An Open Message to Nancy Pelosi and Her Demo-Nazi Army

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

[Note: The comments below were submitted by reader Gregg Updike. Unfortunately, the censors at WordPress have repeatedly refused to allow it to post as a comment, for reasons that seem incomprehensible to me. So, hell, I decided to just post it as an update. Hope you enjoy the analogies Gregg draws between Nancy Pelosi and her House Democrats to Hitler and his Nazi army. I did.]

Nancy, If you think that somehow you are going to win playing the impeachment du jour game, guess again.

I make fun of you by referring to you as Nancy Klink, the bumbling inept sycophantical commandant in charge of Stalag 13 (Trump, by the way, is Col. Hogan, the flamboyant hero who runs rings around you and your army of wannabe Nazis).​

In fact, you are much more like Hitler and the way he ran the German Army’s campaign against the USSR/Russia.​

You and your media generals ran roughshod over anyone who opposed you.  Then you and Mueller come up against Moscow and the brutal winter of Dec. 1941.  Did you fall back to a more defensible position and save your foot soldiers (political capital)?  No, you forced Mueller to bumble through a pathetic testimony which began to cost you a lot of creditability.  Like Germany, you regrouped and tried to make good your losses by relying on even less creditable allies (facts).​

Next up, the 1942 fall campaign directed at Stalingrad (which is ironically, near Ukraine).  You and your lieutenants, Schiff and Nadler, pushed through to Stalingrad (impeachment) where your effort got encircled and trapped.  You, and Hitler could have called for a tactical retreat, but no, you stood your ground and forced your army into a massive defeat, which the polls are now showing.  One of your foot soldiers Van Drew (Paulus), finally surrendered to reality and quit your (Nazi) party.  Now realizing the terrible tactical error you made, you decided to hold off on the executing of your impeachment “mandate” from your radical base in a most inept way.  ​

This will cost you dearly as your side is getting more and more angry that you are not getting Trump gone, and Trump’s real America is getting galvanized to deal you, and your Dem. Army, a historical defeat.​

So now you are going to try to regroup again, and try for Kursk (investigations/impeachment) next year.  That battle, in the summer of 1943, forever shattered the German Army’s ability to win against Stalin; your renewed impeachment battle in the summer of 2020 will do the same to your party of  true socialists and fascists.  History has a funny way of repeating if you don’t learn from it.  ​

Even that idiot Rob Reiner (Meathead from “All In The Family”), has said that your, and the media’s  shrill, and getting shriller every day, baseless partisan attacks are making Trump a sympathetic figure!  So go ahead Nancy, keep at it. ​

Einstein said: doing the same thing over and over expecting different results is the definition of insanity.​

Before Impeachment, I had your house Dems down fifty seats due to your do nothing obstructionist house, and your rabid anti-everything Trump.  I figure this impeachment has cost you another ten seats, not counting future defections, so now you are down sixty seats; another impeachment, another ten seats…  And with everything Trump doing and being associated with (jobs, the economy, trade deals, immigration, the wall), turning to gold, well even a dim bulb figurehead, such as yourself, should be able to see where you and your party is headed.​

But, like Hitler, you are too far gone, too far committed (and should be) to turn back now.  Just like May 8, 1945, November 3, 2020 is coming fast, and the results will be the same.

Gregg Updike

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Jimmy MacAfee

“And He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.” Mark 16:15

How is it thus said, dear pontiff of nothing? When you say, in your own mind and to the world: “never proselytize.”
Is not preaching the same?

Jesus came as redemption, not as a water safety instructor in Rome, to be Baptized safely and to keep the Gospel to ourselves. Go and PREACH He said.

I leave this to you on the celebration of the night of Jesus’ birth, as a servant,

Jimmy MacAfee

On this Christmas Day, I pray that the President will pardon General Flynn, Roger Stone and pre-pardon Julian Assange.

I pray this in Yeshua/Jesus’ Holy Name

Matt Frihart

its about time the democrats reaped the fruit of the rhetorical seeds they threw for years……. I dont remember if I posted it here or not but this whole impeachment and its failure is nancy’s doing, including the box she put herself in.

nancy got mad when the republicans impeached bill and had been waiting 20 years to get any republican back for it, a chip she’s had on her shoulder since. She couldn’t impeach bush for anything because without the intel community’s support or the public’s support, with neither behind it and by the time bush’s numbers were low enough to think about impeaching him, he was near the end of his second term. enter Obama, and nancy has to sit and wait for another republican to get in the white house again. while obama was not the deep state’s guy, he wasnt their enemy either so he was allowed to serve out his term.

enter trump and his direct verbal assault on the deep state, finally nancy has the intel community’s backing but she still had to wait until she could run a sham election based on healthcare (notice they didnt even sniff healthcare after running on it nationally in 2018?) and win back the house. She finally gets the house, and a republican president and the intel community backing she sorely needed.

then the first ball drops, mueller, the intel community’s ace ends up being a 2-7 off-suit hand and nancy is in a hard spot.

for 2 and a half years she’s been preaching impeachment, encouraging her colleagues and media to preach it loud and get the base jazzed up for it, she sowed the seeds of party destruction, and didnt even know it. Now she has a problem, she has no crime to hang around trump’s neck and she was counting on 2 things, 1 for the intel community to not be as inept as they have been (though she should have gotten her first clue as to their inabilities in the lead up to the iraq war, WMD’s anyone?) and 2 for trump to be the political neophyte and unintentionally screw something up (here she didnt count on his ability to learn on the fly, its possibly his greatest strength).

now she wants to impeach him really bad but knows politically its a deathnail on the party, she wants to, she knows she shouldnt, and then the last thing happens that she didnt count on, obama left the party near-broke and a myriad of special elections happened leaving them defenseless come election time, the only donors left are the billionaire club that detest trump……. they’re oh so happy to donate but now she HAS to impeach him or the money is mostly gone.

nancy put herself in a box with her hatred and rhetoric and that box is firmly jammed between a rock and a hard place the rock being the reality that she cant remove the president and the hard place of both her money and voting base wanting him removed.

so long democrat party! nancy and barack flushed ya down the toilet.


