Leftism is Destructive to Mental Health

Today’s Campaign Update, Part III
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

[Note: This is a guest piece from podcast and radio host Karen Kataline. Karen is the producer and host of Spouting Off, a live, Internet call-in talk show covering politics, pop culture and social psychology. Like me, Karen is a former political professional, and she has had op/eds published at places like Op Eds can be seen online at Fox News, Investor’s Business Daily, Western Journal, Town Hall, The Daily Caller, FrontPage Mag, and The American Thinker. I hope you enjoy Karen’s thoughts and share them liberally with your friends, family and worst liberal enemies.]

Whenever there is a horrible mass shooting, we have come to expect rampant speculation about the mental status of mass murderers as well as the ugly politicization that comes almost immediately after such horrific events.

As a formerly practicing mental health professional, (MSW, Columbia University) I would never diagnose someone without a personal interview and at the very least, a thorough exploration of his or her family history.

Plenty of books have been written about what these monsters have in common.  Much as we would like to lump them together, they are still individuals with their own history, motivation, and diagnosis. The tendency to make broad generalizations and collectivist conclusions is part of the problem. This makes it easier to place the blame on everyone else but the killer himself.

Collectivism is endemic to the poisonous ideology of Leftism (read: Socialism.) It robs people of their individual identity and therefore, personal accountability–particularly in those who are already psychologically vulnerable.

The tenets of socialism encourage:

  • Victimhood (Isn’t that the root of paranoia?)
  • Poor impulse control coupled with continuous rage and popular culture that is progressively more tolerant of criminality when perpetrated by members of certain protected groups.
  • Depersonalization as a result of viewing oneself solely in collectivist terms.
  • Subjugation and eventual eradication of individualism and free will, leading to a sense of fatalism, helplessness, hopelessness and clinical depression.
  • Emotional fragility and regression into a childlike state.
  • Eradication of boundaries, structure and accountability.
  • Class envy, a sense of entitlement, resulting in increased government dependency.
  • An inability to tolerate conflict and even differences of opinion.
  • Black and white thinking (as to race and much more) which lumps people into groups of “all-good,” or “all-bad.” This is typical of the older diagnosis of borderline personality disorder.

Which of these is not familiar as a basic tenet of socialism?

One more point before I take off my clinician hat: When an individual has had a grievous loss, he is often discouraged from making big decisions or drastic changes in his life. Yet, that is just when political opportunists want us to make drastic changes in our policies and laws.

Intentional or not, laws which disarm victims while creating a more dangerous environment are what Democrats are clearly advocating. Republicans have shown themselves willing to roll over to avoid the political heat of the moment.  Consequently, everyday citizens are once again blamed and punished for the criminal behavior of a few.  That collectivist ideology has been pushed by the Left for decades.

How I wish I could tell President Trump to put on the brakes in supporting policies in the heat of grief and emotion. It remains to be seen whether his recent speech will yield fundamental policy changes but I for one, hope not. Not only do sweeping, federal laws do little to address the complex issues of this problem but the only people who stand to lose are law-abiding citizens.


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Jimmy MacAfee

American men of African descent have been emasculated – and this began with Great Society programs, which destroyed the family. Where the majority had been married, and stayed married, even in greater percentages than in families of white/European descent. The “Projects” were created to destroy the black family. Guess what? It worked.

Now we see unemployment dropping, and depression and hopelessness is falling away, like scales falling from our eyes. We see the oppressor, and that is Big Government, which decided decades ago to destroy the family. Who can stay married when the family is stolen? How is that good for mental health?

Nearly every single symptom in the list above is a result of the Nanny State and the destruction of the Family.

Jimmy MacAfee

One of the more recent positive things is the entrance of Jordan Peterson, who is the antithesis to Leftist destruction of the American male – and in other nations as well. The Left hates Peterson, because he’s exposed them and has provided solutions to the scheduled destruction of our Republic. The Left emasculates young men and attempts to make them into the author’s list. This isn’t just about crime and punishment, focusing on punishment. We need to have open eyes to see the scheme behind the systematic destruction of young men (and women) and to make sure their schemes will not work.

As I said: the destruction of the West is scheduled, and in Europe, is right on pace – (except for Brexit and certain Eastern European countries.) What they’ve done to young people is mirrored by what they’ve done to American workers – (until President Trump disrupted their plans.) That is, they’ve devalued workers, taking away jobs and livelihood (fact) causing depression (fact) which increases physical pain (fact) and increases opioid addiction (fact.) No wonder places which used to employ coal miners were overwhelmed with addiction. It’s not just Big Pharma; it’s the policies which cause the pain to begin with. As Obama, the King of Hopelessness intoned: “Your jobs aren’t coming back.” Until President Trump, that is.

