The WaPo Rolls Out a Narrative-Setting Story on the Huber Investigation

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Are you possibly getting a wee little bit tired of all this WINNING yet? No? – Yeah, you know what’s coming: All major U.S. stock indexes – the NASDAQ, the S&P 500 and the Dow – closed at all-time record high levels on Thursday as the markets recognized the soundness of the Trump Administration’s strategy vis a vis Iran even as the Democrats and their corrupt media toadies raged on about it. And it’s only going to get better today, as pre-market trading futures indicate the markets will open at new record levels later this morning. Truly, it never gets old.

Is Hillary finally off the hook on her fake Foundation influence peddling? – If you believe the Washington Post, you will think she is. The corrupt news fakers at the WaPo reported yesterday that the “investigation” supposedly being conducted by Salt Lake City U.S. Attorney John Huber – a lifelong Democrat and Obama appointee – into the machinations of the Clinton Foundation has ended without result. Thus, if the report, based solely on the Post’s usual anonymous sources, is to be believed, the Huber investigation turns out to have been just another of so many false promises made by the worthless ex-Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who announced his assignment of this task to Huber in early 2018.

It has long seemed obvious to me that Huber was actually doing nothing real on this “investigation;” thus, this report comes as no real surprise. But this is the Washington Post, after all, filing yet another foundation-devoid report based on nothing but “sources” who refuse to be named. As we have seen time after time over the last four years, this sort of report has well over a 50% chance of being a completely false story, nothing more than an attempt by someone who might be a target of the “investigation” to set a favorable narrative in advance of the issuance of whatever findings Huber may decide to produce. We have seen this tactic time after time after time, as corrupt media outlets like the WaPo work hard to provide cover for their Deep State benefactors.

So, it is always wise to wait a few days to see what else might pop up.

It is interesting to note that this story is chock-full of all sorts of qualifiers and weasel words, which indicates the reporter(s) who worked on it are attempting to spin a yarn and want to be able to claim ignorance should future revelations prove it to have been inaccurate. Here are some examples:

  • The very first paragraph says the investigation “has effectively ended with no tangible results, and current and former law enforcement officials said they never expected the effort to produce much of anything.” What that sentence really says is that the investigation hasn’t ended at all and the “sources” on whom the reporter is relying aren’t really sure of what they are telling the reporter. Also, “much of anything” is not nothing, indicating the reporter and his sources believe Huber has found something, and that something has them worried.
  • This is confirmed in paragraph 3, which says, in part: “Current and former officials said that Huber has largely finished and found nothing worth pursuing — though the assignment has not formally ended and no official notice has been sent to the Justice Department or to lawmakers, these people said.” Oh. Ok.
  • Paragraph 4 reinforces that the investigation is not actually closed with this opening: “The effective conclusion of his investigation…” An “effective” conclusion is not a conclusion.

Thus, we see the early paragraphs of the story completely contradict the headline. This investigation – to the extent it is a real investigation – is not closed at all, and someone in the Deep State is worried about that fact.

The next part of any good Deep State cover story is to glorify the bad actors at the DOJ who are most likely also the people leaking this information to the WaPo’s reporter.

  • Paragraph 11 takes care of that task with this: “But from the start, senior officials inside the Justice Department viewed Huber’s task as unlikely to lead to anything of significance…” That would be “senior officials” like Peter Strzok and Andrew McCabe and James Comey and Lisa Page. You know – all those “senior officials” who no longer work at the DOJ.

There is much, much more of this kind of nonsense in this story, including three paragraphs later on that are designed to create sympathy for poor, poor Hillary Clinton, but you get the point: This is just another Deep State narrative creation story dutifully rolled out by the sympathetic corrupt reporters and editors who infest the WaPo and our national fake news media.

Again, I harbor little belief that Huber has been doing anything real in this investigation as it relates to the Clinton Foundation, and am not anticipating any real results from it in terms of doing anything to punish the Pantsuit Princess for her blatant selling of the Secretary of State’s office to the highest bidders. But this particular WaPo story, planted as it obviously has been by Deep State interests, raises the prospect that Huber might be onto something tangentially related to the Clinton Foundation, something that has some Deep State skunk or snake worried.

So, best to wait a few days and see what else develops on this front before just assuming Huber has a big bag of nothing. Because more often than not, narrative-setting stories like this one clearly is turn out to be proven false by subsequent events.

