Impeachment Consequences Coming Home to Depraved Democrats

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

For every action there is a consequence, and Democrats in congress and running for the presidency are feeling the consequences of their zeal to impeach President Donald Trump this weekend. – Let’s use Twitter to illustrate:

President Trump traveled to Philadelphia on Saturday to witness the grand annual football clash between Army and Navy. There, he met players and coaches from both teams prior to the contest, signed an executive order allowing players from military academies to immediately pursue professional sports careers upon graduating, received a rousing ovation from everyone in the stadium when he was introduced, and performed the coin toss while wearing a red “Keep America Great” cap.  Awesome:

Democrat New Jersey congressman Jeff Van Drew has informed his staff that he is so fed up with the Democrats’ impeachment sham that he is switching parties. Welcome to the real Party, pal.:

Minnesota Democrat Collin Peterson will join the ranks of weasely Democrats voting “no” on impeachment:

Oklahoma voters remind Democrat congresswoman Kendra Horn that “there’s not one county – not one county – in Oklahoma that voted for Hillary Clinton.” Horn is the only Democrat member of congress from Oklahoma. Next November, she will become a former Democrat member of congress:

Contrary to popular belief, there really still are real Americans in California. Here, several of them boo and taunt Bugeyes Schiff during a townhall meeting.:

Speaking of contemptible Democrats, Quid Pro Joe was reminded of his own illegal acts related to Ukraine on behalf of his ne’er-do-well son Hunter during a campaign event in Texas:

Democrat poster child Greta Thunberg took a lot of heat for pledging to “put world leaders against the wall” if they don’t bend the knee to her looming authoritarian world government. This child is nothing more than a stalking horse for a return of Hitlerian times. That’s what she is – you ignore that reality at your and everyone else’s risk:

Putting the coup de gras on Saturday, Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham invited Rudy Giuliani to come testify before his committee about his findings related to Obama-era corruption in Ukraine. Rudy has uncovered an amazing amount of wrongdoing at the highest levels of the Obama administration vis a vis Ukraine. Such a hearing would be absolutely devastating to Biden and the Democrats.

Make no mistake about it, the Democrats will suffer mightily at the ballot box for pursuing this purely partisan impeachment on the flimsiest reasons imaginable. In this process, they have utterly polluted our constitutional system of government and revealed their true Alinskyite/Marxist nature and totalitarian goals to the public. They can never go back from that.

And it’s only going to get worse, because they are just going to continue doubling down on failure. They have no real choice at this point. They are incapable of governing and have already clearly demonstrated the contempt they hold for the jobs the voters elected them to do. Thus, their next step will be to start undermining the validity of the 2020 election, and we’ve already seen Schiff, Nadler and Pelosi out there doing that.

None of this will stop until it is forcibly stopped, either by the voters or the Department of Justice. If Attorney General William Barr and U.S. Attorney John Durham fail to act by prosecuting the true bad actors over the next 11 months, then it will be up to the voters to remove the Democrats from their lone position of power in the House next November.

The Democrats are no longer a political party. Political parties exist to win elections and govern.

The Democrats today are nothing more than a radical leftist, totalitarian activist group, intent on destroying the institutions of U.S. constitutional government and on obtaining and wielding power by any means necessary.

They won’t stop, until they are stopped.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Michael Fling

Always enjoy your observations. This particular essay is one of your best. Thank you for fighting back.

Jimmy MacAfee

I’m expecting some Dem Senators to decide to retire, rather than to vote for removal – especially after boldly claiming that they “have evidence” of Russian collusion. Doesn’t take much Intelligence to have figured out that the dossier was a despicable hoax.


Which senators can I look forward to seeing gone Jimmy? I think I know, but want to see if we think alike on this, but I hadn’t given much though about who might retire; thinking more on the likes of who might switch: Manchin WV, Jones AL, Tester MT, Coons DE, Leahy VT?


