Democrats in a Super Panic on Super Bowl Sunday

Today’s Campaign Update, Part III
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

No, the Des Moines Register Poll did not kill itself. – The leaders in the Democrat Party are now in full-blown panic as The Commie closes in on a win in Iowa. So panicked, in fact, that they almost certainly spiked the final Des Moines Register poll – a tradition for 76 years running – that was to be released on Sunday.

The narrative being pushed by the corrupt news media is that the Register, and its co-sponsor, CNN (because of course it’s CNN) decided to scrap the poll because one of the people conducting the poll consistently mispronounced the name of Pete Buttigieg. Which is about the lamest false narrative the Democrats and their media toadies have ever attempted to push.

With other polls released this week showing The Commie with a clear lead – which has expanded as the week has gone on – it’s pretty obvious that the folks at the DNC and CNN didn’t want the Register poll coming out the day before the caucuses showing an even bigger lead for Sanders.

This of course raises the specter that the DNC may well be planning to falsify the results of the caucuses, and they thus didn’t want to have a Register poll showing The Commie with a double-digit lead in advance of some sort of miracle “win” by Quid Pro Joe or CNN’s favorite candidate, Little Big Mouth Always Running. Do not be surprised if this sort of “upset” ends up being the official result tomorrow night.

Democrat leaders are so panicked by the looming acquittal of President Trump and what is certain to be a gangbusters State of the Union Address Tuesday evening, in fact, that John Freaking Kerry was overheard in the lobby of a Des Moines hotel loudly discussing the possibility of jumping into the race in order to save the party from a total Commie takeover:

DES MOINES, Iowa — Former Secretary of State John Kerry — one of Joe Biden’s highest-profile endorsers — was overheard Sunday on the phone at a Des Moines hotel explaining what he would have to do to enter the presidential race amid “the possibility of Bernie Sanders taking down the Democratic Party — down whole.”

Sitting in the lobby restaurant of the Renaissance Savery hotel, Kerry was overheard by an NBC News analyst saying “maybe I’m f—ing deluding myself here” and explaining that in order to run, he’d have to step down from the board of Bank of America and give up his ability to make paid speeches. Kerry said donors like venture capitalist Doug Hickey would have to “raise a couple of million,” adding that such donors “now have the reality of Bernie.”

Asked about the call later on Sunday, Kerry said that he was “absolutely not” contemplating joining the Democratic primary race. He reiterated this sentiment in a tweet later, saying that “any report otherwise is f—ing (or categorically) false.” Minutes later, he deleted the tweet and reposted it without the expletive.

Yes, friends, the Democrat Party is so utterly bereft of any serious presidential talent that some think John Kerry might be a stronger candidate than Mini-Mike Bloomberg or a rapidly fading Quid Pro Joe.

Speaking of Mini-Mike, President Trump hilariously trolled him with this Sunday morning Tweet:

Now, the President’s statement about Bloomberg’s box negotiation was no doubt true, and it was designed to extract a specific response from Mini-Mike. Predictably, Bloomberg responded within an hour by outright denying that he has any desire to stand on a box or other platform in the coming Democrat debates.

This means that Mini-Mike now has a choice of either proving himself to be an outright liar by going ahead and standing on a box or stool to make himself look as tall as his competitors in the debates, or forego the platform and watch his poll numbers collapse when viewers realize he really is only about 5 feet tall.

There is a reason why only one president in the television era – Jimmy Carter – was less than 6 feet tall. Trump fully understands that, which is why he taunted Mini-Mike with that tweet.

And Bloomberg, every bit as panicked all every other prominent Democrat today, fell for it hook, line and sinker.

This is glorious.

Update: Now CNN has fallen for Trump’s trolling of Bloomberg as well:

View image on Twitter

You seriously could never make these people up. Never in a million zillion years.

That is all.


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phineas gage

I don’t think they can stop him now. The presidential nomination of an outright communist will be a landmark event for this nation, and somewhat frightening that they have come this close to power.

However, if you assume, given the insane state of the current Democrat party, that this would have happened eventually, it is better that it happen now. It is extremely unlikely that Bernie Sanders will be elected president.

On the other hand, if AOC is nominated in 2024, she could more plausibly win. Better that they have their McGovern moment now, clean up the party, and return to some semblance of sanity.

Jimmy MacAfee

Want to see some real panic in the backrooms? This is subtle, but telling:

Chief Justice Roberts has been rumored to be under threat – blackmail. (Maybe, maybe not.)
In the Senate Trial, so far, what we’ve seen is Rand Paul’s question about Eric Cinderella ignored by Roberts. Now why would he ignore the question? It means that Roberts is acknowledging that Cinderella is the fake “whistleblower.” In other words, Chief Justice Roberts answered the question by not answering it!

Now some might cast doubts on the intellect of Roberts; I’m not one of them. I disagree with him at times, but he’s absolutely not stupid.

