Let’s Stop and Recognize all the Good Things Happening in America

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Guest Piece by Gregg Updike

There are real signs that actual justice is being delivered to cheaters, evil doers, and other criminals.  Maybe not as fast as we would like, but it is happening.  Look at what is occurring in the sports and entertainment industry:

Earlier this week, the Commissioner of Major League Baseball, Robert Manfred, announced the conclusion of MLB’s exhaustive several month long investigation of the Houston Astro electronic sign-stealing scandal.  The penalties meted out were severe and had several major repercussions which haven’t totally played out.

The Astros’ general manager, Jeff Luhnow and field manager, A. J. Hinch were both suspended for one year for using electronic surveillance to facilitate on-field cheating beginning (at least) in the 2017 post season.  The owner, Jim Crane, was fined five million dollars and the Astros lost their first and second round draft picks for the next two years.  This is a huge sanction and nearly unheard of in American Professional Sports.

Luhnow and Hinch were subsequently fired by the Astros, despite leading them to one of the best records in baseball for the last five or so years; by all accounts, they were running a model franchise.  These two were considered to be among the best baseball brains in the game; how the mighty have fallen.

The fallout has extended to Alex Cora; he was Hinch’s bench coach (the #2 man) in 2017 during their World Series winning season.  In 2018, be became the Red Sox’ field manager and led the Red Sox to the World Championship in his first year.  Yesterday he was (mutually agreed upon) dismissed from the Red Sox for his part in the 2017 Astros’ scandal and for a pending cheating investigation into the Red Sox 2018-9 seasons.  The final outcome of MLB’s investigations may also reach the New York Mets’ new field manager, Carlos Beltran.  Beltran was an Astros’ player in 2017 and has been implicated in the scandal and may also be “resigned” before he even manages a game for the Mets.

It is rare for such severe, and justified, punishment to be handed out to prominent, respected, and beloved (by many in the industry) leaders in America’s “Toy Department” known as professional sports.

Now , let’s check out what has transpired with the entertainment and “news” industry:

Harvey Weinstein is facing a whole lot of legal problems and his Hollywood “kingmaker” reputation has been forever shattered.

Michael Avenatti was recently actually taken into custody by the IRS during a hearing in court on another matter; he too is in heap-big trouble on may fronts.  He is the male version of the noted, publicity-seeking, and infamous celebrity lawyer and shakedown artist, Gloria Allred.  CNN, MSMBC, and other “news” outlets couldn’t get enough of him and his bogus accusations against President Trump and Justice Brett Kavanaugh.  Much of the Mainstream Media was actually touting him as a viable contender for the Democratic Presidential Nomination to run against Trump.

CNN just settled with the Covington High School Student, Nick Sandman, who will also successfully sue the other malignant organizations and people who gratuitously slandered him.

The ratings of most news networks, award shows, and left sponsored “debates”, are in the tank, as are the attendance figures of so many “message” movies starring loudmouth idiot activists.  The dead tree media is all but dead, with many newspapers shutting down.

The over-the-top vilification of the President and his supporters by the left for the last three plus years, and the (until now) well disguised hidden agenda of so many prominent people and so many “trusted” organizations has been exposed for all to see.  These once highly regarded people and organizations have been revealed as shams built on houses of cards.  They live and exist in glass houses, which are just waiting for the right stone to hit them and have the whole fraud of their existence collapse upon them; it is inevitable.

The “entertainers” are in the process of getting their just rewards, as conservative voices are fighting back against their PC garbage and are being heard.  Ricky Gervais’ (hardly a conservative) Golden Globes monologue is an excellent example of this recent push-back.  Soon the government and media cabal who have committed so many crimes against the people and our republic will have their comeuppance and get the “due process” they so richly deserve; a due process they so willingly deny to their political and cultural enemies.  They may not ultimately be incarcerated or punished as severely as we conservatives would like, but I have no doubt that eventually meaningful punishment will be forthcoming to the guilty.

It is perhaps surprising the entertainment industry, as (sadly) more Americans are tuned into it rather than government and politics, is the first to be exposed and punished, rather than the corrupt “public servants”.  The trend toward justice is being set in the minds of much of the public and the momentum is growing for more genuine justice to prevail during the Trump and future conservative administrations.

However, this positive trend will only continue with the reelection of Trump and election of true conservative presidents and members of Congress in all future elections.  A couple of elections with mixed results, won’t solve all our problems; we need to be active in all elections.  We are now being armed with the facts and knowledge of the left’s true agenda; therefore, we Americans must continue the good fight against crime and evil, or it will fester and return with a vengeance.

As President Ronald Reagan said, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction…”  How true!

That is all.


Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger.com is our go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Great insights Gregg! Appreciate your opinions here.


Thank you



Carlos Beltran is out as manager of the New York Mets. It was a “mutual” agreement.

I wish such mutual agreements could be reached between Barr’s DOJ and the coup cabal. This shows the difference between basically decent people who made a bad mistake and took their just punishment like grown adults should, and the absolute scum who control much of our government and feel they have a sense of absolute power and entitlement.

