Rubio Tweets Reveal a Distressing Level of GOP Naivete’

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A thread on Twitter by Florida GOP Senator Marco Rubio is revealing on many levels for all of us impeachment watchers. It reveals a fairly conservative Senator who is aware of much that has been going on around him, but unaware of so much more.

The thread reveals an awareness of the deceitful nature of his Democrat opponents, but a lack of awareness of exactly how deceitful they truly are. It reveals a generally well-meaning guy who will do the right thing on this impeachment scam in the end, but who has been making his decisions based on woefully incomplete information.

In the end, Rubio’s thread provides us strong insight about the information level and thought processes by most of the Senate Republican caucus members, and why they so naively and dangerously agreed to allow the mendacious Democrats to extend the national pain of this trial all the way through next Wednesday when they could have forced a just end to it last night or today.

Below follows the text of each of Rubio’s tweets, along with my analysis of them. Watch and learn how your Republican senators are by and large trying to make the right decisions in this trial, albeit based on woefully incomplete information about the true nature of the enemy. This is all important to know, because the fact that most GOP members of congress remain so naive about the Democrats’ real nature means President Trump remains vulnerable to future Democrat scams that will inevitably arise.


Rubio Tweet #1:

Final arguments 11am Monday. Final vote Wednesday at 4pm. Last March Rep. Schiff said there was “little to be gained by putting the country through” the “wrenching experience” of a partisan impeachment. But then they decided to do it anyway.

Sen. Rubio’s statement here reveals his naive thinking about Schiff. It indicates Rubio actually believes Schiff was sincere when he made the statement Rubio quotes. It indicates that Rubio, despite having been inside the DC Swamp for all these years, still doesn’t understand that leaders in the Democrat Party never utter a sincere statement in public – all they do is parrot poll-tested talking points written for them by staff and lawyers. Honestly, how can any Republican think Adam Schiff, of all people, says anything that is actually true? It’s maddening.


Rubio Tweet #2:

The House admitted they didn’t try to enforce testimony of witnesses in court because it would tie them up in litigation for a year. But then spent weeks demanding the Senate do it now. We were never going to play this stupid game with them.

Here Sen. Rubio reveals that he has no understanding about the Democrats’ strategy in this entire play, as dictated to them by the Lawfare lawyers Nancy Pelosi spent millions of dollars on during 2019, and will spend millions more on during 2020. The Democrats’ entire strategy hinged on their belief that they could pressure four RINO senators to join them in issuing legitimate subpoenas for witnesses.

To review, the House Democrats intentionally rigged the House process to proceed without a formal impeachment vote that would have given their own subpoenas the force of law. Because they refused to hold such a formal vote, they knew their own subpoenas were nothing more than form letters requesting witness appearances.

They took this route for two reasons: 1) to deny the Republicans and President Trump any of the process rights that a legitimate impeachment action would have afforded them; and 2) to speed the process along in their zeal to get the House process finished before Christmas.

In this Tweet, Sen. Rubio reveals his lack of understanding about any of these obvious, transparent machinations by the House Dems.


Rubio Tweet #3

The same people to say “how dare Trump disagree with our intelligence professionals” are also the ones doubting the “intelligence professionals” on Soleimani planning an imminent attack.

Well, yeah, the Democrats are raging hypocrites. At least the Senate Republicans understand that much. Cool.


Rubio Tweet #4

The poll tested “stealing the election” line was also a joke. Was Trump trying to tamper with voting equipment or something? I wanted to laugh every time they said it but I think laughing was against the Senate impeachment rules

This is actually pretty funny and spot on. Plus, it shows the proper level of cynicism that every GOP Senator should have held towards Schiff, Nadler and the other House Manager circus clowns.


Rubio Tweet #5

most obnoxious argument was the “I have secret information that’s damning,but I can’t divulge it” Total crap. We have access to the same information & you don’t have squat. If you did it would be leaked. Just like the mole at NSC illegally leaking portions of Bolton’s book.

