The Barr Department of Justice Produces an Outrage in the Flynn Case

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

This is not encouraging. Not encouraging at all. – Early Tuesday afternoon, lawyers for the Justice Department prosecuting the case against Lt. General Mike Flynn revised their previous sentencing recommendation in the case. Last year they had recommended a probationary sentence for the former National Security Advisor, who pled guilty to lying the the FBI during their ambush interview of him in the early days of the Trump Administration.

Today, the DOJ lawyers – one of whom participated in the Mueller Witch Hunt – revised their recommendation to jail time of 0 to 6 months. As reported by Fox News:

In a reversal, the Justice Department has recommended up to six months of prison time for ex-national security adviser Michael Flynn—claiming he has refused to “accept responsibility” for his actions.

“Given the serious nature of the defendant’s offense, his apparent failure to accept responsibility, his failure to complete his cooperation in—and his affirmative efforts to undermine—the prosecution of [ex-Flynn associate] Bijan Rafiekian … the government recommends that the court sentence the defendant within the applicable Guidelines range of 0 to 6 months of incarceration,” federal prosecutors wrote in a sentencing memo on Tuesday.

In its new sentencing memorandum, the DOJ wrote, “The defendant’s conduct was more than just a series of lies; it was an abuse of trust,” adding, “The government acknowledges that the defendant’s history of military service, and his prior assistance to the government, though not substantial, may distinguish him from these other defendants. The government asks the Court to consider all of these factors, and to impose an appropriate sentence.”

Flynn’s lawyers will respond with their own sentencing recommendation in the next few days.

What’s really happening here is that the DOJ lawyers assigned to the case are angry that General Flynn decided to change lawyers in the midst of their and the FBI’s endless attempts to bully him into offering damaging information against President Trump and various other targets of the Mueller Witch Hunt. Flynn jettisoned his original counsel in favor of the much more aggressive Sydney Powell in December 2018, and since that time has levied a series of allegations of prosecutorial misconduct against the DOJ.

Again as reported by Fox:

In recent months, Powell has lobbed several accusations at federal prosecutors, claiming that they withheld critical documents necessary for the defense of her client. Powell has also demanded that the government turn over two cellphones used by overseas professor Joseph Mifsud, who told former Trump campaign foreign policy adviser George Papadopoulos that the Russians had “dirt” in the form of emails that could damage Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, claiming that the information would be “material, exculpatory, and relevant to the defense of Mr. Flynn.”

Powell also claimed that FBI agents manipulated the official records of Flynn’s 2017 interview that led to him being charged with lying to investigators in yet another attempt to get Flynn’s case thrown out.

Powell alleged that FBI officials manipulated his FBI 302 — the form used by agents to report or summarize interviews. It’s not clear who may have done the alleged editing, though ex-FBI agent Peter Strzok was involved in the original interview. She also alleged that, at the direction of former FBI Director James Comey, FBI former deputy director Andrew McCabe “personally called Flynn to pave the way for the uncounseled conversation.”

Flynn, for those who may have forgotten, originally decided to enter his guilty plea in 2017 after Mueller and his Witch Hunt gang threatened to go after his family. It was only after the government had requested a series of delays in the sentencing schedule that Flynn finally made the decision to hire Powell and fight back. Today’s revision of the government’s sentencing recommendation is payback from the Justice Department.

Not just any Justice Department, mind you, but the Trump DOJ led for the last 10 months by William Barr. Barr is supposed to be the stand-up guy, the Attorney General who was going to come in and put an end to the two-tiered system of [in]justice created during the Obama years.

Yet, here is General Flynn still being persecuted by Barr’s own employees all these months later. Meanwhile, Andrew McCabe, who not only has admitted to lying to FBI investigators, but who also had a criminal referral entered against him by DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz last year, still walks free and makes gobs of money as a paid contributor for CNN.

While Flynn is being threatened with prison time by Barr’s own lawyers, Obama-era hacks like James Comey, James Clapper, John Brennan and Peter Strzok – all of whom without any question at all committed multiple counts of perjury before congressional committees in 2017 – walk around free men, not subject to any harassment at all from the Department of [in]Justice.

Like most readers of the Campaign Update, I continue to harbor hope that Mr. Barr, through the John Durham investigation that he authorized and continues to at least publicly support, will ultimately begin to right all of the wrongs committed by his predecessors in office, and begin to re-balance this nation’s scales of justice.

But on days like today, when we see Barr’s own employees continue to shamefully abuse an American patriot like General Flynn, holding onto that hope becomes a real burden.

That is all.


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Finally an article that actually describes what “IS” going on. I fully support the John Durham criminal investigation of Comey, and ALL of the swamp dwellers. I cannot understand how , Mcabe, Strok, Page, and all of the corrupt people behind the production of the Dossier are NOT being held accountable. It is a complete disgrace to our government and the people of the United States, that these people are NOT being punished. If these people go unpunished, it will open the floodgates to this type of behavior to be repeated. Just like Hillary Clinton and her emails and foundation, and now Biden and his son. It supports my theory all along. You cannot become a multimillionaire making less than 100K annually. The Bidens, Obamas, Clintons are in the 100’s of millions. HOW? The corruption they have weaved leveraging their office for gain. It’s really sad.