Thank you for all the kind comments. I appreciate that Dave has this forum, listens to and responds to my complaints when WordPress censures my input. I am honored that he felt it worthy enough to make it a separate article.

As you can tell I’m a historian, therefore I can use facts to make analogies between what happened in the past to our current situation. I also try to add in a little levity by assigning older TV show characters to current and former prominent politicians. Here are some I’m working on:

Trump: James Gardner’s character as Sheriff Jason McCullough from the movie “SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL SHERIFF”, a no nonsense unknown guy who comes into town with hidden talents, who sees a problem, doesn’t let it fester, and fixes it in spite of a total lack of support from the town council (GOP Establishment).
When working in the Hogan’s Heroes theme Trump is Col. Robert Hogan as described above; Nancy can be Hitler, or Col. Klink depending on context. Schiff is Gestapo Maj. Hostetter for his bunker tactics, and Nadler is Gen. Burkhalter, a fat blowhard. More characters to follow.

Many have called Trump a disrupter (he certainly is) and refer to him as Rodney Dangerfield’s character: Al Czervik, the loud, brutish, bull in a china shop, uncouth clod who disrupts everything in the country club. That is true to a degree, but it is also quite disrespectful of Trump. He has displayed incredible decorum abroad, patience at home, is tireless and undaunted and singularly focused on MAGA/KAG. The left calls him an embarrassment to the office. I haven’t felt embarrassed by any of his actions or behavior, but proud of America and its’ standing in the world for the first time since Reagan!

Trump and the other GOP presidents in my 60 years never brought bimbos to the white house or the oval office; never got caught using the government to spy on unfavorable members of the media or opponents, or told the RUSSIAN President he’d have “more flexibly” (to screw America) on a hot mic (Obama); at least Trump knows how to pronounce “corpsman”. Carter was a disaster on all fronts and that is why I think he would make the perfect candidate to vie for the Dem. nomination this year. And no one was more scheming and corrupt than LBJ, at least until Clinton and “The One” came along. Nixon was an outlier, but the reality is that what he did was much less egregious than virtually any Democrat since 1909; his paranoia, the feckless GOP establishment, and the Washington Compost sank him for doing much less than WW, FDR, LBJ, BJ Clinton and Barack the Obama – Carter excepted.

Have a Merry Christmas everyone, and let’s all look forward to a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

Jimmy MacAfee

Speaking of possible Nazi collaborators: well, that was then; this is now; if the present is a testimony of the past, then it’s made clear by what he does today.

All those you call “Globalists” possess the Spirit of Nimrod.

Globalists all hate Israel; they are Israel’s natural enemies, because Israel intends to remain a singular state, with borders, with a Jewish identity; Globalists are Communists who want to unite the world under their domination, and Salafists are extreme Muslims who want to unite the world under their domination. For now, they have forged an alliance. All are Globalists. All possess the Spirit of Nimrod, who built the Tower of Babel.

So back to Soros, the atheist enemy of Israel:

Speaking of Nazis, Gregg: you have exposed more than you realize about Frau Nancy, the Goat Faced One: the Nazis were Globalists, too. And all Globalists – including the pope – are enemies of G0D. This time, we will not see a Great Scattering; it will be far, far worse. Make plans to be the twinkling in G0D’s eye, rather than to be left to deal with the consequences.

Jimmy MacAfee

The Great Scattering, by the way, was the fall of the Tower of Babel, all languages confused.

Merry Christmas, all. See you in the new year.

James Johnson


Sharon Campbell

Great article & right on the money! Go Gregg!

Richard Hertz

Good job Gregg. I would only hope the right people would read this and think a bit. Ain’t gonna happen…. Merry Christmas to all and let the train roll on!!!


Ah…to be in the Bunker at that special moment when the report of a pistol shatters the silence. (She probably won’t have a Walther PPK like Adolf…and given the propensity toward drink, she will probably miss. Oh well.)


The funny thing Carlos is it was rejected even after I changed Hitler and Nazi to H***** and N***. So yeah, I don’t know what their criteria are. I thank Dave for posting it as a stand alone article.

Merry Christmas to everyone! Have a wonder Holiday

Jimmy MacAfee

Merry Christmas to you, too, Gregg! Always enjoy your commentary, and this was a great one! Have a Blessed day of the celebration of the Lord’s birth!

Carlos Dangler

I enjoyed that a lot, Gregg! Word(sup)Press(ion) obviously doesn’t appreciate someone calling a nazi, a nazi. (I refuse to capitalize that word.)
Kudos to you, David, for lending Gregg your forum.

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