Matt Gaetz’s Really Stupid War Powers Resolution Vote

Today’s Campaign Update
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

The corrupt news media and biased polls tell us this guy is leading the race. – The photo below shows the turnout for a rally for the nation’s Unfrozen Caveman Senator, Quid Pro Joe Biden, on Saturday:


Note the loudspeaker atop an 8-foot stand on the right side of the photo, meaning that the crack Biden campaign staff thought their hero would need a microphone while speaking to this crowd of …1,2,3,4,5, 6,7,8,9,10,…11 people. Talk about overkill.

Like everything else in the corrupt news media today, it’s likely we are being lied to about the real status of the race for the Democrat presidential nomination, and that, once the voting begins, the results will bear only passing relationship to the polls we have been seeing. Stay tuned for some surprises starting in a few weeks.

Matt Gaetz, you got some ‘splainin’ to do. – Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz made a terrible error in judgment this week when he became one of just three Republicans to vote in favor of Nancy Pelosi’s resolution that pretends to somehow “limit” President Trump’s ability to conduct a full-scale war, whether with Iran or any other country.

Gaetz, appearing on Fox News with Tucker Carlson, attempted to explain his vote as follows:

“I spoke to the president today,” Gaetz revealed on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”  “The president told me he is more antiwar than I am, and I love the president for that. The thing is, I think a few of the advisers of the president are trying to slow-walk the administration into war. When the president relies on his instincts and we have the Trump doctrine, we kill the terrorist and we come home.”

“I think this War Powers Resolution was worthy of support because it did not criticize the president,” he said. “It did not say he was wrong in killing [Quds Force Gen.] Soleimani. But…it did say that if any president wants to drag our nation into another forever Middle East war that they require the approval of the United States Congress.”

“That’s something I deeply believe. And I think it’s something the president deeply believes,” he said.

Ok, that’s all well and good, and taken as a pure philosophical analysis, it is something that the vast majority of Trump supporting Republican voters – including me – would agree with. The problem is that philosophy was not all that was at play here. Pelosi’s resolution – which is utterly meaningless as a matter of law or actual impact on any president’s constitutional powers – was a political stunt. More to the point, it was a political stunt intended as a rebuke to this particular President, a symbolic vote condemning his decision to take out Iranian terrorist leader Qassem Soleimani with a drone strike 9 days ago.

There was zero justifiable reason for any real Republican to lend Pelosi support with this cynical political stunt.

It is one thing for a couple of noted libertarian cranks like Rand Paul and Mike Lee to vote for this resolution, which they certainly will do when it comes to a vote in the Senate this coming week. That, after all, is why they threw their dishonest hissy fits following the administration’s confidential briefing on Capitol Hill on Wednesday. They were just setting up their backstories for giving aid and comfort to the enemy, Pelosi.

But it’s quite another thing for Gaetz, who wants to be one of 3 or 4 House Managers who will argue the GOP’s side of the impeachment case in the upcoming senate trail, to do so. The people who want this particular assignment need to be sober and serious GOP members, not someone prone to grandstanding vanity plays, which is what Gaetz’s vote actually was.

What Gaetz actually achieved with this vote was to give Pelosi and her fellow Democrats in the House a propaganda victory. Gaetz has become one of the most high-profile Republican members in the House, and his vote gives Pelosi a poster child she can point to and say, “See? We had bi-partisan support.” Philosophy is important, but political sense and strategy is also vitally important in today’s D.C. Swamp, and Gaetz miserably failed that political test.

Gaetz’s constituents know that, and let him hear about it at an event in Florida Friday evening:

President Trump has basically zero intention of “drag[ging] our nation into another forever Middle East war,” and Pelosi knows it. This meaningless resolution is all about supporting the Democrat/Media narrative that attempts to convince the public otherwise. That’s something Gaetz should have known – but apparently did not – before he cast his stupid vote.

It’s a vote that’s impossible to really justify, and one that he will pay for politically for a long, long time.

That is all.


Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Ben Colder

It seems that no matter how good a guy is when he or she first goes to the swamp it is not too long until they become a swamp snake.Looks to me like old Matt is starting to evolve Too damned bad as I thought he was a very good guy now i am very much suspicious of him I just do NOT understand why he did what he did probably a pay off involved. Drain the swamp even if you have to chop off his head.


