Project Veritas Shows us the America Bernie Sanders Wants to Create [Updated]

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

The Commie snares the Antifa endorsement. Is anyone surprised? – By now, most readers have seen the clips released on Tuesday by James O’Keefe and the folks at Project Veritas of a paid Bernie Sanders campaign field organizer promising riots, revolution, and all manner of violence and chaos around the July Democrat National Convention in Milwaukee.

For those who haven’t seen any of this, here are some of the clips [Warning: Very strong profanity contained in these clips and subtitles]:

Given the subtitles, I won’t do a transcript of this gutter trash. But let’s talk about why this story is important.

It’s important because this guy illustrates the sort of people who are attracted to the campaign of The Commie: Self-loathing, white, probably upper-middle-class children of great privilege who narcissistically style themselves as “revolutionaries.” Polls consistently show Sanders’ support base skewing very young, because young minds are the easiest to manipulate with thinly-veiled Marxist doctrine.

These people understand that Bernie Sanders isn’t just come harmless old grandpa who just promises to give everyone all manner of free stuff, but a true Marxist believer who wants to turn our country into an instant replay of Venezuela, complete with empty supermarkets, empty roads, empty buildings that formerly housed productive businesses and breadlines full of people with empty stomachs.

So, the young fellow travelers gravitate to the Commie’s campaign like mindless moths to a dim, filthy street lamp.

The Commie wasn’t asked about these videos featuring one of his paid campaign organizers by the corrupt media moderators in Tuesday night’s debate – because of course he wasn’t – but when someone from Fox News or OANN does eventually ask him about it, he will no doubt respond that this guy is just an isolated anomaly. No one, not even his supporters, will believe that.

This guy is no outlier – he is in fact the heart and soul of the Commie’s support base. If anyone bothers to investigate his background, they will no doubt find either direct ties to Antifa and other violent street protest groups or him voicing support for such groups on his social media accounts. The Commie is the Antifa candidate.

No one should take lightly this guy’s threats of Sanders supporters creating violence and mayhem around the Milwaukee convention and throughout the general election campaign should Sanders be denied the party’s nomination once again. Nevermind that the Commie is extremely unlikely to accumulate the majority of delegates needed to actually win: These self-loathing “revolutionaries” consider this nomination some sort of birthright. They are all still filled with rage over the DNC’s fixing of the nomination process for the Pantsuit Princess in 2016, and bent on exacting revenge, one way or another.

That’s what this guy is telegraphing to the public. What he is expressing to everyone who will listen is the real nature of the America that Bernie Sanders wants to create. We should take him at his word.

Pay attention.

UPDATE: Early this morning, O’Keefe tweeted out this additional clip:

QUOTE: “I’m an Anarcho-communist…I’m as far left as you can possibly get…There’s a lot of me’s in the Bernie Sanders  campaign…”

Take this man at his word, folks.

That is all.


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Does anyone think Wray’s FBI can “connect the dots” on this guy BEFORE Milwaukee burns? Or will it be a surprise?

If only the FBI had access to his Apple phone… this could be preempted… Yeah, right.

Rep Scalise was shot and damn near killed, along with others, at a baseball practice, by a demented Bernie supporter. If these are the “organizers” of the “Feel the Bern” campaign, what are the comrades thinking? No wonder the left is so unhinged. I find it fascinating that he also hates the media in these clips.

A “1978” (1968) convention is a real possibility which will lead a Trump landslide. When innocent people’s property gets busted up and some get hurt by the Dems, it will lead to Trump flipping Milwaukee and winning Wisconsin in a walk. It will also quite possibly lead to a civil war and anyone wearing a mask or even remotely associated with ANTIFA or any other radical group’s rent-a-mob will get their comeuppance. Law enforcement would be wise to let the purging happen. They stood down when the left was doing the beating and assaulting, and the destroying…

Political parties hold their conventions in states they want to win/flip, it ain’t gonna happen in Wisconsin, or anywhere else that is any way a toss-up state.


Win or lose these are mentally ill and evil people who are actively looking for violence. Yes they are cowards because they can only attack in groups when they outnumber their intended victims. Be prepared and don’t under-estimate these freaks.

phineas gage

If HRC is in fact installed at the convention to deny Bernie a second time, the Antifa thugs will go nuts. Milwaukee is not going to burn, but the nation will get a very clear view of who and what the Democrat party is.

Jimmy MacAfee

You’re right. But that is supposing that the weenie’s heart is still beating, or that he’s still conscious. Same with Hillary. Same with QuidproGropeyJoe. Models of (bad) health, all three.

Sharon Campbell

I believe the Breadline Bernie The Commie supporters are the most unhinged of the so called Dimocratic Oarty. They are cowards only attacking those who disagree in gangs. They are the scourge of our Country.

Jimmy MacAfee

Dave, it’s the soy.


I think you miss one trait in your characterization of the typical Sandernista/SJW/Antifa- yes, they are white children of privilege, but they have also been very unsuccessful at leveraging their privilege. They are the latest iteration of the “Occupy” crowd- their parents paid for educations for them, but they weren’t smart enough, or hard working enough, to get a good career going. They respond by deciding the flaw is in the system, and not themselves.

They need to understand that they need to get an honest job managing an Alamo Tental Car counter at the airport, because their Communications Studies grades (that gave them $80k in debt) weren’t good enough to get them that gig as a DC intern, let alone a job as a management consultant. But no one will tell them or they won’t listen. They think the solution is to stamp their feet and demand things.

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