Donald Trump Just Had One of the Best Weeks in Presidential History

Today’s Campaign Update
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

This truly has been a week to remember, and not just because of impeachment.  – In fact, it could be argued that the idiotic ending to the Democrats’ impeachment sham turns out to only modestly important in the context of the other major  events that happened over the last seven days. The impeachment sham notwithstanding, President Trump just had what may well have been the greatest week of his entire presidency, and that is a truly great thing for America.

Let’s take a look at this truly momentous week:

Markets – This country has seldom seen a run in the stock markets like one seen over the past five trading days. The NASDAQ set a new record high on every one of those days, ending the week with a record closing streak of 8 consecutive trading days. The Dow and S&P 500 set new records on all but one day during the week. This is WINNING on such a grand scale that even the recession promoters in the corrupt mainstream news media have given up.

USMCA – San Fran Nan Pelosi was so embarrassed by her absurd articles of impeachment that, after sitting on the President’s signature trade deal for 8 months, she finally decided to bring it to a vote on the day after the impeachment vote took place. She and her pathetic, demented fellow Democrats desperately tried taking credit for this extremely favorable trade deal with our country’s two largest trading partners, but nobody was buying it. The Senate also approved the deal late in the week.

China Phase 1 trade deal – The President also reached a deal with America’s third-largest trading partner during the same week USMCA passed in congress. Again, this deal is extremely favorable to the United States and its farmers and consumers, and will, along with USMCA, set the U.S. economy up to have another year of roaring growth in 2020.

Durham closing in on Brennan – The week was filled with clear signals that the investigation led by U.S. Attorney John Durham and sanctioned by AG William Barr is real and closing in on the members of the Coup Cabal. The first signal came in a Thursday New York Times Deep State cover piece detailing the fact that Durham is now taking a very close look at ex-CIA Director/communist/radical Islam sympathizer John Brennan. Durham is seeking all of Brennan’s written, digital and phone records from his time at CIA, with a special focus on his 2016 communications with former FBI Director and current National Teenage Drama Queen Jim Comey. Oh, my.

Barr pillories Comey in Fox News interview – In an interview with Martha MacCallum on Fox News later Thursday evening, AG Barr sent another clear signal that stuff is getting real with his and Durham’s investigation, slamming Comey for his blatant prevarications about his role in fixing the 2016 election for the Pantsuit Princess and later effort to frame President Trump. If you haven’t watched Barr’s interview, you should. It will definitely make you feel better about things.

Rogers cooperating with Durham – Friday evening brought the delightful news that former NSA Director and national hero Admiral Mike Rogers has been cooperating with the Barr/Durham investigation for months now, according to a report in The Intercept. It was Adm. Rogers who, in mid-2016, discovered thousands of Obama-era violations of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), Section 702(17) surveillance process, and the hundreds of illegal unmaskings of U.S. citizens carried out by high Obama officials like Susan Rice and U.N. Ambassador Samantha Power. It was also Adm. Rogers who discovered that Obama had bugged Trump Tower during the post-election transition and immediately warned then-President-elect Trump, after which the Transition team moved to a Trump-owned golf resort in New Jersey. The cooperation of Rogers proves the seriousness of the Barr/Durham effort.

Brexit Vote in Parliament – It received precious little notice in the corrupt, globalist U.S. media, but Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Brexit plan received overwhelming approval in the new, post-election British Parliament. The House of Commons passed the Withdrawal Agreement Bill in a 358 to 234 vote. This sets the stage for Britain to formally withdraw from the globalist European Union by January 31, which in turn sets the stage for President Trump and PM Johnson to execute a massive trade deal between the two giant trading partners.

Impeachment – The President even managed to turn the Democrats’ sham impeachment vote into a net positive for him, holding another massive rally in Battle Creek, MI that began while the absurd vote was being counted. New polls issued simultaneous to and immediately after the vote showed public sentiment moving “massively in the president’s favor” according even to CNN’s own polling analysts. San Fran Nan’s stupid tactic of refusing to communicate the articles of impeachment over to the Senate will only add to the public’s growing disgust with her and her depraved, demented and despicable caucus in the House.

Judges, judges, and more judges – While San Fran Nan was counting her votes in the House, Cocaine Mitch was doing what he does best: Confirming 13 more Trump-appointed judges to the federal bench. This brings the total number of Trump judges added to the federal judiciary in just three years to a whopping 187. That, folks, is WINNING for the long-term.

Turning Point USA – President Trump capped off what was possibly the greatest single week of his presidency with a speech at the meeting of the group Turning Point USA. For those unfamiliar with it, Turning Point USA is a political action group organized by and for the Millennial generation. Conventional “wisdom” tells us that President Trump has a hard time connecting with the younger voting age public.

Take a look at he reception the President received from this group Saturday evening and judge for yourselves:

Any questions?

