Flynn Withdraws Plea Deal in Sydney Powell’s Scorched-Earth Motion

Today’s Campaign Update, Part III
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Sydney Powell is not messing around with these corrupt DOJ lawyers. – Former National Security Advisor Lt. General Mike Flynn filed a motion to withdraw his plea of guilty in his entrapment case on Tuesday. The move comes a week after the government lawyers had reneged on their previous sentencing agreement with Flynn, and recommended Gen. Flynn serve jail time for allegedly misleading FBI Peter Strzok and Joe Pientka in the January 2017 entrapment meeting that helped to create the pretense for the Mueller Witch Hunt.

Flynn’s attorney, Sydney Powell, filed a motion that scorches the earth on which the corrupt DOJ lawyers prosecuting this case stand. The full motion can be found at this link. Here are some key outtakes from it [Bolding added for emphasis]:

Michael T. Flynn hereby moves to withdraw his plea because of the government’s bad faith, vindictiveness and breach of the plea agreement

Only after new counsel appeared did the government for the first time demand an admission and testimony from Mr. Flynn that he knew and intended when he signed the FARA registration form that it contained several material false statements. Not only was that demanded testimony a lie, but also, the prosecutors knew it was false

The prosecutors concocted the alleged “false statements” by their own misrepresentations, deceit, and omissions

Not only did Mr. Van Grack [lead government lawyer for this case] demand false testimony from Mr. Flynn about the alleged “false statements” in the FARA filing, but Mr. Van Grack also knew it was false because Mr. Flynn had explained it to him on June 25, 2018, in preparation for his testimony to the grand jury…

In pure spite, the government retaliated and sought to rescind its judicial admissions that Mr. Flynn was not a co-conspirator, obtained an ex parte emergency order from Judge Trenga, including a gag order, and moved up the date of the hearing on the issues without notice to counsel for Mr. Flynn. An agent improperly contacted Michael Flynn, Jr.…The prosecutors placed him on the witness list solely to harass him and to raise the threat and anxiety of the family at this crucial time. The prosecutors completed the trial without calling him as a witness…

Justice is not a game, and there should be no room for such gamesmanship in the Department of Justice…

The Government’s tactics in retaliation for Mr. Flynn’s refusal to “compose” for the prosecution is also a due process violation that can and should be stopped dead in its tracks by this court…

Keep praying for General Flynn. Great lawyers are invaluable, and he has a truly great one in Ms. Powell. But the government’s powers to abuse the process are enormous, and the judge in this case appears to be willing to turn a blind eye to the clearly corrupt manner in which this case has been conducted all along.

That is all.


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Amazes me how much of a banana republic the US system of governance and judiciary has become. Very SAD. When you remove God, family and blind justice, and add complacency into the mix you get the Marxists take over thats happening now in Canukdom and the US.

When good people won’t stand up, speak up and fight against evil… evil will prevail.


It does not matter if the Judge does not sanction the DOJ for withholding evidence from the Defense and breaking the Plea Deal. The Judge is not only Protecting the Corrupt DOJ but actually becoming another Prosecutor against Flynn. Expect bad things to happen. A Judge’s job is to protect the accused Civil Rights. This Judge is derelict in his duties.


Attorneys can be disbarred for that. Grab them by the balls and their hearts and minds will follow. Ms Sidney plays the game well.


This government corruption has cost General Flynn his home and put him millions in debt. Who or how will this be fixed ?????? A corrupt government (obama) can do this to anyone !


Ms Sydney is in this for the money. She will get her remuneration in civil court in due time.


Yeah, all lawyers, and everyone else who works for a living, does it for money, and no doubt she will get compensated (either by notoriety, or dollars) in a tort action following the current criminal case against Flynn. But as far as I know she is actually defending Flynn pro bono.

For the record, I generally despise lawyers.

Ben Colder

The damned crooked government can and does anything they damn well please to anyone they want to make an example of.I hope Sidney Powell gets The General off she has had experience with crooked gov lawyers before can you say ted Stevens boys and girls?General Flynn has been railroaded after spending his working life in the stinking army and this is the thanks he gets ? This really boils my ass.

Jimmy MacAfee

You got that right; Ms. Powell has a proper…let’s say “appreciation” of Weissmann and company. I’d love to see her put him on the barbie and grill him with the rest of the shrimp. Maybe one day getting some of these parasites disbarred.

Jimmy MacAfee

Where’s Joe Pientka? He can’t be found, and he’s a material witness that needs to be cross examined. Which is the best reason for changing the plea – so his accusers (who really didn’t think he was lying) can be brought under oath. The Strzok/Pientka reports were misattributed, in any case.

Wray is hiding him, but that should end quickly. And so should Wray’s tenure.

Jay Whitcraft

I totally agree with the pardon. A lot of people question why Barr isn’t “doing anything” about this case and the other problems with the DOJ, like the FBI for example. One possibility that I haven’t seen discussed anywhere is that Barr may be in a similar situation as Trump, I.E. there are many, many people within the department against him and very few people he can trust. For example if Barr were to tell the DOJ lawyers to drop the Flynn case, half of them (or more) would run straight to the Washington Post with lies about how Trump ordered Barr to drop the case against Flynn to save Trumps own skin. Much as I hate all of this, I think that part of the problem is Barr is forced to pick his own battles to try and be the most effective as possible in the big picture. Any thoughts David?


Barr and Trump can fire them all……NOW

phineas gage

I think this will require a Trump pardon.

They have destroyed this man’s life for political reasons. The DOJ is now an actively malign force, and Barr doesn’t appear able or willing to do anything about it.


I agree he should be pardoned, but if the court doesn’t step up and rebuke the DOJ lawyers, the DOJ will just do this to someone else. They have a nearly unlimited budget to keep twisting this against Flynn. Have the court stop this nonsense and then he can turn around and sue the DOJ to restore his name and life savings. It will take time but it can be put right.

Simply pardoning him accepts that he keep his guilty plea and is charged, and the DOJ gets their win, albeit short term.

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