Pros and Cons of Bernie Sanders as the Democrat Nominee

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

[Note: This is a guest piece from podcast and radio host Karen Kataline. Karen is the producer and host of Spouting Off, a live, Internet call-in talk show covering politics, pop culture and social psychology. Like me, Karen is a former political professional, and she has had op/eds published at places like Op Eds can be seen online at Fox News, Investor’s Business Daily, Western Journal, Town Hall, The Daily Caller, FrontPage Mag, and The American Thinker. I hope you enjoy Karen’s thoughts and share them liberally with your friends, family and worst liberal enemies.]

The latest distraction for news junkies is that Democrats think Bernie Sanders could really win the their Nomination for Election 2020.

So, at this point, let’s do a cost/benefit analysis for the Republicans if Bernie should get the nomination he was robbed of in 2016.

  • We could have a full-on debate about Socialism vs. Capitalism. It is sad that we have to keep having that debate. Every generation, young or old, seems to fall in love with Utopian thinking, or they have been indoctrinated by radical, Leftist political factions who play the long game.
  • Squishy or corrupt (sometimes one and the same) Republicans will be forced to better articulate those arguments at which many have been inept at making thus far.
  • Everyday Americans will be reminded of the sacrifices that so many have made to prevent the nightmare of socialism. It will shine a light on tyranny and evil rather than allowing it to fester in darkness.
  • Trump has been preparing for this argument for over two years. He’s ready for it and has actual, measurable, results to back it up.
  • Bernie is everything the Left claims to hate: Old, Rich, White, Male who can only pander to the groups to which the Left has been so condescending and relegating to the status of victimhood. If he does win the nomination, look for him to choose a black female running mate, regardless of what she stands for. It’s all about identity politics and ad hominem attacks on their enemies because they have nothing else.

There is only one con as far as I can see tell for Bernie to be the Democrat nominee. He is likely to be hammered so hard that the socialist Left will start taking lessons from Obama on how to once again hide their radical, socialist views.

That puts us back to where we were in about 2010. Leave it to Donald Trump in the meantime to illustrate the moral imperative of freedom… and the prosperity that is possible when individual sovereignty and free will is protected by a restrained government. What a coincidence! That’s exactly the way our Founders intended it.


Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Jimmy MacAfee

Happy New Year, folks! Offline all day, can’t wait to see what Dave (and the rest of you) have to say!
May Jesus/Yeshua the Christ/Messiah bless your day, and your days, and the rest of this year!


I make New Years Resolutions almost every year, and manage to keep some of them; here are mine for 2020:

I shall visit and stay for a month with a friend in Florida next November and work like hell on behalf of Donald John Trump in that vital swing state; must do my part to overcome the massive voter fraud sure to come from the three SE counties in the Miami area.

I shall endeavor to ignore all the noise coming from the Nancy Klink, Adam Hochstetter, Jerry Burkhalter, and all the other loons in her caucus, including anything about impeachment, obstruction, or investigations. None of these people deserve our attention or our time, except for us to make every effort to defeat them this November. They are not worth the aggravation one incurs from following their antics – they are what they are. The same goes for every democrat in the Schumer senate minority.

I shall be even more discerning upon what news I consume… For example, there was one story on Wharfinger on how, due to the removal of the census citizenship question, CA is going to gain 11 congressional seats and Trump’s red states are going to lose over 20, ensuring no more GOP presidents. Yet within days another story stated that CA was going to lose a seat for the first time in history, and the states Trump won would see a net gain of 6 seats. Well which is it? It can’t be both. Bottom line, I’m not going to waste my time researching and reading about all the BS that is the 24/7 “news” cycle.

I shall stay informed by following Dave and his very smart commenters here and continue commenting.

I shall become more tech savvy.

I shall write and hopefully submit for publishing an alternative WWII history (my passion) book this year – put it off for too long.

Endeavor to be a better person, learn to better recognize, appreciate, and enjoy the truly good things GOD has given me in my life. (GOD wills; man shall)

Happy New Year to Dave, his family and all the great commenters on DB Daily Update!