Leahy and Coons to retire, not switch. I wouldn’t want them to join the GOP.

Other retirements: Feinstein CA and Wyden OR?

Jimmy MacAfee



Kaine is only 61, and just won his second term last year, so unless these senators see themselves in a permanent minority party status and don’t want to be there, I don’t see it. Am I missing something?

Jimmy MacAfee



Expected, no surprise, agree.

Jimmy MacAfee



Interesting with VA going blue lately. Why would he retire if he wins this year? He is only 65 a doing a great job for the left actually running the intel committee, blocking Radcliff?

Ulysses Toole

Rep Collin Peterson of MN is not showing integrity by voting no. He is trying to save his spot at the feeding trough. If he was showing integrity he would be changing parties life the Rep from NJ.


Up against the wall, Joe!
You and your crackhead son can puke up the $millions extorted from Ukraine.

Ben Colder

The democrats are nothing but down and dirty communists that is all they are.If the attorney general does nothing then this country as we know it will be finished it will become a dictator ship.

phineas gage

You forgot to include the media. They have also gone too far over the edge to ever come back. They also must be stopped. Rather than being defeated by ballots, they are now doomed to sociocultural disdain, parody, and irrelevance, playing to an ever-shrinking coastal elite audience.

Marcus Westrick

Well said sir! I pray that the Attorney General, pursues criminal investigations into these politicians who are committing sedition against the United States.


While I am concerned about Greta’s influence and following, however, after a few more European elections favoring Trump, and after he gets us out of the worst international deal of all time: the UNITED NATIONS, she and the UN will fade to obscurity; like David “Camera” Hogg, and the woman “Code Pink” propped up to be in Bush’s grill as the face of the anti-war movement. Polls show few if any care about “Climate Change” and all its false flag iterations; few care about, or even know where Ukraine is. Indications are everywhere that many fair and sane person like the NJ (NJ of all places!) congressman changing from Dem. to Rep are “Walking Away” from the Dems. These poster-people for the left are used and abused by the left, they come and go as the flavor of the day, strut on the stage for their 15 minutes of fame, ultimately signifying nothing.

Biden was in Texas? What was he doing there? Did he know he was in Texas, or did his staff play a trick on him?
I could see him going to CA, or NY to shake some low hanging money fruit from the campaign tree, but he has more chance of winning Ukraine, than Texas. I guess his old bones got “tired” of the cold of New Hampshire and Iowa.

In NJ, where I’m from, Rep. Van Drew was part of the “Moderates” who swept Nancy (Klink) into power by flipping a seat that was held by Rep LoBiondo since the anti B. J., and Hillary Russian Clinton wave election in 1994. It covers all of South Jersey’s rural area and is approximately 55-45 Republican.

I suspect and hope that Klink and the Dems suffer many more defections out of this “impeachment” sham. The other “moderate” 2018 seat flippers like the lone OK Dem Rep., the UT Rep that narrowly beat Love, the MN Rep you mentioned, and others might switch parties too. However many defect, they all must be carefully vetted and primaried if they are fraudulent liberals just switching sides to save their political skin – we don’t need any more RINOs!

Wouldn’t it be great if Klink not only lost the 18 or so votes needed to impeach, but also lost the actual house majority halfway through this congressional session? Fantasy perhaps, but many of these pols in the swing districts are seasoned politicians, many know electoral history, and served in their state’s legislatures and can read the tea leaves. Probably won’t happen, but could. Trump is a transformational political figure! Wouldn’t it be great if he could flip the house now! Oh what a happy day that would be! Remember, NO ONE IN THE “SQUAD” ACTUALLY FLIPPED A CONGRESSIONAL SEAT IN THEIR RACE! And Klink has a reputation of jettisoning the careers of hers “moderates” when it suits her purpose as in the Obamacare vote. The reality is that there is no long term built in loyalty to her form the rookie “moderates”. The only “loyalty” to her comes from the money she and the DNC will or will not provide to them (dare I say bribe them with?) for the votes they cast.