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Larry Folds, please try to see the big picture!

Yeah, as I forcefully stated in very recent comments here, Trump needs to get the spending under control, but a balanced budget is NOT one of the things he ran on. We actually need a Constitutional Amendment to force a balanced budget.

But he IS the FIRST president to actually keep virtually all his promises AND make them happen in the face of overwhelming opposition. NO other president/politician would attempt to do that, let alone succeed in getting them done.

If anyone thinks that there is a better alternative to Trump in our present political climate they can’t see the forest for the trees.

Anyone who votes for an alternate “independent” they are giving a half vote to the Democrats.

Anyone who votes for any Democrat (because they don’t like his budgets, or his hair, or his tweets, etc.) IS AN IDIOT! And if you don’t like “name calling” quit making absurd comments.

And I don’t bow to the alter of Trump, unlike what the left and their media hacks do for Obama, Hillary, Pelosi, Schumer, Sanders, Biden, and Warren et al. Their wackos were actually putting Obama’s face on the blue field on our flag and “teachers” were having their captive school kids singing songs praising “hail Obama” the year he got elected – might as well have them saluting and saying Sieg Heil!

I praise Donald John Trump for his actual accomplishments and for really MAGA/KAG. I will also state, with logic, when I disagree with the President.

Jimmy MacAfee

Amen, Gregg. You nailed it.

There is no choice: it’s either sanity and soundness (Trump) or stupidity, madness and evil (opponents of Trump.) (President Trump, that is. Respecting the office AND the man.)


Thanks Jimmy

Larry Folds

We have to wake up. We as conservatives are blind to our own lies. We will rue the day when we imbue saintliness in our leaders. The left are not the only liars and sneaks, we have bunches in our own party. please recognize it before we become what we despise in the other party. We have to hold Trump’s feet to the fire or else we get burned.

Jimmy MacAfee

Yes, the Republican version are called RINOS. No one respects them, because they don’t know how to fight, nor to lead. But you are a sower of discord.

Larry Folds

Pro-Trumpers are now doing what democrats do, they revere and praise the man instead of the president. I guess Trump was right when he said he could kill someone on the street and he wouldn’t lose his base. Hey, he just signed an abominable budget after telling all of us he would never sign another bill that was a piece of crap. He did and now I have a decision to make.

Jimmy MacAfee

Lies. We revere the Constitution, as the Law of the Land, while idiots like you pick at scabs while the festering illness devours us by a Leftist Deep State. President Trump has never pretended to be king, and none of us has chosen him for our king. As for me, my King is Jesus; my President is Donald J. Trump. And your king is Satan, the father of lies.


David Blackmon, another great article that everyone should read but the ending with the video of the President at Turning Point USA is an amazing conclusion!
All the winning isn’t getting old. We’re still inundated with lies and deceit coming form the LEFTIST politicians and MSM. It’s difficult to find a positive statement. Yeah, there’s a lot of articles pointing out what deceitful hypocrites the LEFTIST bastards are but that’s hardly uplifting news.



Yo! What about Space Force? President Trump has convinced Congress to establish a new armed service to focus on space. And brother, do we need it! Space Force “went live” on Friday night– .


The best trade agreement with Britain would be a one page document. Affirm unrestricted trade without tariffs or impediment. Each nation recognize the legitimacy of products approved by regulatory agencies in the separate states. The penalty clause should be two eyes for one eye and two teeth for one tooth.

phineas gage

Good points all, but the one down point was passage of the budget. Trump can still veto it, but gives no indication of doing so.

Hopefully he can promote the balanced budget amendment as part of his second term. It is the only way to ever get the administrative state under control. This is critical because it is now clear it is an active threat to our liberties.


Yes! The budget must be balanced and it needs to be a, if not THE, priority in Trump’s second term with a Constitutional Amendment mandating it be legitimately balanced, and give the president a LINE ITEM VETO!. But first we need to actually have a formal year long budget like we always had before the arrival of Barack the Magic N****, aka “the one”, aka Barack the Obama.

With all this great economic activity, increased tax revenue, and a lessoning of food stamp and unemployment benefit payouts a balanced budget should be attainable. Also, the nation’s credit card, AKA the debt ceiling, should be linked to the country’s GDP, just like my credit limits are basically tied to my GDP. And the FED must not be allowed to print Monopoly Money. They set monetary policy; they should be subject to voter recall.


PS: And no more Continuing Resolutions – Ever! If a year long budget is not passed by or on Oct. 1, our fiscal year, then all of Congress, and their staffs, stays in session without pay, seven days a week, with 12 hour days and they only deal with the budget – no impeachment hearings or other investigations. And the government automatically gets shut down, again with no pay, and NO REIMBURSEMENT OF LOST PAY RESULTTING FROM THE SHUTDOWN. That will force that 75% government employee city, and 95% Democratic voting town to force the passage of budgets ON TIME! Any member of congress who is unable, or unwilling, to be in full attendance in such a situation automatically loses their seat permanently, along with their staff. One meal break of 1/2 hour with KFC or other fast food delivered; no three hour recesses for lunch and dinner. Make congress have some “skin in the game”.