It was an amazingly quick and competent investigation by MLB with a lot of moving parts. The investigation faced a lot of protectionism and pushback from powerful people within MLB. What Manfred was up against, in many ways, kind of mirrors all the anti-Trump and “get-to-the-bottom-of-this” bottomless pit (phony investigations) known collectively as the swamp. But he was able to slog through it because he wanted this issue fixed ASAP, unlike the swamp-dwellers who never want anything accomplished, especially if it hurts their kingdom.

Maybe Commissioner Manfred could lend Barr and Durham some of his professional investigators and actually investigate, find, and punish the corruptocrats of the deep-state swamp.

Jimmy MacAfee

“So the top Fed in Richmond is an anti-Trump FBI counterintelligence expert (like Peter Strzok) who just finished working for Robert Mueller as part of the deep state coup effort. Now, what do you think the chances are that he’s going to be favorably disposed toward thousands of angry “Constitution fanatic gun nuts” heading toward Virginia’s capital, (where he lives and works), to teach the liberal Democrat political ruling class a hard lesson? Look at that downtown Richmond satellite image again, and check out all the government facilities ringing the capitol, including the nearby Federal Building, home of the local FBI and ATF.”

The site isn’t cooperating with posts like this. Wonder why. Trying again.

Carlos Dangler

My comment didn’t post, but I guessed it had something to do with the words Creepy P0rn Lawyer.

phineas gage

MLK Day in Viriginia could get interesting

Jimmy MacAfee

False flag events are likely to occur. March anyway, but don’t be goaded into unwise actions, and stay civil! Film, take and take notes.

January of last year showed how the FBI did it’s job because it had to; the plot was exposed by numerous people. The President was safe because the FBI couldn’t just say: “Oops, sorry.”

Jimmy MacAfee

FBI informants are always embedded in groups the FBI hopes to infiltrate. Obumbler the Islamocommie stopped the infiltration of Islamist groups, but not others.

Jimmy MacAfee

Expect it. If you’re going, take a GoPro, cell phone and extra batteries. Video EVERYTHING! The soon-to-be-late John Lewis claimed the Tea Party spat on him and called him names, proven to be lies and more lies.

Jimmy MacAfee

VCDL doesn’t believe that reports of out-of-staters are real, but I know from MY sources that they are, and some are legitimate; some are NOT, if you have ever read anything about PATCON and other radicalization schemes. You might find one or two, but anyone Wray chooses – particularly since they worked on the Mueller hoax, is essentially an enemy of the Constitution.

Jimmy MacAfee

Yeah, and I stayed up to 2 am and watched a City Council vote 5-2 against 2nd Amendment Sanctuary City status, despite the fact that 90% or more of the speakers and 95% of the attendees were in favor of the designation. Many of the speakers for the 2nd Amendment were highly educated, eloquent, and had vastly superior arguments to those who were against, including the Councilcritters’ proclamations (which were shallow and arrogant and cowardly.) Maybe they’ll be voted out this May, but the Left is now solidly in charge in a very Conservative city, because the old people here are complacent and the middle agers are too busy. ON the other hand, the turnout, despite the lack of publication of the Council meeting, was astounding. Probably 1800 or more people, with around 120 signed up to speak.

While a lot of this is positive, it’s not a positive that the Left doesn’t understand the concept of EITHER Democracy or Republic: considering the majority were in favor of the Sanctuary designation; they did not act as a Democracy, and the minority tyrannized the majority by the vote; considering a Republic as a form of government, the representatives did not represent the voters. It was, and is, a dictatorship by the few over the many.

is this your idea of winning?



I didn’t say we won, or are winning everywhere. I was just trying to point out some positive things that are occurring in America today; largely because of Trump.

I also said that we all must be active and diligent in our continued effort to MAGA/KAG.

I also want to remain positive and optimistic, but realistic. We have to hope that Barr and Durham are the real deal, that Trump will Schiff-can people like Wray soon after this bogus senate trial. I just can’t be a pessimist all the time – it is not healthy.

It is really sad what is going on with the Commonwealth of Virginia, where I have lived for three years. After finally becoming Red, Bush the second, screwed the pooch by creating two new massive federal bureaucracies in the two cabinet positions of Homeland Security and National Intelligence. This influx probably added another 50,000 to 60,000 90% liberal voting block of government employees to the Northern VA area; enough to tilt tossup elections from Red to Blue. From what I hear the VA GOP is pathetic and failed to even field a viable candidate in many legislative elections last year, so what is up with that?

Virginians are voting in the likes of Hillary Russian Clinton, Terry McAuliffe, Ralph Blackface Northam, the Dem lieutenant governor, and attorney general, and the two federal senate seats in recent statewide elections . They knew what type of radical governor Northam was/is after his first two years and yet somehow increased (which is rare when a chief executive gains in mid-term elections) his support in the legislature, so what can be said about where that great state is headed? Sad, but what is happening in VA is not happening elsewhere in the Red and Purple states; it just needs to be fixed by the electorate of VA.

Jimmy MacAfee

I agree with you on a national level; so much has happened to expose the Deep State. We can’t expect the President to do everything himself, so we have to be involved one way or another, not just bitch about bad things!

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