Pelosi Will Either Cave or get Rolled by McConnell – the Choice is Hers

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

The Kabuki Dance in the DC Swamp between San Fran Nan and Cocaine Mitch is about to come to its grand climax. – The only question at this point is whether the drunken Speaker with the constantly misbehaving dentures will cave in and deliver her vodka-stained articles of impeachment to the Senate, or whether the Senate Majority Leader will deem them to have been delivered and begin the Senate trial anyway.

The Hill reported Thursday afternoon that Majority Leader Mitch McConnell:

…warned lawmakers during the caucus meeting that they should not expect to be able to go home next weekend, indicating that the long-delayed trial will be underway.

Sen. Kevin Cramer (R-N.D.) added that McConnell told senators that the two articles would be sent over “soon,” expecting them in the “next day or two.”

“There’s no reason for us to stay this weekend, but don’t expect to be home next weekend was the basic message,” Cramer added after the closed-door caucus lunch.

This is a clear indication that the master of Senate procedure either has been told by the always semi-lucid Speaker that she plans to communicate the articles to the Senate no later than early next week, or that McConnell has simply had enough of his DC Swamp Kabuki Dance with her and plans to proceed regardless.

McConnell’s advisory to GOP senators came a few hours after a slurring, stammering Pelosi told a gathering of corrupt, fawning reporters that she did not plan to hold the articles in her gnarly claws indefinitely and would deliver them to the Senate “soon”:

She further said that “we want to see what they’re willing to do, and the manner in which they will do it,” referring to McConnell and the Senate. Well, McConnell already made that crystal clear in a statement on the Senate floor yesterday, announcing that there will be no negotiations with Pelosi over the Senate process, and that he has the 51 votes he needs to proceed with the same rules governing this Senate trial that governed the trial of Bill Clinton.

We told you last week that Pelosi had no leverage in her standoff with McConnell, and yesterday pointed out the reality that the Majority Leader had completely out-flanked her as a result. Hardball politics in the nation’s capital – or anywhere else, for that matter – is all about leverage, and when you have none, you are destined to lose.

Pelosi is destined to lose in her idiotic impeachment scam, and today she appeared to finally, if reluctantly, acknowledge her reality. We’ll see if that momentary lucidity can withstand her third vodka martini tonight.

That is all.


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Jimmy MacAfee

Lot of Dem congressmen who hope she doesn’t send, and the issue drops. It’s gonna cost them in their re-election, and they know it. More, if the Senate gets the sham document.

I suspect that there will be a bombshell when the articles are sent, or soon after – maybe declass, maybe not, but something very, very big. The Cud-Chewer is naying like a billygoat at this point, suspecting that she’s set a trap and her own hindquarters are caught! Baaaahaaaaa! Chew, Nancy, chew!


Talk about shooting one’s self in the foot! NanPo makes Barney Fife look like a novice!


Pelosi looks really old and haggard in that picture. It must not be a current photo.


She has that haunt and gaggard look.


A senate resolution to dismiss articles of impeachment not submitted by Sunday January 12 is clever. Nancy cannot possibly sober up before Sunday.

Jimmy MacAfee

The old cud-chewer looks like she’s about to have a medical emergency. Might be.


With any luck the senate trial/acquittal will be over by the end of January:

The Dems will get to claim that Trump was only the third president to ever be impeached – what a hollow and Pyrrhic victory.

The trial will be quick by DC standards with no witnesses – and (unfortunately) no revelations as to the corrupt Ukraine dealings of the Bidens among others. Barr and Durham better come through…

The Democratic senators will be released to continue to make asses of themselves by hitting the campaign trail

But Most Important:

The vindication of the president will occur just in time to allow him to take the podium in the HOUSE (Nancy Klink’s) CHAMBER with her having to sit behind him for TWO HOURS on a world-wide TV stage fighting with her fake teeth and fake face to try to be civil while her victorious nemesis gets to tout his accomplishments and her FAILURES as the most powerful Democrat in the nation.

How sweet that night will be:) “Corn Pop” and Beer… FOR CONSERVATIVES!!!

It will be another Super Bowl Party for “Flyover Country”.

phineas gage

It’s a modified limited hangout which will become a full-fledged cave (albeit disguised by the media) by this weekend.

Glad to see that Cocaine Mitch is going with the Hawley option and getting this show on (and off) the road as quickly as possible. I’m sure he has many more judges to confirm.

The bigger question is, given how disastrous this impeachment went, do the Dems continue digging and try it a second time heading into the summer campaign season? My magic 8-ball says ‘signs point to yes’.

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