Some Political Predictions for 2020 – A Year of WINNING

Today’s Campaign Update
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

As 2019 comes to an end, several aspects of the political situation in the United States and globally are becoming clear. – After a very eventful year during which the Democrat/Media/Deep State Axis of Disinformation threw everything they could think of at President Donald Trump, he is now emerging as the United States emerged in the wake of the destruction of the Soviet Union, as the only real political superpower remaining.

The Democrats, meanwhile, are in a shambles. The impeachment scam run by San Fran Nan, Bugeyes Schiff and Jabba the Nadler has had the unintended consequence actually strengthening President Trump’s polling numbers to the point that he now holds leads over every major Democrat candidate in 3 of the 4 most recently-released polls, and has a double digit lead in the key states of Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.  With the Republicans able to control the process for a Senate trial, this polling dynamic promises to only get worse in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, their Party’s presidential field is scaring the public to death. Joe Biden is a doddering, bumbling shell of a human being who is desperately trying to avoid being prosecuted for looting the Ukraine with his ne’er-do-well son before he can win the Democrat Party’s nomination; The Commie is so bankrupt of any idea that does not involve stealing and wasting Other People’s Money that he has had to enlist the help of congress’s most notorious nitwit, AOC, to keep his campaign going; Fauxcahontas has seen her campaign stagnate under the weight of too many bald-faced lies about her personal life; Preacher Pete peaked in July at 8% in the polls and lacks the appeal to move any higher than that; Nanny Bloomberg has managed to secure just 5% support with his $150 million ad campaign spend, and the rest of the field is too insignificant to waste words on.

Put simply, the Democrats enter 2020 desperately in need of a new candidate, some dynamic, truly appealing, vibrant new national figure who could excite their demented voter base and give them some shred of hope of mounting a competitive effort against the incumbent President next Fall. But the only thing they have waiting in the wings for the right opening to step into the fray is the Pantsuit Princess, the Coughing Crook, the Fainting Felon, the Grasping Grifter, the Cackling Crank.  You know her as Hillary Rodham Clinton. Not a good look, Democrats. America has already been there and done that, twice. Are you really going to let her go for the presidential loser hat trick?

All of that and so much more points us to a fascinating 2020 to come. Here are some predictions on how it will all play out:

