Is Hillary Clinton Trying to Create Safe Extradition Harbor in Northern Ireland?

Today’s Campaign Update, Part III
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

News broke on Thursday morning that the Pantsuit Princess has accepted a post as the new Chancellor at Queen’s University in Belfast, Northern Ireland:

The post is largely ceremonial, according to the BBC, but will require the Fainting Felon to spent quite a bit of her time in Northern Ireland, which is an interesting place for her to find periodic refuge. While the United States does have an extradition treaty in place with the United Kingdom, that treaty contains some very interesting language related to those who might be ruled exempt from being extradited back to their home country for trial.

Specifically, I refer you to the following language contained in Article 4 of that extradition treaty:

Article 4(3) requires that, notwithstanding the terms of 
paragraph 2, extradition shall not be granted if the competent 
authority of the Requested State determines that the request is 
politically motivated. In the United States, the executive 
branch is the competent authority for the purposes of the 
Article. Under the 1985 supplementary treaty, the judicial 
branch has the authority to consider whether an extradition 
request is motivated by a desire to punish the person sought on 
account of race, religion, nationality, or political opinions, 
or if the person sought would be subject to unfair treatment in 
UK courts or prisons after extradition. Like all other modern 
extradition treaties, the new Treaty grants the executive 
branch rather than the judiciary the authority to determine 
whether a request is politically motivated.
    Article 4(4) provides that the competent authority of the 
Requested State may also refuse extradition for offenses under 
military law that are not offenses under ordinary criminal law 
(e.g., desertion). In the United States, the executive branch 
is the competent authority for the purposes of the Article.

Now, everyone should be aware by now that any effort to prosecute the Coughing Crook or any other major Democrat figure for all their myriad crimes during the Obama years will be met with a coordinated Democrat/Media/deep state narrative that it is entirely politically motivated. We have in fact already been treated to a long-running preview of that tactic related to the clear shakedown operation run by Joe Biden and his ne’er-do-well son Hunter vis-a-vis the Ukraine.

Thus, the language contained in Article 4 relating to “politically motivated” prosecutions becomes quite concerning in this context.

This is all speculation, of course, but the activities of John Durham and William Barr of late have to be quite disconcerting to the Grasping Grifter and her hubby Bill. Accepting this position right in the midst of ongoing speculation that she has plans to jump into the Democrat presidential nominating contest at some point seems an especially odd decision. This post would have zero relevance to her chances of ultimately gaining the Party’s nomination, and indeed could end up being a hindrance if its duties were to interfere with her political ambitions.

So, either the Hacking Hag has decided to disband her life-long ambition to become president, or there is some other motivation involved in her acceptance of this position. With the Clintons, nothing is ever really simple, or what it seems to be on the surface.

That is all.



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If these foreign countries want to house our criminals, fine, let them have at it. I have always resented the fact that many countries block extradition of our criminals unless we take the death penalty off the table. We should try all our escaped criminal in absentia, revoke their citizenship, seize their assets, and convict all their enablers as accessories to the crime. Let their new host country deal with housing them; that would save our jail space.

Any country assisting in laundering, or harboring their ill gotten gains shall be heavily sanctioned until they seize their assets and transfer the assets to the US treasury.

Let the criminals run, let them hide, but let’s make sure they are made broke and never allowed to reenter the US.

PS: Hillary is done as a presidential hopeful unless they build a new White House in Belfast.

Jimmy MacAfee

Gregg, there’s an Executive Order for that!

“Executive Order Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption”
Issued on: December 21, 2017

Gyorgy and Cankles both might find themselves in a pickle.

Jimmy MacAfee

Good shooting, Mr. President! Guess this turkey didn’t get a pardon. Hope you wipe out the entire flock, where they’ve gone beyond the confines of the barnyard.

Sharon Campbell

If Hitlery has accepted this position, there’s much more to the story than we currently know. The Pantsuit Princess does nothing that doesn’t benefit her & provide lots of money.

