Only an Incredibly Shallow Society Could Produce this Impeachment Scam

Today’s Campaign Update
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

The assisted living senators are not dealing well with these long hours. – The U.S. Senate has, more than at any other time in its history, become a home for elderly citizens during the 21st Century. This is in large part due to the fact that it has also more and more become a place to accumulate massive amounts of wealth at the expense of the U.S. taxpayer in recent decades. No one wants to voluntarily leave the gig when there’s always so much more wealth to be grafted.

Thus, this ongoing Kabuki dance of an impeachment trial takes place in what is basically an incredibly wealthy assisted living center. It is becoming increasingly obvious that the long days and late nights are already beginning to take a toll as the silliness enters its third day today. California’s 86 year-old Senator Dianne Feinstein decided she’d had enough of the nonsense as Bug-eyed Adam Schiff droned on late last night, and just got up and left a full hour before the Senate was adjourned:


Virginia Senator Mark Warner, kind of a Senate kindergartener at age 66, was reported to have fallen asleep during Schiff’s lie-filled monologue:


Senate Minority leader Chuck Schumer – a veritable spring chicken of the Democrat caucus at age 69 – has begun exhibiting clear signs of not being all there mentally. Watch as he shooos an imaginary person out of his chair as he returns from a bathroom break:

Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up. Think about this: These are the people who are governing this country right now. Frightening.

But hey, even though the Senators were having a hard time holding their eyes open or avoiding twice-hourly potty breaks during Schiff’s hours of bleating, the guy who bills himself on Twitter as a “national security correspondent” for the Washington Post developed a clear man crush on ol’ Bugeyes:

Can’t wait to hear Greg Miller’s true feelings about Jabba the Nadler or Patrick Leahy. Maybe Netflix will turn the “national security correspondent’s” diary into a 10-episode mini-series.

Of course, the subject matter being considered in this impeachment scam is so utterly and moronically trivial that it’s no wonder the Senators can’t keep their eyes open or hold their bowels. My wife and I are spending this week on a cruise ship filled with people from all over the world, and all I have been able to think about as we have interacted with folks from various other nations is how picayunish this absurd spectacle truly is.

For example, in chatting with our waiter last night, we learned he is a Kurd. He put on a happy face because he is really good at his job, but think about what someone who spends 10 of his 12 months each year working night and day on a gigantic ship and worrying about what might be happening to his family back home must think about how utterly superficial American politics have become.

Before dinner, we spent time in a bar talking with a wonderful group of citizens of Trinidad and Tobago. We talked about current events in their country, which is really struggling economically right now, as well as the collapse of Venezuela and the massive recent oil discoveries off the coasts of nearby Suriname and Guyana, which they are all hoping might positively impact their own island nation.

On this cruise, we have met people from France, where the massive “yellow vest” protests have now been ongoing for 55 weeks, and largely ignored by the U.S. news media. There are similar protest movements taking place all over Europe and South America and Asia right now, and the “national security correspondent” for the WaPo is Tweeting out his love for a pathological liar who has had our own politics tied up hyper-analyzing an innocuous 20-minute phone call that happened 7 months ago.

On this cruise, we have met people from Russia and Croatia and the Phillipines and Hong Kong, all places in the throes of real human struggles of paramount importance, and our corrupt news media is focused on providing maximum exposure for an impeachment that’s like an episode of “Seinfeld,” a show about nothing.

Miller’s right about one thing: Schiff’s conduct of this impeachment scam will indeed leave a mark on history. That mark will be in the form of an indelible black ink stain on our nation’s legacy that can never be gotten out.

What an incredibly shallow society we have become.

That is all.


Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Why do you post twitter video that does not play on a regular computer???

Carlos Dangler

Well that didn’t work. Try putting this in your browser.

Carlos Dangler

Hey foods,
I have the same problem because I’m using a company computer. I was able to find the video here.

phineas gage

Lindsey is a lying weasel:

Anyone who is credulous enough to believe anything he says is a tick-tockin’ fool.

Jimmy MacAfee

I suspect it’s a man-crush.

phineas gage

This actually makes a motion for dismissal more likely. The senior citizen Dems will probably all gladly vote for it so they can go home.


Since Mitch didn’t include a “stand your ground” rule, it was good that she fled the assault, instead of calling for her bodyguard to defend her.

Jimmy MacAfee

Rachel Madcow is calling for her resignation. And others, who clearly see this Schiffshow for what it is. How do you say “63-31” in a vote to acquit, with the rest voting “present” or not voting at all?

Jimmy MacAfee

Only a massive collaboration of the nation’s enemies could produce this impeachment scam.

