Another CNN Narrative Engineer Gets Destroyed on National Television

Today’s Campaign Update
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Fox News is reporting that Iran’s government has designated the U.S. Army as a “terrorist organization.” – That’s like having the Veggie Whopper designate you as a bad hamburger. Silliness.

Yeah, that narrative isn’t going to work, either, CNN. – We talk a lot about how the Democrats and their toadies in the corrupt news media coordinate daily on the narratives they plan to push. This is because that’s exactly what they do on a daily basis in their tireless efforts to destroy the foundations of the American Republic and hamper the Trump Administration’s policy efforts.

In Sunday morning’s Update, we laid out the Democrat/Media’s overarching narrative in response to the glorious killing of Iranian terrorist leader Qassem Soleimani, and why it will fail with the American public. 24 hours later, the despicable toadies at CNN tried to run with another element of their narrative, as they and their Democrat benefactors go through basically the same playbook they deploy in response to any military strike or campaign ordered by any Republican president.

This element is called the “nobody else agrees with the U.S. position on this” canard. Its premise is that the action taken or planned for the future by the U.S. president is inherently invalid because no other country – especially the nations of Europe – are on board with it. We have seen this posture assumed by the Democrats and their corrupt media toadies in response to every military venture authorized by a Republican president since Grenada.

On Monday evening, CNN International’s Becky Anderson, who is a British reporter based in Dubai, attempted to roll this narrative element out to her channel’s paltry audience during an interview with stellar State Department Spokesman Morgan Ortagus. The results were spectacular.

Here is a clip of the interview followed by a transcript:

Here’s the Transcript for those of you who still like to read stuff:

Anderson: The United States does, ummm, seem to be almost completely isolated when it comes to its position on Iran at present. U.S. allies in Europe, in the Middle East where I am, and in Asia are either calling for de-escalation or are virtually silent. There is almost no support for U.S. actions. Morgan, where are America’s allies at this point?

Ortagus: With all due respect, that’s just another completely inaccurate observation. You could look at the E3 Statement that was put out this morning by the Germans, the British and the French. The British, the Italians, you could go through the list of the people who have said that [Anderson attempts to shut her down here] the world is a better place now that Soleimani’s dead.

Anderson: You talked about the need for de-escalation, with respect.

Ortagus: We have talked about the need for de-escalation. We have called for a peaceful resolution – the President has consistently said that he does not want a war, that we believe we can solve our differences bilaterally. There’s two things that this President has consistently said since the beginning of this Administration, and that is that he wants peace, that he doesn’t want war and that Iran will not get a nuclear weapon. And those two things are not mutually inconsistent.

And, may I add, Brian Hook, our Special Envoy for Iran was just with NATO this morning, briefing them. We are incredibly confident in this public statement. Your audience should know, and should go and read the E3 statement put out by the Germans, the French and the British [Anderson interrupting again here] that contradict what you just said to me. It completely contradicts you.

Anderson: [Now visibly angry] Wha..hang on a minute…hang on a minute. Mike Pompeo said he was disappointed with the Europeans’ reaction. What did he mean by that?

Ortagus: He said that on Friday night, and there’s a brand-spanking new statement this morning from the E3 that we are quite pleased with, that you can go Google right now.

Anderson: [Several seconds of dead air as Anderson attempts to compose herself. Listen to how high-pitched her voice gets here as she tries to control her anger.]  Now that Iran has said it is no longer going to abide by the nuclear deal…

Ortagus: …They’ve been saying that for a long time now…

Anderson: …how lo…I haven’t fi…with respect, I haven’t finished. There will be those watching the show, uh, tonight who say that the United States has actually brought the world closer to a nuclear Iran. To which you say what?

Ortagus: Iran has been saying for a long time that they wouldn’t abide by the JCPOA. The fact has been that the E3, our European partners, if you go back to September, to the UN General Assembly in New York, and look at that statement, in the beginning of the week that the E3 put out. Again, the E3 called for Iran to come back to the negotiating table for a new and better deal. The Europeans have also said very publicly that they were, they have expressed their displeasure at the Iranian regime, consistently saying over the past, I think it’s been at least six months, that they’re going to defy the JCPOA.

So you don’t have to take America’s word for it. Take the Europeans’ word for it.

Anderson: That… we will leave it there.


It’s important to note that CNN wasn’t the only corrupt media outlet attempting to roll out this element of the Democrat/media playbook on Monday. Ortagus was also interviewed on the same subject by SkyNews, and by the detestable Leland Vittert on Fox News. The results of both interviews were basically the same, with Ortagus scorching the earth with the leftist hacks.

Again as we have pointed out in the past, none of this media hostility towards Republican presidents originated with Donald Trump. This dynamic of rank liberal bias in the media goes back to the dawn of television as a medium, and really to the 1920s, as communists began to infiltrate journalism schools and newspapers in the United States.

The difference in this administration is the volume and pervasiveness of it all, along with the fact that the corrupt journalists and editors no longer even make a token effort to attempt to hide their bias. At least Walter Cronkite and Tom Brokaw tried to pretend to be even-handed.

