Aspiring Mass Shooter in White Settlement Learns That Texans Will Kill You Back

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A good guy with a gun saves dozens of lives, the corrupt media yawns. – When a bad guy with a gun entered a Church of Christ sanctuary during Sunday morning service yesterday, he thought he’d have easy pickings. Well over 200 Christian parishioners were in attendance, and he no doubt figured he would be able to hang around for as long as he wanted and to basically name his score of victims.

The one thing this scumbag did not account for, however, was the presence of good guys with guns in the building, one of whom shot and killed him shortly after he began shooting. And good Texas gals with guns as well. Indeed in the breakdown of the video of the shooting, you can see that no fewer than seven people present, including two security guards, drew down on the perpetrator when he opened fire:


The hilarious comedian Ron White had this great line about Texas and Texans:

“If you kill somebody in Texas, Texas will kill you back.”

On Sunday morning in White Settlement, Texas, Texans killed back a monster who had killed two of their own. This result was made possible by the concealed carry laws in Texas, which allow licensed citizens to carry concealed firearms into most public places, including churches. To emphasize that key point even more, the security guard responsible for taking the killer down (pictured below) has been identified as a local man named Jack Wilson, who happens to be a licensed firearms instructor.

The police in White Settlement, a small suburb of Fort Worth, have thus far chosen not to make the identity of the gunman public, which is great. Let’s hope they never name the degenerate scumbag – he doesn’t merit the attention or infamy. It’s a shame that law enforcement officials in other cities where these attacks happen don’t take the same approach, since infamy is what these people are seeking.

Of course, our corrupt news media outside of Fox News and the local news outlets in the Dallas/Fort Worth area barely chose to report on this incident. That’s not just because the number of those dead remained blessedly low, but also because of the very fact that the outcome of the incident highlights the undeniable value of concealed carry laws and of having armed security onsite at churches, schools and other public places.

Regional Director of Texas Department of Public Safety Jeoff Williams emphasized just how important those farcors were in saving lives, when he said this to the assembled press:

“The citizens who were inside that church undoubtedly saved 242 other parishioners.”

Yes, they did. But those factors do not fit the prevailing anti-gun Democrat/media narrative, thus relegating this event to something to be avoided by the corrupt editors and reporters at the national media outlets.

It must be a truly miserable existence to work inside a dying “news” operation that considers its overarching job to be creating and maintaining a false reality for an ever-diminishing audience.

God bless the people of White Settlement, and the families of those who were lost or injured in this heinous act.

That is all.


Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Jerry A Kimbro

Except they finally did release the shooters name. He was a mentally ill homeless nobody with anger issues. Wanted in a few states for domestic violence among other problems. No known reasons for him wanting to shoot up the Church, other than they had fed him and been kind to him before. He also claimed to be possessed by a demon. And now he is DEAD.


While I am thankful for this armed , upstanding patriot who did the Right Thing !
I am disgusted by the tone of the reporting to suggest that only texans have the
stones to stand up and do that Right thing .
Texans are NOT the only brave , God fearing people in our country who would
do this .


God Bless Texas.


The courts agree that the First Amendment allows the video recording of police officers, even though video cameras did not exist when the First Amendment was written.
Similarly, the Second Amendment should be seen as allowing citizens to keep and bear semi-automatic arms even though those did not exist when the Second Amendment was written.
The law must be consistent. Arguments that the authors of the Second Amendment did not have semiautomatic weapons in mind are irrelevant, just as are arguments that those same authors did not have video recorders in mind.
Indeed, the authors of the Bill of Rights certainly would have envisioned improvements in firearms, whereas things like video recorders could not have been anticipated by them. So if video recording is covered by the First Amendment, how much more should semiautomatic firearms be covered by the Second Amendment!

Kerry Rodgers

That’s how you do it. Make those scumbag wannabe famous murders scared to even try it. God bless that man for his courage and his perfect aim!


billindallas. The good guy with a gun not only made a perfect head shot but a shot on a moving target too.
That is what gun control really means. Good going, whatever your name is.


Billindallas. On a moving target no less. Gun control
at it’s best.

A Day

Praise the Lord and pass the ammo.

common cents

What’s with the racist title of this article?


Name of suburb. Not racist at all. Are you?


If you watch the playback the three shots are almost equally timed in sequence. The security guy dropped him from a decent distance with a single shot. Impressive!


Yes, impressive marksmanship under stress. He aimed at the head from 30 feet because he knew he could do it. He only pulled the trigger once. He won the cigar.


The bad guy was counting on the church not having ‘armed’ people. Bad assumption on his part. Mr Wilson is an example of what good range time pays dividends in. Best to HAVE those skills and never need them than need’m and not have them.

I doubt anyone takes pleasure in having to shoot someone, except evil people obviously do, but I hope Mr Wilson can settle his mind on KNOWING he took the right action. Absolutely awesome having only fired one shot. One thing certain… this event effectively serves notice to bad people that this church is no longer a target.

Jimmy MacAfee

Can almost guarantee that this guy was an Incel (Involuntary Celibate.)

Jimmy MacAfee

Biden claimed at one time that a shotgun is the best home defense. Arguable, if it’s a tactical version. (AR-15 is better for smaller people with little experience in handling weapons.) Less recoil, more shots. Ironic that BloJoe would recommend the weapon that this doochbag opened up on the congregation.

Jimmy MacAfee

Now Mikey “Kill it” Bloombug will wanna ban shotguns – the kind it appears was used against the church.

My compliments to the defender: nice grouping, dude!


God Bless the Good Guys With Guns (GGWG), and the true victims, and their grieving families.

While I don’t want the criminal’s name exposed to give him and his ilk notoriety, I do want to know his/her particulars. When the news describes this event, a blank person like my maker displayed with my comments here, should be put up and he should named criminal “X”. The particulars of his associations, sex, age, race, and RELIGION, should be made known.

I want to know if the criminal said Allah Akbar , or GOD Bless you, as he executed his destructive act.

James Flanagan

Sad to say but I also want to know the shooter’s particulars. The killer of NY Jewish citizens is black and so there was Al Sharpton giving cover at a press appearance. If the victims were black, Al would be organizing marches to shake down the city again.


…I get the idea of not publicizing this guy’s actions or giving him the attention he desired…but I disagree with any kind of self…or law imposed censorship. Journalism should be about who, what, where when and why. Once you give the corrupt souls the right to censor for one reason, they will soon expand the list of “acceptable reasons” to censor all of us. It’s happening in real time around us, so the…”don’t name the shooter”…concept really protects The Deep State, who are probably responsible for 80 % of the mass shootings or false-flags to begin with.

Michael E. Fisher (Mef)

I want to know what pharmaceutical drugs he had in his body ???

Jimmy MacAfee

So far, they’re not saying anything, but I agree with you entirely: everything but the name. My hunch is that this is an Incel loser, a Leftist, and a likely supporter of Auntie Fay (ANTIFA.)

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