Why There Will be no Witnesses in This Senate Trial

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Don’t count on hearing from Hunter Biden or the fake whistleblower, folks. – Adam Schiff, in his closing arguments Friday night, pounded the final nail into the coffin on the question of whether any witnesses will ultimately be called in this national disgrace of a Senate trial against President Donald Trump.

In the  midst of repeating himself for about the 256th time over the past three days, ol’ Bugeyes made the mistake of tossing in something new, referring to a completely false CBS News report, citing only a “Trump confidant” – which could mean the Mooch – alleging that GOP senators were warned “Vote against the president and your head will be on a pike.” Many witnesses present in the Senate chamber said that audible gasps could be heard throughout the room, including from some of Pencil Neck’s own House colleagues:

More to the point, Schiff’s reference to an obvious piece of despicable fake news pissed off some of the key GOP RINOs he had supposedly been trying to influence to vote in favor of calling witnesses during this trial, including Lisa Murkowski…:

…and Susan Collins:

Now, Collins and Murkowski are perpetually malleable as they tirelessly do their best to remain “open-minded” to siding with Democrats on an array of issues, but Schiff just handed them an ironclad reason to hold firm with their own Party for once. Now, when they go home to face their constituents and are asked why they voted not to call witnesses, they can simply recite Pencil Neck’s outright lying and utter lack of good faith as their justification.

Of course, the reality is that the Democrats in the Senate have been bluffing about calling witnesses all along. Doing so would prolong this disgrace for many weeks, given that any subpoenas would inevitably be challenged in federal court, and nobody wants that, not even Chuck Schumer’s imaginary, chair-stealing friend.

The senators involved in the presidential primaries – The Commie, Lieawatha, Amy Klobuchar and some guy from Colorado named Bennett – most certainly don’t want to spend several months tied up in the Senate chamber in what they all know to be a sham impeachment trial. So there was never really going to be any “deal” on calling witnesses to begin with, something Schumer basically admitted in a rare moment of candor on Thursday.

For Schumer and his Democrat senate caucus, this sham trial has been far more about establishing narratives for the Fall general election campaigns against vulnerable GOP senators than it has been about actually winning any votes or calling any witnesses. That has been clear from the start.

Given all of this, here’s the timetable we should anticipate as this impeachment scam winds down:

  • Starting today, the Trump defense team will present a very detailed rebuttal case;
  • That rebuttal case will not consume the defense’s entire 24 hours of floor time – expect Trump’s team to wrap up either Monday evening or early afternoon on Tuesday, much to the relief of the exhausted senators;
  • The defense will file a motion to dismiss immediately following its closing arguments;
  • The Democrat House Managers will file an alternative motion to call additional witnesses;
  • At least 52 GOP senators, and possibly all 53 of them, will vote to dismiss without calling any witnesses. Democrats Doug Jones of Alabama and/or Joe Manchin of West Virginia will likely join them;

The entire disgusting and disgraceful process will be blessedly over by COB on Thursday.

And then the Democrats – with the full support of the nation’s corrupt news media – will move onto the next scam in their never-ending coup d’etat.

They will never stop, until the voters stop them.

That is all.


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Jimmy MacAfee

“He threatened me! Waaaahhhh!” A.Dam. Sch## wails plaintively.

Jimmy MacAfee

There are no witnesses in Arkancides, either.


Set the vote for midnight and Feinstein won’t be there.

Jimmy MacAfee

There was actually a concern that a vote might be held when the Senate was not fully present, with Republicans mostly in absentia. I wonder if the late-late-duller-than-dirt-endless and repetitive moronic utterings of the House Impeachment Managers were supposed to send Republicans fleeing, leaving a majority of Dems to call for a vote? With the result being President Trump’s removal?

If so, they underestimated these Republicans, who are more united than they’ve ever been.

Jimmy MacAfee

That would have assumed that Mitch McConnell allowed a vote, which is unlikely.

But dope springs eternal!



There will be no further impeachments because:

Once this is shut down as Dave predicts, the Dumbs will have fulfilled their one and only campaign pledge to their lunatics. Remember they only said impeach, not remove in most of their campaigning to get the house back. But many in their dopy ignorant radical base most likely think impeachment would automatically anoint Hillary Russian Clinton to the presidency. The loons are in for a shock…

After this “trial”/DNC anti-Trump commercial which no one is watching or paying attention to is over, the left will look at the public polls, the TV ratings, and most importantly, their internal polls, and campaign contributions, which will reflect a more accurate reflection of public opinion, and quietly shut this down. The Squad and other loudmouths in their caucus will be muzzled in order to paint the Dems as a “centrist” alternative to Trump – won’t work, but they’ll try.

The Dem pols. will go home and get another earful of discontent from many of their constituents and it won’t be pretty.

I predict the Dem (Mickey Mouse) House will actually do more quick passing of Trump’s agenda like the USMCA trade deal and some infrastructure legislation in a desperate bid to show regular America they are actually capable of governing and doing something that actually benefits Americans and give the people something to vote for – the impeachment narrative will be quietly buried and the Dems will let the media carry the anti-Trump message. They might even look to actually fund the boarder wall to save their skin if the polls say it is a winning issue.

