The Extremely Odd Case of Hannah Roemhild

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Not saying it’s a conspiracy, but…. – Hanna Roemhild was by all accounts a stable member of her community. Born in Connecticut, she is an opera singer of such repute that she has reportedly traveled “around the world” in the course of her singing career.

In a report filed by the South Florida Sun Sentinel on Saturday, friends and neighbors described her as an “incredibly talented” “good girl” who “wouldn’t hurt a soul.” A neighbor who has lived across the street from Roemhild described her behavior on Friday that ended with her locked up in jail as “shocking.” A friend speculated that perhaps she had been drinking.

Police told reporters that she has no criminal record. Until now.

So, what was Roemhild’s offense? Here’s how the Sun Sentinel described it:

She was standing on a rental car doing a little dance outside The Breakers when the state trooper rolled up. The 30-year-old opera singer from Connecticut jumped down and got into the black Jeep and ignored the Florida Highway Patrol officer’s motions to roll down her window.

Minutes later, Secret Service agent and Palm Beach County deputies opened fire on Hannah Roemhild after she plowed through two security barricades near President Trump’s Mar-a-Largo estate.

Authorities said Friday they had no reason to believe the chase through Palm Beach was an act of terrorism, but perhaps a case of impairment before noon. No one was injured.

Roemhild was set to appear before a judge Saturday morning, but her appearance was rescheduled for Monday at 10 a.m. after she reportedly refused to appear in court.

The FHP trooper was asked by security at The Breakers to check on the woman dancing on the Jeep at 11:38 a.m. When she ignored him and put the car in drive, the trooper smashed the driver’s side window in an attempt to grab the steering wheel. He missed.

Roemhild sped off, driving erratically — at times on the wrong side of the road — as she headed South on Ocean Boulevard toward Trump’s estate, sometimes at speeds estimated to be 70 mph, according to authorities.

Interestingly, nowhere in the very liberal Sun Sentinel’s 32-paragraph story do the reporters mention the facts that Roemhild is a registered Democrat whose social media pages demonstrate she is a big fan of … wait for it … Bernie Sanders. reports:

However, in 2017, on Facebook, she posted a photo of anti-Trump women’s protesters in pink p*ssy hats with a protester holding a sign reading, “Not my president. Love trumps hate.”


In 2016, she indicated support for Bernie Sanders on social media. She’s a registered Democrat, according to Connecticut records.


Yes, friends, this would be the self-same Bernie Sanders whose support base produced the 2017 shooter who tried to commit mass-murder at a Republican congressional softball practice, severely injuring Louisiana Congressman Steve Scalise in the process. It would be the same Bernie Sanders who has now had no fewer than four senior campaign staffers revealed on camera supporting the mass incarceration and execution of political opponents, thanks to the work of James O’Keefe and Project Veritas.

According to the Sun Sentinel, local law enforcement said they “had no reason to believe the chase through Palm Beach was an act of terrorism,” but given the revelations about the true nature of the Bernie Sanders base of supporters, one can only wonder. This is by all accounts extremely out-of-character behavior for Ms. Roemhild, and if she were indeed intoxicated, law enforcement could have easily detected that.

Also, reports the following:

The woman was ultimately confronted and arrested at a local motel. The FBI, sheriff’s department and Secret Service are all investigating, and they haven’t interviewed Roemhild yet. There were two females in the vehicle by that point. Roemhild picked up the second woman but that was after the Mar-a-Lago incident, Bradshaw said.

The identity of the second woman has not been publicly released. What the hell.

The Sun Sentinel reports that “The Florida Department of Law Enforcement will investigate the shooting, as will the FBI.” The involvement of the FBI, given the agency’s recent corrupt behavior, offers scant comfort for those left wondering what in the hell this incident was really all about.

It is odd, to say the least.

That is all.


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There is a subset of females that act normal until they drink too much and then they go batsheet crazy.

The End.

Commissioner Of Sewers

Forward Comrades! The Great Leap Forward under esteemed party member Comrade Kommissar Bernie Sanders.
I will be decreed Commissioner of Sewers as part of the cabinet of this glorious comrade. No I will not be redistributing my limousine, armed security detail or luxury dacha you deplorable kulak vermin.

Larry Folds

If the FBI is involved a republican will probably be charged with something. The FBI is a disgusting bunch of terrorists themselves. We can damn well do without those jack-booted thugs and liars.


Agreed, Where are all these stellar 99% percenters, rank and file, great agents who want to fix their agency and rid it of the black their 1% “leadership” inflicted upon them? I suspect they are in the same place as all the “religion of peace” moderates of a certain cult from Mecca.


Correction: black eye


I’d say that there are many people out there who are capable of wigging out (regardless if there is an official diagnosis or not) and we likely cross paths with them many times a day. I would also say that there is a better than 50% chance that the people who do act out like this are left wing. JMHO.


In other news:

Today there is a Super Bowl Game featuring two excellent teams. Now that DJT has fixed the NFL kneeling nonsense, we can enjoy the game as a true diversion from our daily political concerns.

My prediction for what it is worth: Chiefs 34, 49ers 31

Also, Hannity will be interviewing the president – ah, Good Times

Jimmy MacAfee

Sounds like the bats invaded her belfry. Age 30 is the upward age for the development of schizophrenia, so that should be looked into. Many of the Commie’s supporters appear to be mentally unwell – though you could broaden that brushstroke to “many supporters of current Demonrat candidates” and be just as accurate. I mean, supporters of Lieawatha and Mini Mike and Buttergag? Red flag laws would seem to apply to most of them, not law-abiding Conservatives.

In a stark contrast to this case – seemingly – nurse Miriam Carey was shot by Capital Police, after supposedly attempting to drive through the Whitehouse gate (or something like that.) Her child was in the back seat. The police followed her 12 blocks, and shot her without attempting to get her out of her vehicle. Meanwhile, Congress was told that a “terrorist event” was thwarted, and they went to the Capital steps and cheered. A bizarre scene. There never was a satisfactory answer to this, and the woman’s good name was smeared repeatedly by authorities. Obama was “President” then, and had nothing of consequence to say.

Conspiracies were all over the place, including the idea that she was subjected to some sort of mind-altering beams, but probably the best answer is that she saw a barricade, panicked, and the Secret Service and C(r)apital police panicked too. Never saw any of the SJWs stand up for the poor woman. It was a disgrace.

Is this another Miriam Carey? Or is this one actually nuts?

phineas gage

Very odd, but unless further information is forthcoming, I am inclined to believe it is explained by a combination of drug use and mental illness, most likely schizophrenic psychosis. Two characteristics which are probably quite common among Bernie Bros–c.f. James T. Hodgkinson.

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