  • Pelosi will relent on her failed, idiotic tactic of withholding the articles of impeachment and transmit them to the Senate shortly after congress reconvenes on January 7. At the same time, she will authorize her carnival freak show committee chairs to institute the impeachment process permanently, so they can mount yet another new scam later in the year;
  • The Senate trial will last barely a week, as 51 Republicans and one Democrat – Joe Manchin – will vote to acquit President Trump following the presentation of the case by the House Managers. RINO senators Mutt Romney and Lisa Murkowski will vote “present”;
  • Communists across the globe will become incredibly excited when The Commie ekes out narrow wins in both the Iowa Caucus and New Hampshire primary, with Preacher Pete Buttigieg running a close second in both states;
  • The Commie/Preacher Pete boomlet will quickly run aground, however, on the shoals of the African American vote in South Carolina and the Hispanic vote in Nevada, which will carry Quid Pro Joe to closer-than-expected wins in those next two contests on February 29;
  • Super Tuesday on March 3 will flush the deadwood out of the Democrat primary system. Bloomberg will see his strategy of skipping the first four contests come a crapper, as his spend of $300 million by then will gain him no better than 5th place finishes in any state. Biden will win both California and Texas, the big prizes of the day, along with several other states, but his small margins of victory will prevent him from piling up a big delegate lead. Warren will win Massachusetts, Sanders will prevail in his home state of Vermont and neighboring New Hampshire and Maine, keeping both senators in the race. Buttigieg will win no state on Super Tuesday, but will fight on as the only remaining protected “miniority” candidate as Cory Booker, Andrew Yang and Tulsi Gabbard finally give up their ghosts of a campaign;
  • Bloomberg will also remain in the race and keep spending tons of money in anti-Trump ads because, in case you haven’t figured this out yet, he’s not really running for the office, but as a proxy for the Democrat National Committee, which is flat, dead broke;
  • At some point in the Spring, the Democrat/Media/Deep State Axis of Disinformation will create a new fake “scandal” out of whole cloth and mount yet another impeachment effort, complete with more rounds of Soviet-style hearings led by Commissars Schiff and Jabba. They will vote out new articles of impeachment during the week of the Republican National Convention in late August. This is as predictable as the sun rising in the East;
  • Also in the Spring, shortly after the Democrats have begun their next impeachment scam, the public arrests and perp walks coming out of the investigation by U.S. Attorney John Durham and Attorney General William Barr will commence. Those arrests will take place simultaneously, and involve most, but not all, of the major figures who led the DOJ/CIA/FBI Spygate operation and Coup Cabal. The corrupt news media will use the occasion will do its furious best to smear the reputations of Barr and Durham and any other prosecutor who becomes enlisted in the operation, because hey, that’s what our corrupt news media does;
  • Shortly after the arrests have taken place, Barr and Durham will hold a joint press conference during which they will let it be known that these arrests are a beginning, not an end, and that Durham and his team are still building cases targeting other, possibly higher officials in the Obama Administration. A few days later, Barack and Michelle Obama and Bill and Hillary Clinton will be seen walking the beaches in non-extradition treaty countries;
  • Predictably, the system of awarding delegates proportionally rather than winner-take-all will ensure that no candidate will enter the July Democrat National Convention with the majority of delegates needed to secure the nomination on the first ballot. But Biden will win on the second ballot, when the “Super Delegates” get to vote, due to the myth of his “electability.” Biden will choose Buttigieg as his running mate in order to add “diversity” to the Democrat ticket;
  • In kicking off his acceptance speech, Biden will say that “It’s fantastic to be here in the great state of Wyoming!” The convention is being held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. His campaign will go downhill from there;
  • The Commie, angry that the Party has once again rejected his Marxist siren song, will announce he is running as an “independent,” and will choose AOC as his running mate despite the fact that she is five years too young to serve as Vice President, a fact that AOC and the Twitter Outrage Mob will denounce as a relic of “white male supremacy”;
  • The Democrat/Media/Deep State Axis of Disinformation’s latest impeachment sham will backfire once again, adding another 4% of the popular vote to the President’s support base;
  • Despite massive Democrat voter fraud efforts that inflate Biden’s vote total by 2 to 4 million votes, President Trump will win 52% of the popular vote in the November election to Biden’s 40%. The Sanders/Ocasio-Cortez independent ticket will come in with just 5%, which is about the percentage of Democrat voters who make up the Twitter Outrage Mob;
  • Much of Trump’s margin of victory – which will include a whopping 370 electoral votes – will be due to the fact the he will receive 20% of the African American vote and almost 40% of Hispanic votes. He will also become the first Republican in modern times to pull a majority of he Jewish vote, as Jewish folks become increasingly aware of the fact that all of these attacks on their people are taking place in cities that have been run by Democrats for decades. The corrupt media will continue to call the President a “racist” and an “anti-Semite” despite those results;
  • Biden and all other Democrats will refuse to accept the results of the election, attributing their latest failure to mythical “voter suppression” efforts by Trump and the Republicans. They will beef up George Soros’s funding of Antifa and other radical leftwing riot crews. The resulting mass riots in major, Democrat-run cities will make those seen following the 2016 election look like a day in the park;
  • The Democrat mayors will blame the riots and looting and carnage on President Trump.

Some things are just too predictable.

Happy New Year!

That is all.


Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Ok, have just printed out your predictions, waiting to see what comes true…hope ALL OF IT

Jay Whitcraft

I only wish every prediction David has would come true!
Here are a few of mine:
1. The dems in VA will arrogantly pass those laws that they are talking about. Within days a Federal Judge will issue a stay pending litigation, thereby defusing the explosive situation.
2. The “Trial” and acquittal of President Trump will be over before February 1st.
3. Joe Biden will not be the nominee.
4. Nothing will happen with Barr and Durham until late July. The highest ranking person to be charged will be Andrew McAbe, no one else like Comey, Hillary, Sally Yates, ect. Jay


Some of my predictions, many of which will happen after his landslide win and into 2021:

Nationalize the VA National Guard to protect the 2A rights of Virginians.

Nominate another SC justice to finally flip the court to a solid 5-3-1(Roberts) conservative majority. Compromised Roberts may be investigated and impeached in 2021.

Trump will do many targeted rallies to large happy crowds which will flip the house to the GOP by a margin of 50 to 75 seats – with perhaps ten old guard Dems announcing retirement soon after.

His rallies and support will also target RINOs in the red state primaries.

Their will be numerous quiet (fly under the radar) investigations of congress people with indictments and prosecutions. Same with other dubious gov power players of both parties at all levels.

