Stop Asking About the ‘Durham Report’

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

When is the ‘Durham Report’ coming out?  – I get this question in some form or another pretty much every day. I get it in emails, in PMs on Facebook, in the comments section to this website. “When is the Durham Report coming out” has been this site’s top search term almost on a daily basis for months.

It’s a question that I never answer, for two main reasons. First, I don’t know the answer, and neither does anyone else. Second, and more importantly, is the simple fact that I don’t care, and neither should you.

Wait, what?

Seriously: Why do you care if you ever see a “report” from U.S. Attorney John Durham? John Durham is not a Special Counsel; he is not an Inspector General; he is not a congressional committee or a corrupt reporter or anyone else whose job it is to write reports.

John Durham is a U.S. Attorney, a prosecutor, a man whose job it is to put bad people in jail. Period.

I don’t want to ever see a damn report from John Durham. I am quite frankly sick to freaking death of seeing reports, and you should be, too. We have seen reports from half a dozen congressional committees, authored by Republicans and Democrats alike, and none of the bad actors from the Obama Coup Cabal have gone to prison. We have seen at least four different reports from DOJ IG Michael Horowitz, and none of the bad actors from the Coup Cabal have gone to prison. We have seen the report from Special Counsel Robert Mueller, and none of the bad actors from the Coup Cabal have gone to prison. We have seen a thousand reports from corrupt reporters, and none of the bad actors from the Coup Cabal have gone to prison.

I don’t want to see another report from John Durham. What I want to see from John Durham is a long series of indictments and perp walks and prosecutions and convictions with long prison sentences involving the real, true bad actors from the Obama-era Coup Cabal. I want to see all of those things targeting real, true bad actors like James Comey and John Brennan and James Clapper and Andrew McCabe and Lisa Page and Peter Strzok and Sally Yates and Loretta Lynch and James Baker and Bill Priestap and if it can be proved this neverending coup d’etat originated at the very top, Barack Obama his own self, too.

That is the job of a U.S. attorney, not writing some damn report that leads to nothing of any consequence. I have had a lifetime’s fill of do-nothing reports from toothless public officials. Now, it is time for a real U.S. Attorney, backed by the full power of the U.S. Department of Justice and the U.S. Attorney General, to do his real, actual damn job and put people in prison for a long, long time.

That’s what I want to see from John Durham. That is what I am waiting for.

We know who the truly bad people are, we know what they did and why and when they did those things. Now it is time to start putting them in jail. If all we are going to get from Mr. Durham is just another report, then our country is well and truly doomed and there will be no recovering from it.

So, stop asking me that question, because frankly my dear friends, I don’t give a damn about seeing any report from John Durham.

All I want to see from Mr. Durham is justice.

That is all.

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Its gonna take time for Durahm to build his case againsts these Animals and Indicte them Durahm dont write reports he prosicutes criminals and it looks like a bunch of crroked Democrats are going to prison big time without special privalages.


Wake me for the Perp Walks.


Durham isn’t putting anyone in jail. Has nobody else figured out, yet, that these insurrectionists will share the fate Hillary suffered for her emails and Benghazi!? These Leftists do not face consequences. Durham will drag his feet until this debacle fades away. OR he’ll issue a report upon which the Machine will decline to act. Obama…Hillary…the insurrectionists in the FBI and Justice…these folks are far above the law. Don’t tell me how wrong I am. Just observe.

Jimmy MacAfee

Not likely: Benghazi is still an open issue, as is the Clinton Foundation, the emails and Debbie Doberman Schliz’s collaboration with Awan. All. Still. Under. Investigation.

Jimmy MacAfee

Bravo. I don’t care if there is ANY report, if I get to see the traitors hang.


Probably no one wants to see a Durham “report” more than PDJT. The “report” will be a summation of all the successful convictions of all the deep state anti-American criminal turds who reside(d) in the colon of the American Political and Justice System.

