The Leak Factory at the NSC is Finally Being Addressed

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Better late than never; but dang, this is really late. – The Washington Times reported on Wednesday that National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien is finally getting around to radically reducing the staff of the illegal leak factory and nest of subversion that is the National Security Council. This is a job that should have been done during the first 100 days of the Trump Administration, but didn’t because President Trump’s first pick for the job, General H.R. McMaster, was himself a deep state leaker, and his second choice, John Bolton, was a neocon whose only interest was in finding ways to keep us in interminable wars in the Middle East and trying to provoke new ones.

With Mr. O’Brien, who just came into the job this past September, the President appears to have finally found a man who understands the internal threat the NSC staff have represented to this Administration and is focused on ending that threat. The way to end it is to rid the agency of its myriad subversive staff, and the best way to do that is with a massive, targeted down-sizing. From the Washington Times piece:

The White House National Security Council staff is being downsized sharply in a bid to improve efficiency within the policy coordinating body by consolidating positions and cutting staff.

A second, unspoken thrust of the overhaul is a hoped-for end to what many critics see as a string of politically damaging, unauthorized disclosures of sensitive information. Leaks of President Trump’s conversations with foreign leaders and other damaging disclosures likely originated with anti-Trump officials in the White House who stayed over from the Obama administration, according to several current and former White House officials.

White House National Security Adviser Robert C. O’Brien is leading the NSC reform effort. He revealed in a recent interview with The Washington Times that 40 to 45 NSC staff officials were sent back in recent months to the agencies where they originally worked, with more likely to be moved out.

Not surprisingly, the NSC staff became absurdly bloated during the Obama Adminstration – which bloated every agency of the federal government – as the secretive, radical control freaks on the Obama senior staff attempted to centralize functions better done within the State or Defense Departments (or, frankly, not done at all) within the White House:

Under President Obama, the NSC staff mushroomed to as many as 450 people. Mr. O’Brien plans to cut the staff to fewer than 120 policy officials by early next year.

The downsizing will be carried out by consolidating positions and returning officials to agencies and departments such as the CIA, the State and Defense departments and the military.

Mr. O’Brien noted that the NSC had a policymaking staff of 12 in 1962 when President Kennedy faced down the Soviet Union during the Cuban missile crisis. During the 2000s and the George W. Bush administration, the number of NSC staff members increased sharply to support the three-front conflict in Iraq, Afghanistan and the war on terrorism.

However, it was during the Obama administration that the NSC was transformed into a major policymaking agency seeking to duplicate the functions of the State and Defense departments within the White House.

“The NSC staff became bloated during the prior administration,” Mr. O’Brien said. “The NSC is a coordinating body. I am trying to get us back to a lean and efficient staff that can get the job done, can coordinate with our interagency partners, and make sure the president receives the best advice he needs to make the decisions necessary to keep the American people safe.”

In the Obama administration, NSC officials wielded enormous power. NSC staff members were known to telephone commanders in Afghanistan and other locations in the Middle East with orders — a violation of the military’s strict chain of command, said military officials familiar with the calls.

The problems with disloyalty and leaking on the NSC staff have been myriad since the day President Trump assumed office. McMaster was an Obama loyalist to begin with, and refused to do any house-cleaning during his two years in the job, and Bolton was simply disinterested in getting the crucial house-cleaning done.

The poster child for the NSC’s disloyalty to the current Administration and propensity for leaking classified information is, of course, Alexander Vindman, who became a key witness for the Democrat impeachment clown show. Although O’Brien said in November that Vindman would be rotated back to his previous job at the Department of Defense, he remains on the NSC staff today. Hopefully, he will be one of the early casualties of this downsizing.

The subversive nature of many on the staff at the NSC has been an intolerable situation since Day 1 of the Trump Administration. It is long past time someone began to address it. Kudos to Mr. O’Brien for being the guy to finally get it done.

That is all.


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Jimmy MacAfee

Need to cut staff to 98: 7 x 14. That’s the number.

Kei Mechiso

The Trump administration should have removed most of Obama’s political appointees during the first three months in office and require everyone else to renew their security clearance polygraph exam.


It’s about time! There should not be ONE holdover from the obama administration still at the NSC. “Thank you for your service. Please return to your home agency or organization.”

phineas gage

The reality is that Trump has very few people he can trust completely (probably less than ten).

Given the monolithic Deep State and the extensive politicization of State, Intelligence, and Justice, it is not something that is easily changed. Everyone wants immediate action, but he has no choice but to act very carefully (same with Barr).

With what he is facing on a daily basis, that the man has not only survived but thrived is simply amazing.


I have always wondered about why the former big wheels at all these “intelligence/security” agencies retain their “security” clearances (apparently as a “courtesy”), especially when they join or become contributors to the MSM.

Furthermore, how do they access classified information (other than getting leaks form creeps like Comey) once they leave the agency? That would be a good investigation in and of itself. And what information are they accessing, and for what purpose? Every keystroke is supposedly monitored so it shouldn’t be hard to find, AND WE DON’T NEED A TWO YEAR IG INVESTIGATION TO FIND THIS OUT.

One has to be in a SCIF (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility) to gain access to our secrets. In many cases the one accessing specific information has to be “read in” on the specific program – they need a specific “Need to Know” to gain access, hence the term “compartmentalized”.

What SCIF do the Clappers, and Brennans et al access? I would not be surprised if Bush and/or Obama allowed a SCIF in the NYT, WAPO, CNN, and MSNBC newsrooms. Especially with all the leaks of classified information that was apparently routinely available and disseminated (which forced Bush to declassify) by the MSM and Wikileaks.


