Impeachment Moves Dems a Step Closer to Achieving Their Goal of Destroying the American Republic

Today’s Campaign Update
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

More WINNING. Sooooo much WINNING. – The NASDAQ closed at a record high for a fifth straight day on Wednesday, while other market indexes closed fractionally lower, weighed down by bad news from Boeing, which announced it would discontinue building its troubled 737 Max jetliner.

Different houses, different agendas. – Also on the WINNING front, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell just keeps plowing ahead on the appointment of Trump judges. While San Fran Nan and her Democrat freak show caucus was focused on shoving through its impeachment sham in the House, McConnell was focused on shoving through 13 more Trump-appointed judges in the Senate:

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These 13 judges bring the total Trump- appointed District Court judges to an amazing 174 in just three years. The Senate has also approved 50 Trump appointees to federal appellate courts during those three years. That is WINNING on a grand scale.

The “somber” impeachment became a celebration. – Prior to the start of yesterday’s impeachment debate on the House floor, the despicable, demented and depraved Pelosi admonished her troops that they must pretend – like her – that this was a “somber” occasion, a necessary decision that they come to only reluctantly and with heavy hearts.

All of which is, of course, abject bullshit, but hey, these are Democrats – everything they do and say is abject bullshit. Sorry for the language, but the time for niceties with these evil people has passed and the need for painful honesty has arrive.

The Democrats managed to maintain their faux solemnity for much of the day, but when the time for Pelosi to announce the final tally on the first sham article of impeachment arrived, slurring her speech in the process, they just could not contain themselves. Watch:

Was Pelosi drunk on alcohol? Probably, although with her fugitive denture situation it’s always difficult to tell. But her caucus was drunk on power, which is all anyone in the Democrat Party cares about anymore.

Speaking of power-mad drunks, Mad Maxine Waters provided another highlight during the debate, when she shocked everyone by giving the sign for “white supremacy” with her left hand while speaking from the podium:

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And all this time you thought she was a black supremacist racist hack. Life is complicated.

For the record, yesterday’s impeachment vote represents the first purely-partisan impeachment exercise in American history. Never before in the history of this country have the people borne witness to such a raw, naked, wholly desperate grasp for political power by a single party. Honest historians, of which there are precious few anymore thanks to leftist pollution of our entire education system, will record December 18, 2019 as a day of infamy, one that rivals Pearl Harbor and 9/11/2001 as days of mourning for our nation’s loss.

What yesterday’s purely partisan vote proves is that there are truly no people of good intent in the Democrat Party today. That vote means that, as we noted a few days ago, the Democrat Party is no longer a political party whose purpose is to govern, but a simple radical left activist group whose operational purpose now is to destroy the American Republic and every one of its institutions.

And they are well along their way to achieving that goal. The Democrats have spent the last 80 years creating a permanent underclass of Americans who they view as possessions, not human beings. They have already destroyed the Fourth Estate – the news media – which the Founders believed would serve as the public watchdog that would hold people with power accountable. They have already destroyed our education system for all intents and purposes.

Under Barack Obama, the left pretty much destroyed America’s system of justice, including the Department of Justice and the FBI. They corrupted our intelligence community to the point that it, along with the media, is now a true enemy of the people. And they corrupted our military leadership to the point where the senior personnel at the Pentagon cannot be trusted to simply do their jobs and follow the lawful orders of their Commander-in-Chief.

Indeed, the Democrats are now so power mad and convinced that their goal of total destruction of the Republic is in sight that Pelosi is now threatening to withhold sending her faux articles of impeachment to the Senate as required by the Constitution unless she agrees with the rules for a Senate trial:

“We’ll make a decision … as we go along,” Pelosi told reporters, adding that “we’ll see what the process will be on the Senate side.” “We have acted,” Pelosi continued, repeatedly refusing to commit to sending the articles of impeachment to the Senate. “Now, they’ll understand what their responsibilities are, and we’ll see what that is.”

