What in the Hell is Going on at Fox News?

Today’s Campaign Update
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Tired of all this WINNING yet? Yeah, neither am I. – Every major U.S. stock market index closed at record highs yet again on Monday, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average now sitting more than 10,000 points higher than it sat on the day Donald Trump was elected to the presidency back on that blessed day in November, 2016:

The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed 100.51 points higher, or 0.4% at 28,235.89. The S&P 500 gained 0.7% to end the day at 3,191.45 while the Nasdaq Composite jumped 0.9% to 8,814.23.

So naturally, the Democrat politicians who hate ordinary Americans who work hard all their lives and save for their retirements are this very week planning to vote to impeach the President whose policies made this all possible. You could never make these people up. Not in a million years.


Rare truth found on Twitter:


What in the hell is going on at Fox News? – On Monday, Fox News came out with yet another poll whose findings are, to say the least, difficult to explain. The poll, conducted by Braun Research out of Princeton, NJ, finds that voters favor the impeachment and removal of President Donald Trump by a margin of 50% to 46%. The poll’s sample of “1000 registered voters” was conducted from December 8 through December 11, basically a week ago.

Four other current polls, by Qunnipiac, CNN, NPR/PBS/Marist and USA Today/Suffolk – all notoriously slanted in favor of Democrats – all find that equation reversed, with voters opposing impeachment and removal by margins ranging from 3% to 6%. Other than NPR/PBS/Marist, all were conducted more recently than the Fox News poll, which may help to explain things. Why Fox waited five days after its poll was completed before reporting on it is a mystery.

But here’s the deal: This conduct and reporting of clear outlier polls by Fox News has now become a very clear and consistent pattern. Coincidentally or not, that pattern began to emerge in 2018 right around the time that former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan was named to a seat on Fox’s board of directors. Probably just a coincidence, but damn, that was also around the time we began to see a decidedly anti-Trump slant emerge on Fox’s daytime “news” programs outside of the Shep Smith hour, which had always been a leftist love-fest.

Coincidence or not, it’s been an interesting pattern to observe. True, Fox did part ways with the insipid Mr. Smith recently, but nobody believes that was due to any concern within management about Smith’s leftist slant, which had been a consistent feature of the channel’s programming throughout the 21st century. But the anti-Trump bias across the remainder of the channel’s daytime programming remains ingrained, and growing.

Back to this latest poll, its’ sample breakdown is very odd, consisting of 46% Democrats, 41% Republicans and just 12% independents. Why Braun would choose to over-sample both Ds and Rs so significantly is hard to explain, since every estimate with any validity says that well over 30% of the public identifies as independents. But that breakdown has to be intentional.

Braun provides no information about where the sample came from geographically within the United States, but there is a big, big difference between a “Republican” living in Rhode Island or some other coastal state and a “Republican” living in Oklahoma or Louisiana or anywhere else out here in Flyover Country. If the poll’s GOP sample consisted mainly of “Republicans” like Mitt Romney or Arnold Schwarzenegger or William Weld or John Kasich, then the poll’s outlier result is entirely explainable.

Regardless, Fox’s on-air talent spent the entire day reporting the results of this clear outlier poll as if it were a real news story, which brings us to the main problem with news outlet-sponsored polls: They are conducted not to accurately gauge real voter attitudes, but to create “news” stories. Fox got to spend all day on Monday reporting the “news” that its own poll shows more voters than not favoring the removal of a duly-elected President from office. That no doubt boosted the channel’s ratings a bit and may have even helped with their street cred among their corrupt media peers.

Never mind that the poll’s results stick out like a sore thumb among those of every other poll released in the last week, Fox’s objective related to the poll – filling a significant amount of air time with a contrarian result – was achieved.

That’s not really “news” as most Americans would define it, but that is what Fox News has now become. The only question remaining for viewers to ask is “Why?”. Unfortunately, the answer to that question is not clear.


That is all.

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Marilyn Renee

Likely Soros pays Ryan well. Ryan has had it in for Trump from the start. The stiff can’t figure out why the people want Trump over him. DUH!

