Three Weeks to Iowa: The State of the Democrat Clown Show

Today’s Campaign Update
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

What will we do without Marianne Williamson in the race? – The new age guru – whatever that actually means – and fantastic dancer and debater ended her doomed-to-fail campaign on Friday, and hardly anyone noticed. Kind of like when radical Texan Julian Castro ended his campaign back in late December…or maybe it was early January, I forget which and don’t care enough to go look it up.

So, the protected minority candidates keep on dropping out and the pasty old geriatric white males keep movin’ on up in the Democrat field.  How old is the Democrat field? Take a look at this photo:

That’s former Nebraska Senator Bob Kerrey. Sen. Kerrey is a Medal of Honor winner who was briefly a leading Democrat candidate for the party’s 1992 nomination, which was of course ultimately won lifelong fraud Bill Clinton. Because of course it was.

That was 28 years ago, when Kerrey was 49 years old. Today, 28 years and 7 presidential election cycles later, Kerrey is still younger than 3 of the 5 leading contenders for the Party’s 2020 nomination. This is your Democrat Party, circa 2020.

The leader in the national polls in the race to see who will lose miserably to President Donald Trump in November remains the nation’s Unfrozen Caveman Senator, Quid Pro Joe Biden. This is a guy who just secured the endorsement of Eric Garcetti, the Mayor of Los Angeles, on a day when he thought for sure he was in Toledo, Ohio.

Joe Biden is so old that he first got elected to the U.S. Senate around the time that Jimmy Hoffa was murdered by the mob. Interestingly, if you watched the 3 and a half-hour film “The Irishman” recently and thought it was overly-long, consider this: The film’s executive producer and director, Martin Scorsese, decided to leave out the part of the biographical book it is based upon (“I Heard You Paint Houses” by Charles Brandt) that details how the same mob figure, Frank Sheeran, who claims to have killed Hoffa actually also says that he helped Biden win that first Senate campaign in 1972.

Yeah, there’s a whole chapter about that in the book, which I read in 2018, long before this film came about. Sheeran claims that the mob-controlled truckers union refused to deliver newspapers in Delaware containing full-page ads for Biden’s opponent, incumbent Republican J. Caleb Boggs, during the weeks leading up to that election day in 1972. Biden ended up winning that Delaware senate race by just 3,200 votes.

Hey, Biden always said he was a union guy!

Isn’t it interesting that the makers of a film as long as “The Godfather” decided to cut that chapter out of all the chapters in the book? But hey, that’s how the incestuous Democrat/Hollywood alliance works. Just ask Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey and all the supposedly abused actors and actresses who offered them both so much public praise over the last 25 years and have now gone silent about them.

So, there he is, ladies and gentlemen: Joe Biden, your leader in the Democrat race. This 77 year-old likely dementia-sufferer is the guy who the similarly demented Democrat voter base thinks is the most “electable” person in the field. Whew.

Next up is the even-older-than-Biden Commie, Bernie Sanders, who is running a fairly strong second in the national polls but leading now in both Iowa and New Hampshire. Oh, golly, think of the momentum the Commie will generate should he win both of those early contests. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will be all like, totes excited and stuff, or something, should that happen.

Sanders’ big problem is that he just has a very low ceiling, with his main appeal being to the least reliable and most ignorant voters in the Democrat base: College students. The Commie’s support drops off dramatically as you go up the voter age chart, and the old folks are the most reliable voters in the country. Still, with the Democrats’ new system of proportionally rewarding delegates in each primary contest, the Commie remains a real threat to accumulate a lot of delegates, just as he did in 2016.

Then you have Fauxcahontas, clearly the single most blatant life-long fraud in the race, which I keep thinking means she will ultimately end up winning it. Little Princess Gonna Take All Your Wampum had a significant boomlet during August and September, but ended up fading during the final three months of 2019 as she struggled to explain how she might pay for her $40 trillion “Medicare for all” scheme without raising taxes on anyone with less money than multi-billionaires Mike Bloomberg and Tom Steyer.

