About that “Bellwether” Texas Special Election…

Today’s Campaign Update, Part III
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

This result does not fit the Democrat/media election narrative. It doesn’t fit that narrative at all. – In what the corrupt Democrat activists in the mainstream news media spent weeks calling a “closely watched special election” in Texas, the Republican candidate won in a landslide Tuesday night.

The race was for Texas House District 28, a suburban district on the outskirts of Houston. You know, the kind of suburban area where the corrupt media has been trying to convince us that GOP candidates were struggling with Millennial-aged housewives, who supposedly don’t like President Trump and would certainly be turning my home state of Texas into a “blue” state anytime now, maybe even this year.

That was the narrative, anyway. Of course, it was the exact same narrative Texans heard back in 2014, when the Democrats, led by gubernatorial candidate Wendy “Abortion Barbie” Davis, were going to sweep into power. But then Davis got shellacked by Texas Governor Gregg Abbott, in an election in which Republicans again swept every statewide office, and in which Davis won just 39% of the vote.

And it is the exact same narrative Texans were treated to in 2018, when Irish Bob “Beto” O’Rourke poured $80 million of California and New York dollars into a senate race against Ted Cruz. Despite out-spending Senator Cruz by a 3-to-1 margin, Irish Bob came up a crapper – just as he did in his presidential effort – losing to Cruz as GOP candidates once again swept every statewide office, as they have done in every Texas election cycle since 1994.

Interestingly, Irish Bob, in his new role as Democrat grassroots specialist, became very active in the HD 28 race, going door to door in the suburban neighborhoods, attempting to use his boyish charm to convince those “angry” suburban housewives to get out and vote for Democrat candidate [consults notes] Eliz Markowitz. O’Rourke’s efforts, combined with millions coming into the race from out-of-state Democrat interests, would surely turn the tide this time.

Oops. Bad plan.

As is his habit, Irish Bob came up a crapper once again. Seems his boyish charm has lost its allure to Texas suburban housewives who are sick to death of the nonsense his party is putting our country through, and pretty damn happy with the booming economy that 26 years of Republican leadership has brought to our state.

In the end, GOP candidate Gary Gates easily won the election, carrying the vote by a whopping 58-42% margin. Mind you, this is a district that President Trump won by just 10% in 2016, and which the outgoing Republican won by only 3% in 2018.

If this be a Democrat “bellwether,” then by all means, bring more bellwethers on.

God Bless Texas.

That is all.


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Jimmy MacAfee

The crowds waiting to see President Trump are just growing larger! And larger. And larger!

Funny thing, the Obama crowds started out huge, but when everybody figured out that he was “all hat, no cattle,” his crowds got a lot smaller. Even with a sycophant press. People only came to see him because he was “historic.” He disappointed a lot of people, many of whom now support President Donald J. Trump!

The irony!


That chick could give Abrams from GA a run for her money in the Doughnut eating contest!

John Eberhard

Hope this is a national trend. Dems need to get buried nationally and then maybe a new generation of democrats who are pro American will take over the party. I will not hold my breath, but no matter what, Vote Trump in 2020, 2024 & 2028 (Eric).



Wuhan coronavirus could deplete the ranks of Senate septuagenarians before November.

Marshall Gill

And people say that the virus is a bad thing!


It’s only a “bellwether” if the demoncrats win. If they lose, it is not as big of a loss as it should have been showing how powerful the demoncrats are.

Vote in November as it may be your last chance to do so.

phineas gage

Given what they did to California, the Dems keep thinking they will be able to do the same to Texas, achieving political power in perpetuity. And they keep getting proven wrong, like repeatedly stepping on the same rake.

God bless Texas, indeed. And to the Dems, bless their blackened little hearts.

Jimmy MacAfee

I see Mrs. O’Rourke found a way to get her dumb boy out of the house! Maybe he should try gardening, instead. Something to keep Little Beto away and occupied. Then there’s always dolls and toy trucks, if that’s too much.

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