John Durham is Closing in on the Coup Cabal and the New York Times is Panicking

Today’s Campaign Update
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Ho-hum. So, are you getting tired of all this WINNING yet? No? What’s it gonna take? – Every major stock market index – The Dow, NASDAQ and S&P 500 – once again achieved all-time record high closings on Thursday. For the NASDAQ, it was the 7th consecutive day of record closings. Not even the Democrats’ impeachment sham or the prospect of a doom and gloom Democrat debate could put this booming economy and market off the rails.

This is epic, folks – we haven’t seen anything like this since the previous truly great American president – Ronald Reagan – held office. Enjoy the WINNING while you have it. It’s been an all-too rare thing in U.S. history.

The walls of John Durham’s investigation continue closing in on the Coup Cabal. – The New York Times, carrying out its role as water toady for the Deep State, published a piece on Thursday based on leaks from the usual anonymous source, a source whose name is most likely John Brennan. That’s an easy guess since the piece details efforts by U.S. Attorney John Durham to acquire the phone, digital and written communications of…wait for it…John Brennan.

Oh. As reported by Daily Wire:

Durham has “requested Mr. Brennan’s emails, call logs and other documents from the C.I.A., according to a person briefed on his inquiry,” The New York Times reported. “He wants to learn what Mr. Brennan told other officials, including the former F.B.I. director James B. Comey, about his and the C.I.A.’s views of a notorious dossier of assertions about Russia and Trump associates.”

That’s from the second paragraph of the piece. In the very next paragraph, the Democrat activists at the Times add the standard language designed to protect seditious scumbags like Brennan by smearing Attorney General William Barr:

Mr. Durham’s pursuit of Mr. Brennan’s records is certain to add to accusations that Mr. Trump is using the Justice Department to go after his perceived enemies. The president has long attacked Mr. Brennan as part of his narrative about a so-called deep state cabal of Obama administration officials who tried to sabotage his campaign, and Mr. Trump has held out Mr. Durham’s investigation as a potential avenue for proving those claims.

Yes, it is “certain to add to accusations,” mainly because the New York Times will be the first to level those accusations. See how this works?

Two paragraphs later, the Times gives you this little gem:

The people familiar with Mr. Durham’s inquiry stressed that it was continuing and it was not clear what crimes, if any, he had uncovered. Representatives for Mr. Brennan and the Justice Department declined to comment.

Guess who the “people famliar with Mr. Durham’s inquiry” are? If you said John Brennan, the target, you win the prize. Mr. Brennan is intimately familiar with this aspect of the Durham investigation since he was already interviewed by Durham a few months ago, and has no doubt been receiving frequent communications from Durham’s staff ever since. This isn’t reporting the Times is doing – it’s stenography for the Deep State.

The very next paragraph just proves this point:

Defenders of Mr. Brennan have long maintained he did nothing wrong and properly sounded the alarm on Russian interference in the 2016 election, and he told MSNBC this fall that he would answer Mr. Durham’s questions if asked.

The “Defenders of Mr. Brennan” here are…Mr. Brennan. Bingo. Deep State/Media propaganda 101.

And if that paragraph didn’t make this little seditious game blatantly obvious enough, the very next paragraph delivers the money quote from…John Brennan:

“I feel good about what it is we did as an intelligence community, and I feel very confident and comfortable with what I did, so I have no qualms whatsoever about talking with investigators who are going to be looking at this in a fair and appropriate manner,” Mr. Brennan said.

Folks, they aren’t even trying to hide their Deep State toady activities anymore. It’s a wonder the Times hasn’t just given Brennan a contributor’s contract like the one he has with MSNBC and just assigned him to overtly write his own PR pieces on their front page, rather than maintain the tissue-thin pretense that some journalist hack is actually doing “reporting” for these propaganda pieces.

