Mike Lee and Rand Paul Should be Ashamed of Themselves

Today’s Campaign Update
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Tired of all this WINNING yet? – Gosh, it’s been like four trading days since we were able to celebrate the setting of new record highs on the various stock market indexes. Oh, hey, that’s because it has been all of four trading days since that happened. But on Wednesday that happened yet again, with both the NASDAQ and S&P 500 closing at record high levels. The Dow closed slightly below its all-time record due only to weakness at Boeing after one of its planes flown by Ukrainian Airlines was shot down shortly after taking off from Tehran. The Dow’s futures, however, are pointing to a record-high opening later this morning.

WINNING, bigly.

Speaking of WINNING, when did Rand Paul and Mike Lee, Republican senators from Kentucky and Utah respectively, become such LOSERS? This question arose late Tuesday after these two emerged from a congressional briefing conducted by the Trump Administration’s military and national security team on the situation with Iran, whining about what they characterized as the “amateurish” nature of the briefing.

Watch as Senator Lee goes absurdly ballistic upon leaving the breifing:

This seems to be Lee’s main complaint: “They [the briefers] were asked repeatedly, what, if anything, would trigger the need for the Administration to come back to congress for a declaration of war or the authorization of the use of military force? At one point I think one of the briefers said something along the lines of ‘I’m sure we could think of something.’ But they struggled to identify anything….They were asked a number of hypotheticals about situations in which they might have to appropriately have to come to ask for authorization from congress. Not once did they say yes.”

Oh, ok. Senator James Lankford (R-OK) and several other Republicans present for the same briefing completely debunked Lee’s statement, but let’s deal with that in more detail in a bit.

Before we do that, listen to Sen. Paul’s complaint as aired with the despicable Wolf Blitzer at CNN:

“No specific information given to us of a specific attack, uh, generalities, stuff you read in a newspaper was given to us. I didn’t learn anything in the hearing that I hadn’t seen in a newspaper already, and none of it was overwhelming that ‘x’ was going to happen. I’m not saying that, uh – the world being rid of Soleimani is probably a good thing. But in the end, how we go about it and the ramifications of it are very important. I think it’s made it much more difficult to have engagement or any kind of diplomacy with Iran. I doubt they’ll be coming to the negotiating table anytime soon.”

This is what happens when you get libertarian ideologues pretending to be Republicans. It is frankly stunning that someone as normally savvy as Rand Paul could witness the cowardly standing down by the Iranian Mullahs that has taken place since the completely justified killing of one of the worlds most deadly Islamic terrorist leaders and be so naive as to think it makes them LESS likely to want to negotiate. He is his father’s son at the end of the day.

It is also truly despicable for Paul and Lee to complain about the Administration briefers dealing in generalities and refusing to speculate about what Lee refers to as “hypotheticals.” Oh, golly, why might that be their behavior in a room filled with seditious Democrats?

Obviously, any classified details the Administration officials might have revealed during this briefing would have ended up being aired by Blitzer or someone else at CNN before the briefing had ended. Both Senators Paul and Lee know this reality full well.

And Lee also well knows that any concession by anyone in the Administration about any single hypothetical tossed at them might require President Trump to seek congressional approval would immediately become just another Democrat/media narrative that would attempt to tie the Administration’s hands against taking any further unilateral action whatsoever as it relates to Iran.

This was despicable, shameful behavior by two ostensible Republican senators who know better.

Watch as James Lankford – who no one can claim to be some flunky for President Trump – completely debunks Lee’s claims starting at the 1:22 mark:

“Yeah, it has been very interesting. I’ve seen some of my colleagues come out and make comments like that. In fact, one of my colleagues stepped out and said the whole group was doing a briefing with us and when the questions got hard that they left and they ran off. That was absolutely, positively false. That did not occur. They weren’t running away. We started at 2:30 and we finished at 4:00 because they had meetings in the White House.”

Enough. Have a good day.

That is all.


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Dave, I love your blog, but I think you’re wrong about Iran. I support this president very much, but that does not mean I’m not able to disagree with certain policy decisions. I agree with Rand Paul. And, frankly, the best President we never had was his father, Ron. Ron Paul is the epitome of statesman (son not as much so, but at least he is principled). You can disagree with him, but its unbecoming to disparage him.

