Ralph Northam’s Despicable Effort to Create Another Charlottesville

Today’s Campaign Update
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

WINNING. Sooooooo much WINNING. – Here’s what is funny about this: I’ve actually had complaints this week that I’ve been focusing too much on all the WINNING President Trump is bringing to our country. So, some people who claim to be fans of President Trump actually are getting tired of all this WINNING. Once again, Trump was right when he said “We will WIN so much, you’ll get tired of all the WINNING.”  You can’t make this stuff up.

One more time, every major U.S. stock market index closed at record high levels as investors express their enthusiasm over the President’s Phase I Trade Agreement with China and congress’s final passage of the USMCA. Despite all the false criticism emanating from the corrupt national news media, the markets understand how these trade deals with America’s three largest trading partners will positively impact this country’s economy for years to come.

So, suck it, all you fake, corrupt journalists and contributors at CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times and the Washington Post. Your efforts, in concert with the Democrat Party, to talk this country into an economic recession that began last summer have, like everything else you have tried to harm this President and what he is accomplishing for America, miserably failed. That could not possibly happen to a nicer bunch of evil minions.

Meanwhile, out in the Commonwealth of Virginia, Governor Baby Killer Blackface KKK Ralph Northam thinks creating a mere recession is just small potatoes. – Northam, along with this Democrat majority in the state assembly, is apparently intent on planting the seeds for a second civil war. That appears to be the only rational interpretation of the moves and public statements Governor Northam and fellow Virginia Democrats have been making in recent weeks.

As the Democrats in the assembly advance a series of gun control bills , assembly members and  Northam himself have promised they will result in law enforcement going door to door if necessary to confiscate certain kinds of guns from ordinary citizens. Gun rights groups have very predictably responded by organizing a massive rally in support of the 2nd Amendment to take place in the state capital of Richmond this weekend. The rally will be held Monday as a part of the Virginia Civil Defense League’s (VCDL) annual lobby day.

Governor Northam has reacted harshly – again, very predictably – to the rally, declaring a state of emergency based on only the vaguest of pretenses.

Here’s the text of his declaration:

Credible intelligence gathered by Virginia’s law enforcement agencies indicates that tens of thousands of advocates plan to converge on Capitol Square for events culminating on January 20, 2020. Available information suggests that a substantial number of these demonstrators are expected to come from outside the Commonwealth, may be armed, and have as their purpose not peaceful assembly but violence, rioting, and insurrection.”

Have you ever seen so many weasel words crammed into just two sentences?

“Credible intelligence” and “available information” you say? What in the hell does that even mean? And “plan to converge on Capitol Square”? How did you know that? Why, could it be because the VCDL properly applied for a lawful permit to use that public space? You know, like a group of good, law-abiding American citizens, i.e., not Antifa, might do?

And what is a “substantial number” in your mind, Governor? Is it 1,000? 100? 10?

Democrats like Northam never complain when people come from out of state to join in liberal protest marches, or hell, even to vote illegally in their elections. Just so long as they vote Democrat, right? Right.

Clearly, Governor Blackface and his friends in the corrupt news media are attempting to set the narrative for Sunday’s rally as being the sequel to the 2017 Charlottesville fiasco, when a couple of dozen bad actors provided the pretense for the media to smear thousands attending an otherwise peaceful rally as being “white supremacists.” This is how every rally-goer on Sunday will also be portrayed if the media can find one clown wearing a confederate flag patch on his jacket or forming his fingers into what used to be the “ok” sign. So, expect that to happen.

Regardless of what really takes place in Richmond this weekend, Governor KKK will without any question at all attempt to spin it as a rationale to continue pushing for his gun control/confiscation legislation. But he and his fellow Democrats have a real, sticky problem in seeing this effort through to its logical conclusion.

