Trump Denies Pelosi her USMCA Photo-op

Today’s Campaign Update
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Better to have the pig farmers than the bleating pig herself. – At Wednesday’s signing ceremony for the huge US/Mexico/Canada Trade Agreement (USMCA), President Donald Trump ensured that representatives from the nation’s hog farmers were in attendance, given the deal’s heavy focus on pork and agricultural goods.

But here’s who he didn’t invite to be there the landmark agreement was signed into law:

After allowing many of her House Democrats vote for the bill along with the Republicans in December, Pelosi made a point of claiming to have forced “major revisions” to the initial draft that had been agreed-to by the Trump Administration. This of course was just another lie, as only a few minor provisions were modified during the negotiations in the House.

The Speaker desperately wanted to be seen as one of the architects of this major deal, because she and her House Majority have achieved literally nothing for the American people over the last year as they focused all of their efforts in mounting their idiotic coup d’etat. Pelosi no doubt coveted the chance to be standing behind the President at this ceremony so that her ghoulish face, complete with rebellious dentures, would make it into the photo-ops. That would have provided Democrat members running in swing districts a visual to show to constituents.

President Trump was not about to give her that satisfaction, given that she needlessly held this important deal up for well over half a year, purely for political leverage. In fact, the President did not invite a single Democrat to the ceremony, which is entirely appropriate given that not a single Democrat helped in making it a reality, a stark contrast to the NAFTA negotiations in the 1990s, which were a completely bipartisan effort.

This, folks, is WINNING, bigly.

This is what the never-ending coup d’etat has wrought. – While the corrupt news media, in its role as the propaganda organ for the Deep State, will excoriate the President for refusing to have any Democrats in attendance, everyone should remember that when he first came into office, Mr. Trump bent over backwards to establish cordial relations with Pelosi, Schumer and other key Democrats. All of those efforts were steadfastly rebuffed.

What President Trump received in return for that outreach was the back of the hand from every Democrat in the D.C. Swamp, and the continuation of the unending efforts to demonize and de-legitimize him that had come at him during the 2016 campaign. Still, the President has persevered in efforts to find ways to work with Pelosi and Schumer, inviting them for frequent meetings at the White House, events where Pelosi consistently tossed fits and stormed out to hurl accusations at Trump to the eager press corps camped outside.

Indeed, the only times Pelosi did not employ that particular tactic have come when President Trump insisted on allowing the press corps to remain present for the full meeting, an unprecedented step he has taken on several occasions specifically to pressure the depraved Speaker to behave.

Unsurprisingly, the President’s efforts towards bipartisanship came to a halt when Pelosi decided to conspire with Adam Schiff to mount the ridiculous impeachment scam. It’s pretty difficult for any president to try to work with people so mendacious and desperate that they would eagerly put the nation through the circus that has now lasted for four long months.

Thus, San Fran Nan didn’t get her photo op yesterday, as the most important trade deal of the 21st Century was signed into law. It was the reward she had richly earned.

That is all.


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Dave Hardesty

Trump didn’t have enough pens to go around. She had depleted the market.

M Allen

I sincerely hope that the President changes his mind about giving the State of the Union address in the house. Do it from the oval office. The house doesn’t deserve the honor and there is no requirement to do it front of those braying jackasses.

candle in a hurricane

Now if we could only deny her Alzheimer’s medication.

Jimmy MacAfee

I think I have the medical answer for why Princess Pelosi seems to be losing her teeth: bisphosphonates. The modern version of Fossy Jaw, almost exclusively from using drugs used for osteoporosis. If she’s been using them for about half a decade, expect her to suddenly fracture her femur from doing something simple, like walking. Crack!

These drugs were devised from phosphorous drugs that were once a big part of matchstick manufacturing, which is where the term “fossy jaw” originated. Necrosis of the bony tissue is what it is.

When someone is on those drugs, and they need to have a tooth extraction, they usually have to have it done by an Oral Surgeon, as it’s too risky a procedure for most Dentists.

Likely the villainess is suffering from Fossy Jaw. I don’t know why I didn’t think of that earlier. Maybe the idea that she was housing a family of gerbils – or illegals – in her mouth, or that she is in reality a goat seemed much more amusing. But logically, it’s likely to be bisphosphonates and necrotic jawbone, (so broken down that Samson couldn’t use it to slay even a dozen Philistines.)


