Conservatives Should Watch Tulsi Gabbard and Learn

Today’s Campaign Update
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

You go, Tulsi. – I’ve consistently called Tulsi Gabbard one of the two actual interesting candidates in the Democrat presidential field, along with Andrew Yang. That’s not because I agree with either of those two about much, but because they are the only two people in the race who actually speak their own minds rather than just parroting talking points written and handed to them by staffers on any given day.

Of course, the relative independence of mind displayed by Gabbard is one of the main reasons why she and Yank literally had zero chance of really becoming any kind of force in the race, since the Democrat nominee will ultimately be decided either by a brianwashed voter base or, in the case of a split convention, the party bosses who brainwashed them.

All that having been said, I greeted the news that Gabbard had sued the pantsuit off the Pantsuit Princess this week with great joy and amusement. Gabbard is seeking $50 million in damages for the Coughing Crook’s allegation that the Hawaii Congresswoman and Major in the Army National Guard is a “Russian agent.” Of course, this is an accusation that the Grasping Grifter has leveled at a wide array of her tormentors since her 2016 campaign went down in flames, one so scurrilous that no one outside of the corrupt news media takes it seriously.

But obviously was highly offended by the Hacking Hag’s accusation, which was made a few months ago, and initially responded by demanding a retraction. Since that was not forthcoming, she decided to file a defamation suit, and it’s hard to blame her for doing so.

Good for her. While she probably has little chance of prevailing, this is a tactic that more people who are attacked by Democrat politicians and their media toadies need to be employing. There needs to be a cost for this kind of scurrilous behavior, and the only way to really cost these people is through their pocketbooks. If nothing else, Gabbard’s litigation will cost the Fainting Felon thousands of dollars in attorney’s fees.

And hey, if the other side thinks you’re getting some traction with the court, they may even offer to settle for millions, as CNN recently did in the defamation suit brought by Nicholas Sandmann and the Covington Catholic school. $25 million is real money for a fake news network that barely registers in the ratings anymore.

This is the kind of thing Republicans need to be doing – finding creative ways to exact a cost from the Democrats and their media hacks for all the outright lies they continue to spread. Every member of the Trump family and Trump cabinet should have defamation suits filed against CNN and MSNBC and their on-air talent like Fredo Cuomo and Rachel Maddow.

After all, the Democrats have zero reservations whatsoever using government money to hire highly-paid lawyers to corrupt our political system; witness the way they have used a vast team of Lawfare-affiliated contract lawyers to concoct and manage their impeachment scam against President Trump. The Democrats have also used the Lawfare people to tie up major Presidential executive orders and regulatory actions in the courts for months on end throughout this administration. It’s a very effective tactic, even though they pretty much always lose in the end, when the anti-constitutional decisions issued by their Obama-appointee federal judges generally get overturned by appellate courts or the Supreme Court. The bad guys lost again this week with the finalization of the Administration’s revised Waters of the United States regulation, but delay is the goal.

On the conservative side, however, things are different. Other than the various defamation suits brought by Sandmann and his lawyers, the most visible efforts to use the courts to police Democrat abuses come from the folks at Judicial Watch. Judicial Watch leader Tom Fitton and his folks do great work, but it’s like a David vs. Goliath battle that’s being fought in that arena.

Conservatives simply must become more active in this area and develop an effective counter-strategy to Lawfare’s activities, if only as a defensive strategy in the event of the election of another Democrat to the presidency. As things stand today, Democrat politicians and their toadies in the corrupt media are free to make any accusation they want, no matter how scurrilous and unfounded it may be, without consequence.

Ironically, Tulsi Gabbard, a Democrat presidential candidate, and Nick Sandmann, a high school student, are trying to show them the way. Is anyone watching and learning?

That is all.


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Jimmy MacAfee

Satire is always useful, too! The Left can’t stand it when they’re mocked.

phineas gage

Conservatives should not only use litigation, they should also employ all the social media tactics used against them, such as digging through past tweets, doxxing, and all the rest of it.

If the Left wants new rules, they should have to live with them too.