Need Constitutional Amendment for term limits of 12 years for all federal elections.

6 X 2 years for the House, 2 X 6 years for the Senate, and 3 X 4 years for the President.

Jimmy MacAfee

That’s a winner! Bingo!

Don L

Matt’s weak excuse making was almost as offensive as his vote.


Clean House! Help your local GOP Congressional candidates in 2020. There’s work to do.

Whisperin Pints

Are you concerned about govt action re: climate ALARM!SM? What you should know about Matt Gaetz:

“… U.S. Rep. Matt Gaetz ….. sits on the Climate Solutions Caucus.”

“Earth, Gaetz asserted, is warming, and politicians should no longer waste time debating the validity of the issue.”

“I don’t think there’s a scientific debate left to be had on if it is happening,” Gaetz said. “I also think history is going to judge very harshly climate change deniers, and I don’t want to be one of them.”

Jimmy MacAfee

No one who claims “Climate Change” has any answer for China/India, the primary source of carbon dioxide. My trees and garden thank them for producing more carbon dioxide!

Oddly enough, “scientists” (like “Dr.” Al Gore) also fail to mention that clouds keep the planet cooler, deflecting radiation. While the air in China and India is unbreathable (in places) the increase in particulate matter increases cloud cover.

Jimmy MacAfee

Did NOT know this. My apologies to Rufusvodufus. Dang.


Matt Gaetz proves himself to be a scumbag of the highest order with his Rino vote on this issue. It is already a point that the President must inform Congress any time we are going to war with another country. Gaetz needs to forget the cameras and remember who he “thinks” he is!

Jimmy MacAfee

No, he’s not a scumbag, and you are a troll: can smell you from here. (My sideline is Troll Hunter, from the movie.) Step out into the UV light, wouldya?

Jimmy MacAfee

My apologies: I stand corrected.

phineas gage

Something about Gaetz has always bothered me. He’s a publicity hound and self-promoter, and he has higher political ambitions that obviously take first priority with him. This vote was a way of getting more media face time.

The Iowa cauci are a unique type of political process, with many small venues in the homes of caucus organizers, but I still think this is more evidence that Biden is fading. He’s looking at third place in Iowa and New Hampshire. If his South Carolina firewall begins to weaken, that will be the end of it.


Joe’s son, Hunter, along with Joe’s scamming of the Ukraine is his downfall. The people hate liars and Joe is a big one along with his son.

Jimmy MacAfee

In this, you’re right.


The vote for this resolution is a vote FOR the Constitution. NOT a vote against the President. Nor is it a vote FOR Pelosi and her ilk. The war powers act is a rotten piece of unConstitutional garbage.



Don’t condemn the current president for following the law and be so silent when past presidents have abused the law.


It’s illegal because it is unConstitutional. For it to be Constitutional they had to change the Constitution. Not just make a law in violation of it. Something the President, both past and present, and the rest of those we elect are sworn to uphold. Which by definition means it can not be “the law”. And they are all in violation of their oath.
Which is also why we see none of these oathbreakers being taken down for this.


Oh, Boy, I’ll try to explain this reality one more time.

When laws are passed and deemed “constitutional” that is it, it is known as the “law of the land” and it is the reality of life under our Constitutional Republic. Live by it, or work to get it changed via the legislative or amendment process.

Ultimately what is “constitutional” is what five guys and gals on the Supreme Court in black robes say it is.

Unfortunately too many leftists and other extremists starting with FDR (at least) and for far too long don’t want to be bothered with the laborious legislative process; you know, the one where you, or your group would get enough like minded people to vote for enough representatives and senators to pass such a bill and then get a president to sign it into law.

Instead, radicals take their grievance to the judicial branch and, all too often, unelected activist judges upend the whole democratic process of our Constitutional Republic by legislating (dictating) their will upon the country from the bench; with no recourse, since the people can’t vote out or sue judges.