Let’s not forget who the real enemies are out there — remember, it’s ok to have disagreements, but still be in the same “big tent.” Unlike the left, we EMBRACE diversity of thought. We’re not mindlessly following the President on every single thing he does. Just my thoughts.


BZ!!! to you Dave. I forgot about Ron Paul not ever getting anything done in a long congressional career, except earmarks.



I agree and have stated that I don’t want Trump, or any president to have a rubber stamp legislature. But why couldn’t Lee and Paul gone back to the president with their concerns rather than bitching to the media?

I mean, come on! can’t common sense and decent strategy prevail once in awhile? Trump is probably the most accessible president ever. Why go out of your way to hurt anyone who is actually bringing your priorities to fruition? The same goes for the ***hole “Never-Trumpers”

And I don’t remember Paul and Lee being so vocally critical of the “One”.

PS: Paul the senior was a crusty old curmudgeon, who appealed to a significant, but small portion of the country, and only served to split the conservative vote, ultimately benefitting the Democrats. Furthermore, lest you think that Paul Sr. was so pure he walked on water, I remember he played the Potomac Two-step and did the EARMARK GAME as well as anybody.

Jimmy MacAfee

How principled is it, to handcuff the President in his lawfully and Constitutionally mandated role as Commander in Chief? I can also look at how observant these two are regarding the strategy of the President: they see nothing, while this President has kept us out of war.

Wonder why the Libertarians never take control? And never will? Here’s the motto of Anarchists:
“Anarchists Untie!”

Extreme Libertarians are, in a word, Satanists (Motto: “thine own will be done”) while the Deep State is filled with Luciferians, who believe Lucifer got a bum rap. (The devil is in the details, eh?) That is, extreme Libertarians are Satanists, not your run-of-the-mill Libertarian. Jeffrey Epstein’s crew are Luciferians. Col. Michael Aquino, PhD, a military-psyops strategist, is a Satanist (Temple of Set.) Look it up. I’ve done the research.

Jimmy MacAfee

Wait for it…you knew it was coming…wait…..hooold….hoooooold…
“Russian missile hit Ukraine plane.”
The Russians did it, the Russians did it!
Russians made the missile, which at least is being admitted by the Fake News – that much is true, the missile part.


Maybe. But it was fired by panicked Insanians. And the reports says the plane was “turning back.” No, it wasn’t; it lost control. Radio silence from the pilots: if they were actually turning back, they’d have said something. Nary a peep.

Fox is the fix.

Narrative control by the Fixers. Just look into this little device (the MIB neuralizer.) No, the plane was taken down by lethal levels of swamp gas, ignited by Venus, which got too close this time of year.

Jimmy MacAfee

Mikey Lee’s ego bit him in the butt. Will he return to the fold, or become a Crappernick, who must live-stream his kneeling ever time the National Anthem is played. Note to Crappernick: if you actually did find a team, someone likely would’ve already taken your knee. Just sayin’.

Come home, Paul. Sometimes strategy is bigger than ideology.


If I remember correctly, several years ago Rand Paul was held up and harassed by the newly created TSA at an airport in either Nashville or Kentucky. He also had his ribs badly busted up at his home a few years back by some leftist radical wacko as a protest to something that got the left “OUTRAGED” over something Trump did to “OUTRAGE” them. Same with Rep Scalise and a bunch or GOP congressmen getting ambushed at a softball field by a Bernie Sanders’ supporter. In the past three years, we have seen numerous elected Democrats arguing for and promoting outright violence against members of the Trump Administration, Kavanaugh, and other GOP/Trump supporters. Can you imagine the hew and cry and “OUTRAGE” that would happen if top bananas like a Rep. Stenny Hoyer got shot or if a Sen. Corey Booker got assaulted by a right wing-nut?

I just don’t understand how any Republican – whether conservative or moderate – feels compelled to blast this president to the liberal MSM; they seem to relish the opportunity to channel their inner McLame and spew their guts which displays their RINO tendencies. These supposedly smart and savvy politicians make these appearances on enemy held TV and constantly get played, or maybe they want to be played, with the net effect of giving the Trump Administration a black eye, a PR hit to no positive purpose.