This is another good tweet, one that shows Sen. Rubio, and presumably most other Republicans, weren’t buying most of the smelly Schiff the Democrats were shoveling. It also demonstrates Rubio’s clear understanding of the mole issue that lingers inside the NSC. Very encouraging.


Rubio Tweet #6

Bottom line is despite not initially wanting to do it they were bullied into impeachment by radical far left voices they are afraid of. Then they fell in love with the case & the cameras & the adoration of the media & forgot the damage impeachment inflicts on the country.

But here, Rubio falls completely apart. Pelosi/Schiff/Nadler were not “bullied into impeachment” by anyone. They did a fine job of lying about that part of it throughout most of September, but that was all rank, smelly horse manure, shoveled purely for public consumption.

This impeachment scam was a part of the master plan the House Democrat leadership developed in concert with their Lawfare lawyers and members of the corrupt news media immediately following the 2018 election, in which they secured their illegitimate House majority. This is obvious to anyone who has really been paying attention for the last 14 months.

It was all so transparent, in fact, that Mollie Hemingway, editor at The Federalist, actually filed a report on it all within a couple of weeks after that 2018 election. Hemingway had actually overheard Nadler loudly talking about it all when the two happened to be on the same Amtrak rail car traveling from Washington to New York City.

That was in November, 2018. How can Sen. Rubio still be blissfully unaware of all of that today, all these months later?

It is this lingering naivete among Senate Republicans about the true nature of their Democrat opponents that led the “moderates” in the GOP caucus to force this five-day delay in the conclusion of the Senate trial. These people really do still think that Chuck Schumer is someone who can be trusted to deal with them in good faith.

Thus, here we are.

That is all.


Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Jimmy MacAfee

Rubio’s tweet was partially true, because the civil war the Dems are having is out-in-the-open. Queen Fossy-Jaw can’t control her Commies, nor Islamists (but I repeat myself.) No sympathy for her. Just reality.


If these RINOs and Semi RINOs would only grow a backbone and be truthful, life would be so much easier for them and us. As examples, I cite the following:

Susan Collins (R squish ME): One who stands for nothing and tries to have it both ways. She gave a great speech for Judge Kavanaugh and ultimately voted to confirm him, but faced withering criticism from the usual lib. groups. So, to try to win them back, she votes for witnesses against Trump in this Schiff trial during her election year. Hey! senator Dingbat, you can’t beat a Dem liberal in your state by being liberal lite. You pissed of the liberals in your state by voting for Kavanaugh and now you pissed off and hopefully mobilized the conservative GOP in Maine to primary and dump your sorry a$$ this spring; you might consider running as an “Independent” like the other sorry senator from Maine, Angus King (I leftist ME).

Maine is not an ultra-liberal state like MA or VT, it did give Trump one Electoral Vote in 2016, and if you actually gave the conservatives and right leaning independents and moderates, something solid to vote FOR like Trump has done nationally, then you wouldn’t be harassed by both sides of the political spectrum.

In 2020, YOU ARE TOAST! And if the GOP in Maine runs a bonified conservative, who is a decent candidate against you in the primary I will donate to his/her campaign to BEAT you.

Mitt Romney (RINO & Dirtbag UT): A total and discredited carpetbagging fraud from several states. A political jerk and a joke. I’ve said all that needs to be said about Mutt McRomney in numerous previous comments. Sadly the conservative people from Utah aligned more with his professed religion than with his character and political record from the few elections he actually won and the nation is stuck with him for at least the remainder of Trump’s second term. Utah, if your laws allow for recall, please do so ASAP as he does not represent your red state values in any way.