Two of the most egregious examples of non-constitutional policies being made into law by judicial fiat are the right to privacy being interpreted to make abortion a right and Chief Justice Roberts siding with four other black robes to decide Obamacare is “constitutional” because HE REWROTE THE LAW and CALLED IT A TAX as opposed to an unconstitutional mandate to purchase insurance from private companies. This, despite every proponent of Obamacare shouting long and loud that IT IS NOT A TAX in order to get it passed in the first place.

Abortion (apparently in all its’ forms) is “Constitutional”; so is Obamacare until it is legislatively repealed/replaced by congress and signed into law by a president. Until THEN, ALL Americans have to live with these “Unconstitutional” (in many people’s minds) Judicial Decisions as THE LAW OF THE LAND.

Just because you, and your ilk, shout to the moon that the War Powers Act is not constitutional does not make it illegal or “Unconstitutional”.

Stop weaponizing it (the argument) to use it exclusively against Trump, when little if anything was said or done against the past presidents when they repeatedly used and actually abused it.

The reality is there are bad people running rogue “bandit” nations who mean to do us harm and we need the chief executive to be given power to be able to take quick and decisive action, to use our military (something many “libertarians” are against) to protect and defend America and its’ citizens – Something that is actually in the Constitution. Things were different when the constitution was written; the nation had months or weeks to respond to foreign threats, now we have may only have hours or minutes to respond to potentially much more dangerous, massive threats.

PS: If you don’t like or want to vote for Trump (I don’t believe many of you “seminar” commenting/calling faux “Trump supporters” actually voted for him in 2016, or ever intend to vote for him in 2020) fine, don’t vote for him! But quit being so phony about it. In other words GROW UP…!


I like Matt Gaetz and I don’t think his vote will cost him in the long term, but I agree with you completely – it was an unforced error. This week we had a lively discussion here about “pure” politicians stabbing Trump in the back for petty, and ultimately, worthless reasons because it is apparently a fun thing to do. I just don’t get the motivation… If I were a Republican member of congress and happened to agree with a Dem anti-presidential/war (meaningless) resolution I would have done an Obama, and voted “Present”. That would have sent a message without damage; like the Hawaiian Heroine tried to do with one of the impeachment articles.

To both parties, but particularly the Dems: Can we please stop wasting time proposing and voting on meaningless BS resolutions? Do your damn jobs and pass bills that mean something. Leave the “resolutions” (which never “resolve” anything) to the worthless toothless UN.

Back in the 1990s, I used to tell my conservative but politically ignorant, friends who weren’t sure how to vote on an issue/candidate, to vote against anything/anybody Democrat or against anything/anybody which the majority of the MSM was endorsing. This may sound trite, but it is an tried and true formula for any unsure voter/independent to follow without having to become a wonk like we are. It is even more true today than during the Clinton ERROR.

Regarding Biden’s “lead” in the polls. I agreed with you that he would/should have faded and have been gone last fall and we were both wrong. But he is hanging on only because EVERYONE else in the Dem Dumpster Fire is so very, absolutely, awful; I won’t insult clowns and cars anymore; clowns are fun and bring happiness; these candidates aren’t/don’t.

Biden is merely the leading turd floating to the top of the septic tank at the moment.

According to Rush last week: Bloomberg has so far spent about 150 MILLION on terrible ads to get to get to around 6% on some polls; Steyer: over 100 MILLION on even worse ads to not even register in the polls. Biden so far, less than five Million.

Bloomberg’s “message” is he never took special interest money. I guess you don’t have to when you are worth 50 BILLION dollars. Hey Mikey, FYI, NEITHER HAS TRUMP, so that virtue will be a wash in the November election, and he knows how to “get things done”, whatever that means. Steyer’s basic message: term limits and “giving back”, again, whatever that means. One thing he is NOT talking about is how much he spent (waisted) on trying to get a “grassroots” movement “organically” started to remove Trump form office two years, or any mention of his pet issue of “Climate Change”. In other words, he is laying low on his agenda for now.

