The Democrats Are Rigging Their Process Again

Today’s Campaign Update
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

If you believe a single word the Democrat Party is telling you about the Iowa Caucus results, please give me a call because boy, do I have a deal on some Central Texas property for you.

No, seriously, if you believe anything the Democrat Party tells you, then you certainly are buying the propaganda from the Chinese government that it, like, totally has that coronavirus awesomely under control. I know, right?

If you believe the Democrat Party today, then you no doubt believed Adam Schiff on Monday when he said that President Trump will give Alaska away to the Russians unless the Senate removes him from office. If you believe the Democrat Party today, then you were no doubt completely reassured last night when Fox News brought out former DNC Chairman Donna Brazile – who fed Hillary Clinton debate questions in advance and played a major role in rigging the party’s 2016 nominating process against Bernie Sanders – to reassure us that, hey, don’t worry, everything’s on the up and up out there in Iowa.

Folks, we are talking about counting maybe, what, a few hundred thousand votes here? I personally could have had it all totaled up, precinct by precinct, candidate by candidate, wrapped it and put a bow on it by about 10 p.m. CT last night using an abacus. I could have had it all done with a telephone, a pencil, a note pad and my aging brain by 10:30.

But the Democrat Party, the Party that has already clearly and unambiguously demonstrated to the world that it had no compunction whatsoever about rigging its nominating process in 2016, doing its best to rig the general election a few months later that year, and working its ass off to rig this year’s process to prevent an outright takeover by The Commie and his Marxist hordes, tells us that the whole thing fell apart last night because some smart phone app created by a company owned by Hillary Clinton operatives failed, and we’re supposed to just say, yeah, ok, you guys wouldn’t lie, would you? C’mon.

What, because a smart phone app fails, the party’s precinct chairmen are too stupid and dependent on technology that they are no longer capable of actually dialing a phone number and calling in their results? Most of these precincts only had a few dozen people show up. Maybe half of them had to count numbers into the hundreds. Only a handful had to count above 1,000.

But we’re supposed to believe that hey, a smart phone app failed, so it’s totes reasonable that nobody knows who did what this morning. Has the entire state of Iowa turned into Palm Beach and Broward County?

Or maybe the Democrat Party has now so devolved into leftist dogma that it really just wanted to create the situation we saw last night where everyone walked away with a participation trophy. We had the spectacle of no fewer than three candidates – Preacher Pete, The Commie and Lieawatha – declaring victory.

Quid Pro Joe – who by all anecdotal reports finished a poor fourth in most precincts – didn’t declare victory, but he did tell his few dozen demented followers that “we will walk away with our share” of delegates. No one knows what the Unfrozen Caveman Senator meant by that, and neither does he.

I warned you on Sunday that all the signs of this thing being rigged were out there, and here we sit this morning, with all the signs of its still being rigged having come about. It’s obvious that Party leaders didn’t like the way the actual caucus voting process went, so they are in the process of creating a final outcome that they can live with, and working hard to make sure that everyone involved fully understands the talking points before they make that outcome public. This is just how these corrupt people operate.

And hey, the DNC literally owns this nominating process, so they can rig it any way they want to. What the rest of us need to understand is that, if we keep electing Democrats to office, our general elections will be rigged in the same manner. Hell, they’ve already been able to make that happen in parts of Florida, Arizona and California. If we don’t stop them, it’s just a matter of time before the entire country is rigged.

As we watch this rigging process play itself out, everyone needs to take a moment to reflect on the fact that the people who are claiming they are incapable of counting 200,000 votes without a smart phone app are the very same people who want to be in charge of your health care. Breathtaking.

They won’t stop, until they are stopped.

UPDATE: About a minute after I posted this piece, President Trump summed Iowa up in a single tweet as only he can do:

Hilarious. And true.

That is all.


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Major Kong

Just a test run for the failed 2020 election and they don’t really want “independent” comrade Bernie for Dear Leader.
The last Dear Leader is enjoying the fruits of capitalism and doesn’t want to burn it all down just yet.
They can’t even count ballots in a high school gym but they know best how to run other people’s lives?
I almost feel bad for people who can’t realize that the dems intend to burn this country to the ground as a feature of their statist utopian platform.

Doug Warren

Bring Back Paper Ballots!!!

Jimmy MacAfee

I’d recommend toilet paper ballots. For obvious reasons.