What did Lee or Paul gain by bitching on TV about the intel briefing? When did Barack the Obama ever give you a brief, or listen to ANY GOP input?

Don’t these idiots realize that the MSM would do everything they could to outright defeat and destroy the Pauls and the Lees of the world if given the chance. Their goal is to totally destroy the Republican Party and the conservative movement. They promote the radical violent ANTIFA and BLM groups, and denigrate and impugn the peaceful conservative TEA Party. Yet these idiots keep lining up to give the MSM ammo to hurt Trump, and by extension, themselves; quit giving them fodder.

I don’t remember any Republican (if they ever did, it was always couched in the most tepid terms possible), and certainly no Democrat ever blasting Obama for his “War Criminal Acts” of droning actual American citizens without due process (Are there any Democrats who believe in the rule of law, or due process?), or any other liberal policy when he was president. Where was the pushback on Fast and Furious, the IRS abuse scandal, pallets of cash to Iran, Dreamer EOs etc.?

Why can’t these politicians just shut up and be thought fools rather than open their mouths and remove all doubts? Taking opportunities to gratuitously rip or denigrate Trump on TV does not serve them well especially when they represent Red States/Districts and serves no good purpose; leave that to the Democrats, and quit giving Schumer, Pelosi, and the MSM metaphorical orgasms!.

Wise up, grow up, and support our pro-American president! Be part of the solution and quit giving aid and comfort to the DEM/MEDIA ENEMY! If you RINOS can’t see the writhing on the wall, or reality, then retire and let someone with brains and guts take your place.

Better yet, the primaries will soon be upon us which signals the opening of RINO Season. To all Red States and reasonable Purple States, please primary these old war horse losers and get some conservative leaders to replace them.


The thing about libertarians, and I would say this about Rand and maybe it applies to Mike is that they are principled to a fault. Maybe that’s not the right way to describe them….they tend to stick to their guns on how the government *should* operate relative to the constitution. I can’t fault them for that, but the problem is our government is so bloated and far from what the framers intended, they tend to pick questionable battles in the grand scheme of things. With all of the political flavors we have in the swamp, its OK that we have some conservatives that want to pause and ask right questions about how we govern, I just don’t think that the quality of intel on this particular event is something to throw a flag and decide to dig in the heels.

Jimmy MacAfee

This is true of all ideologues, people who are driven by ideology alone. Like the prancing ninny to the north of us, Justin “Castro’s Kid” Truduhh. Informed by his ideology, and nothing else.

Jimmy MacAfee


I’ve thought this, but the removal speaks volumes, either way:

Reliable Intelligence, re. Soiled Man and afterward:
1. The CIA is apparently under different control (you with us, Gina?) or other parts of IC are taking its place.
2. The IC (is being used appropriately, not like under Director Hysterical With a Rainbow Lanyard, who played Acting Director, as in (acting, like Hollyweird.) Funny he’s been quiet during this. Maybe he’s out at the store, buying hankies, now that his blew-eyed buddy is no more.


Rumour has it that Lee is being paid by the Chamber of Commerce to resist anything President Donald J. Trump may want to do about the wall and immigration reforms. There is your money tie in. Lee is seemingly a rino like Romney, possibly a never-Trumper to boot.
Rand is Rand. Never really trusted him, nor his old man. Something about both of them that has always set off my BS detector. Like most politicians do.
So tired of DC and their clown show, on both sides of the aisle.
Just sayin’.

Jimmy MacAfee

In defense of Rand Paul: he occasionally shows some sense; Mike Lee does, too. And blind pigs sometimes find an acorn.

But your assessment is essentially correct: the anti-American Chamberpot of Commerce, not satisfied with a booming economy, not satisfied until working class Americans are all hooked on meth and oxy, not satisfied until we’re all homeless and they can purchase our mortgages for pennies on the dollar; not satisfied until we’ve been replaced by people whose idea of a small family is 7 or more – including Islamists, who have multiple wives and multiple children from each wife. Open borders is, as Angry Bernie once claimed, “a Koch brothers fantasy” – (before Bernie found out that he liked that kind of p0rn, too!)

