How to Deal With Your Bernie Sanders Supporting College Kids This Christmas

Today’s Campaign Update
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Here is your “electable” Democrat presidential candidate.  – Three days after President Donald Trump held a rally with more than 20,000 voters on-hand, the nation’s Unfrozen Caveman Senator, Joe Biden, held a rally in a room the size of your average Houston Heights neighborhood master bathroom with a whopping 98 people there to listen to him struggle to name what state he was in. I swear I don’t make this stuff up:

The corrupt fake journalists in America’s corrupt fake news media tell us that Biden is the most “moderate” Democrat, yet he is the same Joe Biden who just last Thursday promised to kill “hundreds of thousands” of blue-collar jobs in the nation’s oil and gas industry so he could follow Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s grand plan to let us all freeze to death in the dark during the winters to come. In his next breath, Biden promised that all of those welders, roustabouts and frac sand specialists could be “retrained” to take one of the high-tech jobs that will surely be available in the glorious solar and windmill industries that AOC promises to create.

This is what “moderation” looks like in today’s Democrat Party. You continue to vote for these people at your – and everyone else’s – own risk. STOP IT.

Speaking of Democrat presidential candidates – I know you weren’t but bear with me – The Commie is here to help you and your family have…ummmm…..’productive’ conversations around the Christmas dinner table. – Yes, friends, you too can ensure that Christmas day for you and your entire family rapidly degenerates into taunts, cursing and fisticuffs by following the Bernie Sanders handy “Family Persuasion Guide”.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the Sanders campaign mailed out many thousands of these pamphlets to students on college campuses – where Communism is all the rage these days – all across the country. So, if you have a kid in school sucking up about 80% of your income to pay for his or her young mind to be filled with the joys of Marxism and Alinskyism by leftist college professors who have never worked an honest day in their lives, expect to be harangued on December 25 as the little jackasses munch down on the very expensive feast you have spent the previous 48 hours slaving to provide them.

From the pamphlet:

It’s up to us as students and young people to make the moral appeal to our older relatives to join us in voting for Bernie, because let’s face it: They won’t be around for as long to deal with the consequences of this election, but we will be.

Get it? You old people aren’t going to be around much longer, so the ungrateful oafs who expect to live out their glory years on the inheritance you worked all your lives to provide them plan to lecture you on why Orange Man Bad and why you thus need to vote for the near-Octogenarian who, like your ungrateful kids and their professors, has never worked an honest day in his entire life, either.

Of course, it is undeniably true that we Baby Boomers will indeed die off much more rapidly should The Commie be elected to the presidency – the shortages of doctors and medical facilities that will inevitably come about under a socialist regime will ensure that. Of course, Bernie will get his own medical care as a member of the Ruling Class which also quickly becomes a feature of any socialist society. Your little 19 year-old ingrates are too ignorant to understand that at this point in their lives, especially since the public schools and universities work very hard to never teach them anything real about the desolation and deprivation any form of socialism invariably creates in its wake.

And that reality, of course, helps to explain why The Commie is so damn unpopular with the old folks. See, one advantage of growing older is that, with age comes this thing called perspective. You tend to learn stuff and retain some of it during the course of a human life, and one thing any human with the reasoning ability of the average alley cat learns and retains is that socialism is a lie, a lie that killed over 100 million human beings during the 20th century alone.

It’s also a lie that continues to kill millions in this century as wave after wave of younger people lacking in perspective, joined by old, lifelong hucksters like The Commie, continue to foist it on previous prosperous societies like, oh, say, Venezuela. Nevermind that people have run out of pet cats and dogs to eat now in Venezuela; The Commie, joined by AOC, assure us that socialism is just wonderful if only smart people like them are in charge.

That’s what Stalin and Mao and Pol Pot and Castro and Hugo Chavez all said, too.

So, friends, if your expensive little ingrate decides to start haranguing you and the other sensible members of your family on Christmas day with The Commie’s talking point messages, here’s what you do: Smack them in their stupid heads with the gravy ladle, march them to the front door, inform them there will be no more tuition money because you’re tired of funding this kind of nonsense, and tell them to go find some perspective in the form a job.

It will be the best thing you ever did for them.

That is all.

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Jimmy MacAfee

Even Crosby Stills and Nash had better perspective than Bitter Bernie:

” And you, of tender years,
Can’t know the fears that your elders grew by…”

Learn fake history, don’t listen to people who’ve seen danger, and don’t recognize real danger. Requiem for a Loser.

If President Trump had not been elected, most people cannot fathom what we’d be facing right now. Let’s just say: history is full of horrors, and we’re always one step away from being submerged in horrors no one has even imagined. Kids sometimes rebel when they feel safe, and sometimes rebel when they feel unsafe. The Bernie Brats are Red Diaper babies. And the focus on the narcissistic ninnies of the Tran! As if they count! Wait until those people are treated like the Assyrians treated their enemies!

