Iran Lobs Missiles As Democrats And Corrupt Media Cheer Them On

Today’s Campaign Update
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

So, what actually happened last night? – Not much, other than open sedition and disgrace from the Democrat/media/Deep State Axis of disinformation.

When news broke that Iran was lobbing missiles from its soil at a pair of Iraqi military bases where U.S. and coalition forces were stationed, Democrats and media figures immediately started their own cheering section for the Iranian Mullahs on Twitter. MSNBC’s Larry O’Donnell kicked things off with this little gem, openly urging the Mullahs to take revenge on the bad Orange Man in the White House:

San Fran Nan Pelosi, the ostensible Speaker of the House, did her own version of “Down the Field, Big Team, Down the Field” for the Mullahs with this tweet, blaming everything on the Orange Man:

Even Tulsi Gabbard, an active reservist who should know better, made a statement blaming everything that’s ever happened vis a vis Iran on the bad Orange Man. Pathetic.

Pelosi’s statement that she was “closely monitoring” the situation was a lie. In fact, she was partying at the opening of a new D.C. restaurant as the situation in Iraq was unfolding, as an enterprising attendee posted a picture of her yucking it up with her fellow party-goers and posted it on Twitter:

Image may contain: 1 person, indoor

No wonder those articles of impeachment she’s been holding onto for weeks smell like vodka and mothballs.

The nation’s Unfrozen Caveman Senator, Quid Pro Joe Biden, was as discombobulated as always, twice confusing the nation of Iran with Iraq. The fawning corrupt reporters present attributed the latest evidence of Biden’s creeping dementia to a simple “misspeak”, because of course they did.

Meanwhile, over at CNN, it was business as usual:

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Thankfully, whether due to poor aim of the Iranian military or by intention, no U.S. or Coalition personnel were killed in the missile attacks. As one friend emailed me this morning: “Iran named this attack after General Soleimani…that’s why it was scattered all over the desert, not hurting anyone.”

The lack of U.S. casualties, however, did not prevent the despicable hacks at MSNBC from giving airtime to Iranian propaganda claiming the attacks had killed 30 U.S. military personnel. As reported by the Daily Caller:

MSNBC host Chris Matthews brought in NBC News Tehran bureau chief Ali Arouzi, who repeated the Iranian claims to MSNBC’s national audience.

“We’ve just getting reports now that a second wave of rocket attacks have been launched from Iran. The IRGC was saying that Ayatollah Khamenei, the supreme leader of this country, was in the control center coordinating these attacks. This is, uh, this bit I’m not sure about,” Arouzi said, before sharing the unverified propaganda claims, “but Iran state media is claiming that 30 U.S. soldiers have been killed in this attack. Now, this is not confirmed, this is just coming from Iranian media, but we have just stepped over the precipice, Chris.”

The only “precipice” that had been stepped over was MSNBC’s stepping over the precipice into rank sedition and fake news.

Senator Marco Rubio summed things up like this early Wednesday morning:

President Trump, showing the restraint towards Iran’s constant provocations that he has demonstrated throughout his presidency, actually did closely monitor the situation throughout the evening. Despite wild media reports variously claiming that he had scrambled stealth fighters out of the UAE and ordered nuclear-warhead-armed B-52s to prepare for takeoff, the U.S. held its massive fire and allowed the situation to fully play itself out.

Earlier on Tuesday, during a press availability at the White House, President Trump summed up the decision to take out Soleimani in his own unique way:

The President will make a statement to the nation later this morning, laying out the details from the U.S. point of view, and discussing his next steps moving forward. If he were the hothead know-nothing the seditious U.S. media portrays him to be, hell would already be raining down all over the Middle East.

Be thankful he’s your President, and not the actual hothead who openly celebrated the “successful” Obama Administration plan to throw the entire nation of Libya into 19th century turmoil, a state it remains in to this day.

That is all.


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Jimmy MacAfee

Guessing – just guessing – that the Ukraine airliner was shot out of the sky by the Insanians, who were terrified of retribution. Some trigger-happy dolt.

With or without this, Iran is effectively shut off. Who wants to fly to Tehran, or from Tehran? Too many unanswered questions, which won’t be found because they’re hiding the black box.