At least that would be an honest approach, but then again, it would be the only honest thing in the entire publication.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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harold whitney

Good site and good comments !
I will save !

harold whitney

OK I got on !

harold whitney

why do i have difficulty signing up to comment ?


Remember, the first to flip, gets the best deal.

Jimmy MacAfee

Likely they have two lines: one for the flippers, one for the floppers. The others are SOL.


Am I to understand that Commie Muslim Brennan leaked on himself? His pants are wet?


Sit Back and Watch it, Get the Popcorn. Soon they will be crying tears as they get Handcuffed and put in a Squad Car!

Obama you were supposed to Protect them all. LOL LOL LOL


Even if there’s a sacrificial lamb to appease us, we all know that the vast bulk of the corrupt feds and insurrecrionists–especially at the top–will walk away scot-free…as usual. It’s the immunity Democrats enjoy…

Joe R.

I want pelts.

Jimmy MacAfee

Nancy’s hair is falling out; not much of a pelt!

Carlos Dangler

I think the Brennan joke should say:

An islamist, a communist, and a traitor ran into a Barr…

TexanForever Thompson

Great screen name, Carlos

Jimmy MacAfee

A Prayer

LORD, please give General Flynn, Roger Stone, Paul Manafort, George Papadopoulos and Julian Assange others – their freedom from persecution by an unjust and wicked cabal of traitors and evildoers; free the President from the constant harassment and persecution;

LORD, expose Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi and all their plots, and all the wicked men and women who have attempted a rebellion against the Constitution and a legitimately elected President; let their tongues be tied, stick to the roofs of their mouths, and let those who have misused their authority – John Brennan, James Comey, James Clapper, Barack Obama, Susan Rice, Valerie Jarrett, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden and all the rest of the conspirators feel Your scorn for their deceptions, lies, and plots: let them repent, if they will, but let them pay for all they’ve done to harm our great nation;

LORD, let Soros the Edomite, the Communists, the Wahhabis, the Shia, the Salafists, the Satanists, the Luciferians and the practitioners of witchcraft all be made to repent, or to be devoured like Korah.

I pray that all of these, even the unfairly persecuted, will know Jesus/Yeshua as their Lord and Savior, and to repent of their evil, or to have to eat the bitterness and grief they’ve laid upon others.

I pray this in the Name Above All Names,


Jimmy MacAfee

And may G0D silence the false witness who is the editor of the badly misnamed “Christianity Today,” who apparently favors witches (who tried to put a spell on Trump) abortionists and the seditious, among others. He does not speak for the Body of Christ, for Christ Himself, for true Believers.

What I’ve seen of the President is this: his repentance – which doesn’t mean just apologizing with the lips – means he has turned away from his old sins, is a new Believer and has shown much fruit, while the magazine editor positions himself with those whose next target is VP Pence, so that Pelosi would be President.

Beware the wolves! They dress like the flock, but inwardly they are ravaging liars and wolves.


Speeches are great, but in order to mean anything, Action must follow, after all, “Talk is Cheap”.

For the past three years, the left has largely been on offense. Often we, on the right, have heard various reports on how the hammer is about to fall on the left for their transgressions etc., blah blah blah… Yet they go on – unimpeded.

While the Dems coup has resulted in a blivit containing nothing, Nothing has yet happened to cause them to go on defense.

It is true, the left’s agenda has been stymied, and the right’s agenda has been advanced in remarkable ways, but that is due almost exclusively to Trump’s efforts and prodding.

After three years of Trump, I have yet to see one prominent elected conservative in government loudly and proudly extoll the virtues of Trump’s accomplishments! In essence, Trump has been a one man show.

I keep getting letters from the national, state, and local GOP entities, usually in the form of “voter Surveys” asking my opinion about what issue(s) are most important to me, and ALWAYS asking for money, if not to openly donate to the party, but to at least give money “process” my survey.