But she finally ended up landing on a talking point that basically says “hey, just trust me on this, since you know I’ve lied to you about every aspect of my personal life.” Which naturally worked with the demented Democrat voter base. So now she appears to be making a little comeback, polling second ahead of the Commie in the most recent national poll from Economist/YouGov, just 5 points behind Creepy Uncle Joe. I still think Warren, as the most obvious complete fraud in the race, is the most likely nominee here barring the entry of some other candidate, like Hillary Clinton, not currently in the race.

After those top 3, you have two more pasty white guys: Preacher Pete Buttigieg and Mr. Excitement, Mike Bloomberg.

Let’s be honest about Preacher Pete, shall we? He is not going anywhere in this race, and by that I mean he is not going anywhere outside of his 6-8% polling range in which he has been stuck since last June. No matter how much fawning press he receives, no matter how many bible verses he misquotes, no matter how many free, 2-hour-long town hall shows CNN gives him, this is where Preacher Pete is stuck, at least in the national polling. That is the extent of his national appeal.

He’s doing better than that in Iowa and New Hampshire, the two tiny states packed with self-loathing white middle-class socialist voters that lead things off. Preacher Pete might be able to crest that 15% minimum threshold required to be awarded some delegates in those two states. After that, his prospects quickly become paper-thin.

Mr. Excitement, meanwhile, has now spent over $200 million of his own money on this campaign to get himself up to about 6% in the national polls, just behind the Preacher. This is what Warren Buffet and the folks at Goldman Sachs would likely refer to as a “crappy investment,” but Bloomberg seems undeterred, having just shelled out another $10 million for a one-minute ad during the upcoming Super Bowl.

Mr. Excitement’s problems in this race are myriad, but the main one is that he is simply too genuine to appeal to enough demented Democrat voters to secure the nomination: Too genuinely short; too genuinely boring; too genuinely soft-spoken; too genuinely not prone to blatant lies about his background and family; too genuinely dedicated to banning 32 oz. soft drinks and cow farts.

This man clearly did not do his homework before entering this race – if he had, he would know that every Democrat presidential nomination since 1976 has been awarded by the Party’s demented voters to the single biggest lifelong fraud in the race. Plus, if he ever does manage to qualify for one of the monthly debates, he will simply bore the country to death. Mr. Excitement will not be the nominee.

After those five, the only other candidate in the race worth mentioning is Amy Klobuchar, who is polling fairly well in Iowa and New Hampshire. But “fairly well” means about 6%, and you have to win 15% of the actual vote to win any delegates. The chances of her breaking through with a truly strong finish in either state are basically nil, and the smart money is on her dropping out of the race after New Hampshire has come and gone.

Complicating all of this, of course, is that three of those six candidates mentioned – along with Cory Booker, another minority candidate who is going nowhere – are members of the U.S. Senate. They’re all about to have the privilege of spending virtually all of the rest of January sitting quietly in the Senate chamber for 10 hours a day, 6 days a week during the upcoming “trial” of President Trump. They have San Fran Nan to thank for that, since she’s the one who set up the timetable for all of this.

While the Commie and Fauxcahontas seem to be running strong in Iowa and New Hampshire now, what do you think will happen to their polling numbers when they disappear from those states for the 3 weeks leading up to the Iowa Caucuses?

Man, it’s almost as if San Fran Nan did this all intentionally to help Quid Pro Joe, isn’t it?

Bottom line: The more time goes on, the more likely an open convention becomes for this pathetic, despicable and disloyal political party.

Considering all of these factors and more that I don’t have time to detail here, these are my current odds on the ultimate winner of the Democrat 2020 presidential nomination:

Someone not currently in the race: EVEN

Fauxcahontas: 5 to 2

Biden: 3 to 1

The Commie: 5 to 1

Bloomberg: 20 to 1

Buttigieg: 100 to 1

The field: 1,000 to 1


That is all.


Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Jimmy MacAfee

FISA/FISC to FBI: Show us your plan for cleaning up your act.
Wray: We plan to tell trainees to do better.
FISA/FISC: OK, good enough.

Jimmy MacAfee

“Resignation is not enough, prosecution is needed.” Students chanted “Shame” on Iranian leaders, calling for justice in the plane crash.”

