Boom: Admiral Mike Rogers is Cooperating With Barr and Durham

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Tired of all this WINNING yet? How could you be? – It never gets old.  On Friday, yet again, every major stock market index achieved record high closes, running the streak of record high closes on the NASDAQ to an astonishing eight straight days. With this week’s congressional passage of the USMCA trade deal with Mexico and Canada and the closing of a very favorable Phase 1 trade deal with China, there is no telling how high the markets might rise in the U.S. and globally.

You might not like President Donald John Trump, but your 401(k) loves him.

One more reason to have faith comes to light, and it’s a big one. – In case you missed it, yesterday’s Campaign Update Part II advised you of very good reasons to have faith that AG William Barr and U.S. Attorney John Durham really are working hard to bring the members of the Obama-era Coup Cabal to justice. Late in the day on Friday, another very good reason – perhaps the most compelling of all reasons – to have faith came to light via a report at The Intercept.

According to that report, retired Admiral and former Director of the U.S. National Security Agencey (DNSA) Mike Rogers has been cooperating with Mr. Durham’s investigation for several months now:

RETIRED ADM. MICHAEL ROGERS, former director of the National Security Agency, has been cooperating with the Justice Department’s probe into the origins of the counterintelligence investigation of the Trump presidential campaign’s alleged ties to Russia, according to four people familiar with Rogers’s participation.

Rogers has met the prosecutor leading the probe, Connecticut U.S. Attorney John Durham, on multiple occasions, according to two people familiar with Rogers’s cooperation. While the substance of those meetings is not clear, Rogers has cooperated voluntarily, several people with knowledge of the matter said.

It was Rogers, in his role as DNSA, who, during a review in mid-2016, initially discovered thousands of Obama-era violations of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), Section 702(17) surveillance process, and the hundreds of illegal unmaskings of U.S. citizens carried out by high Obama officials like Susan Rice and U.N. Ambassador Samantha Power. Rogers discovered and reported the fact that those illegal searches were being carried out not just by Obama officials, but by government contractors as well. He quickly blew the whistle on all of that and shut it down.

Even more, it was Rogers who, in November of 2016, discovered the fact that the Obama people had in fact bugged Trump Tower and the Trump Transition operations that were taking place there. Rogers quickly met with President-elect Trump and informed him of this fact. The very next day, the Trump Transition operations were moved to a Trump-owned golfing resort in New Jersey.

As noted by The Intercept:

Rogers’s voluntary participation, which has not been previously reported, makes him the first former intelligence director known to have been interviewed for the probe.

“He’s been very cooperative,” one former intelligence officer who has knowledge of Rogers’s meetings with the Justice Department said.

Put simply: Admiral Rogers is a guy who knows where all of the bodies are buried in this neverending coup operation against President Trump. He knows everything that happened in the 2016 attempt to fix the election in favor of Hillary Clinton, and he knows everything that took place in the months leading up to the hiring of Robert Mueller to perform as Special Counsel. He knows who all the players were, all the way up to Barack Hussein Obama his own self.

There is no reason whatsoever to believe that Admiral Rogers is anything other than the highest caliber patriot. The news that he has been cooperating with Barr and Durham no doubt has all the bad actors scrambling to find some new narrative to deploy to their corrupt toadies in the media to try to discredit him.

Expect some nasty pieces based solely on “unnamed sources” targeting Adm. Rogers to suddenly appear in the pages of the New York Times and Washington Post in the days to come. Because that’s how all of this works.

Have faith.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Jimmy MacAfee

Imagine the amount of inside information Admiral Rogers has! Critical information, damaging information, ruinous information – and the al-Bumbler administration crapped on Rogers, something that was manifestly unwise.

But it’s doubtful that Rogers is any kind of partisan hack: he’s professional, upright, a man of honor, honest and self-effacing. Haven’t seen him in the news – like the shrill shill Brennan – screeching and moaning in bizarre histrionics! In other words, Rogers the exact opposite of John Brennan!

I imagine that they could begin several dozen lines of investigation from Rogers alone. That’s an educated guess. You know those bombs that split and drop bomblets by the hundreds? There.

Jimmy MacAfee

It would be nice to see Ret. Admiral Rogers put in charge of something – a lot of things come to mind. Seems he was doing his job while in the al-Obama administration, but they didn’t like it. (Of course not!)

People with principles make people without principles squirm (maybe Pelosi’s teeth have principles?)

Now Attorney General Barr has addressed the issue of George “Edom” Soros (or maybe it’s George “Samaritan” Soros?) but the Attorney General is playing coy, only dropping hints about Soros not preferring law enforcers. Is this a hint to the investigation of Soros Ukraine NGO? Time will tell! Or is it a broadside to the worldwide network run by “Sammy” (Samaritan) Soros? Sammy isn’t a happy camper right now!

And neither is Barack al-Obama. Some fishing lines have multiple hooks, and some nets have thousands of hooks. Mifsud is in hiding – (he’ll be found; he’s not Hoffa) – and he’s in hiding because there are Russians who lost a lot of money as a result of the claim that Mifsud was one of theirs. (Sanctions or tea, what’ll it be?) I’d imagine that Mr. Bond – er – Steele – will be looking for a safehouse sometime soon, too. No such thing as a safehouse these days. Ask UBL (and those who outed his location, forcing the Bat Faced One to allow an op to remove him.)

Sammy isn’t smiling.