This is insulting! Beginning in the new year, my response will be in big bold red marker written on the survey SUPPORT PRESIDENT TRUMP AND HIS POLICIES – LOUDLY AND PROUDLY!!! And NO MONEY will be sent unless and until I see such open support for the president!

Here is what I want Trump and his allies to actually accomplish as a New Year’s Resolution:

Get on offense and PROSECUTE all the coup players. Unless and until I see convictions all this bloviating is just a meaningless academic exercise.

I want to see 6 AM perp walks.
I want to see the coup defendants go broke defending themselves.
I want to see public trials – Military trials of sedition and treason against the United States would be my preference – but I will accept trials out of the DC Capitol Region.
I want to see convictions and imprisonment at GITMO.
I want to see the same fervor from our side for Trump as the left has been able to display against Trump

It is time for our side to Schiff or get off the pot!

Flying Gabriel

“After three years of Trump, I have yet to see one prominent elected conservative in government loudly and proudly extoll the virtues of Trump’s accomplishments!”

On a personal level that might well be true. As an inference of fact it falls well short. His re-tweets alone hold dozens of examples.

Jimmy MacAfee

True: President Trump DOES retweet a lot of the forceful and positive things Republicans (and others) tweet. Corrupt media won’t acknowledge them.


Gregg, I agree with your whole post 1,000%……..I also return anyone begging me and my family for money, when they did Little to Nothing to STAND behind THIS POTUS Trump, that WE the PEOPLE elected into office, because those of us who DO pay attention, KNOW, that “D.C. is a Cesspool of Corruption and as POTUS TRUMP NEEDED TO DRAIN THAT SWAMP.” When the GOP send me Anything via emails, and ask for Money, I return the Email with a VERY scathing reply-much like what you wrote.

I wrote one two weeks ago to Minority Leader McCarthy, here in Ca. and I REALLY let him have it, telling him that “his occasional soft spoken words on camera(not often) do NOTHING to Stand Behind OUR POTUS, and he needs to do so in a Very LOUD/CLEAR Voice. Until then, little will get done, and I’ve noticed that he FINALLY got the lead out of his asp, and became very vocal.(not taking credit for it, but ALL Politicos of ANY party need to hear what/how we the people(voters do feel) because it appears they ONLY take notice of us, when they need votes, and not anytime in between.

I post daily for hours, and am SICK of this Fake B.S. against President Trump, being there 24/7 from Enemies AGAINST AMERICA. I WANT THESE CORRUPT DEMOCRATS TO PAY FOR THEIR CRIMINALITY, AND IT STARTED AT THE TOP, WITH ‘OBAMA, BRENNAN, HILLARY, ETAL.’



Yep, And hopefully Jim Jordan becomes the next speaker of the house; we don’t need any more RINO/Ryan Milquetoast’s in GOP leadership positions. Something I give Nancy Klink credit for is she fights like hell for her positions and agendas, however misguided they are.

And another thought: During the NFL kneeling controversy a couple of years ago, people were seen holding (team) memorabilia burning vigils in protest of the commissioner and the team’s feckless reaction to the fuzzy headed tattooed militant drama queen thug and his thug buddies protesting the police and America. It would have been much more effective had they mailed their stuff to the respective team and/or Goodell offices. Can you imagine the 49ers, or the Steelers, or the Eagles getting a few thousand disfigured jerseys sent to their offices for several months along with the actual decline in attendance and viewership? The same tactic should by used now against Nike for all their support of the same fuzzy headed tattooed militant drama queen thug who they use to promote their Chinese slave labor sports Schiff.

Phoebe Deezle

Gregg, I agree but Rush made some good points the other day when someone called and pretty much said exactly what you did. He says Barr and Durham are serious about draining the Swamp–and that Comey, Brennan, etc., aren’t the main players–they are the minions of people who are actually pulling the strings and whose names we probably don’t even know (though I suspect Soros is one of them). They will get ONE SHOT at bringing these people down, and they have to make sure they have every i dotted and every t crossed or they will fail miserably. They are going up against people the likes of which we haven’t known, and if they don’t win we will rue the day they even tried. Rush thinks late spring is the earliest they can do the job without being shot down right off the bat. The left is bringing out the big guns because for the first time we are standing up and they don’t like it.