Steve Lawrence

A special prosecutor should be appointed to look at the conduct of every government employee in this case (including the judge and FISA judges) Tom Fitton might suggest the person for the job.

Jimmy MacAfee

Bingo! And amen.

Jimmy MacAfee


DD More

One Charge – “and his affirmative efforts to undermine—the prosecution of [ex-Flynn associate] Bijan Rafiekian”

Sorry, but the Prosecution screwed this up themselves. “Judge Anthony Trenga of the Eastern District of Virginia dismissed the indictment against Bijan Rafiekian, citing insufficient evidence to sustain his conviction on either count.”

They are now wanting to punish Flynn for not having sufficient evidence in Their Case?

Jimmy MacAfee

The prosecution of Flynn is entirely “fruit of the poisonous tree.” Considering that everything stemmed from illegal FISA warrants, and continued from those same roots, any judge who has not thrown this case out is guilty of discriminatory and unethical behavior. They’ve been trying it with Rudy Giuliani, too – going after associates.

The poisonous tree is rotting as it stands, where it stands, like a white ash after having been scoured by the Emerald Ash Borer. Can’t save the trees without devastating expense and effort. Better to just cut it down.


Yesterday, we had the phony letter of the removal of our (US) presence in Iraq, now we get this from Trump’s DOJ…

Is this more Deep State subterfuge? Is SecDef Esper for real, and does he have control of the Pentagon? Is AG Barr for real, and DOES he have control of the DOJ and Wray’s FBI?

So far it seems that PDJT is a one man band who seems to be in a position where he has to micro-manage everything and even then he has to prod, push, and cajole to get anything done. What happened to all the Declassification that Trump authorized and in fact ordered Barr to do last spring?

Yet the G*D DAMN Dems want all the Intel pertaining to the recent strikes against the DECLARED TERRORISTS released – immediately! National security means and methods be damned – after all, they have a GOP president to dispose of, regardless of public will, and any other negative consequence to the United States.

Which “classified” information do you suppose will be leaked/released to the MSM/public first?

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it for the rest of my days, Trump must fire everyone he can and tell Barr, Durham, Huber et al, to get off their collective asses and START PROSECUTING EVERY STINKING ROTTEN CREEP (REPUBLICAN AND DEMOCRAT) INVOLVED IN ALL ILEGAL ACTIVITY — NOW!!!

President Trump, you may have the patience of a saint (put up with Sessions for years when he should have been fired in months when he proved to be feckless), and obviously you know more about what is going on behind the scenes than us peons, but, most all of your supporters – real patriotic Americans – want to see results; we want to see these criminal traitors locked up — NOW!!! We’ll accept some losses and some defeats along the way, but we need to see something happen, and “sooner rather than later”.

Jimmy MacAfee

I’m not waiting for Barr. I’m praying directly to the LORD of LORDS, Yeshua, the Messiah, to clean this filth out. Including the governor’s office in Virginia, occupied by a baby-killing, gun-grabbing fascist. Lord? Accidents happen? (Wink wink) In all sincerity, though: in Your time and choosing.

I pray this in Your Holy Name,

Jonathan Rakes

I wonder if the have to make an example of Flynn to show that to lie or commit perjury results in jail time. This way when the Durham report comes out and indictments start to flow there is a precedent for when they lock up Comey, Brennan, Clapper and all of the other coup conspirators and it can’t be dismissed as a partisan hit job.


We already have that “precedent” with what the FBI did to Martha Stewart a dozen or so years ago.

Even the Super-Duper FBI/CIA Agent Peter Strock/Stroke/Smirk said “there was no there – there”, regarding General Flynn.

What the DOJ/FBI has to make an “example of” is that they are capable of performing with competency, fairness and are following of the rule of law.

I look forward to the day they actually begin to function as an actual law enforcement agency, and not some junta serving their Democratic Masters in the Democratic Banana Republic based in Washington, DC.

Jimmy MacAfee

Unbelievable that the judge didn’t look at the threats made against General Flynn’s son, basically blackmail. Something isn’t right, and I’m wondering how bad it’s going to get.

On the other hand, Flynn will have a case – a tort – (and if you want a prediction, look at CNN settling with Nick Sandmann.) Flynn has a case against the DOJ, but may only be able to bring it if he’s suffered jail time, in addition to his loss of property. Sue sue sue!

And he may be able to depose Weissmann the Corrupt. And have him (and others) disbarred.

Edward smith

Lying to the DNC’s FBI. Are you kidding me? Flynn in jail with Hillary, Comey, et al walk free?

Jimmy MacAfee

The people who should be going to jail include nearly everybody on Mueller’s shakedown team.

phineas gage

Barr must step in and make this right by reining in the DOJ lawyer. Otherwise he loses all credibility and should resign.

Just assuming that Trump will issue a pardon doesn’t cut it.

Jimmy MacAfee

Barr seems to be losing his grip. I’m losing confidence.

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