12 Rules for Life has been a great gift to the West; millions of lives have been changed. That’s a great start. Unfortunately, the church (Protestant, Catholic, other) has been purchased by Soros and the Globalists (Christianity Today’s recent BS is evidence) The pastorate has been emasculated in a large number of “regular” denominations. I hear this over and over: men saying they don’t want to go to church to hear about social justice or listen to an effeminate pastor or priest whine and hector the audience, or tell us that we should “not insist on our rights.” Oh yeah? The Apostle Paul insisted upon his rights as a Roman citizen! The Church needs to teach, not just blab: the Bible needs to be taught. If it were, 12 Rules for Life would hardly be necessary, and Ms. Kataline’s list would be a rarity, not a growing threat.

America is fighting back. But we need to ground our selves in the Bible, and throw off the despair and chains the Left has in store for us, because our institutions have mostly abandoned us. Time to put an end to the subversion of the church (little “c”) and stop listening to those pastors who emasculate us – which is why more women attend church than men, because men have been supplanted. We should support ministries which teach the Good News, not the wimpy PC culture! Men need to rise to the occasion and to decide: we will not be submitted to evil authorities.


Agree with Karen’s column. However:

I don’t really care what caused these mass killing criminals to act, and I don’t want millions, if not billions spent on psychiatric care, or waiting twenty years for their death row appeals to run out. I also don’t care if they can be charged with any sort of “hate” or “bias” crime. If they knowingly committed murder – which is the ultimate “HATE CRIME”, I WANT THEIR “CARBON FOOTPRINT” REDUCED TO ZERO IMEADATELY UPON CONVICTION. The time to analyze why they did what they did is during the pretrial incarceration period. Once overwhelming evidence convicts first degree murderers, they should be summarily executed within a month.

I have always wondered why when a guilty verdict is announced on the news from a high profile trial the actually sentencing will be done at some later date; usually it seems to be in two to three months. Why the delay? The same presiding judge will be rendering the verdict; why can’t the judge render his/her decision immediately after the jury finds guilt? Presumably the judge was listening to the trial. The defense must have the option to appeal the verdict only once and a new trial date could then be set. This is the only delay in executing the sentence that would be acceptable.

Justice delayed to the criminals is justice denied to the true victims.

I have always failed to see the rational as to why Manson (as an example) was allowed to die in jail an old man at great cost to society – I know the SC ruled the death penalty “unconstitutional”, but it was reinstated in the 1980s. There should have been a judicial review of Manson’s (and other) cases and room temperature for him should have been the outcome.

The death penalty, or at least life in prison with hard labor, should be mandatory for any repeat offenders of “High Crimes” i.e. felonies, such as murder of any degree, rape, grand theft, drug trafficking, armed commission of any crime, and any other major threats to society. Furthermore getting caught illegally in this country a second time and committing or allowing (intentionally or negligently) voter fraud at your voting district, county, municipality, or state should also carry severe felony penalties of at least five years incarceration as no right should be more sacred and more protected than our right to vote and have it count equally – “one man (person) one vote” must be the rule, not the exception.

Society must be protected from all crime – that is one of the few reasons for government to exist: make and enforce EQUALLY necessary and just laws and have police to help the public and maintain civil order. Sadly, that is another area where our very expensive law enforcement and judicial system is failing us.

I am also appalled to see how convicted murders like Manson and others are often eligible for parole from time to time and how the survivors of their crime(s) have to often appear and appeal to the parole boards (another government entity that could be eliminated completely) to prevent early release. This has the unhappy effect of putting the victims through the crime over and over again; which is tragic and unnecessary!

Criminals should not be paroled early for good (civil) behavior; their sentences should be increased for bad behavior. Possible early release for valuable “snitches” might be made available to deserving and truly repentant convicts. And can we please stop calling a jail or prison a CORRECTION CENTER? They are meant to incarcerate criminals and protect society. If the conditions at “correctional facilities” were a little less hospitable by reducing creature comforts, the fear of going to jail – real prison – might be more of a deterrent.

On a side note regarding the cost of incarcerating our most undeserving citizens:

In the 1990s it was reported that NJ spent over $20,000.00 annually to incarcerate a prisoner, and around $10,000.00 per year to educate each child each year. Was the solution to audit the Department of Corrections and find ways to reduce prison costs? Oh Hell no, the main argument was that the budget for “educating” the “children” was getting short-changed and neglected, and that funding needed to be increased! This was seriously proposed that somehow the two different (apples and oranges) per capita costs should be reconciled/equalized. Never mind that NJ has among the highest, if not the highest taxes (of all kinds), Insurance rates, and general cost of living in the country!. It has a lottery, legalized gambling since the 1970’s, and a significant tourist industry and it is still broke. Yet the education establishment still wanted to get even more of the people’s money to pay off the teacher and other unions. This is one of the main reasons I moved to TN.

Jimmy MacAfee

Also damaging to physical health, too. Stage IV pancreatic cancer for one Congressional liar/stooge, who falsely claimed that Tea Party protestors spat on him and called him racial epithets. All that anger is toxic, John. RIP.

Jimmy MacAfee

Most of the killers are Involuntary Celibates, and the list of personal qualities above shows why they’re ICs. “Soyboys” are another designation that often fits.

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