My guess is: we already know, from satellite and other methods, where the fire came from, taking out the engine. Unless, of course, it was a bomb – which the Insanians would want to expose. But right now, the Insanians have pissed off or scared many more, all over the world.

Jimmy MacAfee

Iran will be isolated by EVERYBODY but fellow terrorists and Hollyweird:

“There was also an unverified report that eyewitnesses claimed there were two explosions heard before the plane hit the ground. This alone does not indicate something external caused it like a missile strike or the plane hitting a small drone, but planes generally do not blow up in midair without cause. Moreover, the sudden speed reduction does not jibe with a single engine catching fire.”

“When there’s engine trouble, planes generally maneuver to make an emergency landing. Considering they were two minutes out from the airport, even one of the engines catching on fire would allow them to turn around and go back to the airport. They certainly would have communicated their situation. But instead, we see a sudden loss of speed and altitude indicative of an explosion.”

phineas gage

MSNBC actually gleefully reported that there were 30 U.S. casualties. Pelosi wouldn’t take a call from Pence and said she would call him back. These people are monsters every bit the equal of Suleimani.

I’m disappointed in Gabbard–I thought she alone would do better.

Also performing dismally was Tick-Tock, who hysterically proclaimed that B-52s were headed to Iran.

The Iranian regime quite obviously just made a show of attacking, while studiously avoiding inflicting any actual harm, since their palaces would be rendered into parking lots soon after. I wouldn’t be surprised if their shabby missiles were also involved in bringing down the Ukrainian airliner

Dave Hardesty

These people performed exactly the way I would expect terrorist sympathizers to behave.



Not only are many of our Politicians, Media Types, and Gov. Officials terrorist sympathizers, they are active collaborators; dare I even say they are “colluding” with our enemies?

If only “collusion” was an actual statutory crime, then they could be prosecuted like the left tried to do to a certain president who did not actually “collude”.



I’m not at all disappointed about Gabbard – she is, after all, a DEMOCRAT, and there are no good Democratic politicians in America today. She, like most politicians, is trying to have it both ways and often wind up losing support from both sides. Tulsi tried to appear “reasonable” by voting “present” on one of the articles of impeachment, now she goes back to her roots – full on anti-Trump.

There is no difference between any of the Dems running for president. The Tulster could have continued to distinguish herself after her takedown of Harris, but reverted to the Dem norm…

I am not paying attention to the Dem primaries and their “process”. One of these turds will eventually float to the top of the septic tank and become the DL (Designated Loser) to Trump. I only hope they piss away so much money that they take funds away from the Dem congressional races and lose them also. I’m seeing a 1972 popular vote presidential landslide for Trump and a 1994 style GOP congressional landslide.

Only the quintessential BS artist BJ Clinton, was really able to successfully triangulate positions and win. And he only got 43 and 49 percent of the popular vote in his two victories. Perot (sadly) became his most valuable asset which is why we need runoff elections at all levels when one does not gain a clear majority of the vote.

Jimmy MacAfee

You’re right: she did us a favor by exposing herself. Her shelf life is now half of half. But I am grateful to her for taking down Princess Kama Sutra, who is evil incarnate. Gabbard has shown herself to be someone of limited imagination.


Gabbard is tolerable as a Democrat. She is still wrong about things (as Dems are usually wrong anyways), but she hasn’t put herself in the same boat as 99% of her party.

Everyone else on the left, however, are simply stunning in their support for Iran. They hate Trump so much they are willing to support an enemy state. So tired of stupid libs trashing America and praising our enemies,playing down their roles as bad actors.. As others have mentioned, it seriously sounds like sedition and treason. It’s totally out of control. Everyday its more hypocrisy saying that everything Trump does is illegal. Killing Soleimani was not illegal, he was declared (by previous administrations) as terrorist. Obama killed Anwar Al Alawki in Yemen and he was an American citizen. I agreed with that hit, but no bleeding heart libs complained he was deprived of his constitutional right to a trial.

Libs everywhere said DJT was a madman, how can we let him have control of our nuclear arsenal – he’ll start a war with NK, and Iran. He has shown incredible restraint:

Iran plants bombs on tankers – no miltitary action by DJT

Iran shoots down a US drone – DJT calls back an operation when he learns there will be loss of life

Iran takes the Saudi’s oil field – no military action by DJT

Iran attacks a base in Iraq, kills a US contractor and organizes the assault of our embassy – DJT kills Soleimani.