Jimmy MacAfee

Fox News hired someone with obvious knowledge about the plot to bring an end to President Trump and VP Pence; her tweet shows complicity:

Donna Brazil-nut:
“Take out the hash tags and it reads, “Madam Speaker today, President Pelosi shortly thereafter. Martin Luther King Weekend is underway. Keep Hope Alive!” That is definitely a message to someone. Either a signal to others that it’s a go, or a warning, or both. The obvious part of this message is Madam Speaker today, President Pelosi shortly thereafter. Both with hashtags – so it wasn’t a mistake. It was directly intended to read as it was written.”

Now why would Fox hire someone who clearly had advance notice of the guy headed to the Whitehouse with a missile? And where is he and his prosecution?


Not a word about his prosecution. And the local who reported him would not have been sufficient for the FBI to intervene: they would have made an oopsie, and Pelosi would have been sworn in on Air Farce One, specially outfitted as a SCIF and with Adam Schiff aboard, as well as Pelosi’s family. They never left the ground, because the plot was exposed (you’re welcome.) And Air Force One was used to transport members of the Trump family to safety.

So why is Fox not aware of this? Ummmmm…short answer? They were. And are. Brazil-nut should be in Guantanamo, being waterboarded.


Left FOX! One America News , for me now.


Fox is now run by liberals. Its the same as Drudge Report. Everything liberals touch becomes a failure

Kay Sadeeya

The point about the under-sampling of “independents”, in the poll, is telling. More than outright defection, I think the Democrats fear most the move of “Indies” to Trump, which is what seems to be the trend.

Jimmy MacAfee

They’re terrified. Desperation shows.

Kay Sadeeya

Reminds me of the story in Bernard Goldberg’s excellent book; “Bias” where he tells how CBS news sent a couple of reporters; “into the south to find stories about ‘white on black’ crimes.” After a period of time (I think it was two weeks) they reported not finding anything, but offered other alternative stories. Goldberg said they were told; “no, keep looking”. The “news” entertainment business needs to show the “news” that sells (“excites”) the emerging leftist culture, which keeps it’s Board Of Directors and share-holders happy.

So going out and finding a friendly “anti-Trump” poll is easy, just use whatever finagle factor that gives you the desired result. And I guarantee you not one low-information viewer of the MSM will sweat the details like you did Mr. Blackmon. And even if some did the damage is done and the Fake News got their data published.


This isn’t rocket science…. Lauchlin and James, pushed by their leftie globalist wives, want to be part of the Cool Club of journ-o-lists. You know, where all the trust fund babies without identities of their own go to live.

Jimmy MacAfee

Known in the book Radical Chic as “red diaper babies.” (Tom Wolfe was decades ahead of his time.) That, and “Mau-mauing the Flak Catchers.” A must read – both of them.

Bill Garrison

POLLEGANDA – Using polling data to drive public opinion


It’s pretty simple. 2 things.
1) PAUL RYAN is on the board
2) James & Laclan MURDOCH have taken over and JAMES is a HUGE LEFTIST.
It’s that simple.


Hey Dems
…………………./¯../ /
………………../…./ /
……….\…………… _.·´
Vote Republican

phineas gage

I think the death of Roger Ailes had a lot to do with it as well. That is the moment when things really began to go downhill at Fox.

Jimmy MacAfee

Sons of prominent figures often go bad: the sons of Eli; the sons of Samuel; several of the sons of David (primarily Absalom,) while the sons of bad men sometimes are good: Jonathan, son of King Saul; sons of Korah (Korah, the modern-day version being Schiff and Nadler); and others.

In Fox News case, Murdoch raised hellions who are defiant, nasty and self-important, and who have turned Fox online into a British tabloid. It has become an obscenity.

Congress should be required to report any jobs from foreign or domestic interests of their children, their husbands or wives, and should be required to recuse themselves from any conflicts of interest. As in this from LiberttyDaily:

“Robert Powell, the husband of Rep. Debbie Mucarsel-Powell, D-Fla., reportedly took $700,000 from a Ukrainian oligarch named Igor Kolomoisky. Mucarsel-Powell sits on the House Judiciary Committee, the committee that drafted two articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump for his alleged abuse of power with regards to Ukraine.”

The Ukranian is…well, not a good actor. Leave it at that.

And we all know a certain talentless, milquetoast Clinton (no, not Hillary) who nailed a $600,000 gig at NBC. (Is that available to our kids, NBC? Why not?)

