The Justice Department Blinks in the Michael Flynn Case

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Sidney Powell has the corrupt DOJ lawyers on their heels. – Some big developments took place in the case involving the coerced guilty plea by General Michael Flynn on Wednesday, as both sides made a series of key filings with the court.

First, General Flynn filed a motion to dismiss the case entirely, citing an array of government misconduct that is backed up by overwhelming documentary evidence.

Second, General Flynn filed a declaration requesting the court allow him to remove his plea of guilty entirely, citing misleading statements and document revisions by the FBI agents who performed the January, 2017 entrapment interview – Peter Strzok and Joe Pientka – along with threats made against Flynn’s son and family by lawyers working for Gestapo Chief, er, “Special Counsel” Robert Mueller.

Third, the corrupt DOJ lawyers, who in December had reversed an earlier recommendation of probation for Gen. Flynn in favor of prison time, reversed course yet again, filing a revised sentencing memo, one that again recommends probation.

Obviously, Flynn’s attorney, the brilliant Sidney Powell, has beaten the DOJ lawyers into submission. She has clearly revealed their own multiple deceptions to the court, clearly revealed the outright mendacity of Strzok, Pientka and other FBI officials who revised the original 302 forms from the entrapment interview and then “lost” the original – a virtual impossibility within the FBI’s document retention systems – and clearly revealed the despicable thuggery practiced by Mueller and his team of American Nazis.

Federal Judge Emmett Sullivan now has a decision to make: He can either sentence Gen. Flynn – hopefully to the probation now recommended by the government – or he can grant Flynn’s motion to withdraw his guilty plea and take the case to a full-blown trial. There is no question that the latter is the right way to go here.

Judge Sullivan has a well-earned reputation for fairness and disdain for government misconduct. He has now been presented by Powell with a literal mountain of evidence clearly documenting multiple instances of reprehensible misconduct on the part of the FBI, the Mueller team and the DOJ lawyers in this case, all in an effort to entrap, abuse, and persecute a man who has spent his entire adult life in stellar service to this country. Even worse, it is crystal clear that the thuggery deployed by the Mueller team was designed to force Flynn into offering dishonest testimony alleging misconduct by a duly-elected President of the United States.

The only people who deserve to be punished in this case are those who were and/or still are employed at the Department of Justice.

Judge Sullivan now has a prime opportunity to start righting all of the wrongs committed by these disloyal government officials against General Flynn.

Let’s hope he does the right thing.

That is all.


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Judges today are just owned politicians (most are NOT a human) appointed to a seat. They are NOT judges in the true sense. Mr. Sullivan will follow the plan, because he lives on the modern day plantation. The more things change, the more they stay the same. I predict he will deny the withdrawal motion and to appease only sentence to probation for a short period or time served. He will hope the General won’t think it is worth the money and headache to appeal. The chains that Mr. Sullivan are wearing today are even more powerful than the chains used in 1850. You just can’t call him boy now, at least to his face. I am sorry if this comment hurts Mr. Sullivan’s feelings, but I call them as I see them. Also, everyone talks about how brave he was with the Stevens case. BS. He did NOTHING to the scumbag lawyers that pulled that off. So here we are today, talking about a corrupt system. Again. Mr. Sullivan is just another hog feeding at the trough, doing the bidding of his masters. Nothing more.


Curious why it is that if I post a comment doubting Barr it never gets posted…

Jimmy MacAfee

The DOJ is desperate for this not to go to trial: that is the long and short of it. Revelations during a trial would be incriminating – to the prosecution. Can you say: “disbarred?”

marty lopez

Yes I can say disbarred and it is my fervent hope they are. Down and dirty is how they played it and dirt should be their wages.


Jimmy, please explain this: If the DOJ is so “desperate for this to not go to trial” why didn’t they just quietly drop all charges and let Flynn go away? No embarrassment as the MSM would mention it once for about ten seconds and drop it. After all, the cabal milked this poor defendant for all he was worth in their failed coup; why didn’t Wray err, Comey Jr. just come out and say “No reasonable prosecutor would pursue criminal charges against…” and be done with it.

Someone, somewhere is actually calling the shots in all this, because no professional politicians (Klink, et al), or career bureaucrats would continue to shove all this Schiff into this blivit, keep swinging after the bell, or whistle past the graveyard, unless they were somehow forced to do so. The person behind the curtain is who Barr and Durham are hopefully going to being to justice. When that finally happens, then all the swamp lemmings will be brought down with relative ease.