In the original – actually good – film “Ghostbusters,” the demi-god Zul admonishes the Ghostbuster crew to “choose the form of the Destructor.” In response, Dan Aykroyd’s character, unable to clear his mind, accidentally chooses the Sta-Puff Marshmallow Man, setting up the film’s hilarious climactic scene.

In November, 2018, American voters, unable to clear their minds of the “Russia Collusion” pollution generated by the sham Mueller Investigation and spoon-fed to them by the Democrat activist toadies in the national news media, accidentally chose Nancy Pelosi, setting up this not-so-hilarious impeachment outcome.

In “Ghostbusters,” the good guys ultimately managed to slay the Destructor and save the city.

In real life, we’ll just have to wait and see how it all works out for America.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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To Dave and all his followers, I have a request:

Please Pray for Nancy (who is and was raised Catholic and does not “Hate” anyone) every day, in the exact same way she “Prays” for our President.:)

Jimmy MacAfee

My prayer was answered, from another DB post:

“Dear LORD, please confuse the confused Democrats in the House of Representatives, making them make mistake after mistake after mistake, so that their fake impeachment will unravel before our eyes;”

Think it was planned that they’re not sending the articles of impeachment? Which means that President Trump has actually NOT yet been impeached. This an accident, or is inebriated Nancy just confused? Either one? No; prayer answered!

phineas gage

Everyone up for the big Democrat debate this evening?

Not even the Dems care–they’ve all left town.

Jimmy MacAfee

President al-Bummer had the spirit of Haman
“Cankles” Clinton has the spirit of Jezebel
Nadler has the spirit of Korah
Schiff has the spirit of the lying, scheming accusers of Daniel, Shadrack, Meshach and Abednego
Mittens has the spirit of Judas Iscariot

Al Green has the spirit of a wad of doggie poo, as does Maxine Waters and Congressman “Guam tipping” Hank Johnson Overall, the party of the dems are possessed by the spirit(s) of Legion; they’re and are the pigs the spirits inhabited before drowning themselves in the Sea of Galilee

Bill Clinton sees himself as Samson, when he really has the spirit of Onan.
The Pope is a false prophet, a false witness, and a sower of divisions.

phineas gage

If you haven’t done so already, you should watch or read the transcript of McConnell’s historic speech on the Senate floor.


Dims cannot hold the attention of their voter base without a ball and a Miller High Life.


Of course he is. Remember, the left had to get Agnew out before they went after Nixon.

I’m surprised it hasn’t happened sooner.

phineas gage

Evidently Pence is the next target of the clown show. These are desperate irrational people that have become unmoored from reality.

Jimmy MacAfee

Princess Pelosi wants to become queen. Which is why she was part of the plot to blow up the Whitehouse, as exposed last January 14 on this thread and via email to the Whitehouse last January 13. It was obvious she wants to be the first female President, but even If she got the designation of President, it’s not likely that anyone regards her as female. She’s….”other.”

phineas gage

Another theory that is out there, noted by Mark Levin, is that impeachment is meant to prevent Trump from succeeding with another Supreme Court nomination. It is all too plausible to imagine Mittens and a couple of other senators proclaiming that impeachment raises such ‘concerns’ that they cannot vote in favor.

Jimmy MacAfee

I had been thinking that.

But consider that Ginsberg is likely to move on soon, one way or another, and this means that they’ll still be down. It won’t help them.

And it is likely that several Dem Senators will be out of a job, which means Mittens – (who may well be primaried) – won’t matter. He’s as popular as Paul Ryan and “Ace” No Name, who brought down 5 planes (all ours.) And likely cost the lives of over a hundred and twenty men on the Forrestal.


Fine, RBG assumes room temperature after her “Weekend at Bernie’s” impersonation and let’s hypothetically say Trump is denied a nomination until after the election in 2020. In 2021 he can then appoint the justice, or he could have a recess appointment…

Regardless, the SC decisions will be 5-3 rather than 6-3. Eventually Americans will tire of the Dem”s temper tantrums and also punish them for those charades at the ballot box.

Jimmy MacAfee

Dear Congressman Nancy Pelosi,

You suck.