Jimmy MacAfee

And that particular Samaritan isn’t good.


No, but something must be done to reign this one-way street of lies and deception or we are lost. We have effectively been in a “free Press” driven reeducation camp on a massive scale for generations without most of us realizing it. And I didn’t even bring up the government run and monetarily supported “education” system.

If this is not fixed in a very substantial way, all will be lost and we just might as well accept that this is what America and the world is going to become. Welcome to the new dark ages!


I don’t think it’s possible to legislate INTEGRITY. When “journalists” have no integrity they’re useless to us all. To think that atheist, post-partum abortion enthusiasts could have INTEGRITY somehow injected into them is rediculous.
Integrity is the only asset we as individual human beings possess. If you have none, you literally have NOTHING. The PERVERTS who pervert our morals, ethics using EVERY tool available to them are lost souls. You can’t pass a law that will bring them back into the fold. There are so many to pervert the truth it just can’t be legislated.

Jimmy MacAfee

Q’anon had named Rogers as a Whitehat, and it was indicated some time ago that he had warned President-Elect Trump as soon as a SCIF was set up. This is also the reason Admiral Rogers was fired. He’s one of the great ones, a true patriot. (you might have seen my post on him recently, referring to an article where he went to FISA and with the Chief Judge (NOT Roberts) ferreted out the names of those involved. Perhaps the reason she waited to release this is a matter of timing, not neglect – but the fact that FISA is retro-visiting ALL the FBI warrants handled by a certain FBI lawyer (whose law license is or is going to be scrutinized.) More is needed, because if they want the court to survive, a lot of people need to be held accountable – and not just a warning that’ll go on their record. Serious consequences, because politicization of Intelligence is an unimaginably dangerous thing. “1984” in real life.

It wouldn’t be political to pull a FISA warrant on Crowdstrike; they’re foreign, and they’ve apparently meddled in our election(s.) Same with Soros – his international efforts to destabilize nations are worthy of the most intense scrutiny.


“There is no reason whatsoever to believe that Admiral Rogers is anything other than the highest caliber patriot. The news that he has been cooperating with Barr and Durham no doubt has all the bad actors scrambling to find some new narrative to deploy to their corrupt toadies in the media to try to discredit him.”

Hearing this gives me more faith that something real is going to happen.

I hope these brave white hats are well protected – we don’t need anymore Seth Riches. Perhaps a special witness protection program that is more effective than Jeffrey Epstein’s?

While we all want justice to be served to those who participated in this coup against America, there needs to be serious consequences for those in the media who aided and abetted this coup. This could have never happened without the active support of the “free press”.

There needs to be a massive case brought before the Supreme Court that will:

Break up the six member media cabal who dictate 90+% of the “news” content Americans receive. Like the way “MA Bell, got broken up decades ago. Same goes for the social media club.

Outright lies and propaganda must somehow be defined and codified so as to make clear to the American people that virtually all of the media (F & F, and Fox’s primetime opinion journalists are the outliers on their “fair and Balanced” network) , including print, that they are providing “in kind” contributions exclusively to the Democratic party with prejudice.

There must be some kind of vetting of “anonymous sources” whereby honest and factual news can be the norm as opposed to the exception. Perhaps the MSM should be forced to name their sources or be mandated to clearly display that the unattributed article is an opinion supported by the newspaper/media outlet – a reverse disclaimer if you will. In other words, this story is UNVERTIFIED!

Factually or fraudulently incorrect articles must me corrected immediately with four times, and for four straight days, and the exposure of the original inaccuracies (the corrections) must be in the same area where the incorrect article/story/opinion occurred.

The slander and libel laws need to be overhauled to protect the victim (Richard Jewel, Nick Sandman, and the Duke Lacrosse team for example) or public figure – just because someone is a “public figure” should not give license to allow outright character assassination. The MSM is a one sided anti conservative, anti Republican organization that is nothing more than supermarket tabloid trash – “sources say”.

There must (somehow) be a vetting organization, that has real teeth, established to display and punish culpable news organizations promptly when provable, deliberate, and repeated malfeasance (including misquoting or quoting out of context) occurs. The actual reporters, editors, and OWNERS must be fined, and the victim must be allowed to sue for such “neglect”. To avoid frivolous lawsuits, the loser must also pay for all legal costs in such cases. The results of such cases must be well publicized.

Such an organization cannot be established along the lines of Federal Election Commission, or a congressional “ethics” committee. These commissions/committees are proven (and deliberate) failures. The punishment must be swift and severe; the whole idea is to deter dissemination of outright lies and propaganda.

The Medic Research Center would be a good guideline to create such a vetting organization.

Perhaps a MRC (Media Research Court) could be established along the purported lines of the FISC, whose sole responsibility would be to hear and decide complaints of media errors, propaganda dissemination, libel, slander, and social media censorship via shadow banning and other algorithmic means.

Only this time, this court must get it right, via strong and public oversight, with virtually nothing classified, unlike the FISC.

All social media platforms need to be declared an open public speech forum – subject to the same decency standards as imposed by the FCC. They have become the “public square” and need to be “nonpartisan” – regardless of the fact that they are “private” companies.

The adjudication of cases brought forward by these reforms must be done in near real time so as to set the record straight and to be fair to the victims.

phineas gage

Obama’s biggest mistake–appointing someone with integrity.

They tried to oust him and frame him, but it didn’t work. Rogers is going to become a national hero in the exposure of the greatest political scandal of all time.

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