Jimmy MacAfee

You got that right. As former Secretary of State Colin Powell once said in an email about his buddy Jezebel:

“Unbridled ambition, greedy, not transformational…” and “everything HRC touches she kind of screws up with hubris.”

Her arrogance has no limits. Neither does her evil.


This is just my own opinion but I have believed Hillary died in spring of 2016. For many reasons, mostly because of the money in the foundation, her death was covered up. But not quite…..ABC announced her death in the evening of 9/11/16, then a bit later retracted it. My reasoning: No one who is as ill as she was which culminated in being tossed in the back of a van like a piece of beef, can recouperate within two hrs and walk out of an apartment building hale and hearty, completely cured,..30 lbs weight loss, ten years younger and have a different face. And ever since then, have had look alikes, and one really good one we see most of the time. But this one is younger, after all. I know Follywood can do miracles today. I figured when the kitchen got too hot for her, they (handlers) would kill her off. After all, they can’t prosecute a double for Hillary’s crimes. What other alternative would they have? Why, it would be to send her overseas where extradition would be difficult.

Jimmy MacAfee

Likely she’s being transfused on a regular basis.

Jimmy MacAfee

Either that, or she’s got some very fine adrenochrome, from some very badly treated (now dead) youngsters?

Jimmy MacAfee

Wish you were right! Could be.

I’d suggest sending her to Haiti, where I hear she has a LOT of supporters! They’d hoist her on their shoulders and carry her to the barbie, where she’d be the honorary pig.

Jimmy MacAfee

By the way: what’s this with IRan? I RAN. John “Ran” Kerry. What about the pallets of cash? The transfers? Think Obumbler is expecting something from IRan? Think all the trips “Ran” Kerry took are innocent? Was there something else going on?

Now the damage to our Embassy – our American Embassy – tied to Iran. Does this act of war close the doors to the money funneled from IRan back to American political kleptomaniacs? As an act of war by Iran, doesn’t this do something to those attempting to do illegal business (and receive payoffs) from IRan?

“I Ran a money laundering scheme,” says ______________.

Iran thinks it’s dealing with idiots. IF their metric is John Kerry and Barack “the Middleman” Obama, they may be right.

Ellen Olenska
Award Winning Irish Journalist and former MEP Candidate Gemma O’Doherty gives us a bird’s eye view of Hillary Clinton’s hideaway in Ireland. (It has it own private tunnel.)

Jimmy MacAfee

Two problems: she’ll have her assets frozen (off)

And Secret Service protection may be withdrawn. With Russian President Rasputin being as he is, as she’s cost him more money than any of his buddies made from uranium corruption, and with sanctions…which wouldn’t have happened had she won. And mostly, she owes people hundreds of millions – all who expected something in return for their bucks. Casino Royale. Le Chiffre. You get the picture. (none of these are threats, by the way: just an analysis.)


Hillary. To put it in language that you will understand. MOOO MOOOOOOO.


Which globalists got her the cushy job at Queen’s university in Belfast. That is the question. Hillary gets indicted and she is going to spill, she is not going down alone.

Steve Lawrence

Any arrest warrant for her would not be politically motivated, it would be in spite of the DOJ’s overwhelming political motivation.


Hillary’s late stage Parkinson’s Disease predisposes her to anxiety, dementia, hallucinations, depression, and paranoia. Sometimes they really are out to get you.


Let Ireland have her and keep her, we sure don’t want her here stinking up the place anymore than she already has. Make sure she takes rapist Bill with her.


Why would Hillary need an extradition safe harbor? It’s not like Democrats ever have to answer for their crimes…


Hillary’s father was a capo in the Chicago mob.

phineas gage

Great post.

I’d surmise that this is the real ‘insurance plan’.

Also interesting that, under the Brexit plan proposed by Boris Johnson, Northern Ireland remains in the EU (not part of the UK).

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