However, I still say it is important to after the publicly known criminals for two reasons:

The future deterrence factor; the longer these cretins are allowed to breath free air and walk among us the longer this Schiff will keep going on, and,
Sooner or later, one, and then some, and then many, will look to cut a deal to save their sorry butt(s) and the whole thing will collapse like a house of cards.

AG Barr said this spring things will happen – June 21, 2020 is coming real fast Mr. Barr.

Jimmy MacAfee

They want their cake. They want to eat it. They are fat pigs, and can’t wait to stuff their faces in front of television crews, crowing about how they’ve “brought justice to America.” They want to stuff their faces with cake in front of everyone.

If they admit defeat, and drop charges, they’re in trouble, because that leads to more questions, like “why did you bring charges to begin with? Who got the whole thing started?” This is a different day, because they ARE the Deep State, and the Deep State is on trial. Judicial Watch and others are angry as hornets, and so are a lot of judges. So that’s why. This is a different day, a different time.

If they continue to pursue jail time, and lose (which they will) they’re in more serious trouble, because Flynn will show that they had intended serious consequences in store for him, not just a probationary period. In the past, a judge would admonish them, but with little in the way of serious consequences (why do the Enron prosecutors and Ted Stevens prosecutors still have their law licenses?) Our legal system, along with the Deep State, is on trial as well. Abuses are everywhere.

I’ve rarely seen DOJ attorneys admit defeat without a judge castigating them, often just because the prosecutors are pr!cks with big egos. They often offer plea deals to panicked defendants, having found ways to squeeze them – like Flynn, who had no support from his first defense team (which are alleged to have had some serious conflicts of interest.)

If they mess Trump up, and find a way to remove him from office, through impeachment or physical harm, Bernie Sanders will be our next President. Even corrupt DOJ officials and the Clowns in America are terrified of that. That’s why they helped rig It for Hitlery Clinton against the old Commie.

Jimmy MacAfee

And lest any Bernie Bros think that hurting President Trump will make Bernie President: watch out for false flags. The Deep State would love some crazed Bernie Bro to attack Trump, because of the reaction against the Commies that would ensue.

But finally: I hope the Judge forces the case against Flynn to close. With prejudice. Meaning that the same charges for the same “crime” can never be brought against General Flynn ever again.

Jimmy MacAfee

Not only are judges and Judicial Watch angry as hornets, but the Deep State sees the enormous Trump rallies, which terrify them. I mean actually terrifies them, to the core. The Tea Party terrified them, and they put it down using the IRS and others. This is FAR bigger than the Tea Party, and the Tea Party is engaged as well on Trump’s side. They’ve suffered grievous injury as a result of Obama and his corrupt officials, and the lies spread by the soon-to-be deceased Congressman (hurry up and leave, Congressman; you won’t be missed.) Louis Lerner was terrified when Trump won, and terrified when her crimes were exposed.

Watch what happens in Virginia now. Not mobs. Voters, ANGRY voters. But if the voters are cheated – again – there will be mobs. The Deep State knows this. They can’t kill all of us. They may try, but then China will move in.

Check. Mate.


I may have missed it, but I want to know what are the alleged crimes that Flynn’s son or family committed?

Flynn was apparently leveraged to cop a guilty to protect his son. The two cases are not related as far as I know. If I were charged with a crime, say the crime of being a Trump supporter, and my son did something that was chargeable, but was not charged, and would be “exonerated” if only I were to plead guilty to being a Trump supporter, and my son’s crime magically goes away? Is this how our justice system works? What the hell kind of “justice” is that? When all this is over I think Flynn has a great case of malfeasance against his first lawyer(s).

Manafort was not charged for his alleged offenses back in the 1990s until he became a Trump supporter either. If the statue of limitations didn’t run out on Manafort’s 1990s alleged crimes, then it had better not run out on any of the coup cabal either. Our, DOJ was coercing people to not only sing, but compose lies (which Judge Sullivan actually told Mueller’s partisans in court last year) in an effort to get Trump removed from office and overturn the election, rendering our most sacred right to vote invalid and the concept of democratic voting in elections obsolete.

AG Barr, let’s turn the heat up on Joe Biden and see if he will plead GUILTY to the actual crimes of corruption etc. to protect his dear son Hunter, or vice versa where Hunter throws Joe under the bus to save his skin.