Regarding this congress’ attempting a “do-over” later this year… It took Klink, Hochstetter, and Burkhalter, about six months to get this Schifft-show to the senate; a similar effort will take at least the same amount of time and blow the rest of their political capital. That will take us to at least August; at that point, what is the point? I believe everyone is weary of this non-stop anti-Trump rage, including the hard left, because it is just not working, and people just cannot keep up their emotional level this high for this long when nothing positive results from it. Especially when nothing bad is happening to anyone in their group(s) after three years of the Trump apocalypse. Their strategists must eventually see this reality.

The only way further impeachment rumblings will happen will be as a way to obfuscate the news of the (hopefully) upcoming indictments of the FISC coup collusion cabal. More likely, there will be false flag events manufactured to take the headlines from Barr/Durham, the house actually passing some of Trump’s agenda, and actual news of Trump’s great economy.

Lastly, there will be no impeachment after the election because the house will flip dramatically to the GOP, Trump will win close to 400 Electoral Votes and win the popular vote 52-43% with 5% going to the independents and he will gain 1 to 2 senate seats.

Rather than impeachment coming from the next congress, it is far more likely there will be mass resignations in congress in order to get out of town ahead of Barr’s continuing investigations of corrupt members of the House and Senate. Furthermore, the geriatrics will choose to retire in mass rather than be in the minority in the house and senate for the rest of their lives, as it is no fun being in the minority party in congress.

One other thought about the Electoral College vote:

Colorado recently passed a law (not sure if it has been fully adjudicated) where their nine Electoral College votes will go to the national popular vote winner rather than the Colorado popular vote winner. In 2016, Colorado went for Hillary, and she got their nine votes. Wouldn’t it be sweet when Trump wins the national popular vote this year and Colorado still votes Dem and Trump gets Colorado’s nine Electoral College votes that would have otherwise gone to the Democrat? It would be even sweeter if those nine EC votes were to tip the election to Trump and give him the winning (270 required) margin. Talking about being hoisted on their own petard; Poetic Justice indeed.

phineas gage

The post was somewhat facetious. but even if there is not a second impeachment there is no way that the Dems will stop in their efforts to bring down Trump.

I also think people are becoming a bit too comfortable. The Left is extremely dangerous and becoming more so (see Virginia where legislation has been proposed to criminalize all criticism of the government).

I am not as nearly as sanguine about 2020 as some. Trump’s current approval rating of 43% does not translate to a landslide victory by any means. I am confident he will win, but it will be closer than we would like. The country is split nearly 50:50. The Senate could tip either way, and it is vital for judicial confirmations, particularly SCOTUS.

The Left will throw everything they have into 2020–money, cheating, violence, whatever it takes.

Jimmy MacAfee

Coronavirus Event 201 will be part of that false flag.

Ebola was going to be used against football stadiums when that was a big problem; there were several scenarios that would have made stadiums a logistical and healthcare nightmare. Look for there to be more subtle forms of mass casualties in the use of this particular brand of Coronavirus, and the Deep State trying to ride it back into power. Right now, the Deep State is reeling. Coronavirus, at least this form of it, has been manufactured, There are no accidents or coincidences in Washington D.C. and no accidents or coincidences at Chinese labs producing such viral nightmares. In other words, it wasn’t by accident or coincidence that it was released.

Look for the fingerprints on the Australian fires, and the 200 + people who set them. There were similar things happening in California, with rumors of explosions. Those fingerprints belong to a very few people pulling the strings. Hard to get a set of fingerprints from string; you have to follow the cord back to those who hold it, and you do that by promising those who participated draconian sentences – and more than just prison. It’s called “rendition,” because eco-terrorists are, in the end, just terrorists. Follow the money, and use rendition.

So much more than the impeachment going on. Sealed indictments of unprecedented numbers; the exposure of the NSC; the exposure of FISC; the exposure of State; the exposure of FBI and CIA and DOJ; the exposure of the money train that has been ridden by far more than the Biden family. Watch as the Deep State Wall crumbles like sandcastles built close to the waves!

The impeachment was, according to a “certain anon,” their last ammunition. Everything they do now is going to be interrupted, seized, demolished – even their false flag events, which will be a testimony against them! Imagine 9/11, with the IC and LE collaborators being watched, along with their Salafist allies and conspirators in 5 Eyes! Imagine a plot stopped, as it was being carried out, just in time to prevent the disaster. A movie, you say?

That’s the script I’m writing.

Jimmy FromNoPay

Jimmy MacAfee

What I was talking about. Thanks for the link. Here’s another:

Event 201

Jimmy MacAfee

Veritas Tacitus Zenos: VTX

Jimmy MacAfee


phineas gage

Another question is when the next impeachment will be. Earlier I favored this summer, but given how the first one has gone, it’s more likely to be after Trump’s reelection.

Jimmy MacAfee

Another one before the election will secure a Republican majority; one after the election and the Dems won’t have the majority.

phineas gage

I also don’t think, given how this has played out, that the Democrats have helped themselves with regard tor retaking the Senate. Trump’s coattails are getting longer by the day.

phineas gage

The only mystery left is whether MIttens will vote with the Democrats.

I still say he will.


Newly elected Senator Romney arrived at the senate during a government shutdown. His office was bare, no furniture, no phone, no service. He still has not gotten over it.

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