Jimmy MacAfee

And the coronavirus:

Think this is an “accident?” Not bloody likely!
It may end up that the virus is programmed to infect certain races, and not others. It is also likely, if this is not treated seriously, that they’ll suddenly have a vaccine! Poof! Just like they did with other man-made viruses. Not just the Chinese, mind you; not just the Chinese. H1N1 was manufactured, and clearly intentionally released.

IF the coronavirus is made to be more lethal to Caucasians – mid-probability – then the Russians had better be scrambling. They don’t have enough kids as it is. Same with Europe. But if it affects Japanese more than anyone else – well, the Japanese as a “race” are going extinct.

But if anyone thinks this virus, created near research labs that create pathogens is an accident? You’re on your own, chum. Carthage v. Rome, all over again.

Jimmy MacAfee

Certain para-Intel sources say: we were/are scheduled for demotion; China was to take our place as a Superpower, while we were reduced to non-Superpower status. They haven’t given up: President Trump won’t be President forever. We have to win this war while he’s in office – which is another reason they’re desperately trying to remove him. But you don’t need an Intel source to see what is going on: the alternative press is very capable, in spite of Fakebook and YouTube (the latter of which is suppressing Judicial Watch. probably as a show of power.)

Now, many of us aren’t interested in what they mean by “Superpower.” We don’t want to be the World Police. But at the same time, we don’t want the Chinese to be World Police, either. China has shown itself to be a bully, and has demonstrated their intentions clearly: if allowed, they’ll use our politicians and the UN to disarm Americans and reduce us to 3rd World status. The latter is the Globalists’ intentions.

Think this is funny? Just a bit of shallowness? Gun owners know. This is war. I’m old, but I can still kick the sh-t out of most youngsters, and have developed skills. Do the same. Stop drinking beer. Lose that fat gut. Be your own army. Keep your powder dry.

The wealthy see that the Chinese have their rich, and think that they can keep their wealth, too, while the rest of us are lowered down into an economic pit. They think – (as China Mini Mike does) – that poor people should not have any opportunity for upward mobility, that they should be forced to pay high taxes. He is an Eugenicist. He also thinks China is not a dictatorship.

The so-called “Libertarians,” the last Koch brother and the nasty Paul Singer hate the American people and do their best to undermine us. They are not Conservatives, and they’d gladly sell us to China, as long as they get to keep their money and power. We’re ants and vermin to them.

The wealthy think they can keep theirs, while the rest of us can go f- ourselves. If you don’t think we’re being made obsolete, and that the President is trying his best to keep us from becoming Feudal serfs, then you need to buy stock in a tree farm I’m planning in the Antarctic. For those who kvetch about prosecutions not coming fast enough, consider the scope of the war, the size of the Globalists and the fact that the press, as Dave says, suppress news of the uprisings around the world = like the Yellowvests. The press doesn’t want you to know, because they’re complicit.

Jimmy MacAfee

Metaphorically: we’re Carthage, and China is Rome. Better buckle up, because Carthage taught Rome how to be a great power, and ended up in ruins.

phineas gage

Just as with the former Soviet Union, China is in much worse shape than is reported by IC or media. They’ve destroyed their environment, Trump is slowly crushing their economy, and in the long run their demographics of far too few females (due to one-child policy) and a plummeting fertility rate will doom them. The increasing instability will lead, as it did to the Soviets, to unrest and regime collapse.

Not saying China is not a serious problem, but they’re not the imperial Empire Death Star.

Jimmy MacAfee

And Google and China have a mutual-defense pact of some sort. This is terrifying in ways you may not have yet imagined.

I almost was on the way to a threat assessment group, but decided against it when my sponsor told me that two planes DID bring down the Twin Towers and Building 7. Said nope, not for me.

Jimmy MacAfee

Several years ago

Jimmy MacAfee

Chi-coms can lose 20-30 million people – as they did under Mao the Dung – and not feel a pinch. Food might be a question, but again…

If we lose the same percentage of our population, especially those trained workers, we’ll be in real trouble. So if they lose 1/10 of the population and we lose the same, we lose. They know this, and so do our planners. Our workers are better trained and more efficient, and thus are of higher value to the economy. More males = more cannon fodder.

They’ve been predicted to fall before, during T. Square: they didn’t fall, only made reforms. And the wealth they allowed to be created, they’ve used on things that don’t benefit the population, but make them better and bigger bullies in the neighborhood.

Jimmy MacAfee

Then there’s the deliberate fake news by Joe Lockhart:

Seriously, it’s a full-time job just keeping up with the fake news! And this isn’t shallow; most people don’t have time nor interest to keep up with the parade of lies – mostly intentional lies. Now they don’t even bother to fire their liars – I bet Brian Ross is fuming, because his lies are now being done every minute of every day by some fake newser somewhere.

I choose to sometimes engage in satire. Helps to keep the bile down, and the vomit that threatens to come up.
But none of this is a joke. Not Governor Plecker-Gosnell, not Nancy the Cud-chewer, nor the Past Tense Princess Clinton.