The GOP will nave a net gain of 2 (Jones in AL and Manchin will switch to GOP) seats. Leahy, Sanders, Feinstein, and maybe Durbin and a VA senator choosing to resign/retire. Resignations would allow the Dem govs. to appoint younger radicals to carry the Dem/lib torch, but some newbie could become vulnerable in 2022.

Trump, after winning 55% of the popular vote will move in and declare Marshall Law in every city where the resulting riots occur; and they will be brutally defeated. With that mandate, he will begin arresting the law breaking governors, mayors, district attorneys, judges and sheriffs of all the sanctuary states and cities and finally break this long running lawlessness.

Trump will also send the DOJ into the cities to investigate and prosecute voter fraud among the county voting commissions.

He will institute a national voter ID law with a federally issued and vetted picture and biometric ID card which must be displayed to vote in any election. Federal, and ultimately all, elections will conform to a national standard.

He will demand and force full and complete yearly budgets to be produced on time (Oct. 1 each year) with a gov. shutdown and congress remaining in session until a full budget is passed.

Several departments and agencies will be eliminated, severely reduced, and/or moved out of the NCR (National Capitol Region) to the wails and chagrin of all the do nothing deep state bureaucrats. DC will get an enema.

Major cabinet, Intel Community, and DOD shakeups with the purging of the political blivit Admirals, Generals, and hack secretaries.

Great trade deals with China, Great Britain (post Brexit) and other nations will be completed. This will force the EU to reform, or collapse.

The UN will be defunded, along with a lot of foreign aid, and our role with it will be renegotiated to our benefit, or we will leave it and it will be evicted from the US.

2020-21 Sanctions against Iran and North Korea will force regime change and Trump will be able to actually make deals with their legitimate successor governments.

2020-21 US forces will be extracted from the Middle East sandbox wars. Bringing troops home worldwide in large numbers will happen.

The boarder wall will continue to be built and the DACA/Dreamer people issue will be resolved post election. The visa lottery will be ended, and merit based immigration will be instituted.

Jimmy MacAfee

I would call some of these predictions, some a to-do list, and some are a wish-list. But all good, regardless. Good job.

Jimmy MacAfee

I emailed the President to request his nationalization of the Va. National Guard.

Sarah Reynolds

Miss you on twitter! Great insights as always.

phineas gage

Any predictions on 2020 outcomes in the House and Senate?

If the Dems cannot damage Trump enough to prevent his reelection, I think the back-up plan is to take the Senate and block any further SCOTUS nominees.

phineas gage

‘Are you really going to let her go for the presidential loser hat trick?’

She’s tanned (literally, due to alcohol preservation), rested, and ready to become the 21st century William Jennings Bryan.

Jimmy MacAfee

HRC will try to enter the race, but she has all the appeal of wet socks in an outhouse.

BlowJoe (Blowhard Joe) won’t be the nominee, as the Dems are already trying to find a way to remove him without him shooting off at the mouth and making things even worse. Why would they not want him? Because if he were to be elected, and if the House went Republican and the Senate stayed Republican, there would be tons of reasons for him to be impeached. They all know it, but won’t say it. They’ve lowered the bar so much, BlowJoe could be impeached for his serial groping – not to mention his actual (apparent) criminal conduct. Let’s do an audit on your newfound wealth, shall we Joe? Well, not for political reasons: because you’re a corrupt hack with no imagination and little comprehension. “Mr. Ed” or “Mr. Wilson” would be more astute.

Gyorgy Schwartz’ NGOs will be terminated in about 90 of the 100 countries where he has influence, and much of his money will be locked away by governments sick of his meddling. This will help the world in uncountable ways, and his IC connections will be exposed and his partners in the IC will be held accountable. ALL of them, from many nations. He’ll have nowhere to run, and will be barred from any kind of financial speculation.
There will be (or are) RICO investigations into his manipulation of events.

The DNC will choose the nominee in a (pot) smoke-filled room. The one with the biggest moneybags will win, because the DNC is broke. Solid bankrupt.

The idiot from New York who was terrorized by her garbage disposal will disappear, because Gyorgy’s money will not be there to prop her fool-self up. Two of other three will be facing indictments.

Greta will find Jesus, and will tell the world how she was abused by her parents and their friends.

Nancy will stop chewing her cud, because she’ll stop talking. TMJ issues.

Jumper Bones

If I could choose only one prediction of yours to hope for, it would be the perp walks and convictions that lead to the Clintons and 0bamas to non-extradition-treaty countries, to live out the rest of their corrupt lives in shame, and leave our corrupt MSM figuring out how to continue to hold them in esteem.

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