Twitter User Goes on a CNN-Exposing Tour de Force

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

I don’t know who Shem Horne is. – He only identifies himself on his Twitter profile as an “Ancient Russianbot Theorist,” a “Trump voter” and a “supporter of Israel.” But a reader pointed me to an epic thread he posted on Twitter Thursday night, which takes us on a grand tour through a history of CNN’s corrupt fake news hackery over the past few years.

At the time I’m compiling this piece, his thread has received about 800 retweets and 1800 likes. In the interest of giving his fantastic message as broad a distribution as possible, I’m going to link, cut and paste most of the thread here.


This tweet sent out by CNN hack Chris Cillizza is what motivated Horne to go on his epic tour de force:

Here’s the original tweet that leads off Horne’s thread:

He continues:

On top of that, CNN doxed a random lady for being a Trump supporter and showed up on her front lawn with a camera crew, doxed someone for making a meme about CNN and threatened to out him if he didn’t stop making memes and apologize, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

CNN PR claimed that it was racist to call Chris Cuomo “Fredo” in response to Cuomo threatening to throw a stranger down a flight of stairs, and didn’t retract once reports surfaced showing Cuomo calling himself Fredo.

And this one time, Brian Stelter spent two entire weeks lying about President Trump and Hurricane Dorian. TWO WEEKS. He kept going even after people pointed out that CNN themselves predicted Hurricane Dorian may hit Alabama lol.

CNN repeatedly pushes the lies about President Trump’s Charlottesville comments, literally blames President Trump for every act of violence in the country, and falsely claims he is an anti-Semite whenever it’s convenient for them.

CNN is the lowest of the low, the fakes of all the fake news, completely unwatchable trash, enemy of the people, and yes they are absolutely 100 percent liberal hacks and everyone should point that out until they stop being liberal hacks and apologize for stoking hatred and fear.

Also this one time Jim Acosta karate chopped a White House intern, rightfully had his press pass taken away, and got a bias judge to give him his press pass back and is one of the main reasons we don’t have press briefings anymore.


But wait, there’s more!


Less than two months ago CNN went full on insane and tried to claim President Trump had a heart attack when he went to his annual physical, even though they knew there was nothing wrong with him because his doctor issued a statement.

Remember that time CNN ruined Rear Adm. Ronny Jackson life solely because he gave President Trump a clean bill of health? I remember.

And who could forget the countless hours of airtime they gave to Avennati lol. They claimed he would beat President Trump in an election. This fantastic thread has multiple examples of this.

And he ends with…:

I could keep going but it would take literally days to point out all of the examples of CNN being absolute liberal hacks, they have proven it so often that it’s impossible to remember them all, but people don’t forget the underlying truth. They are fake news, liberal hacks /end


Fantastic. Pure, epic greatness.

Kudos to you, Shem Horne, for pantsing the despicable liberal hacks who corrupt the cable airwaves and pollute our nation’s airports each and every day with their corrupt news-faking.

That is all.


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Whisperin Pints

CNN is an enemy of the people. American Pravda.


The Trump team should convert this into a campaign/infomercial and get it to targeted audiences. He should also do a half hour Infomercial (it would take at least that much TV time) to list and explain his accomplishments; and second one factually describing the totality of the actions of his opposition – that one may take an hour.

Jimmy MacAfee

As one report suggests: the impeachment will be a failure for the Deep State; they have to start something that will take eyes off the rolling turd that Nancy has pushed along like a pathetic dung beetle.

Good picture: Nancy the Dung Beetle, rolling an impeachment turd.

This is an established pattern: when they want eyes off of something uncomfortable or contrary to their narrative, they ALWAYS create a scene of some sort, often deadly. That is their M.O. and that is their intent. People who stand up to them are always targeted, from gun rights proponents to the President himself, and anyone who thinks for themselves.


CNN – watch for entertainment purposes only.

Also – keep an eye on VA this weekend as they prepare for the rally on Monday. Dems there have escalated this to a near boil with their fake emergency and unlawful weapons ban; the left will be there to provoke a response to vilify 2A supporters. Stay safe people.

phineas gage

Judge has now ruled to overrule the Second Amendment.

It was going to come to this eventually.

Jimmy MacAfee

AUNTYFAY is going to be in Richmond Monday; it is illegal in Va to wear masks (class 6 felony.) Film them; follow them: do not engage them.

This whole thing is a Deep State op. The Governor is not the only progenitor of this: the FBI is intimately involved, and so is Homeland Security, a bad branch of the Fusion Center, who are in a very real sense domestic terrorists. I pray that they will be immediately exposed, and the destruction they’ve planned will be exposed and prevented.

I pray that the LORD will protect VCDL and the marchers, and expose those who are going to show up and manufacture a crisis; I pray that the FBI’s crooked ‘plants’ will be publicly exposed and humiliated, like Christopher Steele, and that those in government who are setting this operation in motion will be removed from the land of the living and will be removed to face the LORD’s justice.

I pray this in the Name Above all names,
In Jesus/Yeshua


Jimmy MacAfee

The Judge is a Pink Hat. Like most Incels, he rushed to purchase the Gwyneth Paltrow candle. Even Martha Stewart characterized the purchasers similarly.

Jimmy MacAfee

Bring a GoPro or a cellphone camera! Film EVERYTHING!

Jimmy MacAfee

I can safely predict this without it being a threat: if anyone should harm a hair on the head of President Donald J. Trump, the fake media will suddenly become targets. Lots of old SOPs out there; lots of people angry at the hatred thrown at the President by the fake media. So if anything happens…no one who has spent years lying about him will be safe. Until then, let’s hope everybody stays safe, including the lying press. Just sayin’.

Jimmy MacAfee

Lots of new Citizen Journalists. Now that they’re reporting on fake journalism and fake journalists and fake news, the fakers are panicking. It’s only going to increase over the next days, weeks, months and years.


CNN has only 800,000 prime time viewers, and that includes every airport in the USA. Boycott ATT owners. Cancel your ATT service 1-800-288-2020.

Jimmy MacAfee

Always a paper trail! Even if the paper itself is trash.

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