Democrat/Media Soleimani Narrative is an Epic Failure

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

It’s all so predictable and tiresome, but exactly what we should expect from these people. – The Democrats and their corrupt toadies in the nation’s fake news media are pushing a ridiculous narrative in the wake of President Trump’s order to take out Iranian Revolutionary Guard terrorist leader Qassem Soleimani with a drone strike at the Baghdad International Airport. It is a narrative that is doomed to become an epic fail.

The narrative basically goes like this: President Trump should have consulted congressional leaders in advance of taking any action. His failure to do so creates a constitutional crisis and may be a “war crime.” He also must provide a more specific, detailed public explanation for the reasons why he decided Soleimani had to be taken out, including the public revelation of the intelligence information relied upon. The detestable hack Chris Wallace is in fact pushing this very narrative on Fox News Sunday in his interview with Sec. State Mike Pompeo as this piece is being written.

All of which is just another steaming pile of smelly horse manure brought to you by your friends at the Democrat/media/Deep State Axis of Disinformation.

First, on the question of some presidential “obligation” to notify congressional leaders in advance of a drone strike on Islamic terrorists: That all went out the window when the Democrat Party’s leaders clearly began to demonstrate they have a higher loyalty to the terrorist than they do to our country. Let’s all remember this from May, 2018:

Remember? Former Obama Secretary of State John Kerry spent days in Paris meeting with Iranian leaders, advising them on ways to thwart President Trump and his official U.S. foreign policy. And Kerry is far from the only Democrat who has been engaged in this kind of subversive activity during the Trump Administration.


President Trump, in this instance, actually had an obligation to U.S. national security NOT to inform any Democrat in advance of taking this action for the simple fact that he knows without any doubt that no Democrat in Washington can be trusted any longer with U.S. national security secrets. He knows that within 5 minutes of informing a Chuck Schumer or Nancy Pelosi of a pending action, that information would have appeared on CNN or at the New York Times or Washington Post websites.

Yes, presidents in the past – you know, back when Democrat leaders were actually loyal Americans – have traditionally tried to inform congressional leaders of both parties in advance of significant military actions, but there is simply no governing legal authority mandating that he do so. As we noted here a few days ago, Barack Obama his own self authorized hundreds, if not thousands, of drone strikes on terrorist targets during his eight years in office without notifying anyone in congress, and no Democrat ever expressed any concern about it.

For the very same reasons mentioned above, if President Trump’s action was a “war crime,” then what of Obama? What about George W. Bush and Bill Clinton? Sorry, Dems, that cat don’t flush.

Then there this contention about the President having some obligation to offer a more detailed explanation of the reasons behind the strike on Soleimani, including the somewhat stunning contention that he must release the highly-classified intelligence information he relied upon in making his decision. This from the same political party that still refuses to release the transcripts of all of its Soviet-style impeachment witness interrogations, mind you.

The Administration, through Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and the President himself, has already laid out its reasons for taking action in general terms. More specific, detailed information about Soleimani and his myriad terrorist actions over the past few decades can be found in the guest piece published here Sunday morning (Quassem Soleimani, the IRGC, and why the “General” had to die).

Obviously, the President has zero obligation to the Democrats or anyone else to publish highly-classified intelligence information that would without any doubt at all put U.S. or Israeli intelligence sources in severe danger (which may actually be the goal behind these Democrat requests). But Texas Congressman Dan Crenshaw, himself a veteran of several tours in the Middle East as a Navy Seal, may have handled it better than anyone in response to a tweet by the despicable Democrat clown Eric Swalwell:


Note that Swalwell also demands that the President inform the public – and thus the Islamic terrorists who run Iran – in advance of his “concrete plan for dealing with its [turning Soleimani into a fine, pink mist] consequences.”

Yeah, that’s just stupid, dude. Not happening.

Bottom line: The Democrat/media/deep state Axis of Disinformation is pushing a stupid, shameful, epic failure of a narrative in the wake of a killing that any American with functioning synapses in their cranium will continue to celebrate.


Losers, all of them.

That is all.


Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Ben Colder

The dem/communists have become completely unhinged they are openly supporting Iran.They don’t seem to understand that these killers will and would behead Nazi and cryin Chuck in a flash if they could and any member of the fake news.Trump knows they would leak what he told them in a minute.Donald Trump is no dummy and they know no matter what they the communists say.

phineas gage

An anonymous comment posted at Instapundit:

“Following the death of Soleimani, it seems like nearly the entire DC / academia / journo natsec/forpol commentariat has penned variations on exactly the same essay: the President has acted hastily, has no plan, and isn’t capable of envisioning or handling what happens next. The template was established by Ben Rhodes on Twitter a few hours after an MQ-9 Reaper shot a Hellfire missile directly into his professional legacy, and it hasn’t varied much since.

