Trump is Completely Exposing the Democrats and the Media

Today’s Campaign Update, Part III
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

[Note: The following piece is from contributor Gregg Updike. I hope you enjoy his thoughts on the situation with Iran, and how President Trump is exposing the seditious nature of the Democrat Party and its corrupt media toadies – I know I did.]

While it is great that President Trump has recently taken out a couple of head honchos in the Middle East, can anyone doubt that their #2s (in every sense of the word) won’t just take over and continue their fight?  Had Hitler been successfully assassinated in July 1944, Goering would have taken over, then Himmler…

Point being, just because America took out these leaders, it does not mean Iran and ISIS will stack their bats and quit the field.  This means we need to be even more vigilant against reprisals.  I am in no way saying that Trump is wrong in what he is doing, I’m just saying these “foreign entanglements”, and their consequences, are far from over.  I only hope and pray for our president’s safety, and that he soon removes all our assets (targets) including our embassies from that entire region; let the various factions pound each other into the sand.  ​​

Now that we are oil independent, turn the keys over to Israel and let them have at it; let them either win outright with our tacit support, or continue with the tit-for-tat fighting that has been going on there forever.  I don’t care which route Israel takes, and neither should most Americans.  It would be nice, however, if a greater number of Americans of Jewish descent would actually support Trump and his efforts to defeat Israel’s ancient enemies abroad and renounce and work to defeat Anti-Semitic Democratic Politicians here rather than voting lockstep Democrat for whatever reason.​

Once we are out of the region, our doctrine should be: we will flatten any country that causes us harm – period, end of story, with no “nation building/rebuilding”.  Let Europe, without the US propping up NATO, fend for itself against the threats from the Middle East, Russia, and China.  And finally, we must get out of the UN and get the UN out of America.​​

Apart from the transformation of the courts, and the draining of the swamp via Barr and Durham, Trump’s greatest contribution to America will be the total exposure of the media and the Democratic Party as a cabal of anti-American seditionists.  Sooner or later there will be a Bastille Day of sorts, and the domestic enemies of America as founded will be dealt with.  They will be easy to find as they are doing a wonderful job of exposing themselves for all to see.

They are effectively targeting themselves for destruction by openly rooting for our enemies and against America/Trump. Yet these “journalists” and other “experts” are supposed to be among the best and brightest from American institutions of higher learning; how myopic they all are.  In the interim, Trump is driving them insane with their TDS and making them more and more irrelevant.​​

The MSM is, and has been, working hand in hand with America’s domestic enemies to diminish and destroy our constitution, amendment by amendment for decades.  What makes them think the 1st Amendment will survive to protect them if the “Fundamental Change” that the Obama types want to bring to America ever comes to fruition?​

On the foreign side, the NY Times had a reporter named Walter Duranty espousing Stalin’s communist propaganda from Moscow pre WWII, CNN had an embed in Middle East during Gulf War 1 who refused to be debriefed by the Pentagon upon his return after the first war.  And before and during the second Iraq War, CNN had “exclusive” coverage from their Baghdad “correspondent” who was reporting to the world only exactly what Saddam Hussein and Baghdad Bob allowed him to say.

I also remember how many, if not most MSM TV anchors refused to wear US Flag lapel pins stating they didn’t want to be seen rooting for one side or the other – just the facts, uh, sure, right.  Presidents Wilson (D), and FDR (D) most certainly censored the press during their terms, so there is precedent on the regulation of “Free” (Political) Speech.​

History has shown when there is a “Fundamental Change” i.e. revolution, or invasion of a country, or other takeover, the first people purged are the “intelligentsia” including professors of higher learning and the press… ​​

I’m a capable and productive person who is very adaptable and has worked many blue collar jobs and I can survive in almost any political environment by what I bring to the table.  I don’t believe any of these singularly specialized propagandists, masquerading as “experts” or “journalists” are capable of doing anything but being keyboard warriors, and ignorant social justice and environmental agitators.

They will be the first ones eliminated if and when true socialism/fascism/communism comes to America. The constitution as we know it will be gone, and the country will be ruled by a dictator.  No dictator would ever tolerate any such fifth column activity; it will be brutally put down just as sure as the sun comes up every day.​​

I only hope the “useful idiots” that the left has used for their evil anti-American purpose will someday soon wise up and abandon their (ultimately petty) crusades for their own sake.  Of the 328 or so million people in the US, only about 8-10% are the agitators, the loudmouths, the troublemakers to varying degrees; still that can be as many as ten million people young or old enough to actually be active in all the protests/riots that are sure to come this November when Trump wins a second term in a landslide, and the House flips to the GOP.

I truly believe that the other 90+ percent of the country – if not the world – are fundamentally good people who would just love to be able to live their lives in peaceful coexistence without all this conflict and drama. It’s the 10 percenters that must be defeated and ultimately eliminated for peace to prevail.​

The president has shown great acumen in his ability to be ahead of the curve and has been very successful in blunting and exposing the left’s agenda(s).  His second term, starting with the first sign of violence after the election, must be the direct, forceful and complete stopping of all the paid professional protesters/rioters.  Then he must go after all the domestic and foreign money people funding this Anti-American revolution/coup.