One last thought: If the Pantsuit Princess wants to make one final run at the presidency this year, she will need to be free and clear from accusations of wrongdoing related to her foundation. Just a thought…


That is all.


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Joseph Ulman

Fortunately the deep state doesn’t have the necessary military force to sustain the gavel . Their demise will come someday, surely as every deep state before them. Take a wise Kings word on it, “The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.”


This is why I laugh when the con men in DC and in the media tell us that Barr is gonna clean things up. PLEASE. The swamp isn’t going anywhere…there are too many of them running the show.

Jimmy MacAfee

My “source” also tells me that Obimbo, Jarrett, Holder, Rice and Jones are offended at the “white supremacist” name “Great White,” and want a shark of color – the Bull Shark – to be renamed “Great Black.” Bull sharks are known to hunt alone or in pairs, and they continue to attack if they find the prey is a Russian couple off the Outer Banks. (The source calls himself “VTX.”) Jarrett also made sure the pictures of that resemble the Hairy Legged Vampire bat have been replaced with airbrushed pictures, though she still does have clubby little hands, which are also wrinkly and gnarly at the same time, Diphylla Ecaudata claws. VTX says the report came out circa 2013.

Gypo O'Leary

Pretty sure that Huber was not conducting an investigation. He was conducting a review of the previous investigation by the FBI.

So you wind up with the same crap that Horowitz said: I could find no documentary or testimonial evidence. In other words, no one handed me a document that showed me criminal behavior, and no one i talked to admitted to criminal behavior. But without a grand jury and sworn witnesses, of course you find nothing.

The sad question: Is there any evidence that Durham has actually opened an Grand Jury? I haven’t heard of it.

Jimmy MacAfee

My source says: “At publishing time, sources had confirmed that Pelosi spends a few minutes reading the Necronomicon as her morning devotionals each day.”

Same source says: “Speaking to her constituents in her weekly address, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi revealed her favorite Bible verse: “War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.”‘

Only the professional fact-fakers – like Snoops – would take this seriously, but they sometimes DO fake-check the Babylon Bee. (Snoops is p0rn for WaPo and NY Slimes reporters.) Mr. and Mrs. Snoops aren’t speaking to each other these days, because one of them has a truth problem (they can’t tell it) and the other has “exotic” tastes.

My “source” also says that Michael Obimbo is planning to have a gender reassignment surgery, and to become a woman, though I don’t believe them.

phineas gage

WINNING: Jobs + 145K, unemployment unchanged at 3.5%, no sign of inflation.

Looking better all the time for the Dems.

Jimmy MacAfee

The WaPo writers seem like they get their fiction from Ben Rhodes, an acknowledged liar who admitted to lying about things like Obimbocare and the Iran “treaty.”

I have a “source” that tells me that the WaPo gets its information from a little worm at the bottom of a bottle; same worm informs Nancy the Goatress. My “source” informs me that John “Hysterical-Boy” Brennan was the worst analyst in the whole CIA, but that’s only low probability so don’t quote me on that. My “source” tells me that Michael Obama is actually a llama, dressed up as a woman.

Always a danger when taking the Compost seriously about anything. My “source” tells me that they have a betting pool, to see who can come up with the biggest lie with the farthest reach.


So the report will probably play down any wrong doing Huber does find, using terms like “careless”, “concerning”, “problematic”, etc. Basically no teeth or legal weight. Stuff that normal people will read and think to themselves that if they got caught doing the same thing, they would go to jail.

phineas gage

Anyone believing that Huber was pursuing anything was not living in Realville, as Rush puts it.

Howsoever, the evidence sent to or collected by Huber has in all likelihood been passed along to Durham and folded into his investigation. So Hillary shouldn’t rest too easily. The article is whistling past the graveyard.

Jimmy MacAfee

Evidence of Deep State corruption, involving the Clinton Foundation, the State Department, the DOH (as in Homer Simpson saying “doh!”) and the FBI: the fact that no one will release anything to Judicial Watch without a court order, and some having to be reprimanded for not obeying the order(s) to release the FOIA materials.

Obfuscation and lying are the methods of these agencies, and if the investigation was anywhere near ended, they’d stop fighting Judicial Watch.

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