The Queen Lowers the Boom on Harry and Meghan

Today’s Campaign Update, Part III
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

It’s all couched in flowery royal language, but Harry and Meghan are paying dearly for their Megxit from the Royal Family. – Here’s the official statement from Her Royal Highness on the matter:


Sounds all sweetness and light, doesn’t it? Well, appearances can be deceiving. As reported by Sky News, here are the details of some of the costs to Megs and Harry for disentangling themselves from the Royal circus:

Prince Harry and Meghan will lose royal funds and no longer use their HRH titles from spring, Buckingham Palace has confirmed.

The couple will be known as Harry, Duke of Sussex, and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will also repay £2.4m of taxpayers’ money spent on renovating their Berkshire home – Frogmore Cottage.

Ouch. And you can bet that those few details released along with the Queen’s statement are far from the only costs the young ingrates will bear before they make their final departures for the frigid confines of Canada in the coming weeks. There, they will wait…and wait…and wait five long years for the Trump Administration to finally conclude, since Megs has firmly assured us all that she will never return to the United States while the Bad Orange Man occupies the Oval Office.

Honestly, I have zero real concern about any of this, and frankly find the whole “royal family” thing to be just a very weird British thing, an odd anachronism in the modern world. But I do admire the Queen and the manner in which she has conducted herself amid all her ne’er-do-well relatives for the past 67 years since the throne was thrust upon her.

Good for her for doing what so many Baby-boomer parents have failed to do: She basically told the 35 year-old grandchild who has been sponging off of her and his parents for all these years to go get a job, and come see me on holidays. That’s good grandparenting.

That is all.


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Rich people problems.

I’ve been working for 23 years and I just earned my 3rd week of vacation. I’ll trade them anytime, just for a month. You know, perspective.


Congrats Harry – you married Yoko Ono.


No more butler. Harry can learn to dress himself in jeans and a T-shirt. His heifer can find a loose fit at Walmart. She has buttocks like her mother, and hair on her chest like her father.

phineas gage

Spot on, as the Brits would say. I expect that marriage to be over quickly, and Harry to come crawling back to the royal family.

Jimmy MacAfee

Spot on as well! She has an apparent IQ of a parakeet. Just sayin’.


One of the many faults of human society throughout the ages is the creation of unearned entitlement regardless of which type of government a culture, race, or nation lives under.

The only thing I agreed with Obama was when he said how much (wealth) is enough? The same applies to him, but that is a thought for another time since I don’t exactly see him and his US family living modestly.

It has been said that money (and the resulting fame and vanity) is the root of all evil. That is not necessarily true as many people who achieve wealth and status produce and achieve many positive things to improve the lives of their fellow man. The problem is the acquisition of wealth by certain people who use it for the ultimate detriment of society.

They royals are a prime example of such opulence; they consume without producing anything of worth. America’s “royalty” largely consists of the fluff of our society which includes a large percentage of our sports and Hollywood stars/elites. These people won “life’s lottery” in that they were born with unique talent which enabled them to achieve great wealth with little (especially intellectual) substance. That great wealth and fame allows them to exert outsized influence upon society with little or no practical life experience to actually speak or act intelligently on their particular cause celeb – their pet issue(s).

Another problem with this faux existence is the hypocrisy that comes with it; often using their influence on society to try to force ordinary people to live/behave a certain way, while often living their lives in an opposite (do as I say and not as I do) and ultimately fruitless and meaningless manner. The amazing thing is that for all their outward fame and wealth, unhappiness abounds within much of that segment of society, and at a much greater frequency than average Americans who get much grater satisfaction from actually producing products and services of worth.

If, somehow, a society/government could be created that would equally reward people who provide goods and services of real value and sanction the opposite in a quick and decisive manner, we would have genuine utopia. Our United States Constitution, and its capitalistic economic model has been mankind’s best attempt at achieving this opportunity for utopia. Sadly, it has been so corrupted over the past 100 plus years – to the point where we now have a huge segment of our country actively working against its’ intent – often for no good reason.

I guess we humans will have to wait for the second coming to achieve true nirvana.

Jimmy MacAfee

Very true! The Second Coming won’t be peaceful, though, not until the earth is cleansed. (It’s not a human process for that to happen, either, but the wrath of G0D.) So if you are a Believer/Christ Follower, know that you will face persecution and hostility. So far, the persecution in America is mild compared to what Believers worldwide are experiencing.

The saboteurs – (Steve Bannon on PBS gave a good synopsis, as seen on a lengthy YouTube video) – are those who have much, and want to deprive the rest of us the opportunity to join them in their elevated states and estates. they want us to live with little, while they lord over us and use us for their pleasures, including our children.

Allowing unfettered illegal immigration, once opposed by Bernie Sanders as “a Koch brothers wet dream,” is one way to take us down; the other is to bring in skilled workers to replace those Americans who already do good work. At odds with American workers is the US Chamber(pot) of Commerce, and the odious Never Trumpers, who wish us to become Feudal serfs. To them, the saboteurs, depriving us of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness is their right. It is not. It is, oddly enough, illiberal, even though they’re mostly liberals.

Envy, on the other hand, is not the root of Capitalism, as so many have supposed; neither is covetousness. Both are sins, and lead to conflict and suppression of worthy things.

JT Jones

I believe I detect a touch of royal sarcasm in the Queen’s recognition of the “challenges they have experienced”.


Two unskilled 40 year old high school graduates on their own for the first time. What could go wrong?

Jimmy MacAfee

Good catch! Really does seem to be tongue-in-cheek!

An honest reading of her words might be:

“Dear worthless little sh#ts,

We understand and acknowledge that you are spoiled and entitled,
so we have decided to take down your titles in order to set you free
or our tyranny. We remember the rolling tantrums you threw, as
you wailed and rolled around on the floor, making a scene. Well,
you have embarrassed us more than Prince Andrew and Philip
combined, But we shall remedy this, shan’t we?”

Satirically, the Queen

JT Jones

Very good!

Jimmy MacAfee

The Queen reminds me of “M” (Judi Dench) – dignified and tough. The Royals have a very complicated set of rules and language; they tend to think of themselves as the Last Brits, even as London is turned over to a malignant Islamist. They seem to think they’ve survived worse. And maybe so.

I’m guessing that the actress who has now been displaced will revert to her original character. Will we see her in movies? Some, perhaps, showing a bit too much? I don’t pretend to know if that is in her character, but she hasn’t the skill for Royalty, whatever the case. Her husband looks smaller by the day.

Long live the queen! (even if we don’t want those titles in the States!) A woman of sincerity and dignity, more than can be said for most of those around her. It must be lonely. Pity.

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