A Note to Readers: Some Rules for Commenting on This Site

First: I hate rules for posting on websites. However…

The good news is that the number and quality of comments to the posts on this site have increased dramatically over the past few months, as has traffic in general. That’s wonderful, and very helpful for my goals of creating a site with robust debate, and of making a few bucks here and there while doing this. So, I sincerely thank all of you who share your thoughts here.

The bad news is that, as happens everywhere on the Internet whenever sites gain traffic, DBDailyUpdate has now begun to attract a few unwelcome comments.

This requires the setting of some guidelines for posters.

There won’t be many such guidelines, but the few I set out here today will be enforced without exception. Here they are:

  • Racist posts will not be tolerated.
  • Antisemitism will not be tolerated. Criticism of Israel is fine. Characterization of all Jews as somehow being evil is not fine. I’ve had to delete two anti-Semitic posts today, and will continue to delete any that show up here. For those of you who are not clear on it, this is not a Democrat website where rank Antisemitism would be a badge of honor. Luckily, the WordPress censors who do such weird things flag such posts for me to approve or disapprove before they go live. If, in my judgment, a post contains anti-Semitic slurs, it will be disapproved, simple as that. My judgment isn’t perfect, but it absolutely rules on this website, period.
  • All other posts that hurl slurs at any identifiable group of people based on their identity will be disapproved. As an example, it is fine to criticize the LGBTQ lobby for having become a tool of the trans community, and all the societal pathologies entails. It is not fine to hurl slurs at LGBTQ people simply for their self-identities. If the difference is not clear to you, then you should probably comment on another site.
  • I do not approve of bigotry in any form. By that I mean real bigotry, not the imaginary bigotry promoted by leftists as a means of shutting down any form of conservative thought. Again, if the difference between the two is not clear to you, then you should probably comment on another site.

Those are my guidelines. That’s it. Fortunately, in the three years since this site went live, I have only had to delete or disapprove maybe 10 comments in total, so our regular contributors are not prone to such thoughts anyway. Hopefully, that will remain the case as the traffic to this site continues to grow.

Thanks to all of you for reading and commenting on the content here.

That is all.




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My wife was a first grade teacher in the Alabama pubic school system for 26 years. I heard her comment to other teachers repeatedly that she really should not have to be the parent to her class but she did it anyway. What she was referring to was that she should not have to tell her students that stealing, lying, tattleing, pulling hair, calling names and madrid other examples of behaviour are not acceptable. Those lessons should have been taught at home before the student entered school. But in our current “nanny state” my wife became the parent for many children, some even mistakenly caller her “Mom” when addressing her on occasion.

Mr Blackmon, it appears that you are now the “Mom” to some of your readers who should have learned those lessons at home, before attempting to post on your blog. Good for you, just be aware that just like my wife, you will get a whole new batch or unruly children every so often and have to reiterate these “rules” that should be second nature to any mature person. And just like my wife, who let me say loved her job and her students, you will get a majority of new readers who already know these rules, but who will have to sit through the lecture along with the ones who need to hear it.

You are doing the Lords’ work sir, and may God bless you for it.

Jumper Bones

Mr. Blackmon, this is your blog site: if you aren’t comfortable with any posting, then press the handle to flush it away.


I see from the first comment some folks do not understand,shame. These are welcome rules to further the understanding of your site.Kudos. Keep up the good work. Another first site in the morning reader.

Big Al in NC

Mr. Blackmon, your rules are refreshing; the examples clear (as usual). As Sam said, you’re my first stop. I just wish other sites had similar rules *and* enforced them. Thank you for your insights and outlook….they are refreshing. As always, thanx for the transcripts (with video)…. Yeah, I’m a computer dinosaur…began in ’68 wiring boards as a programmer…..

sam stills

Disclaimer – Your rules are clear, concise and perfectly reasonable. You are a first stop every day.

However, I hate to open this old debate, but feel I must:

Is it Trekkie or Trekker?


Jimmy, If Dave already allowed your words in previous comments, then they are ok.

Jimmy MacAfee

Guess that means I can’t use words I find in the headlines of The Liberty Daily, like Pete “Buttplug?” (their word) Or characterizing China Mike as a Herod-like ruler of Israel, chosen by Rome, symbolically an Edomite? Or to use the word “transies,” (not trannies: transies.)

If those words are not acceptable, I understand.

Ron Oliver

Very reasonable and welcomed


Truth hurts. You are censoring the truth. How small and bigoted of you.

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