Jimmy MacAfee

Comey supposedly voluntarily gave his clearances up; HRC lost hers. They allowed Hissyfit John to keep his, but I’m sure it’s limited to minor things. Thing is, there is a trail, and if he uses his clearances to cover his tracks, there’ll be tracks showing that he is covering his tracks! Best way to trap an imbecile! (Much about Hissyfit is coming out soon.)

As for your earlier suggestion of transferring people: great idea. There are a lot of places where people would refuse to move – or perhaps having their wives and children exposed to how REAL Americans feel would be beneficial, and maybe turn them into real Americans themselves. People can change, as the history of Christianity shows. Even Jeffrey Dahmer got Saved in prison – (and yes, I’m comparing many DS nasties to Dahmer.) Some might be better off in prison, like Charles Colson – and Manuel Noriega, who also was grateful for Salvation in prison. Most Deep Staters will never find the Lord in Washington, D.C. or nearby. A few, maybe. I pray for them to come clean. I also pray for justice.

phineas gage

Comey voluntarily gave up his clearance so he wouldn’t have to speak with Horowitz.

Big Al in NC

Gregg’s brief comment about “security clearances”…. Mr. Blackmon do YOU have any information on whether or not Clapper, Brennan, et. al that “supposedly” were to lose their clearances ever ACTUALLY had them revoked? I keep reading mixed-message news commentary on this…. You, I trust. Thank you.


Cutting the NSC from 450 to <120 will be about a 75% reduction of the work force; that is a very good ratio.

It would be great for America if EVERY federal department and agency were similarly cut; actual productivity would soar! Kennedy had twelve (12) member on his NSC…

I know civil service rules prevent such outright firings, but, and as much as would I detest this, the Obamaites and the Bushies can and must be transferred/reassigned to departments where they can be in charge of inventorying paperclips, sans security clearances, to keep them on the payroll so as to avoid lengthy costly litigation with all the negative PR, about how the cruel Trump is putting people out of work and onto the streets.

Having been in the military, and having worked in the government as a civilian, I know the ways the government can shelve people into meaningless and aggravating positions, and make budget cuts to encourage personnel to leave on the own. Attrition through early retirement and outside job opportunities created by a fantastic economy could further reduce the number of federal employees. Even some of the worthless drones will get frustrated with doing nothing meaningful. Another attrition tactic (once the staff is transferred to another department) would be to move that department out of the NCR (National Capitol Region) quickly like Trump is doing with the Dept. of Agriculture.

The hue and cry I experienced when my agency was moving about a thousand federal employees ten (10) miles from a leased facility in Arlington, VA to their main campus in DC was unbelievable! Many threatened to quit for that reason alone; some did…

Another segment of the federal workforce that must be cut are the number of civilian contractors employed by the various agencies. The good thing about contractors is they can be much more easily dismissed; the "double dippers" should be the first ones let go.

Ed Smith

You are right on the money. When Dems take the White House the first thing they do is purge Repub leftovers. Remember the WH Travel Office purge under Bill Clinton that was organized by HRC herself?
Why didn’t Trump do this too?

Jimmy MacAfee

Remember the 500 FBI files HRC ordered?

Hillary is and was an intelligence asset. Not a very good one.

Jimmy MacAfee

Never liked McMaster; sneaky bugger. Charming as a krait. Soulless as a centipede.

Only a mild aside: the WaPo is reporting that Mikey “Chinaboy” Bloomberg has significant conflicts of interest with all his financial ties in China. No kidding? The piece China just put out on American gun ownership sounds like it came straight from Mikey’s teleprompter!

The NSC was almost undone under Col. North, who used it to conduct what could easily be interpreted as an attempted coup (REX 84.) The NSC under Barack al-Bummer was a de facto coup against military leadership. On those muddy shores much quicksand is found. Hard to scoop it out with a tablespoon. Big machines are necessary.

And the NSC needs to do more than send the operatives back to their respective agencies, it needs to put them under surveillance after they leave, maybe with ankle bracelets. Many appear to have questionable loyalties. FISA has a purpose, if it is only used properly and not for political considerations – national security issues. And that after the current FISC is investigated for misusing their positions, too, since they are more than a little unreliable. Iran. China. Ukraine. And Russia? No warrants for the sale of 20% of our uranium, while we have to import uranium? (Fortunately President Trump has taken action on uranium issues.)

Dredging a swamp is harder than you think. It’s not just the critters; it’s the quicksand and the Cyprus mud.


Like the NSC, the FBI needs a third director – maybe the third time is a charm with Trump’s appointments. It must be really hard to find good people in the District of Corruption.

One of the things this coup of the presidency is accomplishing is it is discouraging many good people from joining his administration. After all, what sane, successful, and decent executive from the private sector, would want to (probably) take a pay cut, and then be subjected constant media harassment, investigations, and possible lawsuits for trying to enact badly needed commonsense reforms?

That is the real purpose of the coup against the president! Keep the DS corruption cabal filled with the Chris Wray types, of whom there are many. Weaken and wait out the president is their goal.

Jimmy MacAfee

That’s why they say: “time is of the essence.”

On account of 10 righteous men, will G0D not destroy Washington, D.C.? Yet there are more than 10; more than you know. Elijah was corrected when he thought he was the last in Israel; this is what G0D told him:

“Yet I have reserved seven thousand in Israel, all whose knees have not bowed to Baal, and every mouth that has not kissed him.”

Pray that more righteous men and women will serve in government.

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