George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Ronald Reagan.

phineas gage

Beyond stating that the House investigates and impeaches, and the Senate adjudicates, the Constitution is silent about anything else. These is no language stipulating that the Articles be transferred to the Senate, and therefore Pelosi’s entire plan is a crock. All McConnell has to do is declare it over.

Also, markets heading to another record high. Looks like the fake impeachment is being completely ignored outside of the leftist media bubble.


Ok, Nancy Klink, let’s look at the pros and cons of your Democratic House Actions from your perspective.

The Pros:

1) You fulfilled your number one (and only real) campaign promise to your wacko “Impeach the MFer” base.

2) You saved your swamp bat-rastard allies in the senate like Mutt McCain from having to make a politically impossible decision, e. g. show leadership as to convict and remove the president or not.

3) You saved the total exposure of the depth of the Never Trumper Deep State Swamp of both parties from being exposed for all to see in a Real Fair and Formal Trial; which also saves the Chief Justice from making any formal decisions that could have exposed him as a conflicted partisan.

4) By getting this done you possibly, maybe, managed to save the seats of the old-guard Dems in formerly safe districts from getting primaried like what AOC did to Crowley; and more importantly, kept the left wing money flowing into your corrupt party’s campaign coffers possibly saving your speakership from an internal revolt.

5) You managed to temporally keep spotlight of Ukraine from being laser focused on the corruption of the (establishment desired) candidate: Joe Biden, his son, Hillary Russian Clinton, and the “One”, Barack, the Obama.

6) You saved the other senate dingbats who are running for the nomination from having to leave their campaigns to attend the senate trial.


1) You, your old-guard House Leadership, and your media allies have been forever exposed as the partisan bullies that your are. You have shown to every fair minded American, the absolute illusion of the Democratic Party as being the fair party, the party of the working person, and the party of the Constitution. You are now seen as the Anti-American party as proven beyond any doubt with your Stalinist Tactics by a majority of Americans.

2) You managed to get a sitting Representative (I believe for the first time ever) to leave a Majority Party to join a Minority Party; there is no reason for anyone to do that unless your “leadership” and agenda is so putrid that even he decided to jump ship and leave your party. That is quite an achievement.

3) You have made President Trump a sympathetic figure – remember Clinton’s popularity actually increased during his impeachment and trial.

4) You have given the President and the GOP an endless supply of campaign commercials to win re-election, and defeat the vulnerable members of your caucus. This will also cost your party dearly down ballot. Your action will cost your party more seats that either Clinton or Obama.

5) You have unified the Republican Party (should have seen that by the way the GOP Reps. uniformly and brilliantly defended Trump, the rule of law, and absolutely ran rings around the “witnesses” at the Schiff and Nadler hearings) and conservatives as never before. You have lost major support from the independents, the court of public opinion and galvanized deep resentment against you and your party. Understand this, despite your best efforts, Trump now has a brilliantly successful record to run on as opposed to the virtually unknown political novice of 2016. Success has many followers, while failure is an orphan, and no one can in any way logically say that Trump’s first 34 months have not been hugely successful.

6) You, and your allies, still haven’t grasped the fact that Trump is not your standard cookie-cutter, run-of-the-mill politician who can be beaten up and forced to be submissive like a battered spouse. In short you are not dealing with a Nixon, a Ford, a Bush I, a Dole, a Bush II, a McCain, a Romney, or a Bush III (Jeb). He fights for his beliefs, fights FOR America, and FIGHTS TO WIN!

7) You forced the exposure one of your “rising stars”, the Hawaiian Heroine to channel her inner Barack by voting “Present” on one of your articles.

So, Nancy, you and your lying tyrannical frauds have won a Pyrrhic Victory against the President, against the rule of law, against the constitution and the “spirit” of the same, and against America. Congratulations, I guess on the results of your scorched-earth process.

Now here is what must be done by the adults in government moving forward:

1) McConnell should use any means necessary flush this entirely partisan impeachment effort of Pelosi right into the Streets of her San Francisco District; let it mix with the homeless excrement and flow right past her congressional office and her home.