If ever a real terror should come upon them! They watch a movie, think they’ve been through something fearful, and then go on about their business as if the terror has been removed. No more Holocausts; no more Armenians, genocided by the evil Turkish Ottomans; no more Stalinist mass murders or Mao’s massacres. No, they’re safe, and they think watching a movie has made them tough.

G0D save us from their ignorance.

Crinkle Tart

This is a no brainer. Stop paying for their college. Since they know it all, they should be able to figure out how to finish their so called education on their own. Maybe Bernie will pay for it.

Jimmy MacAfee

You got it. But a lot of students get loans instead of having parents pay. That requires more adult-like behavior from lending institutions, not just parents:

Student loans should be made on the basis of the ability to pay the loan back, which will take into account the type of study being considered. Gender studies? No loan. Angry studies? Nope. Racial studies? Don’t think so. Most liberal arts, unless they intend to get a masters and have a plan for employment? Nah. Any studies at Yale of any kind? Nope. That’s just because they’re recruiting grounds for the Deep S. But there are lots of degrees that are valuable, as long as the kid has talent (not just SAT scores.) Yep. Loan rendered.

Parents guaranteeing a loan for a bratty kid? Bad idea. Very bad idea. Get off the loan if you have already begun, terminating the contract at the first available opportunity. That is, if they become an abusive, demanding brat. Same with the will regarding estate planning.

But for colleges and donors, Sherlock (Hibbs) shows the genius of his philanthropy:

“In 2017, Hillsdale filed suit against the University of Missouri in a state court in St. Louis. It seeks a ruling that Missouri must turn over the $5 million given by Sherlock Hibbs (plus interest) because it failed to comply with his conditions.”

Pilot Dave

Jimmy, Federally guaranteed student loans required either the student to be returning after having built a solid credit score and assets, or a co-signer if they are the average 18 – 22 year old. Usually parents of family. Banks don’t get the federal guarantee by just giving away the thousands.

Yes, since “college” has become a big business with a profit motive, there needs to be a cost / benefit calculation for any external funding – BA in art history, bring your own funding…. etc.

Jimmy MacAfee

Right. Thanks for the correction.

phineas gage

It’s actually more amusing to toy with them, since these are people that are not very bright and their arguments consist largely of memorized Trump media memes.

Create a game of making some ridiculous pronouncement clad in anti-Trump leftist cant, and enjoy the spectacle of the bobbing head. If you push too far they may eventually catch on, but it is surprising how far you can go. An enjoyable part of any large contemporary holiday get-together.

Jimmy MacAfee

This has been done already, and heads exploded:

Tell them that removing the President will allow President Trump to run for the office again – two more times!

Be sure to duck, because exploding heads are a really messy affair.

Jimmy MacAfee

Satire…kind of:
While I was examining the true nature of Nancy Pelosi, having considered her animal equivalent anything from a marmot to an amphibian, the type of animal she represents is actually Biblical: the goat. The wandering Israelites drove goats out into the wilderness with their sins; will this happen to Nancy?

This explains her constant chewing. It’s a cud. She’s a ruminant. It’s not her fake teeth trying to escape. She’s merely chewing her cud, waiting for the day she’s driven out.

But seriously, if your Christmas dinner is interrupted by some brat who claims the out-going editor of “Christianity Today” confirms their view that President Trump must be impeached (he hasn’t been impeached; articles not delivered yet) then perhaps you could show him/her/it this article? A good read.

Jimmy MacAfee

Here’s some holiday cheer!

Admiral Rogers has been working with Durham and Barr for several months – not just recently. While Christmas is about an event that brought to earth the Son of the Living G0D, the only path to redemption, we see clearly that all those involved in this coup against this President are false prophets and hate G0D. Yes they have gods, mainly themselves, but to be self-righteous is to worship self. Admiral Rogers is doing the work of the Truth, as is President Trump.

Teaching your kids not to lie begins early, and if you’ve failed to make the attempt, it’ll likely be hard to bear for the rest of your life. Teaching your kids not to accept lies and liars is easier, and the illustration of lies and liars (Pelosi, Schiff, Biden, Obama, Susan Rice, both Clintons and everybody else on their side) makes it easier to teach. The lesson these evil ones were teaching, and are still trying to teach, is that evil gets away with it, and evil wins.

Pray for your children, and pray that Mike Rogers has a sleighful of stocking stuffers for those who have perverted our Constitution, our nation, our government.

Jimmy MacAfee

Remember that Thomas Sowell – and many other brilliant thinkers – was once a Communist. Now he remains one of the stars of Free Market Capitalism. And C.S. Lewis was once an atheist, turned into one of the great Christian Apologists of the 20th century.

