The Stunning Hypocrisy and Giant Carbon Footprint of Joaquin Phoenix

Today’s Campaign Update
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Don’t make any promises you can’t keep, girl. – Megan Markle and her hairy husband Harry just gave us one more reason to vote for Trump in 2020: News broke over the weekend that the soon-to-be-ex-royal couple will never return to live in America until the Trump presidency is over. It’s going to be a long, cold five years for these two up in their new home in Canada.

Come to think of it, maybe this is a good time to re-visit that whole 22nd Amendment. You know, the one that limits U.S. presidents to serving two terms? Or hey, maybe the Trump Administration should extend its travel ban to Canada. That would work.

WINNING. Soooo much WINNING. – With stock market futures pointing to yet another banner day; the trade delegation from China about to land at Reagan National Airport for Wednesday’s signing ceremony; San Fran Nan getting ready to send her fake articles of impeachment over to the Senate where they will be quickly disposed of; and the Democrats having relegated their entire party to being apologists for the Mullahs in Iran; here is President Donald J. Trump’s schedule for the coming week:

Monday:       WINNING

Tuesday:       WINNING Bigly

Wednesday: WINNING With China

Thursday:     WINNING, Sooooooooo much WINNING

Friday:           Getting tired of WINNING yet? No?

Saturday:      WINNING golf at Mar-a-Lago

Sunday:         MORE WINNING

The Joker does Climatey Changey hypocrisy like a champ. – Joaquin Phoenix spoke to a climate change rally in Washington, DC on Friday because it makes for great virtue signaling, which of course is the most important aspect of the global Church of Climate Change dogma.

As reported by the Daily Caller, Phoenix had this to say to the crowd of brainwashed Gaia worshippers:

“I struggle so much with what I can do at times. There are things I can’t avoid. I flew a plane out here last night, but one thing I can do is change my eating habits. So I just want to urge all of you to join me in that.”

Oh, of course. Flying a carbon dioxide spewing private jet all the way across the country on a lark just can’t be avoided. Because, you know, Climate Change and stuff, or something. It’s urgent. We only have 10 years, or 12 years, or 5 years, or 10 days, or it’s already too late, or whatever the latest alarmist dogma happens to be.

But wait, there’s more from Doctor Joker:

“Something that oftentimes isn’t talked about in the environmental movement or in the conversation about climate change is that the meat and dairy industry is the third-leading cause of climate change.”

Oh, really? You don’t say. The “third-leading case of climate change”? Let’s review: Human-caused greenhouse gas emissions make up a teeny-tiny fraction global carbon emissions, less than a single volcanic eruption creates. The meat and dairy industry in turn makes up a teeny-tiny fraction of that teeny-tiny fraction of global emissions. What Phoenix said here is what is commonly known as an outrageous lie, and representatives of the meat and dairy industry should consider suing his sorry ass off for saying it.

But of course, the crowd of brain-dead Gaia worshippers gathered in Washington on Friday ate it all up, and the corrupt news media just repeated the Joker’s nonsense ad nauseum without critical examination. Because they’re corrupt, and that’s what they do.

So, let’s review the Joker’s trip: He flies a petroleum-fueled private jet all the way across the United States to Reagan National Airport, where he no doubt climbed into a petroleum-fueled limousine or gas-guzzling SUV to make the drive over to the National Mall or wherever this gathering of the brainwashed masses was held.

There he made a speech filled with abject junk science and other outrageous lies that lasted all of … wait for it…oh, you have to wait for this one…A MINUTE AND 16 SECONDS. I kid you not – who could possibly make this stuff up?

If you watch the video clip at the linked site, you will see that he is wearing clothes and sunglasses made from petroleum products; is speaking into a microphone and standing at a podium, both of which were made largely from petroleum products; and even the sign behind him was made largely from petroleum products. He is no doubt completely unaware of any of this reality that surrounded him.

Then, after his gig was over, the Joker got back into his limo, which took him back to the airport, where he got back into his private jet and flew back out to Hollywood. Because, as Phoenix himself stated in his 76-second speech, “There are things I can’t avoid.”

My goodness.

That is all.


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phineas gage

Re: Phoenix–shut up and act. Joker was a great film and a bravura performance, but no one cares about what these knuckleheads with less than a high school education think about anything. They make a living pretending to be other people.

Re: Prince Harry–that marriage will be over fast and Harry will come crawling back to the royals. The real issue will be about the kid, who I pity.

You forgot the most ridiculous statement of the weekend: Nancy Pelosi claiming that ‘one way or another’ Trump won’t be president in 10 months. I’d say there’s a much better chance that she won’t be speaker in 10 months.

Steve Lumpee

He did agree to wear the same tux to all the award ceremonies this year. What more can he do?

Jimmy MacAfee

By the way, Greta is not in charge of her Fakebook page, and it’s being administered by her father and someone else. It appears she’s being held hostage, which we all knew already: her childhood was stolen by her seemingly (seemingly?) crazy parents, who tortured her with fears of a devastating future. Sorry for the kid. Needs deprograming.

And if you don’t know this already, most actors are paid to be useful idiots. Not just in their movie roles.

Hirelings, just like most mainline Christian denominations, the Catholic Church under this Nimrod-pope, and the SBC and “Christianity” today, in the payroll of Gyorgi Schwarz and his band of troublemakers, and just like AuntyFay (ANTIFA.) Hirelings. Hirelings all.

No surprise when the actor whose name isn’t worth mentioning is a hypocrite.


Wuts with the Canukdom remark??? There are PLENTY of canuks that fight against this bs progressive garbage here too. Our problem is exactly what YOUR system of elections corrects. Our population center determine the outcomes. Be thankful you have the electoral college to correct and defend against the Marxist.

Ouitside of the progressive cities we love Trump too…

Jimmy MacAfee

Lots of good people in Canada – and in Australia, where they took away gun rights and where the government is not connecting the dots: arsonists are causing most of the fires, and firebreaks and tinder removal are resisted by the Left. An object lesson for the need for a Bill of Rights, all over the world, in addition to government with clear separation of powers. Unfortunately, our “separation of powers” is glued together by a Deep State aristocracy, which may require drastic measures.


We have a Charter of Rights which in the last few years of our lil potato PM reign, has been trashed by a liberal Supreme Court to basically a piece of paper with antiquated writings on it. Our ‘freedom of speech’ has been replaced by a tribunal of regressives with zero regard for speech from even a marginal conservative.

Its coming down to if the US loses the freedoms battle then every other country will fall one by one to the Marxists. The biggest danger to your losing it are those that keep talking Trump will win in a landslide. THAT will be your downfall. People will stay home because they ‘dont need their vote’. Complacency… the bane of conservatives.

People see thru these hypocrite snobs well enough and they don’t affect anyone with functioning brain cells. Its good to point out their lies and hypocrisy but the time is now to put words into action. Looks like maybe Virginia might lead the way. If theres a failure there… bet the farm you’ll see a very large action in all Dem states doing the very same thing.


Regan is not an international airport


A Vancouver neighborhood just got block busted.

Jimmy MacAfee

Sideshow to a sideshow.

Jimmy MacAfee
Worth watching.

As far as Holierthanwood goes, actors are morons – for the most part. Water is also wet.

Jimmy MacAfee

Gwyneth Wray is hiding something; perhaps he needs to be interviewed by John Durham? Is he engaged in a criminal conspiracy?

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