Kay Sadeeya

@Jimmy MacAffee. Good points (I likethe Bible references); and you reminded me of Chil-fil-A, the founder died recently and his children assumed ownership and they have gone from Christian-conservative, supporting the Salvation Army, to demonicrat-immoral supporting Planned Parenthood.

Jimmy MacAfee

Furthermore, when parents did abominable things, they weren’t the only ones who paid: Daniel’s false accusers were joined by their children and wives to meet the lions. Also Achan, who was stoned with his family in the Book of Joshua. A notable exception: Korah’s sons.

So we are told we cannot comment on the families of the corrupt politicians and Deep State, because they are “off limits.” Funny how the Left never ceased to attack the children and wives of Presidents Trump and both Bushes and Nixons. What has happened is that this gentleman’s agreement has been used to let Pelosi’s brat, Biden’s brat, Kerry’s brat and others skate. Can’t touch them: they’re not “fair game.”

Well now they are, by the rules set by the Left, but also because there is Biblical precedent. Let them swing along with their parents, or be thrown in the same den of hungry lions, if they are as corrupt as their parents.


Disney bought Fox. End of story.

Charles Aronowitz

I’ve greatly reduced the amount of time I watch Fox. I’m not interested in the regurgitation of Democrat Party talking points spouted by the likes of Williams and left-wing guests of Tucker. I prerecord some mostly tolerable programs and fast-forward through the crap.


What is going on at Fox News? Paul Ryan has been on the BOD for some time now and he hates Trump. I hope Laura, Tucker and some of the rest start their own TV channel and abandon Fox to the dustbin.


Rupert Murdoch handed control to his son(s?), both of whom are lefties. that is the ‘why’ of the change.


Murdochs also changed Foxnews into a supermarket checkout style tabloid. Airheads and bimbos love it.


Let’s not forget that Rupert Murdoch handed over complete control of Fox News to his very lefty sons, who now run it as they see fit.

Ben Colder

I have quit Fox News they are just another CNN and I will Not watch crap.I hope that Hannity and some others start their own news network I have heard rumors hope they do.Hardly anything worth watching on TV some on New max but not much.


LOL! It isn’t news the FNC is circling the drain. Well, not financially, yet. But patriots like me are getting to the point that I only tune-in for Tucker. Just get your news from Whatfinger and AON. Who cares about Fox? If they’re so determined to alienate their viewers…let them die. They need us, we don’t need them.

marty lopez

My cable company cox cable requires I subscribe to Fox. I can block it, but I still have to pay for it.

Jeff S

Paul Ryan is on the BOD at Fox News. He’s openly advocating for FNC to split with Trump. Ryan is the worst of the worst Deep State creatures.


The “Rino Ryan” was always a NEVER TRUMPER, but he didn’t even stand with his own party-Republican when he was 17+ Congressman, who in all those years was responsible for only 3 items he put up for a vote-
So unimportant, no one knows What they really were. He did NOT agree with a wall between Mexico and us, to “Protect American Citizens” but HE and his Democrat Wife/Insurance Exec., put a wall “Around THEIR property.

Should be noted also, that Ryan NEVER stood up to Obama, the Marxist Dictator in 8 Long Years…but he was “arrogantly campaigning for the Speaker Position, that his old pal, John Boehner insisted Ryan be his replacement-Another “Never TRumper”……….now the question is WHY? Because JUST like the Corrupt Democrats, these RINO’S of the GOP, were Also “Only out for themselves-Not this Republic, Nor ‘We the citizens, because these Rino’s/Old Establishment types who held their positions for YEARS/Decades for ONLY
“Pay to Play”………….

So while Ryan is sitting on Fox’s board, you can be SURE, he is bashing Trump-Just as he/Boehner, etal-Rino’s did because “The Outsider Trump” was about to expose “ALL THE D.C. CESSPOOL OF CORRUPTION AND HE WOULD DRAIN THAT SWAMP”………So of course, they are angry and STILL want to oust a sitting POTUS, who is interfering with their “Lust For Money In THEIR COFFERS” as they LIE to their
Voter Bases(of Both Parties) to STAY in office. This is what the American people Learned about D.C. and that, is because of “Trump Exposing, what LITTLE CONGRESS DO, AND HOW LITTLE THEY EVEN WORK”

Jimmy MacAfee

Ryan should be looked at: how much is he worth now? Has his family been hired at high pay, like Biden’s and Kerry’s and Pelosi’s? Dig.

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