike Bloomberg. Mr. Excitement. They’ve already shifted, in fact, announcing last week that they have changed their debate qualifying requirements to meet the billionaire’s personal needs. No doubt, they’ll get him that box to stand on, too.

So, as I’ve talked about repeatedly here over the last three years, this is just how today’s Democrat Party works. These people have no intention whatsoever of leaving the selection of their presidential nominee to the riff-raff in their voter base – these caucuses and primaries are just for show. The DNC’s job is to create and somehow maintain it’s narrative, in careful coordination with its corrupt media toadies, throughout the sham process.

In fact, this entire proportional awarding of delegates in each state was put into place for the specific purpose of ensuring there will be a split convention. Because a split convention is the easiest way for the DNC riggers to select the candidate of their choice, while making it seem like the voters had a voice.

Right now, they’re desperately trying to rig things in favor of Mini-Mike. But should Mr. Excitement falter – which seems inevitable, frankly – a split convention gives the riggers a chance to rig things for a “white knight” to ride in to save the Party. Or, if it’s the Pantsuit Princess again, waddle in to save the Party.

This is just how today’s Democrats roll, folks. Get used to it.


That is all.


Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Jimmy MacAfee

Pete Buttershiscorn is going to find southern states a little different. Most of the Demonrats will find the numbers are low – lower than Mini Mike’s podium.

Lumpy Rutherford

Mr. Excitement? I’ve always thought of Bloomberg as Mr. Excrement…

Jimmy MacAfee

Isn’t he married to Edie Brickell? Oh, no: that’s someone with talent. Same height, though.

Jimmy MacAfee
Flyover Deplorable

The brightest smartest people in the room think it is a good idea to trash America and traditional Americans non-stop 24-7? Sea change losses in November was the key phrase.

Jim Abens

Hey dems. What’s cookin”? Oh yeah. The Iowa caucus numbers.


Auto filters not letting me post at all… :/


Tried deleting certain words, put it all in 1 paragraph, etc…nuthin.


Really wish I knew what terms are setting it off…frustrating.


Random Thoughts:

DNC goal: Muck up the primary process so much as to be meaningless; prelude to discrediting elections to the point of ultimately eliminating them; like every dictatorship in history does.

Brokered convention to select their “White Knight” – probably from inside a whine cellar. Reality: no “uniter” exists in the DNC.

Render “lily white” Iowa and New Hampshire irrelevant in the primary process for future election cycles.

On to the SOTU Speech:

I’m so glad the Good “Raised” Catholic Icon, Nancy Klink “doesn’t hate anyone. She just hates Trump’s speech, his policies, his hair, his tweets…

She really lost it (Had a monumental temper-tantrum) last night with the tearing up of the speech. Klink just gave Trump and the RNC the best reelection commercial ever especially if her later comments are included. SHE and her party “leadership” HAS TOTALLY MELTED DOWN. It was also interesting to see Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum – Jerry GoNads and Schiffless (Ren & Stimpy), sitting together like Himmler and Goering.

What is with the Dem women wearing virginal white two years in a row? What is the message they are trying to send? Solidarity? An Anti-American cult? Whatever it is, it ain’t working; all it does is make them a lightening rod for the cameras to pan to, and it shows them for the angry unhappy ugly shrews they are. If I were the DNC strategist, i would have them dress as inconspicuously as possible and blend into the crowd, or be like AOC and be absent.

On the Michigan (D- “rising star”) Governor’s rebuttal/response:

She did s decent job as far as it goes – admittedly, it is a tough assignment to follow any SOTU speech. She is photogenic similar to Sara Palin, but still came across as an empty vessel, whining about everything and cherry picking modest accomplishments of some of the Dem governors, while ignoring Northam’s baby killing and gun grabbing. She spent at least a minute on two occasions talking about a resident filling in potholes in HER state with dirt! So now potholes in STATE ROADS are somehow Trump’s fault. She spent most of her speech bitching about politician’s rhetoric vs accomplishments – ignoring how much good Trump has actually accomplished while being constantly attacked, blocked and impeded by the bogus impeachment and investigations pushed by HER PARTY. It was trite, boring, tough to watch, and vacant of thought.

Conclusion: Look for Trump to get a lasting 4-8 point bounce in the polls from the speech and acquittal.

Never has there been such a stark difference between the Pro-America progress of Trump’s GOP and the Anti-freedom obstructionist (Nancy & Chuck) Democratic Party


I had to tweet San Fran Nan during the speech letting her know she had denture control problems. I must not have been the only one, because if you review the speech, you will see Nancy being much more still facially during the last half of the speech.

Jimmy MacAfee

Angry Bern-brain’s angry supporters just got more reasons to be angry at the Dems, as if they’ve forgotten Illary the Coughing Creep (adrenochrome anyone?) Butt-stuff has a secret army – that’s his secret – but he also looks like a smarmy little jerk, like Percy in The Green Mile. How has his “secret army” been exposed? The corrupted vote. Nasty Amy needs a fork – she’s done. As usual, she used a comb to try a makeover, but her past as a vicious prosecutor will be an albatross, just like Kamasutra Harris’. Gropin’sQuidProJoe is Jeb, the “iinevitable candidate.” That won’t work these days. Mini Mikey the China puppet grates on the nerves, especially his ads, and if they think he’s gonna ride in and rescue them (once a “Republican”) they’re betting on a nag with three legs.

Illary the Coughing Creep is polishing her dust. Not what’s under the dust; the dust itself. It’s like putting lipstick on a 3 month old corpse at the Body Farm.

phineas gage

The audacity of the DNC to carry out a Stalinist engineering of the Iowa vote–and then to have the compliant media passively swallow it–is just amazing. A stark reminder why these people have to be kept from power.

I don’t think they were trying to save Slow Joe–once impeachment was over, he was no longer needed and will be quickly disposed of as the doddering fool that he is.

Bloomberg is a non-starter as well. I really think that right now it is about 50/50 between Bernie (they won’t be able to steal NH from him, and his numbers appear to be strong in Nevada) and the convention coronation of Hillary III. They really don’t have any other viable options.

Jimmy MacAfee

Popcorn, anyone?

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