That problem centers on the reality that Virginia is a mostly-rural state. Once you get out of the isolated population centers of Richmond, Arlington and Alexandria, the rest of Virginia is as red as red can be. The state’s 2016 election map looks like a miniature microcosm of the national map, with small islands of blue interspersed amidst a sea of red:

Trump Scrambles Open Race for Virginia Governor

Prior to 2009, Virginia actually was a fairly reliable state for Republicans. But that has all changed with eight years of America’s Biggest Mistake, Barack Obama, and the massive expansion of the D.C.-based federal bureaucracy he inflicted on the nation. Even with Obama’s rapid raising of federal salaries, real estate in the District of Columbia remained too expensive for most bureaucrats, so tens of thousands of them settled across the Potomac in Arlington and Alexandria.

Given that well over 90% of federal bureaucrats are Democrats by nature, that massive emigration of the bureaucracy into Virginia ended up shifting the state’s politics.

Very predictably, those red, rural counties have taken exception to the Democrats’ looming gun grab. At last count, 105 counties and cities in Virginia have now taken the step of declaring themselves second amendment sanctuaries, with local officials promising to defy any efforts by the state government to confiscate firearms within their jurisdictions.

Should Governor Northam and his Democrat minions end up enacting these gun control bills and follow them through to their logical conclusion, many Virginia gun owners will not go quietly, and the country could find itself in a real constitutional crisis. Unless the Democrats begin to moderate what they are doing, they might be sowing the seeds for a second civil war in this country.

Sadly, Governor Northam seems by his actions and words to be perfectly fine with, and maybe even intent on, doing exactly that.

That is all.


Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger.com is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Slice off the counties/cities that surround DC and make them part of DC. Swamp scum belongs with swamp scum.
Gov Coonface and his fellow pond scum must be delusional if they think that those folk out there in the rural areas are just gonna roll over. But we do need to be very careful to not let the Left manipulate the rally into a ful on riot. False flag events, agent provocateurs, over reaction on the part of law enforcement, anything to trigger a reaction from the folks at the rally. Beware of people demanding or initiating violence, carrying NAZI or Aryan Nation flags. Maintain your situational awareness and keep calm.

Dan Chapman

Taking the 2nd Amendment is a prequil to taking the 13th and 19th Amendments.
“BLACKFACE” Northam has to disarm before REINSLAVING.

Candle in a Hurricane

What do you expect from a baby clubber……

Big Al in NC

oh. boy. I’m not gonna find this comment to be well-received, but NOBODY else seems to want to admit it: The VIRGINIA voters CHOSE Northam. Blackface is irrelevant….old history, different norms. Don’t care. BUT! The Virginia (not Wyoming, nor Utah, nor Oklahoma) **voters** swept in the Democrats. ***WHY*** are out-of-staters trying to save the very fools that CHOSE their “leader?” Why are they whining NOW? If they didn’t vote, doom on them. If they did, it appears there are more anti-gun VOTERS (important distinction from populace, but no vote, no voice) than Pro-gun VOTERS. (Please note: I am NOT supporting any of the legislation being proposed by the Virginia-elected politicians regarding weapons!) THEY let him get elected. It’s up to THEM to force a recall. Haven’t heard anything about THAT alternative, either…. We (outside VA) can’t do a thing about it. Darn it.


Please, they might have “chosen” Coonman; and Republicans might have sat on their asses and “chosen” to let Democrats take over but these people were not chosen to subvert the Constitution. Whether or not Democrats serve, it is their feet which must be held to the fire to insure that they operate within the Constitution. Nothing about this should tell us to sit this one out and vote differently next time. It’s not supposed to be us or them, it is supposed to be “We”.

Jimmy MacAfee

There are a lot of factors involved: no one would believe that a VMI graduate could be so dishonorable, on so many levels. No one could believe that a pediatrician could be so cruel and indifferent to life, so cavalier. Calling Dr. Gosling, Calling Dr. Mengele, calling Dr…You get the point, I guess.

As far as removing him: Lt. Gov Mark Herring is just as bad, and after him, the accused rapist (accused, not convicted) would be next in line. It’s like having to decide which pile of crap in SF to step in: they all smell about the same!