Yet the more we learn — about the deliberations preceding the strike, about the chain of events leading to it, about the prior and subsequent moves by CENTCOM to harden the American position in the region — the more it seems that the President acted with deliberate aforethought, that he does in fact have a plan, and therefore likely is capable of envisioning and handling what happens next. That much is only fair, whether or not one agrees with the decision as such.

What nearly the entire DC / academia / journo natsec/forpol commentariat actually means by its critique, though, is that they weren’t included in any of this. Ben Rhodes took the time to rally them together, get their talking points aligned, illuminate a pathway to social and professional advancement: that’s their preferred template for Iran-related policymaking.

Donald Trump’s template for Iran-related policymaking is the smoking wreckage of a terror mastermind’s vehicle. The courtiers see it, and want to know what’s in it for them.

Americans see it, and they know.”


Let me paraphrase my President’s threat to Iran: Pipe down and butt out or I shall remove in a flash 52 significant landmarks from Iranian history. I am hopeful those 52 landmarks include the Tehran water supply, several mullahs, and the Grand Mosque.

phineas gage

Almost certainly, to take the legs out from what remains of the mullah economy.

The centrifuges are spinning deep underground, however, so that would probably require some bunker-buster hardware rather than cruise missiles.


They all say “Best if used by Tuesday, November 3, 2020”


Sorry for the fragmented comments. My original one was censored by Word Press. So I just posted each one individually until I found the triggering one which did hot post. It was the last paragraph which basically say I can survive a different America, but I doubt many of the SJW can.

Jimmy MacAfee

Lots of good people are stocking up on ammo and other essentials, while most Liberals have a broken “threat analysis” function (and don’t even know where food comes from, thinking it’s produced at stores.)

Meanwhile, expect China-Boy Bloomberg to rise in the polls, supported by the Chicoms. He’s an agent of the Chinese, much like CreepyQuidProQuo who says the Chinese “aren’t even our competitors.” Chinese interference in our elections will be much more significant than Russian and Ukraine, the pope and Five Eyes’ interference.

Stock up.

Jimmy MacAfee

We have real concerns about real terrorists: Mexico near San Diego, though the wall is better there, with Hezbollah and narco-terrorists and an increased Islamic presence in SD; Canada, hotbed of terrorists, invited by Truduhh the Soyboy, (Minnesota being worrisome, with Michigan being a settlement/safehouse) with some back from ISIS, though not limited to ISIS; religious schools and institutions (Christian schools primarily) in several states, and our Embassy in Jerusalem. The latter needs to worry about Lebanon, and we should tell the Lebanese government than any attack on our Embassy, facilitated by Hezbollah, will be laid upon their doorstop. That would be a go-light for Israel, which doesn’t need our permission.

An attack on our religious schools or institutions in the US and elsewhere should be met with the decimation of the Iranian religious dictators wherever they live and congeal like so much slime. This should be easily understood by the Iranian regime. The concern is false flags from competing visions of Islam. Eyes up.

If something happened to, say LU, the NY Times would say that it was a “small college brimming with fundamentalist extremists.” The Times and Hollyweird would cheer and jeer, and blather about the school “not respecting a woman’s right to choose.” Pope Nimrod I would offer tepid condolences, since the Vatican is already hostage to Islam.

It won’t be ling before Iran is too busy worrying about their own problems, and Hezbollah loses all funding, and Hamas is overthrown by decent citizens who want peace. But it’ll be a waiting game, and a race all the same.


History, has shown when there is a “Fundamental Change” i.e. revolution, or invasion of a country, or other takeover, the first people purged are the “intelligentsia” including professors of higher learning and the press… ​


The MSM is, and has been, working hand in hand with America’s domestic enemies to diminish and destroy our constitution, amendment by amendment. What makes them think the 1st Amendment will survive to protect them if the “Fundamental Change” that the Obama types want to bring to America ever comes to fruition?​

Jimmy MacAfee

The Governor of Virginia has awakened Virginians to his extremist ideology, while pretending that his VMI credentials mean something (they do mean something: he’s an even bigger traitor to the Constitution, to medicine and to America. He should be drummed out of VMI, metaphorically and in a ceremony, with a goat (not Nancy Pelosi, but she’ll do) walking in his place.

As goes Northam, so goes Virginia: he must be resisted. He’s a pebble who may just start an avalanche, with him landing at the bottom of the pile.