Just can’t wait to see her last photo op when she sits behind Trump for two hours after the failed impeachment when the President will make the appropriate comments at the State of the Union Speech; it will be the last one she will attend as the Speaker – next year she will be a back bencher in the GOP controlled House.

Ah, good times.

Jimmy MacAfee

Nancy should go chew her cud in private, where her mastication can’t be seen by a horrified public.

Speaking of losers, Berkshire Hathaway is divesting (at a huge loss) a big number of American newspapers it owns. This would not ordinarily be something to celebrate, but his guidance has allowed many of them to turn even farther to the Left than they had been previously. They might have been viable, except they don’t represent actual news – with a Leftist slant on every page. Unfortunately, Conservatives don’t seem to be in the market for print, and many of the moneyed Elite are not Conservatives, but Feudalists.

Nasty Pelosi will be remembered for being a stupid diva, acting more like a 7th grade “mean girl” who finally has met with the Principal and will eventually face a big wooden paddle.


Do I love this president or what?

To paraphrase Moouchell, wife of the “One”: For the first time in my life, I am proud of MY American President. I was and am still proud of Reagan as he saved our country in so many ways back in the 1980s, and while he accomplished many great things for America, ultimately he just managed to slow the rate of our decline; Trump is a true reformer who is succeeding in busting up much of the deep state’s infrastructure. And, by the way, his likely successor, Pence, is not the deep state swamp dweller that Reagan’s VP, Bush the first, proved to be.

Donald John Trump has out performed even Ronald Wilson Reagan as the best president of my lifetime, if not in all of American History; that is quite a feat that I would have never thought possible, especially in this political climate.

Apart from making some very bad appointments and failing to fire all the Bush I, B. J. Clinton, Bush II and the One’s appointees, DJT has performed flawlessly in the face of overwhelming adversity. Who needs foreign enemies when there are so many domestic enemies? I can’t understand how some Republicans and virtually all Democrats are still quietly and actively working against him. It makes no sense. It also makes no sense that his poll support/approval rating is only hovering around 50%. If these accomplishments were happening during the B. J. Clinton or the “One’s” administrations, their approval rating would be at 80 plus percent. It is also ridiculous that fully 40% of the country will vote against Trump this year.

If the polls were honest and accurate, Trump would be easily over 60% for the following logical reasons:

He got 46-47% of the vote in 2016
He has lost virtually no support among the 63 million who voted for him
He got about 8% of the Americans of African descent vote; black approval is now at approximately 33%
Same for the Hispanic vote
He has done nothing to alienate any of the other minority voters
No one in any of the disparate minorities who the Democrats always court and buy off have, in any way, been given any good reason to vote against him or for another fraudulent Democrat

Everyone who likes what Trump has accomplished and likes America as founded, needs to actively support and vote for this president and a Republican Congress – NO Complacency. A non vote is half a vote for the Democrats.

The main thing I would wish to become a reality in Trump’s second term is a truly balanced budget. That can only happen with a large GOP majority in both houses of congress.


As an observing canuk I agree with you in your assessment that Trump has been exactly what the US has needed in this time. The greatest concern which you also point out is the complacency factor.

The conservative right keeps repeating the mantra of Trumps re-election as a ‘landslide’ done deal. This WILL work against the Republicans as it induces complacency with voters. Voters will use any excuse, to hot, to cold, to rainy,,, etc , I don’t need to vote because Trumps going to win anyway. Republicans NEED to get the message out that the communists NEED to be wiped out, taken off the map by voting them into oblivion. These communists will never stop the sedition and violence and countries crumble from the inside out as history shows. Muslims and communists openly state these very things and intentions… believe them they mean it.

So as your northern neighbour we conservatives encourage you to fight hard for your country… otherwise you’ll end up like us with a Marxist dimsum as a ‘leader’.


I firmly agree with you in that President Trump is very near being the greatest of all time, and his first term isn’t even finished. He has accomplished much with hurricane headwinds, which makes me curious what he might get done unimpeded. It truly is a wonderful time to be alive and witness the history as it unfolds. President Trump is having the time of his life and is certainly the current world’s most interesting man.

Jumper Bones

She is not well, and should retire, and allow the next generation to take her place.


No, I want her to stay as the face of the Democratic Party. She represents their “values” perfectly.

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