I have a longer post in a couple of threads over, explaining in more detail.


I read an article on the antifa group wanting to demonstrate against the gov along with conservative 2A groups. The reasoning seemed legit; bearing arms is for all. That said, its very easy to have some troublemakers blend into that side of the crowd. I hope all goes smoothly.

I also hope that the dems in VA see the seriousness of this massive rally and come to their friggin senses, and stop all this gun control nonsense. Supposing that all goes well, what to do next? Seems like the remaining bills will pass and get signed. Just civil disobedience? That would more or less be a standoff from here on out.

Va. Gent


As a 50+ year resident of Richmond with family ties back to the 1840’s, allow me to give you a boots-on-the-ground appraisal of the situation for Lobby Day as I see it currently:

– VCDL is asking all participants who plan top enter the fenceline surrounding the Capital to NOT carry or wear provocative clothing or signage.

-VCDL is also advising those with valid conceal carry to post themselves on the perimeter of the fenceline just in case.

-Word is that ANTIFA plans to march alongside the 2A supporters, as they supposedly don’t agree with the Gov’t intervention. (Jury still out on that one….)

-Security it ironclad, and the geography of the area around the Capital is all hillsides and narrow streets, with the fortification that is the RIC Federal Reserve building within sight of the Capital grounds.

-Street closings and predetermined off-site parking/staging areas will be in place, basically negating any vehicular traffic for many blocks surrounding the Capital.

-Plenty of high-rise buildings in the area will allow for LEO eyes and long guns to train on the crowds. I feel that local LEO’s are on the side of 2A supporters, but only time will tell.

-Guv Blackface pulled SB16 late this week, which was the most draconian of the bunch, that would have banned all assault rifles, 10+ round mags, etc. Public pushback is completely responsible for this outcome!

To summate, it looks like the chances of a C’ville-style affair are low, but agree that the leftists in the media are spinning this as a white supremacist-fueled protest, as local news has been trumpeting the arrest of 3 out-of-staters caught in Maryland with guns, ammo and “neo-nazi ties”. Convenient thing, that.

At first I planned to attend, but decided to sit this one out and keep my old butt available in the event that a larger conflict breaks out as a result of this or the rest of the General Assembly’s malarkey.

Love the site and your work, David! Keep doing what you’re doing, it is indeed appreciated out here in the Old Dominion, where your collective well-wishes and prayers are sorely needed.


The goat would be a great replacement, probably 100 iq points higher as well. I was sad when I had to leave Virginia in 2009. Now I am glad I live in Louisiana.

Jay Whitcraft

I would encourage as many people as possible show up for lobby day. I am considering going myself. Jay

Jimmy MacAfee

Here’s what should happen to Governor Northam if he causes a civil conflict in Virginia:

He should have his name removed in and from any references to VMI.
He should be symbolically removed – drummed out – with a goat taking his place at the ceremony.
He should be removed from office by a recall vote by the citizens of Virginia.
He should be tried for sedition or fomenting rebellion, should his actions facilitate violence in Richmond and elsewhere.

This is an apparently mentally unstable governor, because his attempt to legalize post-birth abortion seems to be a sign of a very sick and demented mind – not to mention the blackface/Klan episode(s) from his past He only appears normal, and then not always. He is a tyrannical, unreasonable, unreasoning monster, and if red flag laws are enforced, should lose his right to bear arms.

It was a Virginian (born in South Carolina in 1861) who bragged about teaching Hitler to sterilize the “unfit,” and he was a medical doctor as well: Walter Ashby Plecker, the first director of the Bureau of Vital Statistics, who also statistically eliminated the American Indian from Virginia. He was a Eugenicist unfit for medical duty, and a Virginian who was unfit to hold any office.

The resemblances are not dissimilar, considering Northam’s racist attitudes when he was in college and his support for Eugenics-like procedures and activities.