The presidential oath states the president’s first obligation is to protect and defend America and its’ Constitution from all foreign and domestic enemies.  All of the people and entities (including and especially the MSM/SM) who have been engaged in this three plus year coup, Logan Act Violations, aiding and abetting election interference (that was actually done by the Democrats), illegally spying on any American, or allowing/authorizing the same, and who promote the subsequent violence should be charged under the RICO Act.



That is all.


Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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DD More

MSM coverage policy from 1993 on – “CNN’s chief news executive Eason Jordan has admitted that for the past decade the network has systematically covered up stories of Iraqi atrocities. Reports of murder, torture, and planned assassinations were suppressed in order to maintain CNN’s Baghdad bureau.” NY Times op-ed .

“turn the keys over to Israel”?? Why? Because the Saudi’s have been doing a pretty good job of it in Syria, Yemen, Somalia and Iraq so far.


Appreciate the NYT op-ed reference to bolster my premise.

Yes, let Israel have at it. If the Saudi’s are so great, let them join Israel. My concern with all these perceived alliances is that too often, our “friends” of today become our enemies of tomorrow for the slightest reason.

The whole region is too unstable with essentially religious zealot warlords leading tribes who are masquerading as legitimate leaders of legitimate governments. Let the US see some real internal reforms in ANY one of these countries along the lines of basic human rights, education, sanitation, legislative, judicial, and healthcare for their citizens. When a given “country” shows a capability of acting like a civilized nation ready to function in a 21st environment, then maybe America could reopen diplomacy and make some legitimate trade deals. Until then, they can pound sand.

Apart from the oil they produce – which we no longer need, and thus are no longer in any way beholden to them – the whole region produces about three percent of the world’s economic output. It is simply not worth the cost of US blood and treasure to stay engaged in such a hellhole.

Ben Colder

I am really afraid for the country not so much for me I’m old but I have Grand kids and some of them are now young communists they think old crazy Bernnie is something new instead of being an old communist that he is .The dem/communists are trying to over throw the government right now .Look what the old prune speaker in name only Nazi Pelosi is trying to do .She should be arrested for treason. I just don’t have much hope.

Carl Gilray

Agree that we should just get out. If the country isn’t openly pleading for our help why set up bases there? In fact if they can’t keep embassies safe we shouldn’t be there either. Sell them our older weapons and let them blast each other to bits. We are energy independent; they are Europe’s problem since EU needs their oil, not the Americas.

Jimmy MacAfee

China, too. We’ve been protecting China and Japan’s oil supply – though China and Russia have some deals going presently. One of the brightest notes among the bright: President Trump is doing something about our uranium supply, most of which is imported. (So WHY was Hillary and her cronies selling off 20 % of our uranium to the Russians? to become more helpless?)

President Trump is filling the gaps, including the EMP issue, which both parties have studiously ignored. Private sector needs to be forced to come up with solutions, because they’re not doing their jobs. (California, anyone?)

Germany uses a lot of Russian gas, too.

President Trump has told Iraq to pay us for building the embassy, and if we’re forced to leave without payment, we’ll hit them with sanctions much harder than we have on Iran. Taking care of business.


“It’s the 10 percenters that must be defeated and ultimately eliminated for peace to prevail”.​

…..the sooner this truth is recognized and accepted by the whole 90% the better. The 10% comprises of the psychopaths, sociopaths and narcissists on all sides using extremism to mask their own greed and lust for self-aggrandizement. They account for about 1% (who are rotten to the core), and the other 9% are their flying monkeys.

Charles Aronowitz

” … let the various factions pound each other into the sand.” Exactly. And the more of them that do so, the better. ​​

Jimmy MacAfee

Israeli officials (including Netanyahu) have stated that the Iranian people are not the enemy of Israel; similarly, Pompeo said that the decision makers in Iran will bear the consequences of any escalation, indicating that the targets will not be the Iranian people. And once the leadership is damaged, the Iranian people themselves will have to decide what kind of country they want to live in – and it is unlikely that it will resemble the current regime. The Mullahs will make the same mistake – and are making the same mistakes – as the Shah with his secret police.

When will the kickback scheme of the Dems come out in the open? The one where they got money from the pile we sent there? Well, the end of the “nuclear agreement” by Iran is an opener. As Gregg says: RICO. We’ll see if Durham pursues those leads, but Kerry has left a big trail to follow. Fake media won’t cover it, but they won’t cover anything relevant anyway. I suspect the Iranians will be eager to throw the corrupt al-Bimbo and his government under the bus.

I’m not quite the isolationist Gregg is, but I’m not a Globalist, either; I see a role for diplomacy and diplomats, though they need to quit operating on 19 century models. We still need consulates for services to Americans overseas, unless we expect to be dealt with unfairly everywhere we go, with no help for Americans nor American business. We need to revamp the entire State Department. close the CIA and replace it with other HUMINT that’s more capable and apolitical and not just an “upgrade,” and do the same with the FBI. Easier said than done.


Excellent article! I totally agree!

Savage Jack

Amen and amen! I want the fascist left’s collective heads on a platter.

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