Thank you Phoebe for the reply.

I heard what Rush said and I agree with him to a point. My argument is we need some resolution of this “while were still young”. While the loud mouth left wants Trump gone immediately, the deep state is just waiting out his presidency. Having worked in DC, I know how that works; it’s called “waiting out the director”, in my case his term was three years. No real reform is possible in that circumstance.

The swamp can withstand a revolutionary like Trump for four, or even eight years, and as long at it can stay relatively intact, it will be “business as usual” after that. Sooner or later we’ll get another squish Republican like the Bushes, or a McCain, or worse, the Dems will get another empty slate/ empty suit minority, or an appealing leftist woman candidate who will be able to convince enough ignorant people to vote for another “Hope & Change” platform. When that happens, Trump’s legacy, like Reagan’s, with the exception of his judges, will be dissipated in four to eight years.

I don’t believe there is the will in DC and certainly not internationally to cut the head off all the snakes; that would take something like 90% of the nation calling long and loud for such action. It is just not the reality of today’s America.

I have always felt that in order to actually “win the war on drugs” we needed to get tough and publicly cane (physically punish) and shame the users and execute the pushers. If that were to happen the cartels would run out of their merchants and the demand would drop dramatically. I feel the same must be done with the deep state by eliminating their foot soldiers. Giuliani got rid of a lot of NYC’s crime and other problems by pro-actively enforcing the lower level “quality of life crimes” and things greatly improved in the “Big Apple”.

Bottom Line: When crime is quickly punished, much of it goes away; when it is not, it festers and thrives. Getting the publicly known members of the cabal convicted will send a strong message for the others to get out and quit the field. These are not petty low-level bureaucrats, but agency directors, big-time political players including probably former and possibly future presidents of the US.

We didn’t have to kill Hitler, Mussolini, or Tojo to defeat the Axis in WWII, and defeating them took a determined America less than four years. It is time our good people got determined; evil prevails when good people do nothing. And we have seen a whole lot of nothing so far.

TexanForever Thompson

Nice long commentary, Jimmy, but did you ever consider that Barr and Durham might already have all of their I’s dotted and t’s crossed but are just timing their actions for max effect throughout 2020? One great scenario would be for Hildabitch to decide to run, instantly displacing all of the other candidates (whose popularity numbers are low). The GOP could wait until after she is declared the Jackass Party’s official candidate, then Durham could drop a criminal inditement on her ass, rendering her ineligible. The Dems would then have NO viable candidate. … Wouldn’t that be fun?


Yes Texan, your scenario would be fun to watch, but some judge or court would probably “exonerate” Hillary Russian Clinton like a certain FBI director did in 2016.

This actually did happen in NJ in 2002 when the corrupt senator Torricelli was trailing his GOP challenger badly in the polls and the Clinton Crime Machine “encouraged” him to resign rather than face either Arkancide or near certain electoral defeat which, it was feared, would cost the Dems the senate control in 2002 (they lost it anyway due to the public’s rebuke of the over the top Wellstone funeral – which was just like McLame’s funeral). The problem for the Dems was that Torricelli’s resignation came AFTER the deadline for the filing of candidates to appear on the ballot. However, in direct violation of the NJ election law, the GOP RINO Gov. Whitman appointed (6 of the 7 judges where her appointments) state supreme court ruled that the Dems could select a replacement candidate. They chose the recently retired (2000) former longtime liberal hack senator, Frank Lautenberg to run. Shazam, and gooolllly, he won due to corruption, NJ style, and name recognition, and stupid, and dead voters. NJ hasn’t had a GOP senator since the early1970’s.

