President Trump Savages Nancy Pelosi’s Fugitive Dentures

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

We are all so lucky to be living in the age of Trump. – On Sunday morning, Congressman Mark Meadows responded to a tweet from The Hill’s twitter account. The tweet showed San Fran Nan Pelosi, attempting to answer a reporter’s question while obviously having a very difficult time to keep her misbehaving dentures in her depraved mouth.

Watch as Pelosi struggles with her fugitive mouth appliance:

A few hours later, President Trump saw Meadows’ tweet and boy, was his response epic:

No doubt the leftist Perpetual Outrage Mob on Twitter is going nuts as I type this. It’s a beautiful, and very predictable, thing.

Never stop tweeting, Mr. President. Please, never, ever stop.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.




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Jimmy MacAfee

We do know that Pelosi escaped from the New Orleans Zoo amphibian exhibit – slipped out during Katrina – and it’s really hard to keep her skin from slipping off and exposing her slime. (She was a slimy salamander in the exhibit, a real species, but they’re usually far better speakers.)

When she dines with Nasty Amy Blowbutcher on salad and croutons, they share combs – and sometimes the combs leave a tooth in her teeth.

Death Becomes Her, the fictional movie, is an actual documentary based upon Pelosi. She was unprepared for a cameo appearance, however, because her paint was peeling, like in the movie. Life imitates art!

She also apparently has trouble with Pizza, particularly Haitian pizza prepared by the Clintons.

Jimmy MacAfee

Other sources say she frequently has lunch with the Podestas, and the spirits from “spirit cooking” faire tickle a bit.

Carlos Dangler

The people that really know say she mixed up her Polident and Preperation H.

Jimmy MacAfee

I’ve heard from sources that she’s hiding a family of illegals in her mouth, and they get restless from time to time. Oral sanctuary!

just think

trump is best president in my lifetime, or ever.


With a hard sneeze she could lose her panties.

Jimmy MacAfee

My stomach hurts from laughing!


noooooo ! what an ugly picture that creates,,,, aaaaack.


What is this gibberish about not being a lawyer, but acting like one and more importantly not being a doctor but saying she “practices medicine on the side without a diploma”? I’ll bet she doesn’t have a medical license to “practice medicine on the side”. I guess her passage of Obamacare qualified her to “practice medicine on the side”. Anyways, all kidding aside, what the hell is she talking about in the clip? It makes no sense. And who exactly is THE REST she mentions at the end? The rest of what/who Nancy?

I don’t normally look at comments on stories except for here, but the troll theme from that Hill clip seems to be that bribery is included in the Abuse of Power article and that article is, in effect, an omnibus article covering every one of the thousands of impeachable offenses committed by Trump; the Dems did it this way to save time rather than bring up a thousand articles.

No you irredeemable dingbats on the left, it was done this way to fail, (like Obamacare was written to fail so that the government could come in and REALLY fix US medicine) so as to get this issue off the table with a quick senate trial or acquittal once the GOP Reps showed how bad your case was to the court that really matters in an impeachment: The Court of Public Opinion.

Face reality you Dem sycophants, your side’s true colors are reveled, and you are toast and Nancy Klink and Schmucky Schemer Schumer (boy, has he been quiet lately) KNOW IT. All that is left is for the fat lady (Hillary Russian Clinton with her new face) to sing.

Nancy Klink is the best and the brightest and most powerful Democrat in the country, only two heartbeats from the presidency! We better get a grip on who we vote for and what the ramifications are of voting for your little fake “moderate” Democrat in your little district just because you may not care for Trump’s mannerisms. I’ll take a thousand of Trump’s worst (in the opinion of the left) tweets over one day of any of Nancy Klink’s best (maybe even occasionally lucid) comments. Jeez!

Ulysses Toole

Nancy is a multi-millionaire due to her father friendly mafia ties and her corrupt handing government contracts to her husband to her son joining Hunter Biden on Ukrainian boards. She can easily afford implants that may take 2 – 3 years to fully heal. By not doing this several years ago tells everything you need to know about her heath (my 92 year old father was denied implants also for health reasons).

Jimmy MacAfee

Either the gerbils are in revolt, her meds are giving her tardive dyskinesia, or her fake teeth can’t stand the lies spewing from her mouth and are trying desperately to escape. Kind of like the members of her party.


I cannot tell from the uppermost picture if it is Nancy Pelosi or the corpse of Michael Jackson.

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