This is as funny as it is frightening if the Democrats can get away with it (which they will). I walked away from the party because of corruption and only cheats and liars stayed. The fact is that if a person votes Democrat, they are agreeing that corruption is good for America. I grew up a JFK Democrat and the party was completely transformed, beginning when the Clintons moved into the WH.


Per Glen Beck:

Trump won 97% of the GOP caucus vote and he got a record turnout for an incumbent president when the active participation was not needed; the turnout for the Dems, with numerous “viable” candidates paled in comparison.

The relative strength of voter participation is the big takeaway from Iowa, as Trump really doesn’t care who his opponent is.

Don McCoy

Of course the Dems are rigging the primary again. Because there were zero consequences for these felons last time. Same with the failed coup. FBI, DOJ, intel agancies…Hillary, Obama, et al ALL got away with it scot free last time. If there are no consequences for doing this stuff…they’ll keep doing this stuff…


More important than AG Barr’s work on the coup cabal, there must be concrete action taken to prosecute the fraud that has become the norm in our “free and open” election process. Real election monitoring, arrests, convictions, and jail must be the result of election fraud at all levels. We need to get a standard vote casting process and eliminate all the avenues of potential fraud as described above. Election day is Tuesday November 3. That is the only day – with the exception of legitimate absentee ballots – that voters must appear in person, with required picture ID, to cast their vote


My whole comment posted when broken up into segments. Who the hell knows why.


This fraud of the Iowa caucuses is a window to the future where there will be a brokered Democratic Convention this summer where the boss’s hand-picked puppet will be the ultimate winner – and it won’t be any of the characters that were on display in Iowa.

My best guess is Mini-Mike will buy the nomination at the convention – especially if Bloomberg were to give a couple of billion dollar “loan” to the DNC so they can flood the down-ballot campaigns with massive money while he self funds his candidacy. Bloomberg will take a personal presidential loss in order to “legally” fund a hostile (to Trump) congress. Thank you John McCain, Russ Feingold, and Bush Jr. for your campaign finance law which was supposed to get massive money donations out of politics.


The DNC Convention will indeed be brokered and these primaries are simply a way for the 3rd tier candidates to bloody themselves out of contention. Removing the Super Delegates from the first round was a sham move to placate Dem voters, especially Bernie’s naive base. After an indecisive first ballot, the party bosses will hold an undecided second round to make it look like it isn’t really rigged, and then do the deed on the third round.

Interesting point about Bloomberg. Plus, he can battle DJT as an experienced executive in debates, something the lifer party hacks can’t do. However, don’t discount HRC. The Clintons still pull the DNC levers and she’s a media darling/martyr. Plus, Bloomberg’s cash may be enticing, but he can’t compete with Soros. Besides, she’ll get free campaigning from the media in the general, in between her once-a-week, one half hour appearances at indoor venues.

Jimmy MacAfee

She’ll have a head start on the adrenochrome, if she’s thinking of running later. Just sayin’.


Since the left is now losing despite all these “advantages”, they are resorting to what Rush has prophesized and Adam BSchiff has actually stated last week: remove Trump (from the ballot) since we can’t guarantee Trump won’t cheat with Russia/Ukraine again to steal the election (again). California has actually done this to a large degree with their “Jungle” primary elections where the only choices California voters often have in the general election is a choice between two Democrats.

This of course runs counter to every concept and tradition of our constitutional republic, but when does what the “living” constitution says matter when the left’s agenda, power and control is at stake.


The Left can’t win on ideas, the left is having a harder time wining by cheating and fraud, so what is the left to do?

Muck up the process to the point where the people say the hell with it and allow the fraud and punt. The Republicans have contributed to this malaise by running designated looser hacks like Ford, Dole, McCain, and Romney, and absolutely mediocre senate and house candidates like Collins, Murkowski, etc., where, if they win under the GOP banner, big deal, if they lose, all the better.


Multiple posts to find out where I was censored.

Rush was right, the Dems are looking to eliminate our election process by intercoursing it up to the point where we all give up and accept whatever crap the Deep State wants to throw our way.

The Dems offer nothing America wants and the majority of Americans are no longer buying their Bull Schiff. The stale old playbook employed by the left to bamboozle voters to accept their policies has always been failing with the majority of this center right country. They have masked this failure of selling their ideas for years by using their inner city political machines to cheat the voting results in the big cities. Their polling officials allowed and engaged in outright fraud using the dead vote, the illegal vote, the double vote, the early vote, the provisional vote, the absentee vote, the email vote, and the smart phone vote all under the guise that a vibrant democracy needs greater voter participation in order to survive. Yeah, right. The reality is the proponents of greater election participation would be perfectly fine if only a million people voted in the national election for president and 500,001 votes went their way.

