Booker Exits and Trump Delivers Another Kill Shot

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Those racist Democrat voters just eliminated another protected minority candidate. – A year ago today, the conventional wisdom among the D.C./New York City pundit class held that the Democrat 2020 presidential nomination would most likely end up being won by one of Kamala Harris, Irish Bob O’Rourke or Cory Booker. As of today, all three formerly leading candidates are out of the race with the announcement Monday morning that Booker is done.

Yeah, the Senator from New Jersey only officially announced he was “suspending” his campaign, but c’mon, we all know he’s done, and so does he. And thus, those racist Democrat voters eliminate another protected minority candidate in their zeal to ensure the nomination goes to either an elderly, pasty-white male, or a female fake Indian.

The past 45 days or so have seen the elimination of the field’s fake Hispanic – Irish Bob, aka, Beto – its only actual Hispanic – Julian Castro – and both of its African American candidates – Harris and Booker. Their exits leaves Andrew Yang and Tulsi Gabbard, both of whom have a hard time breaking 3% in national polling, as the only remaining ethnic minority candidates. Let’s face it: Neither Asians nor Hawaiians are exactly seen a sympathetic figures among the Democrat Party’s identity-politics-prone voter base.

[Edit: Someone just reminded me that ex-Mass. Gov. Deval Patrick is still in the race, but that’s like saying the Cleveland Browns are still a football team. But ok, whatever.]

Here’s reality: There are four candidates in this race who have any real shot at ultimately becoming the nominee:

  • All four are as white as the driven snow.
  • All four are at least 70 years of age.
  • Three are 77 years old or older.
  • The youngest among them is a woman who lied about being an American Indian throughout her adult life in order to land plum jobs, licenses and certifications.

That’s it. None of the other candidates have any chance whatsoever.

If this attrition of minority candidates, some of whom were media favorites to actually come away with the nomination, were taking place in a Republican nominating campaign, the corrupt news media would pound away at the “racism,” “sexism,” and any other “-isms” they could think of, 24 hours a day, 7 days every week. But because this is the Democrat Party’s nominating race, all we get is cover pieces for Quid Pro Joe and his looting of Ukraine, analysis pieces that attempt to disguise Bernie Sanders’ communist background, misdirection pieces that attempt to cover for the lifetime of fraud by Faucahontas, and tortured camera angles attempting to make Mike Bloomberg look taller than he actually is.

So tiresome and corrupt.

Hey, speaking of Mike Bloomberg, look who he has been photographed several times paling around with:

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing, suit and night

That’s right: Ghislain Maxwell, the alleged procurer of under-age girls for pedophile Jeffrey Epstein (who most certainly did not kill himself). Why does this not surprise us? Not even a little bit?

Early Monday morning, President Donald Trump (I still never tire of typing those three glorious words and never will) hit Mr. Excitement with one of his trademark kill shots, tagging the former New York Mayor and his little boy suit with a new nickname:

“Mini Mike B.” That’s gonna sting.

That is all.


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Jimmy MacAfee

Booger tries to scare people, like a combination of Ozzie Osborn and the late Bimbo Slice, but not really scary at all. Might be frightening to doves and bums.


Whoever the democrat convention nominates will have health issues by the end of September so that the DNC is force to make an emergency selection of a replacement. Watch for hillary then.


Hillary Russian Clinton is the Poster Child of “health issues”; makes the Commie and Old Uncle Joe look like Adonis.

Jimmy MacAfee

Take away her adrenochrome, and she’d burn up like pigeon splat on a hot Atlanta sidewalk.


LOL! Who’d ever have guessed that the Masters of Woke would offer up a gaggle of old white folks as their entire candidate pool? And most of them are old white men! The worst kind of white! LOL! Dems spent a decade trying to convince their voters that this demographic is their enemy! Now they’ll ask the same folks to vote for these evil white oppressors!? You can’t make it up…

Jimmy MacAfee

These guys resemble a desiccated cornfield, long after the corn is harvested, stalks so dry and old they gather mold, fields so dead even crows and doves can’t find a meal. They all need a lubricant in order to form a smile with their fake teeth.


Wrong link regarding Barr’s disturbing remarks…

Jimmy MacAfee
“NEWARK, NJ—After accepting his resignation from the 2020 presidential race, the Democratic National Committee awarded its coveted Participation Trophy to Senator Cory Booker for all of his fine work on his brief campaign.”

Good satire!

Jimmy MacAfee

Nobody was willing to pick Booger. He was too green, and he had no manners. Bye, Booger!


Conservative Black Christian Democrats are not keen on white homosexuals and they are not keen on Black homosexuals. Who’da thunk it?

phineas gage

The Dems are going to have a serious Bernie problem on their hands if things keep trending in the current direction.

Mini-Mike is good. All of Trump’s nicknames have a purpose. The physical characteristics of political candidates are important to voters, at least subconsciously, and height is one of the most symbolic. Trump would tower over Bloomberg on a debate stage.

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