“If nothing else, Gabbard’s litigation will cost the Fainting Felon thousands of dollars in attorney’s fees.”

This is what many conservatives have been calling for for years: Start bringing up charges against the Comeys, Strocks, Crappers, Brennans, Clintons, McCabes, Orrs, Pages, Simpsons, and Steeles etc.. Give them the Flynn treatment; make them go broke defending their actions against the all powerful prosecutorial government.

Flynn, and the rest of the Trump people, will ultimately be found innocent or pardoned, and they then must be allowed to sue their tormentors (Mueller, Weisman, CNN, MSMBC, WAPO, NYT, and their writers and their on air “talent” et al) for malfeasance, PTSD, slander and pain and suffering. Remember the Schiff(t) Scooter Libby went through facing bogus charges and being corruptly convicted by a biased DC jury…

Admittedly the chances are great that many of the cabal planners and co-conspirators will not be found guilty given the venues where they will be tried, but at least make them go broke and/or expose other deep-staters via plea deals and out of court guilty or Alford Pleas! Barr and Durham are trying to have us believe they are building the perfect cases against all the members of the deep-state… But what if they lose in the deep blue District of Corruption courts, or the Deep Blue Connecticut (Durham’s district) courts? In this case, quantity of indictments and trials brought forth sooner rather then later will have much greater impact on the Swamp instead of the long drawn out “investigations” which (so far) have lead nowhere. Also, I’m very concerned about the statue of limitations expiring before the glacial pace of the “investigations” are concluded. I am in no way endorsing the concept of show trials which would be designed to lose and therefore “exonerate” the deep staters by finding them “Not Guilty”

AG Barr has said the Schiff(t) will hit the fan this (2020) Spring – it better…

OJ Simpson was not criminally convicted, but his good image was forever shattered in the court of public opinion and he was rendered broke – especially after the civil wrongful death trial and conviction. After whatever convictions/acquittals there might be, let the victims of the slander sue the networks, the papers and the institutions (government and private) who permitted and encouraged such libel.

The left NEVER has any qualms about bringing any lawsuits against the government or anyone else; they never suffer any penalty when they ultimately lose and the LEFTIST judges never get sanctioned when their decisions are repeatedly overturned – that has to change!

Exposure, truth-telling and punishment via the court of public opinion will serve justice just as well as imprisonment because it will show the country that such crimes will not go unpunished.

The alternative, which is happening, is that nothing is going to happen to these evil-doers. Trump will prevail, but the same cycle will happen to and against the next GOP president; one that doesn’t have the mettle and fortitude of Donald John Trump and it will be back to business as usual in the District of Corruption. And Americans will have no confidence with ANY of our institutions or our system of justice – that is what is really at stake.

Jimmy MacAfee

Some Biblical clarification – which may be relevant to the current war:

When David threw the stone that sunk into Goliath’s head, the giant wasn’t dead – only unconscious. David had to remove the head with Goliath’s gigantic sword in order to complete the task.

Make of that whatever you will, metaphorically.

Has-been Hillary is trying to claim that she said Gabbard was aiding and abetting Republicans, not Russians, and that she was misquoted. We all heard “Russians,” and only in the hour of legal jeopardy did she and others change their words to “Republican” from “Russian.” Won’t work, Has Been.

Goliath has a pebble in his forehead, but is still partially conscious, prostrate on the ground. The battle is not over.

Peter Dangles

What a crock of bovine excrement . . . (((Jill Stein))) is a foreign asset and Tulsi Goybbard is a foreign agent . . . I think Hillary told the truth for once in her life . . .


Is that YOU Hillary? FFS get a clue! Stupid people parroting talking points without a factual basis, are one of the reasons we are where we are today. Stupid people tend to vote Democrat and I would bet you voted Clinton in 2016. Spare me the denial as I wouldn’t believe it anyway.
That RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA narrative became a fool’s errand a very long time ago.


Back up what you are saying with some verifiable facts; otherwise you are just talking Schiff(t).

Maybe Tulsi and Stein should be looking to sue you too.

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