That’s precisely how we feel about the DOH, the FBI, the CIA, the State Department, HRC, the DNC, Crowdstrike, the Podesta Brothers, the (still alive) Jeffrey Epstein, FISC and the Deep State itself: resignation is not enough, prosecution is needed.

Jimmy MacAfee

To the good people of Iran: the American People are with you; throw off your own Deep State! We’re trying!

phineas gage

Extensive protests in Iran, beginning at universities.

Don’t student protests against authority put a shiver down the leg of all the aging boomer leftists in the media? And yet somehow we hear nothing about it from them….

Jimmy MacAfee

One reason not to go to war with Iran – the Insanian govt. wanted to unify against the “Great Satan.”
President Trump prevented this. he denied them an external enemy, the worst fear of dictators everywhere.

Some quotes:

“We’re going to do something really terrible to you; we’re going to deny you an enemy.”
Boris Yeltsin

Frank Herbert once wrote:
“The military force which is denied an external target always turns against its own people.” Soiled Man had already begun to attack his own.

“The Left has claimed that Global Warming is our enemy, but mostly they use it as a means of control over populations, and for self-enrichment.”
Jimmy MacAfee

For the Iranian people:
“It’s easier to be terrified by an enemy you admire.”
Frank Herbert

Jimmy MacAfee

Venezuela. Going soon.

phineas gage

I seriously doubt that Biden could make it through the campaign. Physically he’s probably in adequate shape, but his mental deterioration has to seriously concern the DNC brokers.

I think it will be Warren-Buttigieg as the ticket, and partly as a result of that (but mostly because of Trump) there will be a significant shift of black male voters–particularly in the Rust Belt states- to Trump.

Jimmy MacAfee

No African American male wants an uppity, snotty, condescending and arrogant white woman as their President; too much like the women who once ordered them around, as she would and has done to all of us who also actually work for a living. Much like Hitlery Clinton. Working class white men and black men have a lot more in common than the DS wants anyone to know and understand, particularly in rural areas. We get along just fine.

DNC brokers don’t mind if Biden is in a coma, or can’t tell his right from his left and can’t remember which hand he uses to wipe; like Obimbo, and Bush before him, he would just do what they told him. “Smile for the camera, Joe, and stop sniffing that child’s hair!”

But I suspect you’re right: Biden will be drooling in the very near future, along with Goatlips the House Squeaker.

Jimmy MacAfee

Goatlips the House Squeaker: her voice is like one of those squeaky little emanations from the nether regions, if you get my waft. (Whew, boy! Who been eating cabbage around here?)


If any logic prevails, this year’s election should be a monumental debacle for any Democrat in every district and state except for the deepest of blue areas. There are only two things that can defeat Trump and the GOP in 2020: conservative and independent voting complacency, and massive voter fraud. I believe Trump will win on both fronts with his great rallies, his unique true Pro-America successful agenda, and his under the radar actions to expose, prevent, and prosecute fraudulent voter operations at all levels.

I used to – and still do to some degree – think the GOP was content to be the minority party just so it wouldn’t be forced to actually lead, and therefore be subject to heavy MSM criticism i.e. the comfortable caucus pre Gingrich. Trump has turned that paradigm around and has, in most cases, forced the Republicans to come to and proudly defend America’s constitutional following and right of center citizens. The GOP is in no means perfect in this regard, but they are a lot better now than they were under the Boehner/Ryan regime; McConnell seems to have finally grown a spine and is no longer being meekly rolled by the Schumers and the Reeds. Denying Obama’s appointment of Judge Garland to the SC in 2008 was his first meaningful action.

Nancy Klink, has been transformed form being considered, and projected by the corrupt MSM, a shrewd political operative to becoming a caricature, a feeble leader, who is finally being exposed for all to see. She is not a brilliant leader (never was) nor a particularly good strategist, or Speaker (house or public). She, like most of the Democratic criminal lying political hacks, built a fraudulent financial empire by being elected and re-elected to one of the safest districts in the country, and became a kingmaker by controlling campaign funds which she uses to blackmail, bully, and control (Quid Pro Quo vote buying for campaign money) the more “moderate” wing of her party.

