Rand Paul Exposes the Coup Plotters in a Brilliant Floor Speech

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Late Tuesday morning, Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky delivered one of the great speeches in American history. In the course of just five minutes, Paul exposes the whistleblower who served as the catalyst for this impeachment scam, a coup d’etat on American soil. He exposes the Chief Justice of the United States and Adam Schiff and several Schiff staffers as co-conspirators. And he exposes not one, but two Vindman brothers as also serving as willing co-conspirators in this coup attempt.

This speech is brilliant for its content, its courage, its timing and its delivery. Below is a clip, and a transcript of the key first five minutes of the speech, something I was unable to find anywhere else.



Here’s the Transcript of the first 5 minutes – the final 90 seconds end up being repetitive:

During the proceedings, I asked a question that was disallowed, and I’m going to ask that question again this morning. Because the Constitution does protect debate, and it does protect the asking of questions.

I think they made a big mistake not allowing my question. My question did not talk about anybody who is a whistleblower; my question did not accuse anybody of being a whistleblower; it did not make a statement believing someone was a whistleblower. I simply named two peoples’ names, because I think it’s very important to know what happened.

We are now finding out that the FISA investigation was predicated upon 17 lies by the FBI, by people at high levels who were biased against the President, and it turns out it was an illegitimate investigation. Everything they did to investigate the President was untrue, and it involved people using the government to do things that should have never been done in the first place.

So I asked this question, and this is my question: Are you aware that the House Committee staffer, Sean Misko, had a close relationship with Eric Ciaramella while they were at the National Security Council together? How would you respond to reports that Ciaramella and Misko may have worked together to plot impeaching the President before there were formal House impeachment proceedings?

Why did I ask this question? Because there are news reports saying these two people, one of whom works for Adam Schiff, and one of them who worked with this person at the NSC, that they knew each other and had been overheard talking about impeaching the President in the first month of his office. In January of 2017, they were already plotting the impeachment.

And you say, well, we should protect the whistleblower, and the whistleblower deserve anonymity. The law does not preserve anonymity.

His boss is not supposed to say anything about him, he’s not supposed to be fired – I’m for that. But when you get into the details of talking about whistleblowers, there’s a variety of opinions around here.

The greatest whistleblower in American history in all likelihood was Edward Snowden. What do people here want to do with him? Half the people here want to put him to death; the other half want to put him in jail forever. So, it depends on what you blow the whistle on, whether or not they’re for the whistleblower statute. [TRUE]

I’m not for retributions on the whistleblower. I don’t want him to go to jail, I don’t want him to lose his job. But if six people who all worked together at the NSC knew each other and gamed the system, knowing that they would get these protections, they gamed the system in order to try to bring down the President, we should know about that.

If they had extreme bias going into the impeachment, we should know about that.

So, I think the question is an important one, and I think we should still get to the bottom of it.

Were people plotting to bring down the President? They were plotting in advance of the election – were they plotting within the halls of government to bring down the President?

Look, these people also knew the Vindman brothers, who are still in government. So, you’ve got two Vindman brothers over there who know Eric Ciaramella, who also know Sean Misko, who also knew two other people now working on Adam Schiff’s staff.

And Adam Schiff throws his hands up and says, ‘I don’t know who the whistleblower is, I’ve never met him. I have no idea who he is.’

So, if he [Schiff] doesn’t know who he is, the President’s counsel doesn’t know who he is, how does the Chief Justice of the United States know who the whistleblower is? I have no independent confirmation from anyone in the government as to who the whistleblower is.

So, how am I prevented from asking a question, when nobody seems to know who this person is?

My point is, that by having such protections, such overzealous protection, we don’t get to the root of the matter how this started. Because this could happen again.

When the institution of the bureaucracy, the intelligence community with all the power to listen into every phone conversation you have, has political bias and can game the system to go after you, that’s a real worry.

It’s a real worry that they spied on the President, but what if you’re just an average American? What if you’re just a supporter of President Trump, or you’re a Republican or you’re a conservative? Are we not concerned that secret courts could allow for warrants to listen to your phone calls, to tap into your emails, to read your text messages? I’m very concerned about that.

So, we’re going to have this discussion go on. It really isn’t about the whistleblower so much, it’s about reforming government. It’s about limiting the power of what they can do as secret courts.


Epic. Fantastic. It’s impossible to overstate what a tremendous service Senator Paul did for our country today.

But even after this, after Senator Paul has repeatedly said Ciaramella’s name on the floor of the U.S. Senate, you can count on our corrupt, fake news media to continue its despicable pretense of not knowing the whistleblower’s name.

A pox on all their houses.

That is all.


Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger.com is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Rand Paul is probably the most thoughtful and honest Senator in that body. He is not his Father Ron, which I wish he was. I remember voting for RON PAUL for President in the Primaries…. TOO BAD that he did not make it. I was reading some information from senate.gov today and listed senators lengths of Votes… shows that citizens keep voting for these idiots to remain in office for up to 51 years.. People, stop and think and vote these idiots out. GET freedom loving, law repealing citizens who want to increase freedom elected….. MY STARS paying these people for that long so they can steal from us…. I have never voted for a senator for more than one term and never voted for rep for more than 2. VOTE these people out before they get entrenched and think they own the seat.


Don’t always agree with Rand, but this time I am in full support of his statement.
Now, let the investigations begin into how this whole mess started and name names with appropriate actions befitting an attempted coup.
Yep. Build the gallows, literally and figuratively if the evidence and facts show them to be necessary. Lessons need to be learned by the left and their cohorts.
Just sayin’. KAG2020.

Philadelphia Freedom

It is best to always give credit where it is due and Rand got this right. Be careful out there mowing the lawn Rand. Somewhere Ron Paul smiles and says atta boy!

Remember Seth Rich. Watch your back.

Carlos Dangler

I found the whole thing at the address below.

phineas gage

Only until his best-selling book comes out.

Then he’ll get plenty of play in the media.

Because that’s how Washington works.


Not germane to this post, the Iowa results are now being sort of released. From a Whatfinger article:

KWQC correspondent Brian Tabick reported that just 217 people caucused at a local high school in Dubuque, an Iowa city with a population of approximately 57,000. Attendants, the correspondent said, “were expecting a much higher turnout” than they got.

That is less than on half of one percent of the population of that city.

Trump shattered Obama’s then record turnout in 2012 last night.

The Dems have no enthusiasm this year with all their carbon copy candidates who are reputed to be “viable” against Trump

Jimmy MacAfee

Senator Paul set the Chief Justice up: allow the question, and open the can of worms into the NSC collusion against the President, or disallow the question and expose Eric Cinderella as the fake whistleblower.

Roberts chose to expose the whistleblower by not allowing the question.

This then becomes the first step in opening an investigation (so says Lindsey Graham) into Cinderella and others. Roberts, intentionally or not, made the investigation possible. You can decide for yourself if he had that in mind when given the question. It was a tar-baby question. Brilliantly done, Senator Paul; brilliantly done!

Rand Paul has made much of this opportunity, to his credit, and we should all be immensely thankful!


Followers of DB Update know my occasional issues with senator Paul, but if every senator was as deliberative, honest, consistent and open as Rand Paul, America would be in a much better place and we wouldn’t have half of the problems we have now.

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