These two clods are this year’s version of 2016’s Jeb Bush who spent around 100 MILLION to get about three delegates. Biden is the “Best” they have and no hand picked (from some wine cave or smoke filled room) Johnny-Come-Lately at the convention is going to in anyway “unite” the left’s disparate factions of collective malcontents, misanthropes, commies and radicals. Certainly, no one who is excreted from their convention will appeal to the nation as a viable replacement for Trump. I wouldn’t be surprised if this year’s convention turns into Chicago 1968.

The Crazy Bernie/Pocahontas cult followers garners less that 40% combined in most polls and will ultimately be a nonfactor, except to piss of their adherents and cause them to either (actually) vote for Trump or stay home when their candidate is rejected by the “moderate” majority of the Dem Party. They won’t “eat it” this year and transfer their votes to the Commie Lite winner like they did to some degree for Hillary Russian Clinton last time.

Sharon Campbell

I still have no idea why Matt joined in on that stupid vote!

Jimmy MacAfee

Dear Lord Yeshua/Jesus,
Thank you for confusing the Speaker of the House’ impeachment process; it was this we prayed in Your Name, and You answered our prayers; thank you dear LORD.

I pray again, this for the FBI to be brought into disrepair, the corrupt Law Enforcement officials removed and prosecuted, and for the leadership to be toppled; I pray the same for those in the DOJ who thwart the efforts to clean up this muddied mess; I pray that the President will be vindicated of all the charges his enemies have fabricated, and that the FISA court will be disbanded and replaced with a truthful, apolitical group of judges – if any can be found across our great nation; I pray for the freedom and exoneration of General Michael Flynn and Roger Stone, and for those who falsely accused them to be exposed and brought to public humiliation: I also pray that all these corrupt officials would repent and be Saved, even though they still need to be brought to human justice,

I pray for the removal of the seditionists, the rebellious – because You have compared rebellion to the sin of witchcraft: may they all be put away forever.

In Your Holy Name I pray this,

(Can I get an amen?)


Amen Jimmy!!! A thousand up votes!!! ;<)

Jimmy MacAfee

I was angered, along with a lot of others, at the public display of petulance by Mike lee and Rand Paul, because that WAS significant. And it is over. This is not significant. Nothingburger, as they say. And it’s over, too.

The FBI is currently the hot story: Christopher Wray is not just saying “eff you” to the President, but is spitting on him and thumbing his nose. The FISC (FISA Court) also is doing the same, as it reportedly signed a warrant pertaining to Rudy Giuliani, meaning that it is still participating in political crimes against the President.

Shut down FISC, and fire Wray (and most of his henchmen;) fire a large number of DOJ lawyers, and clean house at State. Time is of the essence.

Jimmy MacAfee

As far as Biden’s fake polls go: I’ve been saying this for a long time on this blog: he’s being propped up by the Deep State, which wants someone who is pliable, even non compos mentis. No brain necessary, just someone who can sit in a chair in the Oval Office, like Obimbo.

This is significant that his phony poll numbers are finally being exposed. Beginning of the end.

Jimmy MacAfee

I’m not worried about Gaetz’s ideological “impurity,” or whatever you might want to call it. It’s a battle not worth fighting over, because the resolution is essentially toothless and meaningless. The problem with the Tea Party, good as it was/is, is that it became fundamentalist, and could not negotiate. All or nothing.

We have a much more serious issue in that the FISA response by the FBI was signed by Dana Boente. Who is he?

“The FBI responded on Friday with a bunch of garbage on how they will prevent future garbage applications from making it to the Court. This was reported on Friday. What wasn’t reported was this – the FBI’s response was signed by Director Christopher Wray and Dana Boente. Boente happens to be one of the individuals who signed one of the fraudulent Carter Page FISA warrants.”

To repeat: “Boente happens to be one of the individuals who signed one of the fraudulent Carter Page FISA warrants.”

Talk about a gigantic upraised middle finger!

So here’s how it goes:
1.Rosemary Collyer tells the FBI to write up and submit a plan of action to deal with their fraud against the court;
2. Chris Wray and Boente promise to never do it again, saying they’ll train FBI agents not to be bad.
3. Collyer says: “fine by me!”

Outrage! Bloody, nasty, ugly outrage! Chris Wray should be fired yesterday for having submitted this crock of crap, and for having Boente as his co-signer of the response.

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