EVERYTHING about this anti-Trump movement is bogus Schiff. Trump will ultimately prevail, but heads better roll or we are done as a viable country with the destruction of a justice system that was once the envy of the world.

Janice Janes

Can’t remember how many times throughout the years I read how Comey was the most honest director the FBI ever had. Hell, he has to have special made jackets to hide his wings.
We’ll see how honest this judge is b how he handles this case.


The sad thing is that between Hoover, Mueller, Comey and Wray, Comey may in fact be the most “honest” FBI Director amongst that crowd.


I don’t understand why there would have to be another trial. Flynn has gone broke defending himself against those DOJ sleazebags. The only trial he should have to endure is the one where he sues those traitors for everything he can get.


We can now properly expect that Judge Sullivan will receive all kinds of death threats, or that he will be suicided. Let’s all pray for this judge.

Jimmy MacAfee


Protection for Judge Sullivan, dear Lord!


Ms. Powell took Flynn’s case for the money. Flynn is broke. She can recoup by suing the DOJ and a dozen managers and attorneys individually. Not only will the managers settle out of court, but the attorneys can be disbarred from their profession. She will take sworn depositions incriminating others in lieu of portions of the settlements. Dozens of settlements may be conservative. The DOJ is a money tree.

marty lopez

Let’s hope she shakes it hard


If the case can be dismissed outright, he can and should go after the DOJ for damages…this case has made him dead broke. And with the evidence he has against the DOJ? It should be pretty easy. He sues for $50M, the DOJ settles for 30, he gets 20, Powell gets 10.

General Lee

Ms. Powell didn’t take Flynn’s case for the money, she took it for vengeance because she knew the prosecutor was dirty and she is in this for blood. Don’t expect a settlement. She wants the dirty prosecutors arrested and disbarred. She is in this because she is a patriot and an officer of the court and she wants to see justice prevail.

Jimmy MacAfee

Considering Sullivan and Powell both have had negative experiences with A. Weissmann, who may have been the one threatening Flynn into submission, it would be really odd of the case wasn’t dismissed entirely, “with prejudice” (meaning it cannot be resurrected at a later date.)

Sullivan (and the DOJ) may be worried that Flynn has a tort action for the illegal actions by the DOJ, which is why they want the guilty plea to remain. There will be a suit, and if Judge Sullivan is honest as everyone says he is, he’ll dismiss and allow the inevitable lawsuits to begin. If Flynn is allowed a new trial, discovery will take place, and the FBI/DOJ will have to stop hiding Pientka. Several of Muellers FBI thuggies will also have a hard time maintaining their posts, and even more “retirements” should take place.

But if Sullivan refuses? Well, there are appeals. And there will eventually be a trial – or a dismissal. Better not to have the President give a pardon, because Flynn has a lot left to say. Does Judge Sullivan want to go down on the wrong side of the law, supporting criminal conduct? Doesn’t seem to be that kind of guy.

Jimmy MacAfee

The sub-issues regarding threats and intimidation by Mueller’s team have to do with Flynn’s son, not involving the fake lying charge, which both investigating SAs thought were phony. And the faked 302s were mis-attributed, one being from Pientkta and one from Strzok, but their writings were reversed. And the FBI has done their level-best
to keep Pientka hidden.

Funny thing, that: the Deep State protects fake whistleblowers and the children of corrupt politicians like QuidProGropinJoe, but goes after kids of people whom they hope to prosecute for political reasons.

Justice in America seems to be more illusory than ever, even though there appear to be remedies on the horizon. “The jury’s out,” as they say. Will sealed indictments come for the prosecutors themselves?

marty lopez

please to refresh my memory. Who is this Pientka?

phineas gage

This has dragged on forever, like something out of Kafka with Flynn trapped in this endless, mindless bureaucracy.

Out of all the players in the sordid affairs of the past 3+ years, he has suffered the most for no reason.

marty lopez

It’s not for no reason. Flynn had plans to reorganize the intelligence community. They set out to get him first.


Paul Manafort may disagree with you. Even if Manafort is guilty, the means to convict him were as dastardly as the means used to prosecute General Flynn.


the courts haven’t done the right thing since 1792

Justme Andmeonly

“Let’s hope he does the right thing.”

That right there is a sad indictment of our judicial system. When one has to “hope” our courts do the right thing, can you EVER trust them?

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