However, don’t worry if the Dems pull a trick to get Hillary Russian Clinton the nomination. They will still have no VIABLE candidate to run against Trump, because P T. Barman (“there’s a sucker born every minute”) couldn’t sell this snake oil that is the Dem platform. There is no one who can stitch together their diametrically opposed constituencies of angry irrational minorities and victim groups, especially after Trump earns the votes of 33% of the Hispanics and of Americans of African decent in 2002.

Hillary will be a three time loser in 2020, you can make book on that.

Rosemary Neal

My husband and i have felt for years that Clinton should have been in jail BUT for SOME UNKNOWN reason, she is given a PASS on everything that she does??? Why is that?? Is our Country so ONE sided that this BITCH is put in an elittist category and NO one can touch her?? Are we JUST kidding ourselves that JUSTICE will ever be served?? Are we STRAIGHT OUT FOOLS?? Does it REALLY call for an UPRISING of the PEOPLE to SEEK LEGAL RECOURSE??


The Clintons must really, I mean REALLY, have something on the shadow government, or the deep state. Otherwise, they would have been Arkancided long ago. They are an unpopular anchor, an albatross, on the Democratic Party. By all accounts, Hillary Russian Clinton is a most unlikeable person – especially in private. The Clintons, by dominating the Dem party, have sucked all the oxygen from the party.

Originally I had hoped they would just go away, but now I hope they continue to dominate the party, and lead it to the dark political abyss the party so Rich(ly) deserves. I hope the Dems keep all the Clintonites (Brazile, Was-a-man-Schultz, etc.) firmly in control of their party.

Steve in Missouri

I don’t think they’re using a political pretext for the investigation and possibly indictments to come.
They have to gather all the information available.
This may involve fighting with FBI and DOJ, as well as CIA to get communications.
There’s been stiff resistance to get information out of agencies that may be implicated in a coup.
Although you can’t expect people to incriminate themselves, they shouldn’t be involved in covering up past activities either.
I’m not sure just what will be involved either. Will the coup extend to other countries, including Ukraine.
I think Durham and Barr did make a trip to Italy and listened to a tape by Mifsud, I think that’s how his name is spelled, who apparently was involved with Italian intelligence and I think someone from British intelligence, beyond Steele, may have been involved.
Ukraine is of interest due to the enormous amounts of American aid money funneled into the country, and the amounts that disappeared through money laundering, and then the amounts of money coming from Ukraine to American politicians.
Up to a billion dollars apparently disappeared. Was Ukraine the laundry for American politicians to get money out of the system.
Perhaps a bigger question, were American Democrat congressmen, House and Senate Democrats, getting money from Ukraine. This will be an enormously difficult question to sort out, but could explain the rush to judgment by the House Democrats to impeach Trump and the incentive for people involved with Ukraine from the American government to serve as witnesses in the Democrat House hearings leading up to the impeachment. If some of those people will face prison if laundering schemes are sorted out in Ukraine, they’re going to do everything they can to get Trump out of office and also will be trying to get rid of Barr and Durham as well, meaning likely further impeachment hearings will be coming up soon concerning Barr and Durham.

Jimmy MacAfee

A very solid assessment.

Susan Elizabeth Clemons

That would be a blast!

Carlos Dangler

Amen, Gregg!!
If Comey and the Commie don’t get life in prison for their arrogantly treasonous actions, what’s going to stop the next deep state coup attempt? This Schiff HAS to have consequences!


I pray for the day the Schiff hits the fan and America is rescued from this abyss.

Jimmy MacAfee

#1 Law Enforcement (FBI) politicized investigations under Comey/al-Bama
#2 Intelligence (CIA) politicized their duties under Brennan/Clapper/al-Bama
#3 The House took a solemn procedure (impeachment) and politicized it from the day (and before the day) President Trump was elected, misusing the power they’ve been granted for nefarious political purposes.

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