For generations, the left has prevailed in recruiting the dumbed-down, easily influenced and ignorant to vote in large numbers to override the will of informed and conservative voters and “win” elections. Former house speaker “Tip” O’Neil said “All politics is local” and Stalin said it doesn’t matter who votes, what matters is who counts the votes. Look who counts the votes in the large deep blue cities and counties all across the country…

As Dave mentioned, Palm Beach and Broward counties routinely intercourse up their results, Philadelphia also often has more people casting votes in certain precincts than actually live in those precincts and shockingly, 90+% percent of the ballots always count for the (D) – what an amazing coincidence.

Jimmy MacAfee

A good friend of mine just texted, said that the Dems did this intentionally, so they could hand out Participation Trophies!

Jimmy MacAfee

I’m expecting Perez to hand out “Most Improved” trophies, too. Probably to Bern-brains, but maybe to Mini Mike the Chinese candidate!

Jimmy MacAfee

That is, if Mini Mike of China was on the ballot.

Jimmy MacAfee

P. Buttgag wasted no time picking up his Participation Trophy.

Joe D

Funny…. a company called Shadow, Inc. was hired to develop an app to assist in the vote counting in Iowa. Their CEO is Gerald Niemira who assisted Hillary in her 2016 campaign. Reports are coming out that Mayor Pete invested $21,250.00 in the company. There would never be a conflict of interest in a presidential candidate investing in a company hired to develop an app that help keep track of the votes.

Jimmy MacAfee

That’s hilarious!

Tom Perez is the architect of the Commie-con the Dems are engaged in; he declared AOCrazio “the future of the Democratic Party.” He looks like a Cuban commie – no idea of his origins – and would be well-cast in a 3rd “Red Dawn,” as the Commie liaison with the town folk, a brutal butcher and devout Marxist.

Perez is SO Marxist, he sounds like John Candy in “Volunteers” after being captured. Annoying, even to his captors.

Perez is the problem in the DNC. He seems to escape scrutiny, kind of like Weinstein’s thingies.

Jimmy MacAfee

Interesting that Schiff mentions “giving Alaska away.” That was the Obama-Clinton plan.
President Trump solidified our hold on OUR state by opening Anwar, and declaring energy production in the US a matter of national security. The Dems would shut down ALL energy production in Alaska, making it less valuable to us, and thus free to give away to the Russians. They’ve been chattering about getting it back since the demise of the Soviet Union and before.

While it’s true that Russian nationalists want Alaska back, Schiff is once again projecting. Again. That’s their pattern. And if Bern-brains is elected, the giveaway will become reality, because he loved and loves the former Soviet Union, and so do many of his followers. Funny, China and Russia would both support that, too.

I’ve commented on this for many years, so it’s odd that Schiff brings it up.

Your conclusion, about the leadership abilities of a party which can’t even hold an election fairly with only a few hundred thousand voters is really scary. And these people will be in charge of not just healthcare, but everything else too? Military, borders, energy? There is not a single sector that they will not eff up, if elected. And they’ll be giving away more than Alaska, but the Hispanic Southwest to Mexico. That was part of the plan all along. California, too. I wouldn’t trust them with a sack of nickels.

Rodent removal in the House is highest priority, after re-electing POTUS. Cannot be overstated: this is something that patriots in Intel had better be worried about.

The Dems are playing dangerous games, and the Deep State is not amused, because even the Deep State doesn’t want Bern-brains.


IIRC Pelosi is on public record as saying such. That was maybe back in the Clinton/Gore era of planting partisan operators throughout the entire US government.

phineas gage

But it can’t be BOTH incompetence and rigging. I have no doubt it is the latter, just like the DMR poll that was suppressed. This is break-glass-in-case-of-emergency time for the DNC, and they are pulling out all the stops.

The thing is, why don’t they just admit it? Who believes that they are performing ‘quality control’ of the vote tally, as they are claiming this morning? They have descended into Stalinesque farce–‘it’s not who votes that counts, it’s who counts the votes’.

And through this they will irretrievably lose the Bernie voters, all to force the nomination of a sure loser like Bloomberg or even Hillary part III.

It’s an epic disaster, and I’m enjoying every second of it.


It can be BOTH incompetence and rigging’ just look at 2016 where Democrats proved BOTH.

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