The left, never being satisfied, has boxed her in to the point where she is just a figurehead (like Italy’s Mussolini, circa 1944), propped up by a MSM (Hitler Fascism) hellbent on lying to the American people and destroying our Constitutional Republic. This impeachment, regardless of how it administratively plays out, along with their seditious support for Iran and anything against the best interest of the our nation, will be the left’s Waterloo. It will forever shatter the myth that the Democratic Party is the party of, by, and for America and its’ citizens.

Sadly 40+ percent of our population will still blindly vote for the person with the (D) after their name, but GOD willing, we shall overcome…

Jimmy MacAfee

Good assessment. Always watch out for the “should,” though. Imagine the “could.”

The governor of what used to be Virginia, Mayor Bloombug – um, Blackface Northie, betrayer of VMI, has galvanized Virginians. Lots of people who were asleep are now wide awake. We may see a move to split the state into Northern Virginia and Virginia. People are pissed. Wait for the false flag event at the gun rights protest march: one of Mueller’s corrupt henchmen is in charge of the Va. Branch of FBI counterintel. A real slimebucket who would like nothing more than to have a reason to disarm all of us. This is what COULD happen.

The DS wants Americans to rise up, as they hoped in Waco and OK City, so they can squash us like the bugs they think we are. That’s another COULD.

President Trump needs to have people ready to stop the plot(s) in utero. The only kind of beneficial abortion.

Sharon Campbell

Great article, David. It’s fun to watch the Dimocrats sink! I still believe Hitlery will sweep into the DNC Convention & take the nomination. That will be so fun to watch President Trump beat her again. I may have to take off work to watch that fun!

Jimmy MacAfee

I’d like to project how long each of these might stay alive if they should cheat (how else would they win?) their way to the Whitehouse (this is NOT a threat!)

Princess Lyingtongue: 5 days
Pete Buttgag: 2 days
China Mike: 2 weeks (added security)
Booger: -3
Klobuchar: survives
Biden: stroke
Sanders: can’t find the Whitehouse on a map

Not encouraging this, but cheatin’ is cheatin’. HRC would be a toasted bagel soon after the nomination.

But here’s why none will even get the nomination – not on this list:

China Mike’s many entanglements in China, and his identical-to-China gun policy, and his outright hatred of the poor (he’s said, in so many words, that they can’t take care of themselves, they never will be able to take care of themselves, and that they need a benevolent dictatorship to manage their sorry little lives. How Progressive!
He’s also profiling like Herod the Great – yeah, he can build a temple, but he’s paranoid and stupid, a baby killer who has no human values. Might be the closest thing to Satan in the contest. He also claims that China doesn’t have a dictatorship, showing how much his values are warped – and among this group, that’s saying a lot.

Booger is a vile, angry, stinking carpet stain, for whom cheating would be like adding a teacup of water to the Great Lakes. He’s as easy to hate as any of them.

Princess Lyingtongue’s lies are so obvious, President Trump should hope she’s nominated!

Biden is only polling at all because of fake polls; he’s the Deep State candidate: no brain needed, just a willingness to follow orders. He’s another Herod to the Deep State’s Rome, always willing to do what Rome tells him to do.

Sanders has lost his Capn’ Crunch, Captain Kangaroo aura, and he is like the original Star Trek villain who empowers children to take over the Enterprise – until they see his real appearance, a hideous blob. Just imagine Sanders sitting on the throne, struggling to get one out, and you get the picture, which is not pretty. Nothing about him or his plans for our nation is pretty.

Buttgag has a face that looks like a clown – Alfred E. Neuman – but whose constant missteps (like on Iran) show him to be incompetent and without a clue. Go back to your honey, Buttgag. (Another image that brings gags.)

HRC: no comment.

Dark Horse: looks like the candidate who best fits the Democratic Party’s wish list is Beelzebub, who will likely be their candidate. He likes to kill children, too, and endless war, and human misery. A shoo-in for the Dem nomination!

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