Jimmy MacAfee

As for Sanctuary Cities: one councilman, Attorney Randy Nelson of Lynchburg, substituted his own reasoning for opposing the measure; he thinks he’s smarter than all the other councils and boards and their lawyers across Virginia who voted with their citizen’s interests in mind and became resisters of government-sponsored tyranny.

Here’s the thing: if we’re a Democracy, the Lynchburg City Council failed, because most Lynchburgers support the measure; if we’re a Republic, the Council likewise failed, because they failed to represent the will of the people who elected them. It is an embarrassment and humiliation that our name is not on the list of Sanctuary cities, and even the Sheriff spoke at the meeting and stated that he would uphold the Constitution.

The Deep State is flailing, but it still can do a tremendous amount of damage. Stay awake.

Jimmy MacAfee


List of Sanctuary Cities and those who are against or who haven’t decided. The map is almost identical to the Trump voter map above.

Jimmy MacAfee

It’s worse than you think, Dave – unless the warnings that have been posted by myself and others have made the traitors in the FBI counterintel think twice (that would be wishful thinking.)

Charlottesville didn’t work for them like they thought it would: it was supposed to make ANTIFA look heroic, and the other side look terrible. It was seen from the locals that some from both sides ended up getting on the same busses. This was a false flag event, and people saw right through it. The police chief of Charlottesville was forced to resign, because he did not maintain order, being a stooge for the governor, and the operation basically failing. Aunty Fay never did look heroic, mostly because its filled with cowards and children who live in mommy’s basement, and whose lives are so worthless and foolish they cannot possibly hold down a job.

The other plan is to bring in people to do an OK City. That was an FBI op, too, with Trentadue – a witness – being suicided with a slit throat while being hanged. The ordinances they recovered (2 of them) were NOT “old shells,” but sophisticated devices that were more powerful than the one that collapsed most of the building. The fertilizer had minimal effect, but it was covered up, just like Flight 800 (by yet another FBI goon.) Not sure where this is going to take place, if at all, but it is higher than average probability.

Highest probability is that the authorities will have fake Trump supporters with MAGA hats saying and doing unspeakable things. The press will “just happen” to be present when these fakers do their thing.

When I first was aware of militias coming to Virginia, I emailed the President and posted on these threads, because in all militias are paid informants, stooges from the FBI and ATF. I actually did not mention militias, but the probability of a false flag event on that date. One of the signs of such an event is a readiness exercise, which the US Navy is conducting off shoe on GPS, not on the exact date of the march, but nearby (yeah, if you believe that! There was also another readiness exercise on 9/11.) It is also meant to coincide with the impeachment scam, to deflect and distract.

Trying to keep you safe folks. Sometimes I’m satirical and use colorful language, but the threats are real, and the enemy is plotting day and night to steal our Freedom.

(One last note: the FBI can never be reformed. It has always been rotten, even though it has occasionally done some good things and has some good people, mostly not at the top of the agency. J. Edgar was a model for what we see and have been seeing and have always seen.)


Bush the second also larded up Northern Virginia (NORVA) with Dem voting bureaucrats when he created his two new cabinet level departments: Homeland Security and Intelligence.

I’m hoping the real American rally goers act like the TEA Party did in the Den of Corruption (DC) during the Obamacare Rally ten years ago where they left the National Mall cleaner than when they got there with no violence. If there is violence, VA may well become a real battleground state and I only hope PDJT has the intelligence sources and the plan to mobilize his assets to counter Northam’s schemes.

Jimmy MacAfee

I think the tide is turning at this point: Intelligence has begun to choose. Not the FBI, which remains under enemy control, but the CIA and others appear to be happy that the President is using their services – such as the ongoing Iranian issues.

The tide is also turning, because a lot of things are coming out in the open:


“General Flynn’s first set of attorneys were from the firm Covington. The DOJ’s Trisha Anderson went to work for Flynn’s attorney law firm while they were repping for General Flynn. Did Covington tell General Flynn about hiring one of the individuals at the DOJ involved in the Russia collusion sham?”

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