All of which makes getting good people into the spokesperson jobs more important than ever. Morgan Ortagus deserves a raise.

That is all.


Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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M Allen

Get that stupid K U l\l T off the air.

Jimmy MacAfee

Anderson is shallow as a tin cup, and has a tin ear. Arrogant, narcissistic, vain and self-important, she will be reduced to tears by the Iranian people, if they should ever get within spitting distance.

What she wouldn’t dare to ask is how much the Iranian regime spent on Soiled Man’s adventures abroad, while the regime has already spent more than the 150 billion al-Bumbler sent to them as part of the deal. The cost of sanctions, according to the Iranians, has been around 200 billion – that’s just in lost revenue and other expenses, not including Soiled Man’s wars.

The Iranian people are not happy with the regime, having blown all the money and influence they might have had if the Insanian govt. hadn’t been so happy to go along with international terrorism.

But I suspect Anderson’s main fear is that all the Europeans and Americans who were paid to sign off on the nuclear deal will be exposed. That WILL happen, once the Insanians are deposed by a population angry at the murder, jailing and torture of dissenters and people women who refuse to be dressed like a corpse, and people who have seen inflation go through the roof while their incomes are slashed and their jobs are gone. The Iranian people are not the enemy; the regime itself is. The regime will fall.

Won’t be long before Iran is asking Iraq for financial help. Might be happening already.
Another consequence: Assad will have to recalculate, and Yemen will go back – the Insanians can’t afford another proxy war – and others who have relied upon Iran for terror funding will be exposed like a desiccated worm on a sand dune.

But you won’t hear that from Anderson, who has a very low IQ and a very high opinion of herself. Kind of like the selfie-loving narcissistic boob who thought he was George Clooney who just ended up in the morgue. Birds of a feather.


Damn straight! (Very nicely done…)


Good to see more and more Trump/Conservative spokespeople turning things back on the lefty media. Same for many GOP politicians.

Are they graduates of the Sarah Huckabee-Sanders (or Kellyanne Conway) school of debunking the left’s lies and projection?

Regardless of where our side is getting their stones, I like it.

phineas gage

It’s a direct result of Trump. That is the effect of a strong leader.

phineas gage

Ms Ortagus should next schedule an interview with Katy Tur:

With the clueless Tur I think it is actual ignorance, but in most cases these people know they are spouting lies and terrorist propaganda. They don’t care. They’ve always loved leftist tyrants. As Dave indicates in his post, the history goes way, way back.

All of these comments are not going to age well when the mullah’s regime collapses and Persia is free.


Need more interviews where the leftist anchor talking over the guest is shut down, by the guest. The CNN nitwit got her butt handed to her.
Loved it. Dang. Want more of that.
Just sayin’.

Jimmy MacAfee

Not just Soiled Man was killed in the event; someone just as bad (and worse) was taken out: Hadi al Amiri, who used al-Bimbo and his administration as his personal stooge and the Whitehouse as his stage, was removed in the operation, like a malignant wart in unseemly places. (No Gardasil for him! Needed to be removed surgically!)

Jimmy MacAfee

Sorry; being prophetic again and saw his body on a tarmac somewhere. Next!

Jimmy MacAfee

Ortagus totally whipped Anderson, but Anderson oddly seemed to enjoy the beating. She was surprised, like someone going against Paige VanZant early in her career, easy to take too lightly.

Anderson looked like Cathy Newman when Jordan Peterson gave her what looked to be petit mal seizures, and Anderson’s body language shows a lot of conflicted emotion – like she might be enjoying her trip to the canvas and the submission.

This is for Anderson, for her next attempt to perform MMA on someone she considers her inferior, and this is advice not to show so much enjoyment next time she’s whipped:

Ms. Ortagus did a Ralphie on the bully. Good show! Brilliant!

phineas gage

It had a Mike Tyson-Buster Douglas vibe

phineas gage

Let’s never forget that a very large part of the media anti-Trump propaganda strategy is protecting Obama and his ‘legacy’ at all costs. They don’t care how many lies it takes:

Jimmy MacAfee

Bizarre: “Two Americans?” Hard to attribute: is he just non compos mentis (a distinct possibility) or just an evil, lying thug? (Only two choices.)


cnn: hrmph…we’ll leave it right there.

phineas gage

I love it when a media hack is reduced to stunned silence.

I was not famliar with Ms. Ortagaus, but she seems like a keeper.

Among other things, her Wiki profile notes that she was Miss Florida Citrus, that she worked in both the Bush and Obama administrations, and that Ruth Bader Ginsburg presided at her wedding. So go figure….


I thank the lady for including Leland Vittert in her distaste for the media ‘gotcha’ squads who largely fail in their attempts to skew the facts in most cases. Vittert is among the worst on FOX. He is truly insufferable in his constant interrupting, talking over his guests and is far more interested in his own views gaining air time than he is in learning from his guests.
Don’t think the public lives in the same bubble as the leftists in America. They are beyond redemption and are fast becoming irrelevant.

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