What does this mean? Knowing that he revealed Eric Cinderella’s role? It means that he’s no longer threatened by those who worked him over previously. A certain Anon stated that there would be freedom for those being blackmailed from their blackmailers, and I believe that this is precisely what we’re seeing. Roberts is now able to operate under his own convictions.

The Dems/Deep State are panicking at this more than you might imagine, not just because of Bernie: even though Bernie the Un-Democrat is a symbol of their impotence, and even though they can’t even stop someone like Bernie the Un-Democrat who isn’t a Democrat from stealing their party, Chief Justice Roberts is a free man! And free men are dangerous. Especially to those who once enslaved him.


President Donald Trump is obviously having the time of his life. Even with all of the headwinds he has faced, it looks to me like he knows exactly what he is doing and enjoying it thoroughly. What could a successful Billionaire ever aspire to be when he has it all? The only thing better would be to win the Presidency of The United States, and then become the greatest POTUS to EVER live in the WH. He is 99% there already and as he said, “the best is yet to come”.


What happened to Sam Donaldson in that CNN pic you put up? I barely recognized him; Walter Clondyke probably looks better than Sam right now and he is dead.

Jimmy MacAfee

Mini Mike – (with Rubio hands?) – is getting older by the day, but not in the usual way: he really is shriveling up like a plum with brown rot, ghastly! Keeping the makeup artists busy night and day, much overtime! And Nasty Amy is having do-overs all over the place, too, trying to look…well, nice. But she’s not nice, and she has no sense of humor, and lipstick on this pig is literal. Bern, who is older than dirt and looks it, well, the Clowns in America have ways to Breitbart someone, as they did Andrew. His heart attack becomes their cover story if he gets a little too close to the finish line.

I emailed Kathleen Parker years ago, when she was still credibly Conservative (years ago, I said – decades) and I said that the Dems had no candidates after Comrade Obama, all 3rd stringers and water boys (and girls ) She had began to tell Republicans to “move away from the extremes,” while her new friends got more and more extreme, to the point where they have forgotten how to stand for something. I reminded her that her new party has left its senses. (Just like Parker.)

Anyway, looks like Mike Murphy is working for the Dems now, by the size of it. Their campaigns are all little.


The haughty John “effing” Kerry, AKA Lurch, who served in Viet Nam for like three months, was probably talking on an empty phone just like GoNads was probably doing the same on the Amtrak train impeachment call where a reporter could hear. He was probably speaking loud enough to be deliberately heard and thus get his message out.

Lurch’s language (and Trump gets criticized for being uncouth) in his tweet is very “unpresidential”. He couldn’t even beat Bush Jr. in 2004. Yet he is somehow going to be the savior for the Dems against Trump. Go for it John; another pasty white fossil trying to defraud the stupid – again.

Trump has already eviscerated Kerry’s signature Nuke Deal with Iran and the Paris Climate Change Accord as SOS; Lurch has no other remotely positive accomplishments in his whole career except he manages to marry rich women. And, isn’t one of his brats also up to his neck in the Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Romney, Ukraine kickback quid pro quo money laundering deal? What a campaign commercial opportunity a Kerry candidacy would give to Trump.

The Dems might as well stick to their plan to sandbag the Commie (again) and run Quid pro slow Biden or have Mini Mike Bloomberg waste his money tilting at windmills so as to have a Mondale type moderate instead of a McGovern type radical communist running. They might well recruit Lurch in the hopes of not losing the House and maybe making gains in the senate. Lurch does fill the Mondale bill, but the Dems will lose bigly in all down ballot races in 2020 regardless of who they run.

I’ve said it before, the Dems will have to go all the way back to resurrecting the one term loser Jimmy Carter to find anyone who is not officially corrupt – there is literally no one else in their ranks. Their bench is so empty thanks to the purges brought about by the ramming through of unpopular policies and legislation by the B. J. Clinton and the “One’s” administrations. All the well known moderate electable Democrats were lost in 1994, 2010, and 2014.

Jimmy MacAfee

Lurch is very likely sweating, feverish and terrified, because it has been claimed that those who went along with the Iran “treaty” were compensated heavily, both Europeeings and US, and the Insanians were not reluctant to make that claim.

So why would Senator Longjaw run for Presidunce, or threaten to? Well, the Dems have this delusion, all believing that running for Pres is a “keep out of jail” card. But the money was a guarantee that the deal would remain intact, at least that’s what everybody – (all the crooks) – thought.

Anyway, that’s what the Insanians claimed as soon as President Trump dumped the deal and the Europeeing crooks didn’t protest loudly enough for the Mullahs. The Insanians – (not the Iranians) – thought they could blackmail the ones who got their cut from the 150+ billion. To keep the Insanians pacified, I’m guessing Senator Longjaw put a big, fat, wet one on the derriere of the leadership, including the dearly departed Soiled Man – (how’s it feel, Johnny-boy, having planted one on the same keister that was later blown to bits by order of President Trump?)

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