Lisa Murkowski (RINO Write-in AK): Up for reelection in 2022 and probably saved her seat by voting no on witnesses – which wouldn’t have affected the final outcome. She was smart enough to not fall on this sword or die on this hill for this certain loser cause and probably only did so to appease her conservative constituency after her no vote – amended vote – cancellation vote for Kavanaugh a couple of years ago. Remember, she was actually defeated in the primaries in 2012 by a TEA Party candidate and won in a well orchestrated machine driven write-in campaign; she has never received more than 50% of the vote in any of her senatorial elections and was initially appointed by her governor daddy. Hopefully she will be challenged by Sarah Palin in 2022 and be gone for good; Conservative Alaskans deserve better and should do better.

Lamar Alexander (RINO TN): As I stated before, Alexander usually votes the right way after creating much stress amongst his conservative constituents. He never leads and is the ultimate backbencher in the senate. He is retiring this year and hopefully my state will get another Senator Blackburn type to replace him. We, like Alaska, also deserve better representation.

I really respect the senators from purple states like Colorado who are facing a tough election this year and do the right thing. You can bet the farm that Senator Cory Gardner will get a lot of personal and open support in the form of rallies from the president this year. The only rallies Trump will go to in Maine will be for the new senate candidate running against the Democrat this year. Trump is loyal to his supporters and I don’t see him working on Collins’ behalf in any way.

In closing, politics 101 states that you dance with the people who brought you; you shore up your base by keeping the campaign promises that you made, the promises that got you elected, and give your voters a reason to vote FOR you rather than always having to choose between the lessor of two evils. More than anyone, Trump has shown the way in this regard; I don’t believe even Reagan enjoyed 90+% approval and support from his Republican base. Trump is a political unifier, who rewards his base by keeping his promises, and persuades some reasonable people (like Reagan’s working class blue-collar Democrats) on the other side to come to his positions, and support his agenda; not try to be all things to all people. Why doesn’t it register on the RINO Caucus that life would be so much easier for them and their staff and America, if they would stay on point with the platform they ran on? It is not surprising that stalwarts on ether side of the political aisle never get harassed on these high profile issues. Senators like Feinstein, Hirono, Warren, and Brown on the left and Cruz, Crapo, Inhofe, and Cornyn on the right, never get openly harassed and intensely lobbied. Granted they all may be in safe seats, but I contend any politician’s life would be a lot easier if they would stand on and fight for the issues they ran and won on rather than be a perpetual squish.


Rubio has always had an honesty problem. Marco is and has always been keenly aware of what he is doing. He is simply a better swamp dweller than most. He still has his eye on the WH and will weasel his way towards that goal until he is gone from DC. Just like Hillary, I could not vote for Rubio because of the content of his character.


I think Rubio is more aware than the writer, trying his best to come up with a problem.

Just Me

“These people really do still think that Chuck Schumer is someone who can be trusted to deal with them in good faith.”

Every time Schumer sidles up to a microphone I want to check to ensure my wallet is still in my pocket. He strikes me as a sleazy combination of Snidely Whiplash (just google it youngsters) and Templeton from “Charlotte’s Web.”

phineas gage

I never thought I would say it, but his predecessor–Al ‘Senator Pothole’ D’Amato–was a far better person than the successor.

phineas gage

We are lucky this man will never be president–he would be rolled by the Dems. He is better off as an occasionally useful Senator, such as on Cuba issues, where his political naivete cannot do too much damage.

One addition: the Dems also rushed the ‘impeachment’ through the way they did so that Dems in vulnerable Trump districts would be forced to take a difficult vote.

I think the younger GOP Senators (and House members) coming in now understand that the modern Democrat party is composed through-and-through of leftist radicals, and have no illusions about proper decorum or integrity where they are concerned. Each election weeds out more useless RINOs–Alexander is retiring and hopefully Pierre Delecto will be bounced out soon.

It is irritating that the process wasn’t concluded in acquittal yesterday, but I have no doubt that Cocaine Mitch has the process well in hand. He may have extended things to Wednesday to do more damage to the Dem presidential candidates by preventing them from leaving town to campaign in Iowa. Overall a week in which the impeachment farce ends and Brexit is completed is a good week.

phineas gage

‘not be’ sigh–I will pre-edit my posts better

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