Don’t get mad; don’t get even: get creative.

Jimmy MacAfee

I don’t think it’s shallowness: it’s desperation. This is very serious. It gets more serious in this commentary, too. Some items from sources:

-Pictures allegedly of Schiff at Ed Buck’s place of indulgence. (Deflection, Adam? Your time is up.)

-Meetings with Obama about Ukraine, with noted complications because of Biden corruption (no wonder Obama won’t endorse QuidProGropeyJoe) His tarnished legacy is going to be more than tarnished; it’s going to be covered in gooey black offal from the High Density Pig Farm known as Washington DC. Cinderella checked in “numerous Ukrainian officials.” (Ingraham Angle.)

-Hacked emails from G. Maxwell are also in the wind, and certain Intel arrangements will be exposed.

Declass might not occur soon because Durham is working with them, “grand jury material.”
So while Bugger Eyes Schiff may seem to be a clown, the obfuscation, projection and lies are not shallow nor silly: those effers are in deep. Very deep. And as a certain anon says: after the impeachment, they have no more ammunition.

Won’t be long before Biden’s China connections are revealed; he said many months ago that China “isn’t even our competition,” or something very near that. Just the other day, he said: “We should be helping China.”

China Mini Mike isn’t the only one spotting for China, and D. Feinstein isn’t either: Biden clearly is an asset of China. Wonder about AOCrazio? Bernie the Bumbler? The Chinese are all over our elections, along with Mr. Lasbian Orgi, G.S. This is no effing joke; this is national security nightmare stuff.


Senators who leave early must be disqualified from voting as they cannot make “informed” decisions without getting all the vital “evidence” as presented by the mouse managers.


American society is in many ways very shallow, in part because we have been so successful as a nation that we can become engaged in meaningless pursuits. Idle hands are the devil’s…

But much of this shallowness can be traced directly to our media and academia, and the fact that few Americans alive today have actually faced real hardship. In many ways, we have had to manufacture our problems, and at the same time been propagandized to ignore what is really important and impactful to our future.

The media is influencing this by placing its singular focus on everything anti-Trump to the exclusion of giving an honest perspective on what is happening in the rest of the world. That is why we have so many people hating America, its’ constitution, and its’ system without any basis for comparison to the miserable conditions prevailing in much of the rest of the world.

Trump has exposed this to many and this exposure needs to be continued. Furthermore, there needs to be criminal and monetary sanctions meted out to the purveyors of lies and seditious propaganda that is designed to destroy America from within. I’m not in any way saying free POLITICAL (the only 1A protected speech) speech should be censored – leave that to the left. What I am saying is outright lies and deception and anti-American activity needs to be exposed and prosecuted on a massive scale.

Thank you for doing your part in this endeavor Dave.

Jimmy MacAfee

I’m not blaming the American people; let the Globalist enemies of our nation do that. We are not to blame. A lot of us are awake. A lot of us give a lot of hours to exposing this menace.

As far as hardships go: I had an easy early life, but chose a hard one: I’ve lived in unheated shack-apartments crawling with bugs, ate rice and Cost Cutter tuna to stay alive, drove clunkers or two wheelers to get around; worked In jobs where fishing hard turds out of anal hair was one of the requirements – among others – and I’ve paid my dues. (I’ve never been in jail, but once the Left takes power, that’s gonna happen too.)

But that didn’t mean I intended to stay there. Once down, people like Simpleton Singer want you to stay there; they want no competition; they want the poor to be as poor as possible, because people like him only estimate their wealth by how relatively poor those around them have become. They’re elitists, and we’re shat.

Some of us won’t remain stuck in their tenements. Not government supported tenements: real tenements. Hot in the summer, cold in the winter, black widow spiders in the opening to the toilet. Just effing lovely!

So while most of the Dems are silly, ridiculous, pursuers of pleasure and filth, ignorant and arrogant, it is the Conservatives who make themselves knowledgeable, learn and prosper, arm and train. We are not the people who are stupid enough to follow someone who was terrified by a garbage disposal. The silly creatures who believe a 17 year old mentally disturbed European never educate themselves, never learn and prosper, never use their frontal lobes. In fact, they can’t: they’re morally retarded and intellectually stunted.

But most of the American people are not to blame. Blame, as you rightly have, academia and the fake press. But most of us are awake, and more are waking up every day. Q has noted that there must be a Great Awakening.
And he/they happen to be right. We are on the verge of that day.

phineas gage

I’m just sorry that Cocaine Mitch didn’t make it 12-hour sessions.

At this point I’m hoping they do call witnesses. Extend this out for two months. DiFi will be rolled out on a gurney.

Jimmy MacAfee

They’ll need a closed body bag for Chuckles, because he’s already half-decomposed and leaks.

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