There is precedent for this in the senate: Nominal GOP Sen Jeffords (R/D NH) switched to Dem in 2001, changing a 50-50 (+ VP breaking ties) GOP control to Dem control.

I still don’t think Trump gets impeached for the simple reason he says he wants to be so that there can be a full blown trial in the senate. ANYTHING TRUMP IS FOR THE LEFT IS AGAINST even if they were “for it” in the past.

One thing about Trump allowing service academy graduates to go pro: According to the broadcast, the graduates who are talented enough to go pro still have to fulfill their service obligation after their sport career is over. What a simple solution – so Trumpian! – now we don’t have to through the occasional PR mess every time an academy produces a potential sports star. It is a win-win for everyone, this is what real negotiators and leaders do, see a problem and FIX it.

PS. I think the A/N game was played in Philadelphia, not New York.

Jimmy MacAfee

Pardon the language of the host: fast forward to 9:48 for the words that today sound eerily familiar:

These things are being exposed, words said before are coming back: how many doubters of justice would think that HRC was exposed, that the Biden family corruption would be out in the open, that a former CIA Director and FBI Director are running for their lives? It is all happening, a parade of freaks and evildoers, G0D-haters and Communists and Islamists and entrenched Deep Staters, being exposed. (Even 3 years ago, the term Deep State would have gotten you strange stares by concerned people.) It’s all unravelling, and Kennedy’s words are not to be taken lightly, because the powers behind the actors have not changed.

For those who hate JFK, you need to know the story behind Operation Northwoods, a CIA/Pentagon plan to use 9/11-like events to start a war with Cuba, the ultimate false flag. Kennedy refused to sign the order for the operation, one of the multiple reasons he was murdered by a conspiracy of many.

As in the End Times, when the devil is about to be defeated (actually defeated on the Cross, but at the point he’s ready to be thrown in the lake of fire) you will expect to see him doing his worst. False flags are now going to be the word of the day, but many will be exposed before they are able to develop. Virginia has two targets: one, a Christian school, and the other the City of Richmond. More are likely. Be in prayer.

Jay Whitcraft

Thanks a lot Dave for pointing out the good things that are happening. Sometimes it seems like it’s a sea of blackness sweeping over our country, until an article like this shows that we are actually winning against these fools. Keep up the good work please. I not only believe that there is going to be a democrat wipeout in 2020, I’m going to do what I can to make it happen. Jay

Jimmy MacAfee

I believe that Americans will continue to wake up, at the same time the Barr investigation turns to prosecution, and will be added together against the evil minions running the Deep State, here and in other countries. Barr and Durham and others in other nations are involved in quiet investigations that are not politically motivated: they’re defending this country from traitors, criminals and demoniacs. And there is a bigger force moving things, the G0D of the Holy Bible:

I’ve written this before, not as some kind of Scripture, but I’ll write it again, because it was a prophetic dream, one which was shocking and stunning:

This is the short version of the 2-3 hour dream:
I was talking with Jesus/Yeshua, and He told me that all will be revealed, the criminal state exposed, the corrupt brought down. I asked Him repeatedly:
“But what about…? name after name after name.
“Yes, them to.” Every time.

I said: “Yes, we know they’ll stand before you in Eternity and Judgement…but?”
And He said: “Now: here, in this age.”

His Word is the Hope in which I rest.
May all of you have a Blessed Day.
Continue to pray in His Holy Name.


Thank you for this article. It helps me to have some faith in this horrible leftist prank finally beginning to fall apart. I am 76 and can’t remember anything this devastating in our government happening intentionally like the Dems are doing to us.

william hunter

I cna smell the Schiff from up here. Up wind, I’m Canadian. Cleaned a few stables in my youth.

Jumper Bones

I agree with you so much, but I am only 60, so you’ve seen a few more years than I have. Thank you Mr. Blackmon for this Sunday morning post.

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