Iran retaliates (weakly it appears), and I suspect later this morning DJT will say there will be no military action unless Iran does something stupid.

And every Dems has the gall to criticize him and say he’s provoking Iran? What in the actual F is wrong with these people???

Jimmy MacAfee

My immediate reaction, assuming there were dead US military personnel, was “52.” 52 targets.

I agree with your post completely: the Insanians won’t release the black box, showing that they have some responsibility in the crash of the airliner; Gabbard is now a Keebler Elf; Tick Toc is full of disinformation (doesn’t know the difference between speculation and fact) and “Goat Lips” Pelosi was apparently having a hard time drinking her booze with her cud constantly getting in the way. MSNBC should be shut down (like they would have in WWII) for giving aid and comfort to the enemy. Not that any of their half dozen watchers would notice.

Jimmy MacAfee

If the missile strikes had harmed one serviceman, I’d say: “level Tehran.” And the nuclear facilities. If no one was hurt, I’d say: make sanctions even harder, if possible. The threats against other countries has shown Iran for what it is: a dangerous and malignant threat to civilization. I suspect they may have intentionally missed.

Even though the Europeans and some Americans got payoffs from the 150 billion al-Bozo sent it (without proper authorization from anyone) no one is really talking about this. It’s important, and the loss of an airliner from Ukraine – a tragedy – shows, if only symbolically, that there is a connection between payees of the payoffs. Not suggesting that the people on the flight were in any way guilty of any of this. It’s just symbolic.

There should be a movement to further isolate the regime and let the Iranian people take them down.

phineas gage

Trump will squeeze even harder with sanctions. He is the master of economic warfare. The mullahs are on borrowed time. The only question is whether the end is relatively peaceful (e.g. East Germany) or bloody (e.g. Romania).

Iran is now threatening Israel with Hezbollah rockets, but that is a paper tiger bluff as well.

Jimmy MacAfee

Hezbollah will retaliate, even if Iran says “no.” Israel will make Lebanon – (in the areas where Hezbollah reigns) – look like the surface of the moon. Israel is prepared, but patient. They won’t act without justification.

Now is the time to strangle Hezbollah and kill it: al-Bozo the Weakest stuffed the investigation into their drug running, but this is the time to starve them and take them down.

Notice another contrast: Brennan and his boy-toy al-Bozo the Weakest droned the crap out of Yemen, with no effect. No. Effect. Other than to kill civilians, which Brennan the Hysterical lied about repeatedly. Contrast that with the removal of Soiled Man and his next-in-line. Reminds me of a bantamweight (al-Bozo) going against George Foreman (President Trump.)

Jimmy MacAfee



Biden is so clueless he probably thinks Iraq is the past-tense of Iran; the only country he knows anything about in that area of the world is Ukraine – after all, he was Barack the Obama’s “advisor” on all things Ukraine.

Has anyone noticed that Nancy Klink’s bustline seems to be expanding, and her brain is apparently shrinking? It must be all that Botox, or maybe they are injecting her head with Greatstuff which is pushing her brain south.

Apart from trying to muzzle and diminish Trump, dissuade any decent people from working in his administration, and sending notice to any other outsider attempting to become president that they will be utterly destroyed, the left does not seem to grasp what they are doing to the office of the presidency.

Unfortunately, sooner of later, there will be a Democratic president; does the DLMIC (Democratic Liberal Media Industrial Complex) not understand that history repeats itself and what comes around goes around?

If the current cabal is successful against Trump, the Office of the President will be reduced to a true figurehead status and any Democrat will be subject to the torture that Trump has endured… I urge you Dimwits to Think (for once) about the long-term ramifications of your current actions/tactics. The only hope for an actual anti-American criminal Democratic President to survive in the environment you are creating and the precedents you are setting, is if the GOP congressmembers shirk their constitutional duty and not drown you with endless (and real) investigations and impeachment(s). So short sighted they are, so myopic on their part… but almost everything a liberal does is for short-term gain – seeking instant gratification with no regard for long term, or “unintended” consequences.

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