PS: Also going to ignore the whole of the Dem field running for the nomination for the same reason I’m ignoring the impeachment proceedings, and the congressional Dems.

I shall pay close attention to PDJT and the Barr/Durham prosecutions – that is where impactful things are going to happen.


I’ll register Democrat to vote primary for the weakest candidate. I’m going with Peter Buttgigger.

phineas gage

There is no way that Bernie Sanders will be permitted to be the Democrat nominee in 2020.

Jimmy MacAfee


Jimmy MacAfee

Wall Street made it clear that they’d never back Lieawatha nnot too long ago; they made it clear that HRC should not expect their money if she was the VP nominee back then, too

So does anyone think rich Liberals will suddenly support the finger-pointing old stooge? Bankruptcy court is in the future of the DNC, because Gyorgi is going to have to hide his pennies, and most others with any money who have either made or can keep it are interested in Angry Bernie’s ridiculous ideas. Look for that to be made clear in the near future, as soon as they find a replacement for Gropey Joe. And most people are happier working, and breadline Bernie mostly attracts people who live in Mommy’s basement.

Whomever has the most money to buy the nomination will win the nomination.


Sanders would destroy his chances of winning the election with his choice of a running mate,
no doubt a radical member of 2 or more victim groups who would be President if Bernie dies in office.


I disagree. Money is not the deciding factor in the nomination. As the Dimocrats have proven, they will bend the process to the will of the DNC, regardless of what the majority of libtards want.

They have suffered no repercussions from the last time when they manipulated the outcome for HRC and against Bernie. Well they did suffer a little embarrassment when they were caught doing the manipulation shuffle but it was very little and they, being soulless empty shells, they just laughed it off as they waited for the Obama legacy to continue with their anointed one.

Since they still have not had to answer for any of their dirty tricks and continued propaganda against a sitting president, why would they not go for broke and choose the candidate again? Let us pray it is Bernie (Oh joy) or even her royal highness HRC herself (Happy Happy Joy Joy).

Either way the Dims are too blinded by TDS to see that they are driving off the cliff Thelma and Louise style. The next few months will be majestic.

Jimmy MacAfee

The New York Times openly warned HRC not to choose Liewatha, or they’d cut off her funding; they wrote the same thing more recently, so it is not wrong. HRC picked Tim Kaine instead.

They’ve never been in this state of financial ruin. HRC had more money than anyone ever for her campaign, but the DNC itself was nearly broke. The DNC bent to the will of the moneyed and chose HRC.


Yes, the DNC might be “broke” – been hearing that for years – and the GOP almost always reports much greater small money donations, but the MSM and SM makes up for it by giving billions in free “in kind” donations with their Dem good – GOP bad, non stop campaign masquerading as “news” and “polls”. This allows them to use their big buck PAC money to pay off state and local election operatives and they always have a restocked army of newly minted/recruited lefties from schools across the country. Add to that the illegal voting aliens and the standard dead vote, and the Dems do just fine moneywise. Didn’t Hillary Russian Clinton “loan” the DNC X number of millions in 2016 from her graft “lock box” to gain even more control of the DNC’s operation. That gave her total control of Debbie Was-A-Man (Sargent) Schultz, and latter Donna Dingbat Braille in screwing Crazy Bernie. Another thing Barr/Durham needs to investigate.


The Clinton campaign bailed out the DNC to the tune of $23 million or $26 million (can’t remember which). The DNC even had to move their main bank branch to the same one used by Hillary for no apparent reason. Nothing to see here, however it involves a Clinton, so follow the money to some nefarious event. The DNC keeps getting mentioned along with the Clinton campaign as funding the Steele Dossier, however they were one and the same. Hillary created the Russia propaganda narrative and paid her minions millions to destroy President Trump. They NEVER thought she would lose and their arrogance prevented them from covering their tacks very well. They NEVER thought they would get caught either! Trials for TREASON in 2020 would make a great bumper sticker.

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