It’s a RINO Stampede in the U.S. Senate Now

Today’s Campaign Update, Part III
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

The Democrats continued to play out the Kavanaugh playbook in the Senate trial Monday morning, when they introduced their new star witness:

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[Hat tip to whatever creative mind concocted this mashup.]

Yes, friends, meet Dr. Christine Blasey Bolton, the “surprise” witness the New York Times is desperately attempting to get inserted into this senate trial. As I pointed out in this morning’s piece, the Times’ “bombshell” reporting on Bolton’s book manuscript – which conveniently went up for pre-sale on Amazon about an hour after the Times’ piece was published – is designed specifically to put pressure on Senate RINOs to prolong this Democrat scam for several more weeks by agreeing with Democrats to call Bolton, and only Bolton, as a witness.

This tactic was as predictable as Chris Wallace’s liberal hackery, a veritable instant replay of the coordinated efforts by the very same Times reporters and their Democrat masters to insert the execrable liar Christine Blasey Ford into the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation process, just when it appeared certain he had the votes necessary to be confirmed. It’s like page 7 of the official Democrat/Media playbook.

Equally predictable have been the reactions by the three most likely RINO Usual Suspects, Mitt Romney, Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski.

Romney, who has been actively looking for any pretense to side with his Democrat pals, jumped almost immediately, telling a CNN reporter early Monday morning this:

“I can’t begin to tell you how John Bolton’s testimony would ultimately play on a final decision but it’s relevant and therefore I’d like to hear it.”

Ok, yeah, sure, uh-huh. Romney, by the way, refused to say whether or not he would also support calling witnesses the Trump defense would like to see, like Joe Biden, Hunter Biden and Pencil Neck. Mitt gonna Mitt. Which is kind of like saying a dog is going to lick its own nether regions.

Next up was Susan Collins, the terminally annoying Senator from Maine. As is her habit, Collins issued a statement that had been carefully crafted by her staff talking points monkeys, which revealed her own weak-kneed posture and smeared her GOP colleagues by claiming “a number” of them were having second thoughts as well:

“The reports about John Bolton’s book strengthen the case for witnesses and have prompted a number of conversations among my colleagues,” Collins said in a statement.

Collins, who unlike Romney is up for re-election this year, apparently believes she finds strength by pretending to hide among “numbers.” She’s wrong.

Murkowski did what Murkowski pretty much always does, and vainly attempted to find a way to triangulate her way through it with this mushy non-answer:

“I stated before that I was curious as to what John Bolton might have to say … I’ve also said there is an appropriate time for us to evaluate whether we need additional information —that time is almost here,” Murkowski said in a statement.

So, the more pressure the corrupt media applied on behalf of the Democrats, the more weaselly these three will inevitably become. Collins found the courage to do the right thing in the case of Kavanaugh, but that was two full years before she had to stand for re-election. With November looming just 10 months away, you would not want to bet the family farm on her acting with similar integrity now.

Sadly, she is probably the strongest of the three. Romney hates the President and will do pretty much anything he believes will damage this administration, without regard for the good of the country. Murkowski will do whatever her focus groups tell her to do at the end of the day. Collins is really the only semi-independent actor of the bunch.

Of course, Mitch McConnell can lose those three and still have 50 votes to deny the Democrats the ability to call witnesses. The big question here is whether the media pressure can convince a fourth RINO to jump in bed with the enemy.

The two who have been targeted by the media are Cory Gardner of Colorado and Lamar Alexander of Tennessee. Gardner has been a pretty solid Trump supporter, but appears vulnerable here because he is facing a very tough re-election campaign himself against former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper. But it’s hard to see how voting with the Democrats on this question would help Gardner’s chances in November, so if the Times is counting on him, they’re probably pissing up a tree.

Alexander is supposed to be somehow malleable on this because he is a “Senate traditionalist,” which I find to be a bizarre argument. No one is more of a “traditionalist” than Mitch McConnell, who practically lives and breathes Senate tradition, and you don’t see the media speculating about him.

Outside of those two, it becomes very hard to imagine who that fourth vote might be. The Times and Democrats are most likely going to have to conspire to spring another Kavanaugh-like surprise on the Senate in order to get to their 4-RINO goal.

The stampede is on, but it isn’t quite big enough to break through that fence line just yet.

That is all.


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Jimmy MacAfee

The same kind of thinking (thinking?) used against the President is what we see in tranyville:
a boy, born in a boy’s body, is a girl – and therefore has the right to compete against real girls in athletic competition. They are whatever they claim they are, this week or next, and that is their entire perverse reasoning.

So today, I’ve decided that I’ll be a cherry pie; last week, I was a blueberry muffin; next week I’ll be an apple turnover. Why not? I identify as a cooked fruit! Or a baked nut! Well, reality is what reality is, not as we wish it would be.

Like Quidprogropeycheatin’ Joe claiming that the Obama administration hadn’t a smidgen (Obama’s word, too) of scandal. Yesterday, they were a fruitcake; today, a figgy pudding.

In the end, though, they’re still nothing more than fruits and nuts. That doesn’t change.

Jimmy MacAfee

Everything that has happened in this impeachment sham shows the same M.O., which some call “projection.”