There is NEVER a dull moment while President Donald John Trump leads America. If you think this week was good, wait until next week because it is a new week in America, and you never know what Might come to pass.


I try to live a good life and try NOT to use the GD phrase if at all possible. When I do (rarely) use it, it is in the context that GOD would damn whatever I am referencing. I only state this because I saw a recent comment here using GD, and since GD is apparently allowed on regular network TV (I first heard Archie Bunker say it on “All In The Family” about fifty years ago), it is somewhat PC to use. As of now the left uses it rarely as shock value, since the F word and MF and the S word have lost their impact. However, it is still highly offensive to many people, but since it is offensive to Christians, it is apparently OK to use on TV or in public discourse. That said:

I hope and pray that GOD continues to guide, keep, and protect our Nation, our President, and all the good people inside and outside of government who are fighting the good fight, the righteous fight, and lead us out of the morass of lies, theft, evil and corruption that is the hallmark of our political process. I also hope and pray that GOD, in his eternal wisdom, DAMNS all the EVIL DOERS who are HELL BENT on destroying this great nation and throwing the world, his creation, into chaos, strife, and ultimate death. DAMN them all to HELL!

Good people like Trump, Pence, Barr, Durham, and many others, need your help, need your divine intervention to cleanse your magnificent creation of the evil that has become so pervasive; mere mortals cannot repair this. I realize you are in control and will solve all problems on your timetable, but my one wish would be that I shall be alive to see it. In your name, I pray for actual and lasting peace, justice and prosperity for all in this Holy Season.

Jimmy MacAfee

Gregg, I would prefer they repent – repentance means turning away from their sin, and in the Christian context, that they become Believers. Of course now since the pope has declared salvation open for everybody, regardless of their belief in Jesus Christ, he’s not a source of anything but evil inspiration, from the devil himself. He is apostate.

But we are to pray for our enemies, and to lead them to righteousness – the Left is entirely self-righteous – and righteousness means, in part, having a Holy relationship with our Father in Heaven.

Believers are children of G0D, adopted into the Kingdom, having been separated from Him by the wiles of the devil. We are not all “children of god,” as the pope vainly imagines (though children are beyond accountability to some point of age – i.e. no children in hell.) We are not slaves, as John MacArthur imagines, but friends of Jesus, brothers and sisters of Jesus.

There are three who are sons of G0D, other than those adopted: Jesus, Adam and the angels. The rest of us are sons of Adam, and he screwed up our DNA, having eaten the fruit. Adam and Eve knew fear for the very first time – and shame. Prior to that? Not at all. Now, even babies can feel fear.

May your Christmas be Blessed and your Faith ever-growing!


Jimmy MacAfee

Exposure and unmasking of the Deep State criminals = winning!

They think they’ll outwait the President and carry on business as usual afterward. Ummm….no. The pillars of tyranny are being broken, dissolved, burnt and shredded. People, too. (Where is Mifsud? And the real Jeffrey Epstein, still alive and being “interviewed” with enhanced interrogation?)

Praise the Lord for His light that is shining on the darkness, exposing it.

Jimmy MacAfee

And by the way, unless someone at DB knows something I don’t (which is entirely possible):
What happened to Hasher Jallal Taheb, the man who was heading to the Whitehouse last January? Every article is from January 17-19, with no articles following. Was he charged? Tried? Convicted? Made a member of the NSC?

Very strange that there is no follow-up. I suspect that there are two reasons for this:
1. He was acting on behalf of certain intel authorities, and has been released
2. He was acting on behalf of certain intel authorities, and is in GITMO (or similar facility)being questioned.

The terrorist on his way to kill Trump and Pence, and to help install MarbleMouth, who would then install Jezebel? Whatever happened to him?

Jimmy MacAfee

A Modest Proposal for FISC

(note: this is not intended to be blasphemous of the Temple, nor of G0D)

Where do we start. Oh. Yes. Let’s start with this:
John Durham should be interviewing FISC judges.

If they can be persuaded to come down to mortal climes from Olympus. Seems they feel that they can never be questioned. They’re so secret, they aren’t answerable to any mortal being. Some methods of questioning them – including past judges, not just the present duds:

-tie a rope around their ankles during their deliberations, like in the Holy of Holies, where if they’re found unworthy and suddenly die, they can be dragged out without mortals having to set foot on their sacred ground.
-invite them “downtown,” to be interviewed, but provide them with anti-grav. belts, like the Baron Vladimir Harkonnen in his royal obesity, to levitate above unconsecrated ground to remain the purest-of-the-pure!
-Using DNA, clone a cross between Robespierre and Torquemada in a rapid-growth medium to interview them.