An addendum to that report needs to include a through investigation of who controls the Education Establishment, the MSM and the Social Media platforms, where their money comes/came from, and how they are using/used that money to control the national narrative and propagandize the American people for most of the last hundred years. Goebbels and Pravda would have been proud of today’s media industrial complex.

The thing that makes our media and education so mush more abhorrent than Hitler’s, Stalin’s, or Mao’s is that thinking and knowing people in Germany, USSR, and China knew and understood they were being lied to, whereas much of America has been so dumbed down that, until Trump, many, if not most, people believed what the SeeBS’s Clondike and Rather(not) house organs spouted since TV came on the scene. SeeBS is not alone; they all are propagandizing us daily. But the good news: more and more people are seeing it, and their garbage news and deliberate non-news reporting is unsustainable. Traditional newspapers are dead and dying, on air news and their internet “news” will fail too.

When internet censorship is resolved by Trump, congress, and the courts, bloggers like Dave will be in the forefront of real news reporting…

Jimmy MacAfee

Q’anon is talking about a new “Great Awakening.” That won’t be reported, nor will it come in a report, but it will, as you suggest, result in the death of the Fake News and the Globalist nightmare.

President Trump re-tweeted a Q post, and Twitter freaked out. The media will not ask if Q is real – he/they is/are. But those who hang on every word of Q and ignore their own sources of information are doing exactly the opposite of what Q recommends: “Think for yourself.” This isn’t the raving of an Anarchist, nor a call to extreme Libertarianism (AKA Satanism.) It’s a wake-up call to those who want to be awake.

Jay Whitcraft

100% agree with you David. The only people that get hyped up about a “report” are the pundits on tv! I hear terms like like “this report will be devastating” but no one gets charged or put in jail where they belong! The worst that has happened is a few people got “fired” and now we are stuck paying for their retirement! IMHO Andrew McAbe will be the “fall guy” for all of this. Jay

big d

I hope that nobody is above the law. This would include Mr. Obama. As well as all of his cabinet members. If this isn’t done, the corruption will continue to grow and become MORE out of control.


A while back, I heard an interview where Barr stated that the indictments, etc. from the Durham investigations will be forthcoming/issued in late spring to early summer.
I, too, want to see the cuffed, orange suited perp walks of all the traitors involved in the attempted coup of a duly elected President. Then on to the trials with subsequent occupations of lamposts as examples to anyone else who has a thought of trying such a stunt in the near future.
Of course, there will be the screaming and gnashing of teeth from the leftist media, which will make the whole thing that much more delightful.
Just sayin’.


I’m thinking of public firing squads with the perps stood up against the Washington Monument then carted off to be buried at sea via aircraft, never to be seen again; hanging the from lamp posts will be unsightly, odorous and could spread disease. I would have no problem disinterring many of our deceased criminal “heroes” and disposing of them in the same manner to little fanfare – then we can start renaming to county’s streets, bridges, tunnels, and airports for people of real honor.

Mark Carver

Amen. Say it again and again.

Mueller used indictments as a political tool to keep his investigation alive and seem credible. Durham, hopefully will understand how well that worked and file indictments. Justice, like peace, is won, never granted.

Ron Oliver

Well said!


I usually have something pertinent to add to Dave’s fine updates, but this time, nothing at all. You have covered it all – WELL DONE!

Notice there are no “leaks” from an adult investigation.

Michael Fling

Succinct and to the point! Delightful!!

phineas gage

I concur, but there will never be any indictment of Obama, let’s be realistic.

What I would hope for is complete exposure of the complicity of Obama in this coup. I want him completely disgraced, just like Nixon, to the point that the media cannot rehabilitate him.

Sharon Campbell

David, very well said! I want what you want…indictments for all the crimes we know were committed by all the known criminals. Reports are of no use at all at this juncture!


AGree with your post, as we ALL want what he does…..Indictments, NOT REPORTS, as those of us who ARE paying attention KNOW who the Real Criminals Are, and therefore….Time for ACTION, Not words on paper!!
Send these criminals to GITMO, where ALL Terrorists belong…..especially these Domestic Terrorists Against the American People. Starts w/Obama, Hillary, etal.

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