Schiff Reveals Democrats’ Real Goal: Destroy U.S. Elections

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Ol’ Bugeyes just let the cat out of the bag. – One of the main long term goals held by the Democrat Party for the past century now has been to destroy the validity of elections in the United States, as they strive to enact their longed-for Soviet-style utopia.

We have seen them ramp that effort up to epic proportions in the 21st century, as they have consistently refused to accept the validity of any Republican victory, variously blaming negative outcomes on fantasy-based “voter suppression” or interference by the Russians. The party’s leaders and their toadies in the corrupt, fake news media have spent the last four years trying to convince the American public that Vladimir Putin actually chose our president in 2016, a narrative that enabled – along with massive voter fraud efforts – the Ds to attain their House majority in 2018.

Last night, Adam Schiff took things an inevitable step forward, declaring the 2020 presidential election to be invalid in advance. Watch this:

Ok, so, something as important as choosing who the next President of the United states will be is just too important to be left to mere voting citizens. In the world of Adam Schiff and his fellow depraved Democrats, that task must now be left up to a jury of 100 senators, half of whom are too brain-addled to know where they are half the time.

While Liz Wheeler is appropriately astonished at Schiff’s audacity, we all need to understand that all Bugeyes is doing here is reciting the official position and favored narrative of the national Democrat Party, whose overarching goal has been to literally destroy the foundations of the American Republic since at least 1932. Schiff’s remarks – which will come to be the Democrat mantra leading up to the November elections – are designed to set the stage and rhetorical pretext for the massive civil unrest and rioting they plan to unleash in advance and in the wake of a second Trump victory.

The Democrats and their media toadies are normally pretty adept at hiding their real, true goals from the public. But every once in a while, they let the mask slip.

This is one of those times. Take Mr. Schiff at his word, and understand he is speaking on behalf of one of America’s two major political parties.

That is all.


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Jimmy MacAfee

When Schitt starts going after war heroes, he’ll be a toasted bagel. Just sayin.’

Jimmy MacAfee

I thought Homeland Security took a dim view of manipulating elections? Anybody home there? Schitz’nGiggles is proposing the manipulation of elections; I thought that was illegal.

phineas gage

Delegitimization is definitely the long-term goal of the long march communists, but the more proximate cause of Schiff’s blunder (telling the truth) is the insane desire to reclaim power. The courts look to be lost to them now, and they have little hope for 2020, even given their cheating. The only recourse is to knock over the table.

Personally I think Schiff is on the edge of a nervous breakdown. Trump has broken him.


@ Phineas – and dont think Nanny Pelousy is far behind; she seems/acts like prime stroke material.


And don’t forget about GoNads’ health. He is still a fat slob who had close to several hundred pounds of blubber sucked/sliced from his midsection; not a well man.

A BSchiff may be leading this band of misfits as a prelude to run for the CA senate in 2024, but GoNads is doing it to forestall being primaried by an AOC type with the “Justice Democrats”.

Speaking of AOC, I hope Crowley primarys her and beats her up over the Amazon NY jobs debacle, and her ongoing campaign funding criminal activity and other sheer stupidity that even NYC voters can’t abide – it will take a Dem to take her down. She only won by a minuscule margin in the 2018 primary and I’m hoping next year she will be up serving kamikazes (drinks) in a bar using her Boston College or University “economics” degree to ring up bar tabs as that is all she knows about money and economics . She can then move back to NYC and be free of her terrifying garbage disposal.

Jimmy MacAfee

More likely AOCrazio will apply – and get – disability, as well as a House pension, which is better pay than she was getting serving poison. (Note: would YOU take a drink from this woman?) She can claim PTSD from the aforementioned garbage disposal incident.

Never feel sorry for someone with a House pension and lifetime health insurance!


I don’t and won’t feel sorry with a pension and health insurance; I just want her and her ilk gone from congress next year.

Jimmy MacAfee

And Chuckles, who is seeing ghosts of Senates past. Either TIA or worse.

Jimmy MacAfee

I think you’re right! Does this make Trump the “Schiff Whisperer?” (“Adam: lose control; go insane!”)

Jimmy MacAfee

Note: if so, it’s working!

Carlos Dangler

Schiff for brains! LOL! Perfectly describes his constituents.
To find Schiff when congress is not in session, you need to go west until you smell it, and then south until you step in it.
Note: You may need to detour around San Francesspool.

Jimmy MacAfee

Jenifer Rubin has a wet’nwild one for the Schitster, and it’s really, really embarrassing – almost as bad as Nina Burleigh’s comments to American women about Bill Clinton (something about wearing out their kneepads…?) The slobbering of a self-described “Conservative blogger” is all the more disturbing.

“This is the most brilliant legal presentation I have heard. None comes close. The tone, the facts, the anticipated defenses. I am in awe.”

Sound like shock and awe – where she’s had her hand in the electrical outlet for a wee moment too long!


Some enterprising entrepreneur should print Adam BSchiff’s picture on toilet paper and call it Schiff paper; he/she would make a fortune. Then they should stock it in every government building in DC and every public building in Milwaukee during the Dem Convention.

In 1990, former one-term NJ governor Florio and his Dem legislature taxed everything under the sun including previously untaxed paper products which included toilet paper. Soon rolls with Florio’s image appeared and were big sellers. I’m almost out of my Florio paper; need to get some Schiff Paper soon. Schiff: what a pant-load.

Just another thought about Adam BSchiff… I’ll bet he is doing/being this front-man for this “solemn” impeachment to give this bloviating Representative from CA’s Hollywood/Beverly Hills district face time so as to run for FrankinFienstein’s senate seat in 2024. She’ll be ninety (90) by that time. Wouldn’t surprise me. SCHIFF for Senate! 2024 Perfect for the state who’s electorate has Schiff for brains.

Jimmy MacAfee

Adult underwear, with his picture in the seat?

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