I’d like to see the Chamberpot of Commerce be replaced by something not so treasonous. People who represent actual trade, not the reduction of Americans to serfdom.

Jimmy MacAfee

Iran has consistently refused the Trump administration’s attempts to talk. Kind of like the “Palestinians'” refusal to talk, insisting that Israel must be destroyed first – then they’d talk! All the money the Palestinians received went to purchasing weapons. Seems the same with Iran. Except when the money was skimmed by Western “leaders.” Part of the deal.

So when Rand Paul talks about negotiation with the Iranians, WTF? And when would he project that occurrence?

Maybe after their responsibility for the downing of the airliner, and the world rightly turns against them? Maybe after the Iranian people rise up and the Mullahs are about to lose their heads? Maybe after the Western corruptocrats who skimmed the $150 billion (and the 1.5 billion in cash) are revealed…(Senators? You know your names!) Maybe after some “random” earthquakes destroy their nuclear facilities (remember what happened in North Korea? The collapse around their nuclear facility?)

I’d just as soon see ALL of the Iranian leadership end up like Soiled Man, but maybe there are a few voices of reason that will survive the Iranian uprising? Maybe the old man who is about to lose his country will negotiate? Their people are sick of all their resources being used the same way certain televangelists used donor money: to enrich themselves. As far as the Shiites go, none of it goes to teaching their brand of Islam, like the Wahhabis: it all goes to war. Seems like they don’t really believe in their version of god, but are materialists.

Jimmy MacAfee

Mike Lee has obviously been taking lessons from the Minister of Propaganda, Joseph Goebbels – er, – Bagdhad Bob – er – Ben Rhodes. He wants the President to tie his own hands, to tie himself into knots? For this President, and any President who follows, to lose any authority they’ve been granted by the Constitution?

And Rand – sounds like Ayn Rand if you say that quick enough – has jumped the shark. He did go after al-Bimbo, who ran war after war illegally, and whose feted “drone strikes” did nothing, other than kill civilians. That was when the drone program was under the control of Hysterical Man With the Rainbow Lanyard. I bet he allowed al-Bimbo unfettered access to those drones, where he could pull the trigger himself, like a video game! And there is some evidence of this: al-Bimbo said himself that he was “very good at killing.” As a former CIA operative, he got special privileges – including the Presidency itself.

What we’re seeing is the Deep State, having hoodwinked Lee and Paul into doing their bidding. Dang. You think the spirit of Ace No-Name came back as a demon spirit and possessed these two? We already know that the Dems are possessed by Legion and others. But Rand? Lose the attitude, chum: we have a President who has skillfully avoided war after war after war, set up for whomever entered the Whitehouse. HRC stated that she would “level Iran.” She wanted that X-Box! Blam! Another rock-scrambler, some minor actor, blown to sh-t!

As to Mike Lee’s characterization: maybe he needs to go to a reading-listening comprehension class: others had described the briefing as “the best they’d ever gotten,” while Lee said the opposite. I guess he’s eager to go to war, like the rest of the Deep State.

Jimmy MacAfee

Worth watching Senator Lankford’s complete interview. This guy has the chops.

phineas gage

Obama authorized well over 2000 drone strikes and, to my knowledge, Lee and Paul didn’t say a thing.

Paul is a flake, like his old man. I don’t know what is up with Lee, but whatever the explanation it probably has to do with money. Utah really has a pair of clowns as senators.

O/T, look what they just passed in my old home state of New Hampshire (sadly a shell of it’s former conservative self after the Massachusetts flatlanders invaded):


The gun-grabbers really are making their move now.


Attacking a foreign nation is act of war.
All these people swore to defend Constitution.
1. Constitution says only Congress can start war with Declaration of war. Congress has the power, not Presidents. They’re all war criminals.
2. Constitution says we can’t go to war UNLESS ACTUALLY INVADED, without consent of Congress, a declaration of war.
This is just another taxpayer bailout of Military Industrial Complex.
And your children will be paying for it long after your dead.
WhatisTaxed c o m

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