It’s more like an old spouse’s trick, where everything they do wrong, you’re responsible for: if they break something, you caused it; if the checking account becomes insolvent because they’re spent too much, you did earn enough; if they were late, it was because you were early. This is not logic; it’s pathological. There is no reasoning with such a spouse – husband or wife – because no matter how much they’re wrong, you’re always to blame.

How do you deal with a spouse like this? Two options: divorce or murder, Since one of those choices is immoral and illegal, it leaves you with just one option, which becomes a mandate.

So why does the Left/Dem spouse always get away with turning Joe Biden’s criminal behavior on withholding aid to Ukraine into Trump’s so-called “impeachable” behavior? Why are Biden’s crimes Trump’s problem? There has to be a rejection of that kind of thinking – a divorce from those who are what we might call psycho-contrarians. Since you can never be right in the presence of someone who is always, no matter the facts, is right in their own mind, who will never accept the blame, you have to isolate such people like a coronavirus or a loose turd in a place where it should not be: you protect yourself against one, and the other goes to a place it’s designed for,

If Murkowsky and Collins want to be psycho-contrarians, they will be, and it would not be unexpected; if Mittens chooses that path, he needs to be separated and not invited to join in any meaningful legislation or committees. Whether that’s sequestering him like a coronavirus, or putting him in the same place one would dispose of waste material, either one works. He is no longer fit to be called a Republican.

Anyone else want to play that game?


Great Points about the Rules for Radicals Projection game; Great spouse Analogy!

Jimmy MacAfee

This applies to John Bolton, too.

What also applies to Bolton and the Vindmans (and Mueller) is a comparison of all these to a former war veteran, who was injured in battle and spent a lot of his fortune on behalf of a new government. He was once considered a hero.

His name was Benedict Arnold, who once had been noble, and whose name now is the word used interchangeably or synonymously with the word “traitor.” Does Bolton really want to go there?


That is correct, Arnold was a patriot for most of his life and served his country well, before defecting to the enemy, which can be more than said for the current bunch of traitors. We should change the narrative to suit today’s nominees.

Jimmy MacAfee

Mitt Romney is a grub, feeding the moles: he was waiting for the NSC to release fake material to the NY Times. I have a hunch he was in on this from the time the impeachment process first began.

l have his banner; my support for him, like my support for John McLame, is a huge embarrassment. The “lesser of two evils” argument is something I’ll never fall for again, and I may burn Mittens’ banner as an act of repentance.

Jimmy MacAfee

The NSC should be eviscerated; it serves only our enemies – not dissimilar from FISA. Leaks from the NSC are worthy of prosecution and Court Martial.

Consider that President Trump sent actual lethal aid to Ukraine: if the Vindman brothers object to that, then perhaps they should be looked at for a possible link to Moscow. Moles don’t usually burrow deep; they’re found where there are grubs in the soil.

And I wonder: what does the country of Ukraine think about these two, born there in Ukraine: do they approve of the sabotage of the only American President willing to provide Ukraine with any defense against Russia?

One would think that the brothers would be unpopular in Ukraine – it’s a question someone needs to ask.


Sent Romney an email explaining why it’s crazy to help the Democrats turn one spectacle into two, especially when they planned it that way. Urged him to join the Democrat party if he really thought witnesses are a good idea. This guy’s spine is made of playdough.


This is how sausage is made.


This is why I was so utterly disappointed in 2018 when we lost the winnable senate seats of Montana, and West Virginia; they, and others, should have flipped to the GOP, and lost Arizona and Nevada outright. Four more GOP senators would have made these RINOs irrelevant. This senate cycle is tough for the GOP with 22 seats up vs. 12 Democratic seats, but I do see a chance to pick up AL and maybe two others in the purple states of VA and NH, while we may lose CO. Senator Susan Collins should be savvy enough to know this salient fact: She cannot win reelection in ME without conservative support and that support will vanish in a (hopefully) primary and most certainly in November. If she thinks any Maniac (Mainer) liberal is going to vote for her based or her shafting McConnell and Trump then she is too stupid to be in politics – and being too stupid to be in politics is really really stupid.

I’m surprised Sasse isn’t a targeted RINO. I’m also sad to see (the thankfully retiring) Lament Alexander on the list. This jerk has no backbone, refuses to be declarative about anything and always plays both ends against the middle, sees which way the political winds blow, but most of the time eventually and quietly votes the right way after much prodding. He comes across as the great deliberative thoughtful guy, but in the end he is always a question mark. Sad… I only hope my deep red state of TN will replace him with a deep red senator like we did with Marsha Blackburn replacing Bob Dorker; wish KS, NE, and SC would do the same this year.

phineas gage

Murkowski can be bought off. Collins may yet come around, as she did with Kavanaugh. Mitt is the only guaranteed traitor.

Carlos Dangler

Why don’t the Republican do a 3 for 1 deal with the Demo-Krauts? If they want Dr. Blasey Bolton so bad, then they need to agree to have Hunter Bite-Me, the Weasel-Blower and Pencil Neck on the stand.
I REALLY want to see Pencil Neck under oath when they play the tape of him saying he didn’t know who the Weasel-Blower was. Were you lying sir????
I’m tired of getting the short end of the stick from these bassturds! It’s time for the Republicans to grow a spine and give those freaks an ultimatum, or tell them to STFU!

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