2) Unleash Barr and Durham!
The bogus impeachment is OVER!
The numerous congressional investigations are over!
The numerous IG reports are FINALLY over!
The Mueller Report is over!
The MSM is totally Discredited!

America, under Trump’s leadership is unleashed!
It is time that Washington, DC joins America, gets with the program, and have its’ business-as-usual corruption change its ways.

Time to give it some stick Mr. Barr, and Mr. Durham.

America Wants Indictments!
America Wants Trials!
America Wants Trials!
America Wants Convictions!
America Wants Incarcerations at GITMO for ALL its’ Foreign and Domestic ENEMIES!


Finally, every American must:


Remember, November 3, 2020 must be another true INDEPENDENCE DAY for AMERICA.


That is a huge comment that should be read by everyone.
Thanks for the effort to write it


Apparently Nancy Klink is going to continue to hold the country hostage with her dictatorial policy.

With the “budget” passed, NAFTA 2.0, and more judges confirmed, the senate should adjourn for the rest of the year. This would allow Trump to fire more Obamaites and make recess appointments.

With the new year McConnell should send a letter to Klink saying you either send the articles of … (I will avoid the increasing irrelevant “I” word) over to the senate by Monday Jan. 6, 2020, or the senate will ignore them completely pending the outcome of the supreme court appeals of the obstruction of congress that are due to be heard in March. Whether or not an argument can be made on such an action, is irrelevant since Klink’s Democrats have “solemnly” shredded the constitution.

In other words, McConnell should make a mockery of the house action. Ignore it, let Schumer et al scream, shout, cry, howl, and moan about “unfairness” all they want. Let Trump carry the ball on the response – to keep the message on track – don’t need fractured stupid comments from RINOs like Mutt, or Alexander.

Like Pearl Harbor, and 9-11, the country will survive this black day; McConnell can help the healing by letting this travesty die.

I still fail what is the Democrat’s strategy. Where is the good outcome for their cause? Are we missing something? Can Klink and her supporters/allies ) especially the ones in the shadows) really be this stupid? Or do they really want to foment a full blown Civil War?

David Farrar

As chief judge Sol Wachtler famously observed, “a grand jury would ‘indict a ham sandwich,’ if that’s what you wanted.”

Going deeper into Pelosi’s two ingredient ham sandwich of Obstruction and Abuse of Power.

As “sundance” explains over at “The Conservative Tree House:

“The House could not hold anyone in contempt of Congress for not appearing because they did not carry recognized judicial enforcement authority. Additionally, downstream consequences from that original flaw have surfaced in cases working through courts.

“There is an argument to be made the rushed House articles are a means to an end. That is – a way for House lawyers to argue in court all of the constitutionally contended material is required as evidence for pending judicial proceedings, a trial in the Senate.”

“This would explain why all the prior evidence debated for inclusion and legal additions to “articles of impeachment” were dropped. Instead, the House focused only on quickly framing two articles that can facilitate pending court cases.

“If accurate, that perspective means the grand jury material is the unspoken goal and impeachment is simply the enhanced means to obtain it.*

* Source: “Impeachment as a Means to An End, and Not The End Itself”…@

phineas gage

Check the last post from Ann on the prior thread, or toggle over to CTH. It appears the impeachment sham is structured to gain access to Mueller grand jury material as a goldmine of political weaponry to be deployed up to the 2020 election. As David observed earlier, it’s never going to stop, unless we stop them.

I remain optimistic, but this is a long war, and we will not be the same nation on the the other side of it. David is correct that the Democrat party is no longer a political party in the traditional sense of the word. The radical leftists are now out in the open, and this is actually a good thing. One of most valuable services Trump has performed is forcing these people to remove the masks.


The Mueller report is over! It is illegal (via a law passed by Democrats) to reveal personal grand jury info. In fact, as far as I know, the ENTIRE report could have been kept “classified” Trump and the courts run the country not the Dems. Let them win an election fairly and squarely first and then change the law.

Trump won; they lost – THE END

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