No, the young will be young, and be influenced by bad people. Like the Pope, who says that spreading the Gospel doesn’t make people believe in Jesus Christ, and that Islamists and other sincere people worship the same god (yes, it’s true: Jews do! just not Islam) He compares evangelizing with the Crusades, which is a legacy of HIS church, not THE Church. The Crusaders also murdered many Christians of the middle east of the time, because…well, evil does what evil does. There is no comparison between evangelizing and murdering, imprisoning and torturing people. Besides, those things are the exact opposite of what a real Christian does. As is lying and deception, a big part of the “Climate Change” narrative, and of abortionists and the bizarre sexual escapades on display masquerading as “rights.” I would be more worried as a parent if my kid came home and said what the pope said recently:

Marxism is moral retardation; the morally handicapped/disabled who remain so as adults are far more dangerous than ill-advised, immature and truth-seeking children who don’t have fully functional frontal lobes. One of the best ways to deal with these undeveloped children is to recommend “12 Rules for Life,” and Jordan Peterson videos. And for the philosophy-minded who are looking for spirituality, Ravi Zacharias is a brilliant Apologist/Evangelist
(not all Evangelists are Apologists.)

Light a candle this season, this Christmas. Don’t waste time cursing the darkness, even if he is the pope.


Great suggestion on how to deal with the snot-nosed brat(s). Kids always feel they know more than the parents.

The one thing I’m really surprised about since the Trump revolution is that there has not been a mass exodos from the “institutions of higher learning” – male student numbers are, however declining. Since being exposed to the fraud of college beginning in 1977, I have always felt that reality would eventually set in and the aura of “getting that sheepskin” would fade; that employers would discount its’ merit. Sadly, that has not happened – YET.

In my life’s experience (perspective) I have met many more intelligent (if not brilliant), successful, well grounded, and productive people WHO WERE NOT COLLEGE GRADUATES!, and many college graduates who are absolute hapless and helpless morons who have no clue on how to face any adversity.

Example: Rush didn’t graduate from college – He failed speech! My grandfather with just a high school education in a rural county eventually became the chief detective in Mercer County, NJ – kind of like Lt. Joe Kenda sans college.

Another problem I’ve always had with college is all the BS liberal arts “elective” courses one has to take in order to get a meaningful degree; that doesn’t even take into account the outright BA/BS (in every sense of the word) majors that our youth were encouraged to take. Many of whom have a very costly degree with no marketable skills.

At eighteen, I wanted to be a mechanic, a machinist, a welder. My parents forced me to go to college while I was seventeen and lived under their roof, to get that sheepskin; I had no clue as to what to major in, I got a job in a machine shop fulltime after I turned eighteen, and justifiably paid 1/4 of my salary in rent to my parents since I was no longer going to college.

Eventually I joined the Navy, and while at times the Navy was frustrating, I don’t regret it for a minute; it opened so many doors and gave me so much life experience.

I know I had no clue when I was eighteen, I just wanted to make money and feel some independence and stand on my own two feet.

What I would like to see is the Trump administration offer a two year enlistment in the military – without a specialty school guarantee (that would come with a four plus enlistment contract) with minimum pay since room and board are included. After successfully completing the two year hitch, the following options would be available:

Reenlist for four years, get a specialty school, and full pay upgrade with the back pay given tax free as a reenlistment bonus for the prior two years active service, and promotion to an NCO. or

Lave the military and get a fully funded two year community college associates degree in a bonified marketable skillset.

This could also be made available to non military government service such as park ranger, or national/international outreach programs such as the Peace Corps.

Programs such as these would do much more to grow up America’s restless and clueless youth, and give them real-world, real-life experience which is so lacking in modern day America.

And, finally, get the government out of the student loan business, and eliminate the Jimmy Carter created Department of Education. How did America survive for two hundred years without it?

Pilot Dave

Greg, think you for your service, and excellent comment. Here is some good news. Some of our enterprises are starting to realize skills are more important than the sheepskin… My example, my profession, cyber security expert, used to require at least a BS/BA degree. One of my better colleagues has a BA in political science – zero classes in computer anything. I started my mechanical engineering degree in 1980, but with only 2 years and zero degree, I actually learned computers on the job at a world famous medical center. Now, with years of real skills, the to jobs, even with the Federal government state “minimum requirement – 4 year college degree, or equivalent combination of college and professional experience in cyber security”.

BAMB ! Your vision is starting to happen because college can’t teach skill in cyber security – a computer architect thinks about how a computer system is suppose to be used, a cyber security architect thinks about how to use a computer system in a way not intended. This only comes with years of hands on experience.

So, I am blessed, zero college degree and on a W-2 job with really good benefits, I earn $200K / year.


Good to hear. Sooner or later, logic, productivity, and commonsense has to beat BS “degrees”


Greg-I’d forget the :Peace Corps/Vista route. Those groups accomplish little besides indoctrination in libturd doctrine.

Jimmy MacAfee

Mostly, but…I knew someone who went to a “stan” country, where men got wives by abduction: take her home, she’s your wife. The young lady got a really rude awakening – but it was an awakening! And no, she was not captured. Didn’t hang around long enough.


Agree, probably a bad example, I just want to get the kids away from their parents so they can grow, develop and experience something besides a costly and worthless communist reeducation camp. The nonmilitary programs would be available for the conscientious objector types

BTW, this program would be available for both genders.


Great comments. Thank you.

Sharon Campbell

Great article & soooo true!

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