Or perhaps pass a FISA-FISA warrant, to see if THEY’VE been conspiring with foreign and domestic terrorists (AKA John Brennan.)

Americans want to know, if these gods and goddesses will permit it. Or even if they don’t. We have questions. Many, many, questions. So far, the words “mene mene tekel upharsim” are the only words that I see, relevant to the court.

Jimmy MacAfee

The good-better-best news about the judges: SCOTUS will have two positions available soon (wish you two who are leaving the best of the rest of your lives!) The Impeachment That Never Was will have no effect on the Senate’s deliberations for the SC nominees, just like it hasn’t have any effect on the recent nominees for other courts. They’ll try, of course – (the Dems will throw monkey-poo at anything) – but that assumes they’re not in chains or on trial or running for their lives. (Right Senator Warner?)

Jimmy MacAfee

“The Impeachment That Never Was.” That’s what it should be called, because it’s like an unsigned check.

My hunch is that the process was started in order to placate the Farther Left, who not only were about to remove Ol’ Wandering Teeth, but they were about to embark on some things that would have brought down the legitimate use of martial law, one that most Americans would support – (and we generally don’t like martial law.) This would have sped up the arrests of the hundreds and thousands of conspirators in the coup.

So they dangle the Impeachment That Never Was, trying to force or entice Mitch McConnell into repeating the false-accuser sham of Bug Eyes – and Mitch is not in the mood to be made into either Judas nor Pontius Pilate. (Nadler is gasping right now, his chest is getting tight, while Bug Eyes is feeling his neck tighten, as if there’s a noose around it already. Have a nice breakfast, guys!)

When the Impeachment That Never Was is understood by the crazies, and the fact that the Dems are as confused as Israel’s enemies when the angels come in the night, the crazies will begin to devour one another. HRC will be on the menu. So will Cheatin’ Gropin’ Quid Pro.

And if they DO send the impeachment over to the Senate – (no one wants to touch the document, lest their face melt like in an Indiana Jones movie) – it will be voted down, the President acquitted and the Senate will refuse to acknowledge any more such dung thrown their way. They could make a hundred attempts at impeachment, and the Senate will have no requirement to deal with any of the 2nd, 3rd, 4th attempts. Do-overs not allowed.

Jimmy MacAfee

“…thousands of Obama-era violations of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), Section 702(17) surveillance process, and the hundreds of illegal unmaskings of U.S. citizens carried out by high Obama officials like Susan Rice and U.N. Ambassador Samantha Power.” Good one, Dave! Remember that the IG report only dealt with a very VERY limited number of FISA abuses, not the thousands. No wonder Rosemary Collyer is fleeing: “thousands of violations…hundreds of illegal unmaskings.”

Now that Chief Justice John Roberts has attempted to shut the door on all this by naming an Obama judge to take her place, it’s time to investigate Roberts himself – who has a squeeze-point on him? NSA knows. I suspect Admiral Rogers knows. John Roberts should have at least shown some degree of impartiality – and he didn’t.

Maybe Durham has yet another investigation to open? Because John Roberts, not Rosemary Collyer, is responsible for failing to manage and oversee the FISC (what we call the “FISA Court”) And Roberts should not get the bright idea to undermine Constitutional rights (1st and 2nd Amendments particularly) or he’ll be on the short list for impeachment himself. Come clean, John; come clean.

Larry Folds

I guess Trump gets a pass on his making me and thousands of other law-abiding citizens felons with his Bump Stock non-law and his signing a hellish budget. Fool me once, twice is too many.

Jimmy MacAfee

Pick the log out of your eye before you begin picking the specks out of others. In other words, because President Trump has supported gun rights, the rights of the unborn and the rights of Christians more than any other before, he deserves our support. You, however, deserve our scorn for failing to recognize these things. Kindly bugger off.

Jimmy MacAfee

Now, with possibly thousands of illegal FISA warrants issued, FISC cannot survive. It will either be dismantled, or all the judges replaced, or there will be ankle bracelets to make sure the judges who serve aren’t at a strip club being lap-danced or at the country club tossing ’em down when they’re supposed to be taking NATIONAL SECURITY seriously. National security – the reason the court exists. National security.

My suggestion: Lexington has a school or two; one of them has midnight proceedings for people who lie, cheat or steal, or tolerating those who do, the guilty being marched out to a line of cadets with backs turned in the middle of the night, their names never to be spoken again by any cadet or graduate. This is called “being drummed out.”

March the FISC judges out in the middle of the night, removed from their positions: they tolerated lying, cheating, stealing and those who lied, cheated and stole. They have become a dishonorable institution.

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