Apart from the transformation of the courts, and the draining of the swamp via Barr and Durham, Trump’s greatest contribution to America will be the total exposure of the media and the Democratic Party as a bunch of anti-American seditionists. Sooner or later there will be a Bastille Day of sorts, and the domestic enemies of America as founded will be dealt with. And they are doing a wonderful job of exposing themselves; effectively targeting themselves for destruction. In the interim, Trump is driving them into insane (TDS) irrelevance.​


While it is great that the President has recently taken out a couple of head honchos in the middle east, can anyone doubt that their #2s (in every sense of the word) won’t just take over and continue their fight? Had Hitler been successfully assassinated in July 1944, Goering would have taken over, then Himmler… Point being, just because America took out these leaders, it does not mean Iran and ISIS will stack their bats and quit the field. This means we need to be even more vigilant against reprisals. I am in no way saying that Trump is wrong in what he is doing, I’m just saying these “foreign entanglements” are far from over. I only hope and pray for our president’s safety, and that he soon removes all our assets (targets) including our embassies from that entire region; let the various factions pound each other into the sand. ​

Now that we are oil independent, turn the keys over to Israel and let them have at it; let them either win outright, or continue with the tit-for-tat fighting that has been going on there forever. Once we are out of the region, our doctrine should be that we will flatten any country that causes us harm – period, end of story with no “nation building/rebuilding”. Let Europe, without the US propping up NATO, fend for itself against the threats from the Middle East, Russia, and China. And finally, we must get out of the UN and get the UN out of America.​


Why can’t the Trump Administration prosecute Lurch under the Logan Act?

Jimmy MacAfee

There’s enough evidence, isn’t there? Soon.

Jay Whitcraft

I really,really,really like the idea of giving the dems fake information about an imminent attack that we are about to launch! Once they leak it or try to help the enemy in any way, we have them for treason. Jay


I like it too, but the Dems and their lawyers and MSM allies would try to impeach him for lying to congress and/or obstructing congress by impeding their (leaking) ability to destroy his administration and hurt America’s ability to win a war.

phineas gage

I love ‘that cat won’t flush’–that’s got to be a Texas saying…..

phineas gage

The Deep State is engaged in a leaking campaign to the NYT, suggesting that there was little justification for the strike. Beyond providing the Beltway lunatic fringe with their daily ration of outrage, it will fail.

Beyond that, the Dems have now prominently placed themselves in the position of cheering terrorists and mourning their demise. That should enhance their electoral prospects.

I don’t know if an American political party has ever before descended into group madness.

Jimmy MacAfee

It’ll be interesting when the financial links of the fake media are exposed, and the corruption of DemoPub congressmen and senators is traced to the Mediterranean. Most of the young people who want to be a part of the press, and who are innocent and soft and green are eventually met with conflict. In some cases the media actively conspires – as in the NY Times and Soiled Man:

Was this an attempt to warn Soiled Man? By none other than the compromised NY Times? A conduit for rogue Intel and LE? (Or maybe not-so-rogue these days, but treasonous just the same?)

“The op-ed, “Hypersonic Missiles Are a Game Changer,” by Quincy Institute analyst and former National Security Council big Steve Simon, speculated about the use of the powerful weapons.
“Is there an individual in an unfriendly country who cannot be apprehended? What if the former commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, Qassem Soleimani, visits Baghdad for a meeting and you know the address? The temptations to use hypersonic missiles will be many,” Simon wrote.”

The drone strike was apparently not hypersonic, but that was seemingly a cover story to justify the story itself. So why should President Trump tell Chuckles and A Schitt and D. Feinslime and Goat-lips Pelosi? They demand, so they can hinder? Reveal? Thwart?

This is the essence of the politicization of Intelligence: the Dims have learned nothing, and continue to do so with disregard for our safety, for the safety of our troops and operatives, and the safety of our allies. Anything for a buck, and anything to make President Trump look bad. The Dims and their press are both stupid and evil.

phineas gage

Perhaps the Trump administration should intentionally provide false information to Adam Schiff and other Dems to enhance operational efficacy.

Jimmy MacAfee

When has the press changed course on (initially) reliable stories? Whenever they’re told to. By LE and IC. Does the press corps just sit in a room and be neutralized by Tommy Lee Jones, putting out the fake stories they’ve been instructed to tell? Look into the flashie-thing for an eye exam!

Flight 800 was shot down by Iranians, by a missile – (was Peter Strzok in a position at the time to help reverse the narrative? He grew up in Iran, and had Iranian sympathies.) The FBI had a professional “fixer” neutralize the evidence. (A very bad man who deserves everything that Soiled Man received, IMO.)

Reverse engineer THIS, right? The press is owned by foreign entities and the CIA; it reversed the narrative on Flight 800 (made to do so by the FBI’s professional liars club), lied badly and baldly and boldly on 9/11, and lied about the Alfred P. Murrah bombing in OK City. And Lockerbie was not Libyan, but of Palestinian origin, likely through Iran.

The news has been lying to us for a VERY long time, way before any of us were born.
But now, it’s harder than ever to keep the lies from being exposed


now is the time for Pres. Trump do a little dis-information. feed a false story and find some more leaks. truly clean that swamp called dc.

phineas gage

I agree with all of this, with the Las Vegas shooting being the most recent example.

The explanations given for Flight 800 never made any sense, and directly contradicted witnesses.

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